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ISSUE 86: – Vetting Women: What To Look For – A Guide
ISSUE 85: – A Man’s Guide To Testosterone Replacement Therapy
ISSUE 84: – Critical Thinking & The Citation Needed Fallacy
ISSUE 83: – Machiavellian Maxims (Part 5)
ISSUE 82: – Fifty Shades of Red (Part 4)
ISSUE 81: – How To Stop Feeling Tired
ISSUE 80: – Dominance & Submission
ISSUE 79: – Machiavellian Maxims (Part 4)
ISSUE 78: – Ruminations on Double Standards – (Remastered in 2017)
ISSUE 77: – What To Learn And How To Learn It – These Are The Questions
ISSUE 76: – Dark Triad Archetypes: The Jester
ISSUE 75: – Womanly Duplicity & Its Constituent Parts
ISSUE 74: – How To Use Your Ego
ISSUE 73: – Notes on Law 27: – “Play On People’s Need To Believe”
ISSUE 72: – Master Monk Mode With Modafinil
ISSUE 71: – Understanding The 48 Laws of Power
ISSUE 70: – Machiavellian Maxims (Part 3)
ISSUE 69: – The Sanctity of Time
ISSUE 68: – Divergent Missions – (Remastered in 2017)
ISSUE 67: – Fifty More Shades of Red (Part 3)
ISSUE 66: – Understanding Female Psychology
ISSUE 65: – Machiavellian Maxims (Part 2)
ISSUE 64: – Champion’s Mentality – How To Stop Being A Loser & Become Epic
ISSUE 63: – Understanding Narcissism
ISSUE 62: – The Art of Negotiation
ISSUE 61: – The Myth of Female Rationality (Part 2)
ISSUE 60: – The Myth of Female Rationality (Part 1)
ISSUE 59: – The Choice – (Remastered in 2017)
ISSUE 58: – Tuition From Tragedy – Ben’s Story
ISSUE 57: – Illimitable Men in 2016 – Where I’m At & Where We’re Going – (Meta announcement)
ISSUE 56: – Instruction For A Polite Feminist
ISSUE 55: – Machiavellian Maxims (Part 1)
ISSUE 54: – The AWALT Misconception
ISSUE 53: – Applying The Red Pill: An Analysis
ISSUE 52: – Understanding The Dark Triad – The Second Overview
ISSUE 51: – How To Be Happy
ISSUE 50: – Educated Women & Vapidity
ISSUE 49: – A Most Solipsistic Nature
ISSUE 48: – Promiscuity & Civilization
ISSUE 47: – Solipsism, Emotion & Arguments
ISSUE 46: – Fifty Shades Redder (Part 2)
ISSUE 45: – Fifty Shades of Red (Part 1)
ISSUE 44: – Mailbag: June 2015
ISSUE 43: – The Nature of Women
ISSUE 42: – Notes On Law 28: “Enter Action With Boldness”
ISSUE 41: – Morality & Machiavellianism
ISSUE 40: – The Hierarchy of Love
ISSUE 39: – The Red Pill, You & Morality
ISSUE 38: – Exploring Logic & Emotion (Part 1)
ISSUE 37: – Illimitable Men: The Next Level – (Meta announcement)
ISSUE 36: – Machiavellian Thinking vs. Conventional Logic – (Remastered in 2016)
ISSUE 35: – The Cult of Feminism & It’s Fabrication of History
ISSUE 34: – The Shit Test Encyclopedia
ISSUE 33: – Nuance In Manipulative Style: The Machiavellian Trifecta – (Remastered in 2016)
ISSUE 32: – The Psychopathic Paradigm
ISSUE 31: – Of Love & Relationships
ISSUE 30: – Civilization & Feminist Dogma – (Remastered in 2015)
ISSUE 29: – The Art of Fishing
ISSUE 28: – Understanding The Dark Triad – Q&A (Part 1) – (Remastered in 2016)
ISSUE 27: – The Three R’s: Romanticisation, Realisation & Responsibility
ISSUE 26: – Women & The Death of Femininity
ISSUE 25: – The Collapse & The Evolution of Awareness
ISSUE 24: – The Suffering of The Lost Boys – (Remastered in 2015)
ISSUE 23: – Become Machiavellian: How To Apply The 48 Laws of Power
ISSUE 22: – The Game of Power
ISSUE 21: – Shit Tests Ad Infinitum
ISSUE 20: – Monk Mode: Stronger, Smarter, More Refined
ISSUE 19: – The Red Pill is Intolerant of Irrationalism and Equality
ISSUE 18: – Mental Models: Abundance vs. Scarcity
ISSUE 17: – Women of Substance Are Made, Not Born
ISSUE 16: – How Women Argue
ISSUE 15: – The Friend Zone Scam & Marriage
ISSUE 14: – “Lucifer’s Daughter” – Introducing The Female Psychopath – (Remastered in 2015)
ISSUE 13: – Man’s Burden – The Feminine Conundrum
ISSUE 12: – 20’s Men – The Quest For Power, The Decade of Empire
ISSUE 11: – Understanding Psychopathy
ISSUE 10: – Success Is “Alpha”, Failure Is “Beta”
ISSUE 09: – Understanding Social Market Value
ISSUE 08: – Law 01 In-Depth: “Never Outshine The Master” – (Remastered in 2016)
ISSUE 07: – Feminism & Women’s Logic
ISSUE 06: – Understanding Machiavellianism
ISSUE 05: – Feminism, Family Destroyer
ISSUE 04: – Understanding The Dark Triad – A General Overview
ISSUE 03: – Dissecting The Red Pill (Part 2) – Q&A
ISSUE 02: – Dissecting The Red Pill (Part 1)
ISSUE 01: – Feminism Is Socially Acceptable Bigotry

