Red Pill Comedy

In a society full of delusion, bullshit, facade and political correctness there is an art form out there known as stand up comedy, stand up is renowned for its propensity to “call a spade a spade” and shine a light on hypocrisy by ridiculing it.

Today, merely criticising women in modern western society is oft deemed an instant act of misogyny regardless of the merits of such criticism, luckily there’s some ballsy comics out who just don’t give a fuck about the backlash and are willing to push their artistic freedom to the brink in order to test some boundaries, make some money, educate and entertain! Now, formalities aside, enjoy the clips.

If any of the videos get deleted and the link dies, leave a comment and I’ll fix it.

Bill Burr – “How Women Argue.”
Bill Burr – “The Most Difficult Job in the World!”
Bill Burr – “There is No Reason to Hit a Woman!”
Bill Burr – “Women are Assholes!”
Bill Maher – “Against Feminism.”
Chris Rock – “Don’t Hit Women.”
Chris Rock – “The Differences between Men and Women.”
Chris Rock – “The Friend Zone.”
Chris Rock – “Women and Lies.”
Daniel Tosh – “Hitting your Girl.”
Dave Chappelle – “Men and Women.”
Eddie Murphy – “Ain’t No Romance Without Finance!”
Eddie Murphy – “Leasing Pussy with an Option to Buy!”
Jim Jefferies – “Foreplay”
Jim Jefferies – “Sluts vs. Studs.”
Joe Rogan – “Ex-boyfriends are Wolves.”
Joe Rogan – “Pussy Whipped.”
KT Tatara – “Dating Independent Women.”
KT Tatara – “Don’t Buy Stuff for Chicks.”
KT Tatara – “Hypergamy.”
KT Tatara – “Women are Immature.”
KT Tatara – “Women are Immature (Part 2)”
Louis CK – “Boys vs Girls.”
Nick Guerra – “Crazy Women.”
Pablo Francisco – “Psycho Bitches.”
Patrice O’Neal – “20 Year Old Cooch vs. 40 Year Old Cooch.”
Patrice O’Neal – “Fishing.”
Patrice O’Neal – “Stone Faced Indian.”
Patrice O’Neal – “Time Ho.”


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