To be crude and for a lack of more succinct language, women are what I’d consider to be perpetually biologically insecure. They are always thinking in the back of their heads “what if I have made a mistake.” It is this constant need for romantic reassurance that causes them to rigorously shit test their men, on a […]

Monk mode is a self-improvement framework for improving one’s social market value within a short space of time. Many people fail with implementing self-improvement because they cannot overcome psychological hurdles and are easily distracted by bullshit around them. Monk mode is about mitigating distractions and focusing solely on self-betterment. Naturally, such an exercise is going to demand sacrifice […]

The red pill is a philosophy based upon a set of observations which emphasises the utilisation of logic as a tool for explaining the reality around us, as such it is accepting of many ideas and stances, however one thing it is most decidedly not accepting of is ideology which presents a faux sense of egalitarianism out […]

Due to the formation of the system we live in and how it’s set-up, predominantly, social inequality and counter-productive institutionalised ideologies, the status quo energy that people tend to exude is negative. Negative energy acts as a repellent, if others are chronically negative, you will want to avoid them and likewise if you are poignantly negative then others […]

The average woman has typically little to offer of value to a man other than her body, some women are even self-aware enough to realise this and so they monopolise the fact by narcissistically spending all their time trying to look good, accentuating the only real asset that they have in order to gain power […]

Brief Summary of Law 28: Law 28 is about the power of audacity whilst highlighting and condemning the weakness of timidity. Timidity can be weaponized once one is already in a position of power, such as exercising authority within an institution or in the game of romance, being aesthetically desirable. One could equate audacity with […]

The fundamental difference in what women say they want and what they actually want in practice is a product of the notion that women tend to exercise rationalisation, not reason in and of itself. Most women have extremely weak reasoning, you’ll notice in arguments with them that they will try to attack the credibility of […]


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