49 thoughts on “The Archives

  1. Hello Illimitable Men. Your blog is one of the few redpill sites Ill fully indulge in. Thank you for putting in your two cents and sharing your insight. I came to this site after googling certain thoughts and questions i was self inquiring on and your blog just fully elaborated and logically desseminated them in an eloquent yet simple style for a person of average intelligence to digest. I was looking for your redpill comedy section. Is that gone?

    1. Hey, IM which article is this quote from?

      “But I digress. People have to find these kinds of sites organically and come to their own conclusions, and not proselytise, this is not a .”

    2. My perception and success with women have been enriched over time since I started feeding on your contents. Virtue signalers and simps have falsely glorified many women while guilt-tripping many men, but the red pills you spill on here remain the ultimate guide to male dominance and the access to women’s true nature.
      You are highly appreciated.

  2. First, I’d like to start by saying in world of “grand missconceptions” pertaining too all aspects of dealing with the feminine form. By far you have clearly enlightened the host of men following your Blog! A great justice you have done for your brother Man. I tip my hat to you Sir!

    I have been pondering this question? And after pouring hours into reading through the archives. Most enjoyable. I have not been able to determine the answer I seek. Simply put. Can a man ever regain the amount of “value” with his significant other once that has begun to diminish in there relationship?

    1. I Believe my inquiry has been unearthed.

      “IM MAXIM #24: “If a woman is with a submissive man trying to become dominant, she will utterly oppose him. She has accepted he is submissive and so she revels in the power her control gives her. If he becomes dominant, she loses the power and resources her monopoly granted her. And she will never forget his old ways. She will never really believe he is a worthy leader.”

  3. This is a very interesting website, thank you for providing men with this information!

    With that said, I’d like to ask if you will ever update the Dark Triad to the Dark Tetrad? I would like to see how Sadism fits in all of this. And if you do, it would be wonderful if you’d make articles on how to utilize it.

    Also, is there/will there be an article on how to utilize narcissism?

      1. I remember how you mentioned in Mailbag June 2015 you touched on ‘how to use the ego productively’. Myself, being raised by a single mother, I know for a fact my narcissism is underdeveloped or it could be secretly destructive (less likely). I can easily bring it up by hyping myself up everyday, however, I know there is a lurking danger of being a slave to my ego. How can I develop healthy narcissism or at least one that I can use for my own benefit?

        1. Positive self-affirmations, glib rejection of criticism without thought and maintaining/enhancing your appearance will build narcissistic confidence. It will also enable you to act more boldly, which will reap rewards and encourage even further confidence. This is something of a terse response; I hope to write something more in-depth on the topic in the future. Of course, when it comes to such matters, time is never quite on our side.

