Feminism & Women’s Logic

Women are a huge fucking shit test for men because they make no sense, at all, even to themselves. They have a tendency to act first and rationalise later, women thrive fundamentally on spontaneity. Women are the quintessential example of what constitutes irrationalism, poor logic and a propensity to think with feelings rather than material facts. It’s this fundamental lack of rationality that creates the outward impression that women aren’t very credible people seeing as generally speaking, there is little consistent reasoning to their behaviours. Most women are not very self-aware, especially younger women, they live in the moment, they are easily swayed and they jump from one emotional impulse to the next.

They hate to take responsibility, they hate to admit to faults, they’re so allergic to being wrong or being exposed in some negative way that rather commonly they’ll emotionally lash out, either at you or whoever is close by and seems like a suitable scapegoat in order to cover their own asses, even when what is being said is either truthful or reasonable. Women inherently value their own sense of well-being above reality and truth, justice doesn’t factor into the equation unless she personally feels indignant about the dispute at hand.

Funnily enough, if you explained and presented to a woman her illogical behaviour and circumspect decisions but instead of framing it as being part of her own behaviour you instead told her they were the actions of another woman, she’d concur with you that this behaviour was wholly irrational. It’s when you apply those same facts to her, she immediately begins to feel judged and then starts shutting down, when you direct the truth at the woman involved she can’t mentally handle the manifestation of her own inadequacy, it makes her feel uneasy and she will do anything to escape that sensation, so what does she do? Out of mental self-preservation she dissociates from reality and rejects the truth using flawed reasoning and stubbornness to alleviate her discomfort.

Feminism does not have a strong logical basis, its followers are typically not rational in nature, advocates of feminism have pavlovs dog type responses to anti-feminism, or, if that word offends one’s sensibilities, we can call it “a systematic critique of feminisms weaknesses” or “the negative effects of feminism” simply put, as far as feminists are concerned, the ideology they choose to identify with most strongly and live their life by can do no wrong, it delivered the poor women to salvation where once they were traumatically and mercilessly oppressed by the cold calculating hands of a vindictive sociopathic patriarchy!!!…. yeah right.

This kind of thinking is incredibly synonymous with the close-minded sentiment that religious extremists and devout followers express, a lack of impartiality, be it due to a lack of ability or simply a lack of desire to see objectively both the strengths and weaknesses of something, because that something is something they hold dear to them, something they personally identify with on a deeper level, and to shatter that perception is to shatter a part of who they are – something that deeply troubles them. That’s why feminism thrives, to its followers it can do no wrong – it is the apple of their eye as it is nestled comfortably in the core of what comprises their sense of self.

An example of this is a piece I wrote about the negative effects that feminism has had on the family unit, I looked at how feminism directly contributes to messing up children, increasing a child’s chances of living in poverty, increasing a child’s chances of committing crime and even how feminism and its effect on the family unit affects the educational attainment of children from single parent families, however the women and men which adhere to feminism simply don’t care about these harsh realities, even with the statistics, studies and journals to back it up. Do you know how these people can insanely ignore such perversity despite claiming to be all about social justice? Because they’re not using logic or reason.

Their entire argument/point of view is emotional and subjective by its very nature. “Women were always oppressed therefore – feminism!” “we need feminism because women are equal to men but unequal without it” this is quite ironic as this basically translates into logical talk as: women are inferior to men and need a government sanctioned ideology to achieve a perverse form of equality which redistributes privilege and wealth to women but frames this redistribution of social privilege and resource management as “independence.” If you tell feminists about the inequality men experience, they bigotedly disregard it, if this woman is even remotely representative of what constitutes a modern-day feminist you can see that they tend to have an obnoxiously elitist disregard for MRAs and give no fucks at all about mens inherent lack of rights/privileges in important areas of modern-day society.

Typically a feminist will address any form of male experienced inequality with dissatisfaction or disbelief, disregarding it with some idiotic statement such as: “well that’s not as bad as getting raped” as if they’re under this incredible sense of perverted delusion that you can justify an inequality by saying there’s a worser type of crime/inequality out there and therefore, hey, fuck this other type of inequality because it’s not the worst one in existence! It’s horrendous reasoning, truly; and this silly fallacious logic has even reached the family courts, to the point where a man can be arrested for a woman’s change of mind.

Example: I was in court in my country (England) the other day, I was watching from the side and a woman had got a restraining order put out against a man who had fathered a little boy with her, meaning that he was not legally allowed to visit her or see his son. The hearing was in the lowest court of the land, the Magistrates Court and the man had brought a solicitor along with him to put his case forward.

What had happened was that despite no history of violence, the court awarded the mother a restraining order against the father of the child back in 2010, per her request – the reasons for the original order being granted were not stated. The man had not seen his child since November 2010. The mother (the “victim”) randomly got in contact with the father again earlier this year (2013) welcoming him back into her life. Yes, the supposed victim was welcoming back the supposed “bad guy” into her and their child’s life.

The father spent two months living with the mother, raising his little boy with the mother until she decided that she did not want the father anymore and kicked him out on to the street. Distraught, as he had been building a bond with his son over the two months he had been living with the mother, he sent the mother of his son some non-violent text messages asking when he could see his son again, the mother ignored him and rather manipulatively presented the texts to the court as evidence of harassment. Without her verbal consent to be in contact (as she had rescinded her consent for him to see his son as casually as she had invited him back into her life) he was in violation of the restraining order issued by the court in 2010 (contacting someone via text message who has a restraining order out against you is in direct violation of the restraining order.)

