Wake the Fuck Up

Women who are worth commitment are rare, I can’t stress this enough. Most women deserve to be old and alone because since they’ve been given all the freedoms in the world to do whatever they like, they’ve not used that power to become people who are remotely desirable, likeable or respectable to men as a collective (without holding them at politically correct gunpoint) or even themselves. Women never have a good word to say about women either, with good reason. They’re selfish, deceitful cunts.

Most of them (nearly all) make no effort whatsoever to fulfil a man’s wants or needs, they are totally fixated with their own needs, they bring little but expect a lot, suffice to say, they’re a bad deal. They are big, over-sized, over-entitled, manipulative little children who answer to nobody, walking around on some over-inflated faux sense of self-importance whilst dispensing nothing but shit tests when you insert kindness coins, only responding well to those who are disrespectful to them as “egalitarian” as such behaviour clearly isn’t.

Be careful of the women who pose as unicorns or “good girls” but have a hidden agenda. Women can pretend to be somebody that they’re not for a very long time, some of them, although seeming generally impatient in mannerism can covertly be very patient in the long run if the personal reward is high enough for them, if they want to divorce you, trap you with a kid or any crap like that they will play a very long game and win your trust bit by bit with small gestures that command respect. Relationships are war.

Some of these women actually believe they’re different from other women hence the chanting of “not all women are like that” – let me tell you now, for every 10 women who claims to not be like that, you might find 1 unicorn, if even that (OK let’s get real, it’s a lot less than 1 in 10 – unicorns – they’re fucking mythical beings.)

A lot of women are so illogical and ignorant they truly believe they don’t do the terrible things or have the fucked up flaws that we talk about other women doing and possessing because they simply can’t see it within themselves, they lack ethereal self-awareness; however do not confuse their inability to see their flaws and thus the false confidence they exude in “righteously” proclaiming that they do not have those flaws as matter of fact. A woman can indignantly believe in her own self-righteous beliefs like religious zealots can believe in their god(s) and all the associated lore, they can have all the passion in the world and be incredibly convincing, this zest can even be overwhelming and intoxicating, but it doesn’t make any of what they think or say real, as in – observable or credible. It’s merely subconscious lying. They are deluded.

At the end of the day, logic is the only thing that’s impartial so you must trust that above opinion or anything else. That’s why we have science, it’s logic demonstrated by observation and reproduction. You can be so ignorant in believing a lie as truth that you’d pass a lie detector test saying the inane crap you spew because you truly believe it, but that doesn’t mean it’s an objectively observable truth. All a polygraph tells you is if you yourself think you’re lying, if you’re lying but think you’re telling the truth, the machine will say you’re telling the truth.

Even with the “realest” no-bullshit rare smart seeming chicks, when you start digging into who they are as a person and start shit-testing and observing them, when you try to corroborate their answers with their actions you’ll see that “the realness” goes out the window, they are totally deluded, a lot of the crap they do simply doesn’t match up with what they say, they lack consistency and thus by extension, credibility, actually I’m being unfair, they are consistent in one thing – at being deluded. They are a fucking deluded group of people. DELUDED. “Oh but what about the fields full of unicorns that be Russian/eastern European/southeast Asian women?” sure they’re often better looking and better educated than western women but they’re still prone to the same Achilles heel, believing in self-delusion also known as “actually thinking backward rationalisation and reality are synonymous entities.” Women are women. They are totally flawed by nature of their inability (or reluctance) to conceptualise the fairness of reason as an abstraction.

Unicorns are individual beings, they are outliers, they are not groups/demographics. If you want a good credible woman, go look for your outlier because society will not force inherently selfish women to be decent anymore like say the Victorians did. We had terrible women before feminism, feminism just increased the quantity and concentration of shit women in the population by removing all the controls that society had previously placed on them.

The truth is many women are in total denial about who they really are and just feed off of bullshit to make themselves feel good. They are emotional sloths; they feed on good emotions so truth be fucking damned. They won’t let the truth get in the way of their personal pleasure. This is why women aren’t credible or even loyal, the underlying cause of this is that they will often choose their own happiness over the needs of a relationship in the face of a serious sacrifice, the caveat is with children, most women are great to children, it’s a damn shame they can’t treat men with that same love and sacrifice – with the exception of unicorns, which most of you think you have met, but haven’t.