  4. Your site has been great for me. You have uncovered and clearly explained the truths of which I recently became aware. Having been a beta for so long, and seeing it never get me anywhere but hurt, I now know how I have to be in order to(hopefully) have a family some day.
    I know all the risks involved, but I will still shoot for having a family. I am 28 now. I wish I would’ve known this stuff ten years ago. Oh well…no time for weakness. Thank you, Illimitable man.

  5. I was turned on to your site because a friend of mine believes this stuff like this is the word of god. I’m sure that you have every good intention of helping people and helping yourself (not money wise but therapeutically). The problem is, my friend is following this stuff to the letter of the law and its so horrible to watch him go through this process because of this site and other “red pill” sites. I looked at what he was reading and I saw the most ridiculous posts and topics.

    This site, like others like it, play off of the vulnerability of people. I watch my friend look at everything different because of this brainwashed bs. I feel sorry for him and can’t do anything about it because he totally buys into this. Your print is not fact and thats how you write. You write as if you found out the key to life and everyone else are idiots. Live life and know that there are many different things out there. Everyone is different yet it is consistent in your writing that women act in certain ways and there is no other way about it. The same things you say women do, men do just as much. I tried looking you up to see who you are because I keep telling my friend that you are probably some looser in a basement yelling for your mom to make you meatloaf still pissed off you didn’t go to senior ball. I’m not trying to be mean to you but I’m trying to help my friend out and bring him back to reality and trying to question why he should believe what you write to be true when he has never met you, doesn’t know anything about you, your past, or why you starting writing this in the first place.

    I do commend you for setting up a blog and writing what you believe in but the way you write is sucked into the heads of very vulnerable people who probably hit a major road block in their life and are now, at this point, weak minded. i wish you could word things better rather than say portray that you are writing facts. i don’t see in any of your writings you talk about experiences you have had. i just see you creating situations for people to question everything in life to such an extreme and radical extent that they are afraid to live. my friend will probably never have a genuine relationship anymore he will probably be afraid to take the first step because all he will see is every negative thing 20 miles down the road. he won’t truly trust anyone anymore because he was abandoned by the people he loved the most and this site is expanding that distance.

    I’m kind of rambling now and I’m not going to bother editing for grammar or spelling but i just want to remind you how fragile people are when it comes to this and you are definitely getting those peoples attention and i don’t believe you are helping.


    1. I could have censored this (I haven’t) because I’m a reasonable guy.

      I could spend time refuting every element of your long-winded waffly argument (I won’t, because you don’t actually invalidate how anything on this site is wrong with valid counterarguments)

      You have posted a dissenting opinion, rather than, a valid counterargument (counterarguments explain, with logic, why X assertion is wrong with Y reason). Your argument is as such just a series of baseless emotional assertions eg: it plays on peoples vulnerabilities.

      OK, well I think McDonalds is playing on fat people’s vulnerabilities too, why are they still in business? Some people will never be thin ever again because of them, it’s not like, you know, people have self-control, and things called choices. And that, this website, has an X button, you can click it and never come back and I won’t hate you for it or care that you did it.

      But I digress. People have to find these kinds of sites organically and come to their own conclusions, and not proselytise, this is not a religion, and we don’t really care about spreading the word. Your friend is an idiot for showing you this site, we always tell people in the community not to discuss or share it with people who don’t grasp the reality of women, because like you, they assume we are “evil” or “exploiting people” simply for having a different outlook than them.

      And people like that come on here and suck up our time with their disagreement. OK, you disagree, then stop reading and go away. You have a life, you have choices, you don’t have to read here. So don’t.

      We don’t have time to constantly argue with brainwashed people who have been fed the bullshit their whole lives about men and women being equal. We honestly have much better shit to do, you know, like becoming better men ourselves and giving suicidal men the mental toolkit to get their lives on track. Why do I mention suicidal men? Because society doesn’t give a fuck about them, and I’ve had countless emails from men telling me this site saved their life, their words, not mine.

      As for “you write like its fact” – it’s simply my philosophy, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer wrote their philosophy “like it was fact” too, it just so happens that, philosophy is opinion, and you don’t litter it with qualifier mitigating words like “possibly” and “if” and “most but not all” just to assuage the nitpickyness of people who disagree. You have a brain, you can choose the parts you like/see the merit in it, and reject those you don’t like or can find no use for.

