Red Pill Comedy

We live in a society full of delusion, bullshit and facade, however there is a still little known art form out there known as stand up comedy which shines the light on the bullshit and tells it how it really is.

Merely criticising women in a negative fashion in modern western society is oft deemed an instant act of misogyny, luckily there’s some ballsy comics out who just don’t give a fuck and share this with the world via the well-honed creativity that is stand up comedy. There’s a time to criticize feminism and there’s a time to laugh at it, this is one of those times where instead of deconstructing the bullshit around gender dynamics and shining a light on its hypocrisy, we can just sit back and laugh at it.

If any of the videos get deleted and the link dies, leave a comment and I’ll fix it.

Bill Burr – “How Women Argue.”
Bill Burr – “The Most Difficult Job in the World!”
Bill Burr – “There is No Reason to Hit a Woman!”
Bill Burr – “Women are Assholes!”
Bill Maher – “Against Feminism.”
Chris Rock – “Don’t Hit Women.”
Chris Rock – “The Differences between Men and Women.”
Chris Rock – “The Friend Zone.”
Chris Rock – “Women and Lies.”
Daniel Tosh – “Hitting your Girl.”
Dave Chappelle – “Men and Women.”
Eddie Murphy┬á- “Ain’t No Romance Without Finance!”
Eddie Murphy – “Leasing Pussy with an Option to Buy!”
Jim Jefferies – “Foreplay”
Jim Jefferies – “Sluts vs. Studs.”
Joe Rogan – “Ex-boyfriends are Wolves.”
Joe Rogan – “Pussy Whipped.”
KT Tatara – “Dating Independent Women.”
KT Tatara – “Don’t Buy Stuff for Chicks.”
KT Tatara – “Hypergamy.”
KT Tatara – “Women are Immature.”
KT Tatara – “Women are Immature (Part 2)”
Louis CK – “Boys vs Girls.”
Patrice O’Neal – “20 Year Old Cooch vs. 40 Year Old Cooch.”
Patrice O’Neal – “Fishing.”
Patrice O’Neal – “Stone Faced Indian.”
Patrice O’Neal – “Time Ho.”


  1. Good shit. Thanks for making this.

  2. maybe you could add

    Rachel Feinstein – she criticises overly sensitive unmanly guys

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