The sceptical and new initiates who can’t see this and question it’s truth are not deep enough down the rabbit hole, you’ve still got a long way to go – a lot of you think you can use red pill philosophy to make yourself desirable to a woman and then go fuckoff to your masturbatory Disney fantasy “…and they lived happily ever after” because now you have the magical instructions to create attraction. Bullshit. That is nothing but you still being ignorant, still being unable to accept that women are unilaterally: self-obsessed, selfish, solipsistic users.

You are deceived by their image, their soft sounding voice, their laughter, your eyes lie to you, completely. You are deceived by your weakness, you perceive delicacy in a beautiful woman, in her small frame, from the touch of her soft skin, when in reality, in the heart, it’s you who is delicate, not she. Your wish that “things weren’t this way” by the hope that “it can be better” …  is unfounded bullshit. They are who they are. Your desires are not tangible or even provable, merely hypothetical – and if you find a methodology to make it so, then by all means, make it so and come share it with us so we can all live the dream and start turning hoes into unicorns; but until you do that (which you probably won’t, this is a huge fucking hypothetical) then simply accept women for who they are, don’t project onto them who you want them to be and claim its possible because you projected it and had a minor success in one brief moment, that’s doing the same shit we accuse women of – hamstering/backward rationalising.

Having bullshit expectations and believing in bullshit are only going to lead you to disappointment and ruin, it’s almost as if, half of you men here are setting yourselves up for failure, you’re willing to risk and sacrifice for a “crack at happiness” a “crack at an idealisation” fuck that, I rather never have a crack at the bullshit fantasy we’re all fed our entire lives then get raped by the realisation that that shit isn’t even real. Call it jaded, call it bitter, rationalise away what I say – I’m a young guy. Never been divorced or married. No kids. Still in university, bright future ahead of me. Don’t blame the baggage, blame reality, blame feminism, blame our ancestors for letting everything get this shit. Women need to be subject to standards, expectations and controls like men are but because they’re not (anymore) we have absolute social anarchy now.

Look, here’s an exercise for you. Next time you’re with a woman you think is hot, talk to her with your eyes shut or just not looking at her (she can’t even be in your peripheral vision) see how you interact with her and what you think of her words when you’re not constantly bombarded by her beauty, scientists have said a hot girls face has similar effects on the male brain to cocaine. Google it if you care enough. Female beauty intoxicates males, it stops you thinking correctly. If you used nothing but logic and scientific suspicion you’d have no internal struggle in dealing with women, you’d see them clearly for what and who they are.

It would be nice if you could be a team, and with a unicorn, that’s possible – but if you’ve not got a unicorn stop wishing the opposing military would just call a truce fire, it’s like North Korea and South Korea, the best you’re going to get is a 50+ year truce and a DMZ buffer and eventually it’s back to war and one of you is going to lose. It’s not a matter of IF it’s a matter of WHEN. The “battle of the sexes” presenting itself as tongue in cheek is not tongue in cheek at all, it’s real fucking shit. Get that into your head. Women only team up with you on the conditions that you’re better than them and that they can use your betterment to better themselves, as soon as you’re worse than them, they’re dumping your ass. It’s a battle. She’d use your corpse to save her own neck because she thinks she’s more important than you are. That’s reality.

The best way to find out if a woman is “secretly” fucking bonkers on your hunt for a unicorn is to really fuck her off (do it, on purpose) and see what tactics she starts throwing at you from her mental warfare arsenal. When she’s mad she can’t control herself so you’ll get to see the real core of who she is. If she starts twisting things, gaslighting you, threatening you or anything like that… red flag, next the bitch she’s not worth the hassle no matter how nice the hole is or how much you’ve come to like her. Do not ignore huge red flags like this. If she just cries, apologizes or basically doesn’t do anything deeply head fucking, you’re probably safe, but you need to discern what she’s capable of.

The reason you want to piss her off is because when you piss them off they show their true colours beneath the makeup and the bullshit, you get to see who the real ugly spirit/soul is behind that facade, that illusion, that fake ego and that bullshit persona. Women are the masters of illusion, manipulation and fakery, you literally have to cast a fishing rod into their soul and yank it out to see who they really are, to see the core of who you’re actually dealing with. You can think you know a woman for years but until you’ve had the most terrible of fights with her, you do not know who she is or what she’s capable of, all you’ve got is her word but no proof “that she’s not like that” so get your proof or regret it for the rest of your life when you trust the wrong woman and are thus taken to the cleaners, trapped for eternity. Test her mettle.