      If your friend believes everything he reads without questioning it (not actually something I encourage, I’m constantly trying to push critical thinking through this site) then there’s nothing I can do about that. Impressionable people are everywhere, and it’s not my responsibility to ensure they have the mental faculty necessary to think more critically. Chances are, your friend is nowhere near as hopeless as you suggest, but in fact you’re the hopeless one, and he showed you this site in an effort to help you, only for you to word vomit all over its creator.

      Anyhow, I think I’ve already said too much to you, I’m not interested in a long pointless discussion as I’m a busy man, so I will just leave this here, and let it do all the talking it needs to:

      1. I agree with you IM. However, I find your seemingly lack of empathy for the boy disturbing. Maybe he is really applying what you write in the wrong way, or maybe not. I’m not criticizing you, I’m trying to understand : did you feel any concern for the boy at all? I try to get a better grasp of your point of view.

        1. I see concerns as manipulations, because on the internet that’s often exactly what they are. Nobody knows anybody, so on what grounds does this concern grow from? More likely it is a probe or a power play than a genuine emotional reaction.

          Nevertheless, if you played guitar and wrote songs, and someone took your lyrics about death literally and started self-harming, obviously you wouldn’t want them to do that, but it’s not your fault this person harms themselves. They were vulnerable to begin with, misinterpreted and misapplied something they came into contact with, and they reap the results of that.

          You cannot blame person Y for person X’s misinterpretation and misapplication of a given stimulus. If most people do not have a bad reaction to the stimulus, we can infer it is not the stimulus that is the problem, but rather that particular individual’s unique reaction to it.

          As someone who writes content enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people, one cannot be reasonably expected to be held accountable for the actions of all. It is absurd, and is why frankly I find such challenges not only unreasonable and ill-thought, but damn right insulting.

          My empathy isn’t the problem, your perception of accountability is. I believe my readers have agency and are accountable for their own actions, including how they choose to apply the knowledge learned here. I do not believe I am accountable for the behaviour of every person who reads this blog. That’s a ridiculously tall order – unfair, infeasible and unreasonable.

          1. I was thinking about the difference between: “damn, someone misinterpreted what I wrote; well, it’s his responsability but that’s sad” and “damn, someone misinterpreted what I wrote; well, it’s his responsability, who gives a shit?”. It would be like witnessing someone losing his legs in an accident. It’s his responsability and it happened because of his stupidity: one person feels bad for him anyway and the other one thinks “he was stupid anyway, he deserved it” without an ounce of compassion or empathy. The thing is, it wasn’t about you but about me. I find myself incapable of reacting with the second option and it makes me question whether it’s a flaw of character/bp trait or if it’s fine (even if it’s not being a bad ass dark triad psycopath).

        2. You assume that you have only two choices, either to be empathetic or to judge. But you are missing another perspective. You can just observe what it is as it is without your evaluation of good vs bad.
          When you look at a zebra being eaten by a lion you can make a statement that zebra is a poor creature, and lion is therefore psychopathic demon.
          Or you can think that zebra is stupid, it shouldn’t run so slow, therefore it supposed to die. The thing is that your emotions don’t help you to evaluate reality as it is. You can see it from the neutral perspective and make the conclusion that sometimes zebras are being eaten by the lions.
          Also than you can see that zebra are poor innocent creature AND zebra is stupid as well as lion is evil demon AND hungry poor cat that doesn’t have a choice AT THE SAME TIME.
          The thing is that your empathy doesn’t make you morally virtuous, it can only give you an illusion of making you so. You don’t care about all the things that you are not aware of, and you are not aware of almost all of the things. So don’t pretend that you care about strangers, because you don’t.

        3. This is one of the best platform I have ever stumbled on. The only thing i am confused on here is the manner to which i should go about reading this. Is there a particular order??

      2. “Chances are, your friend is nowhere near as hopeless as you suggest, but in fact you’re the hopeless one, and he showed you this site in an effort to help you, only for you to word vomit all over its creator.”

        Major lol.

  6. hey IM

    why is it that people get so angry when I use your philosophical teachings as a means to defend my point of view? I do not understand why people are so quick to anger, and they usually end up name calling, lashing out etc. I remain calm, but utterly confused on the matter. what is your answer to this dilemma?


    1. Closed-minded people do not want to know or even ponder the truth, they simply want their opinions confirmed. You’re challenging their opinions and that’s what they have a problem with. A waste of your time, I wouldn’t bother. Don’t proselytise change, be the change.

      1. Thank you for helping men and women caught in the Rat Race. What I found strikingly odd is that upon reading your articles and gaining different perspectives of events I and others go through, I found myself more content with my decisions and more structured. As if learning hidden logical perspectives gave me a calmness about my demeanor and confidence in my mindset.
        I usually find that the more truth I seek in this world, the more dissapointed and depressed I become. We all want truth but as I’ve found truth it opens up a reality that we’ve all been blocked from seeing. It can be quite overwhelming. But your articles aren’t just truth but ways to live by them, it gives hope of a stronger way, and decreases depression for those who don’t understand why certain things happen. I can see where it helps those who are suicidal like you’ve mentioned and that makes a difference. Blogs like this are harder to find because you actually help change people from the status quo. That makes you a threat to those who have agendas to push. Who would have thought that just changing someone’s perspective on their lives would change how they operate and would cause many to step out of line? Almost every great invention came from people living on your continent who weren’t in line.

  7. YO! love your articles.. do you have anything dedicated to women with daddy issues? and or how to deal with them?

  8. Hi Illimitable Man,

    I’ve stumbled upon this blog through TheRedPill subreddit just about 3 days ago, and I’ve been reading through most of your previous blog entries – I have a question. I want to try my hand at Monk Mode after reading your blog about it. I’ve noticed you’ve considered watching porn, a waste of time and I would like to hear your thoughts about the NoFap movement,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

    Best Regards


    1. Mark,

      No fap has biological imperatives. Masturbating, particularly daily raises Prolactin levels, which is the hormone that women create to lactate, or have milk from their breast. Prolactin in males is inflammatory and is correlated with increases estrogen. Watching porn also down regulates dopamine receptors and decrease individuals drive and pleasures from daily activities. Testosterone and zinc are also lost in masturbation. However with real tesestosterone raises.

      It’s even hypothesized that these adverse effects of prolactin, which only occur with masturbaition are a biological mechanism to emasculate and weaken a male who was faily to breed in ancient times to kill him off quicker. As a male without sex, could potentionally spread his seeed to the species. This is just theory tho.

  9. Illimitable man!! I am a Greek guy and i am reading all your essays! For sure you deserve many compliments!

  10. Brilliant articles ! life changing ! can thank you enough !

    could you guys perhaps pst some articles on dating though ? like where to meet women etc.

  11. IM shakes and sweats nervously as he talks total bullshit about people. Complete fake persona. Zero credibility. Portrays an aura of toughness and disconnection. But a blockbuster movie star is a brilliant actor. He is like Fredo in the godfather “I can teach you things I am smart not like everyone says” A total and complete loser. I mean. If IM was to take an IQ test he would flunk it for sure. Not even a lifetime supply of fish oils could raise his IQ to that of a moron.

    I mean with all the studying and reading this little man does all he has to show for it is a website online. Theory is useless without practice. He has worked so hard throughout his life and has so,so, so, little to show for it. He is no logician, but a sophist. A bad terrible one at that. Aristotle would find his work very very disappointing. I mean I have people. Lots of different people. Complain to me all the time that this site is a load of shit. Isn’t it amazing? It would have to be one the worst self help sites online. You can say. Well, don’t read it? But, I don’t mind. I really really don’t mind wasting my time to save people who want to learn by warning them not to waste there time.

    This is a terrible site. A super super terrible site. Just google the website Alexa ratings. It gets like negative 3 views a month. Like honestly, what a failure. I have a new special for “IM” I find that very funny to. He is a little bit of a retard if you know what I mean. Like that Steven Hawking. Oh. Oh, oh. That guy. I mean IM Is like a fetus that raised itself in a dumpster feral you know. That’s what it looks like. Like a bottle of astro glide which was flipped on its side. Very Very greasy. I would like to see him in real life. Let’s see how tough he is against a 2nd amendment.

    Anyway, we know IM is a lighweight. And will never actually come meet my 2nd amendment. Which is sad, but ok. We know he is relatively unremarkable. Unintelligent. Useless. And a complete nobody. And holds power which is only confined to the realms of online Reddit communities and insidious message boards.

    IM EDIT: Your vitriolic comment that will make people want to leave the comments section wishing they could get a minute of their life back can stay, but I’ve removed the self-promotion.