  1. Hey,

    I’m so happy to see a young guy like yourself who totally gets it. It took me two divorces, lying, cheating and stealing spouses (no kids thank God) to finally get where you are.

    I hope this doesn’t come off too patronizing, but… I’m proud of you.

  2. You got it all right out in the open brother. Never trust a woman… NEVER! But… you can trust a woman to always be a woman! She can’t deny her nature, it’s all just a ploy to secure a better position in life for herself at the expense of another, male or female. It’s all about them, always has been, always will be, and anything that stands in their way is canon fodder.

    I have been called a misogynist by a few women, but I always let them know that my definition is the same as H.L. Mencken’s ‘A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.’

  3. It’s a shame that you think most women are how you have described, most women i know are just as trustworthy as men, yes there are some shit women, but i have come across shit men too. In my opinion you are one of these men, extremely sexist. Do you think it is right for women to do the house work without choice? Because i have been made by a man to do house work when i had already done a fair amount, so intead of doing half which would have been fair i did all of it. There are probably similar instants where the men have been the victims so I’m not saying that women are the only victims.
    In fact to get past sexism we have to see that both genders are in the wrong and both genders are victims. Men assult women, women assult men (although this is less common). Women manipulate men, men manipulate women. In fact we should look past the gender barrier because men assult men, women assult women. women manipulate women, men manipulate women. It shouldn’t matter what gender you are because both genders are in the wrong. Both genders should have the same rights because we are more similar than you think, we feel the same hurt we feel the same passion and love, we feel the same happiness and the same sadness.

    And if you say women don’t listen to me, they probably don’t listen to you because they feel that you aren’t listening to them. And if you try to use force (violence) to gain control of them of course they should fight back nobody should be amused. If a women used force to control you wouldn’t you fight back? So why can’t women?
    Thanks for reading this and hopfully considering my opinion. I appresiate any replies letting me now your opinions.

    1. No im pretty sure hes dead on right ! Most pretty attractive women are exactly the same spot on what he said , ugly fat women are envious and play the exact game using that against them just to get and do the same things. You all take what you can get! Guys are honest to a fault and always will be even if its bad .

    2. As for fighting back? If a guy lays a hand on a women in his own house she being a foot taller than him and him bloody ! He will go to jail! Society has conditioned the legal system to attack and hold a man responsible for any and all violence. We are guilty and not given a chance to prove inocence,

  4. So true. I am experimenting a bit with how far I can go. It’s incredible how cold and ruthlessly brutal women become when they sense your weakness or perceive you as an enemy. I believe it is partly because they have to keep up the nice facade for most situations, as they want harmony. But provide them with a reason to conceive you as an enemy and you will be the vent to all the built up cruelty inside them.

    A sweet girl at work. So shy she would hardly look anybody in the eye and only sometimes giggle when a man said something remotely funny. I relentlessly hit on her on a party, ignoring her insecure “No”s. From that day on, she wasn’t the sweet girl anymore. She was something like a sociopath to me. Absolutely cold, with a righteous brilliance of mind. I actually found it kinda sexy, in a way that it was challenging. But it also showed me that there is a consciousness beneath that you rarely get to see. Incredible experience. I remember seeing this on the internet when a girl threw puppies to drown in a lake; commenters would unrestrainedly propose murder, rape, etc. Like people/women just wait for somebody who so clearly disqualified themselves that any treatment is justified.

    Few days ago I called a girl who I had made an appointment with. Her friend answered the phone to tell me that she was drunk and had already been visited by some guy. To my amusement, I wasn’t offended, but rather disgusted. Then she mockingly proposed to bring her somewhere to meet me later. “I am proposing a deal to you here.” The thought of accepting it seemed so absurd to me that I loudly laughed. And then there it was again. All sweetness gone. “Are you laughing at me, you little pisser?”. I was a bit perplexed so the best thing I had to offer was to announce beatings should she be brave enough to tell me this from face to face. Shit test or not, I’m looking forward to being a full-fledged “asshole” someday soon.

    To assume that the sweet surface is the truth is to underestimate the enemy. It’s one of the reasons I have been playing it soft on girls because I thought they were just so harmless and this asshole thing wouldn’t work. Why I would hesitate to display any form of aggression. Well, that’s what they want you to think. That they’re weak and harmless. Haha!

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