    1. to “Yeah”

      I can smell your stinking marxist-socialist-emotional-entiteled-valueless upbringing!

      the gist of your post = drivel, drivel, drivel!

      just empty words! no arguments, no proofs, no facts, no insights!

      only claims and slander and ad hominem attacks – a typical strategy of the feeble and spoiled leftists.

      you wrote:
      “I mean I have people. Lots of different people. Complain to me all the time that this site is a load of shit.”

      my answer:
      go and open your own web site and take with you all the others sopposedly complaining.

  12. Randomly stumbled upon your site when I was looking for clarification on shit tests to explain them to a friend of mine.

    Great blog, plan to read it all. A lot of things become explicit and some points are honestly eye opening.

    Not to mention the fact the writting is done by quite an intellectual with use of sophisticated and intricated words helps my ability to articulate in english.

    Thanks for your time and effort!

  13. I wish i had the authority to tell people how things are. Where did you learn that the knowledge on your blog is the truth? Id like to check your sources for their credibility..

    I think most of what you pedal here is made up of mere close minded personal observed projectioms your choosing to see, and not anything thats backed up by any credible unbias 3third party, anyone who believes you without checking where this trash you spit out came from first..

    Anyone reading here please make sure you keep your skepticism in low gear and be subjective in the knowledge you read here its only one mans personal opinion and doesnt really offer true strength but of a showboating kind of assumed strength..

    1. Credibility? Well, I’d like to check your brain, all the information you have, your ego, your body compostion, and the environment that you grew up in for credibility.

      Philosophy is just made up of opinions from people that like to think differently. Obviously, you don’t want to believe that.

      Has IM even once said in his articles that whoever reads them are ‘obligated’ to believe it?

      At the very least, no one is obligated to respect either of our opinions too.

      It’s either read or gtfo. It’s an individual decision.

    2. Drazil –

      in your post, I “smell” the regular stinking, arogant and intelectualy pretending drivel of emasculated Ivy-leage student.

      even your use of language – “…what you pedal here…” – demonstrates your arogance!

      I am sure you never had the courage to ask your so-called “Professors” for the so-called “social sciences” and the other mambo-jambo disciplines (gender-studies etc.) for their sources in order to check-up criticaly for their credibility!

      you can shove your advice (“Anyone reading here please make sure you keep your skepticism in low gear….”) you know where!!!!

      I do not need to look in the post-modernist, marxist, semi-intelectual writings of professional-idiots (aka Professors) of yours in order to find wheather its credible or not.

      I have my own experience, my critical thinking, my analysis and my hard won lessons as tools for judging the essays of Illimtable Men!

      I agree with IM on almost every point!

      If you, “DRAZIL”, are not a meer Troll and if you really want to open a productive discussion instead of pretending to be intelectual, then please shoot your arguments! until now you made some claims but delivered no arguments/facts/proofs/insights.

  14. “Yeah
    July 19, 2017 at 5:09 pm
    IM shakes and sweats nervously as he talks total bullshit about people. Complete fake persona. Zero credibility.” Etc…

    The reason the cuckoo bird is called a parasite is because of their nesting habits. These lazy birds are possibly the worst parents in the bird world. The common cuckoo does not make a nest of its own, and they do not bring up their own young. Instead, the female lays her eggs, often fertilized from different males, in the nests of other birds. Each female cuckoo specialises in just one host species, and lays camouflaged eggs in that bird’s nest. The common male cuckoo bird of course, is just plain cuckoo.

    Chief Bullshitero

  15. Loving the content.

    Throughout my reading I noticed several dead links.
    Link to Issue 11 – Understanding Psychopathy is not available. This article is also refferenced Issues 04 and 28.

    Issue 52 features a link to “the psychopathic paradigm” article which is also not available.

  16. Hello Illimitablemen,

    Just wanted to drop you a message to thank you for your efforts, incredible insights, got your audiobook a while ago.

    Just wanted to ask whether you could release your twitter feed and archived posts in a downloadable format, so we can have them for offline reading?

    Thanks again,


  17. IM…the “red pill constitution” link above at the beginning is not working. Been like that for awhile. Cheers!

  18. IM, your blog and audio book are straight up fire!! Anybody leaving hater comments is clearly a blue pilled SIMP. IM, do you have plans to publish future articles and books?

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