The court clerk (a woman, no doubt) convinced the 3 magistrates presiding that they did not have sufficient powers to deal with the case (maximum sentence in a Magistrates Court is 6 months imprisonment) so the case was moved up to the County Court and will be heard at a later date in a higher court where a more serious penalty can be awarded. Does more than 6 months in prison for violating a restraining order with two text messages sound like justice to you? Does that sound fair? Does this man deserve to have the right removed to see his own flesh and blood? Does the child, a 7-year-old little boy too innocent to know of the perversities of reality deserve to grow up without a father because quite simply his mother is confused, irrational and possibly spiteful? No, not at all. The court doesn’t care, the feminists don’t care – women hold all the cards, the child nor the man has any say in the matter at hand here.

In terms of inequality, the fact of the matter is, men have always played dominant above women, men built this planet, they made most of the discoveries, built most of the institutions, the technology, philosophy, every extravagant splendour you can imagine – most were envisioned, imagined, built, crafted, manifested and delivered by men. If women were so great and so on par with men it isn’t too much of a long shot to deduce they would have played a much more active part in the socio-evolutionary process, instead they reared children and kept house – they played logistics/nurturer, supporting man so he could fight to live another day.

Feminists argue women were held down, but if women were equal to men then how could they be held down by men? Violence you say? Then they weren’t equal were they? They were weaker in a fundamentally limiting aspect, they were lower in the social hierarchy by merit of their own ineptitude. True inherent (and not socially constructed) equality would suggest that men would be insufficient to enact such a penalty, if you have two equal parties, one cannot overpower the other in a stalemate situation, this is assuming the preposterous notion that all men were abusive oppressive women beaters, which is a simply hilariously bigotedly close-minded belief to hold about human history, however it’s not something which is far off from what the average feminist has been taught to believe.

The reality is, for most of human history it was accepted that the gender roles assigned to men and women were efficient and benefited the species in being structured in that way, that’s it – there’s no evil “patriarchal entity” systematically enslaving womankind. Feminism continues to ignore the achievements of man and focuses on the lack of achievements of women, blaming men for this paradigm rather than appreciating men for their continued sacrifice and dedication to improving the human condition – as I said at the start, it’s an incredibly biased and one-sided group of people who have no room or tolerance in their worldview to see feminism criticised in the even most slightest of negative contexts.

There is power with dominance, this is what a lot of the extremist feminists saw and idolised, power “but with all power comes great responsibility” there is a heck of a lot more expectation and responsibility that comes with power, as addictive as power is to humans – there’s a price to pay for having it. It’s quite funny really because even in western nations people are brainwashed to say men and women are equal, but then people always expect more and better from a man, even women themselves do. It’s like an invisible sense of cognitive dissonance which permeates the social fabric.

People rely on men, they lean on men, depend on men and burden men with their emotions and what appreciation do men get? Fuck all. It’s an obligation, an expectation, not a favour – you don’t get a pat on the back for expectations “you’re a man, that’s what men do.” and hey if you’re not deemed superior enough to be a man you will be hit with some textbook shaming “grow a pair” “man up” etc. It’s funny that feminists use these insults at all, actually, because it infers subliminally that masculinity is inherently superior to femininity by holding men to a higher standard of which they do not hold women to, I’m sure of course this irony is totally and utterly lost on them, as delicious as it is to identify.

Men get vilified, they’re painted as the bad guys and it’s safe to openly disrespect them without anyone screaming “misandry!” – it is a perverse civilization, one that has always been and is wholly dependent on men, yet fails to appreciate them as a group for their combined contribution to human betterment. Women today are like children who were spoiled too much, you give them the world, you keep giving them rights, you keep supplicating to their whims, you give in to all their demands and what do they do? In their own privacy they fantasize to 50 shades of grey, vigorously masturbating the shit out of their clitoris’ whilst conversely talking shit about men and their negative nature during the day in the public sphere, the very same thing that they’re getting off too when it’s put on steroids in an erotic novel. Wow, that irony there, again, I think the modern woman’s sense of ironic contradiction is completely invisible to her, if you ever needed “proof” women aren’t logical, that generalisation would do a lot to enlighten you.

Women don’t respect men “for who they are”, they objectify them as success objects, they respect a man’s power as it indicates his ability to be successful, not his character but his power. If as a man you become too weak,  a woman will leave you –  and leave you to rot she will. The expectation is that you will be better than her, stronger than her – by nature of hypergamy as if you are not, she simply does not find you attractive. It’s for this reason alone the sheer notion of equality, in all pragmatism is not only deluded but completely incompatible with human sexual attraction. A woman’s loyalty is tied directly to her man’s power, not his character. No power = no attraction.

Example of power: you’re a manager at a store, sure you can fire people/get paid more, but you also have to make sure everyone is OK, comply with regulations, everyone comes to you if there is a problem etc. Woman’s inherent ineptitude to reason makes them bad at these kinds of jobs, the best women make great support roles, there’s a few outliers who can lead well, but generally as a demographic they are simply not cut out for leadership. Their inclination is to burden their staff with their responsibilities by moaning (which creates a bad leadership image), they blame-shift their faults onto others and of course they delegate their own responsibilities to others, generally, to men – expecting them to pick up the slack. Women are just not very good with pressure, they panic and they dramatise and ironically, you’ll find this funny, if you were to say this to them it would elicit a sense of panic and drama, one that touches the essence of her ego for making her aware that she is utterly incompetent in such a manner. Through sheer indoctrination and modern female narcissism, this repeatedly observed phenomena, a widely observed truth, would be disregarded and decried. Hilarious.

I like women a lot, I do, I value their strange quality of seeming almost in the moment, almost innocent in their lack of ability to reason even despite their all too common and incredible capability to effortlessly manipulate and inflict mental pain upon people, it is something I can never be or experience because I am far too logical in my disposition and thus it presents a certain element of mystical esotericism to me – it is truly fascinating. However feminism corrupts the feminine sensibilities and sells them the lie that men are inherently bad people and that they as a group, women, should be wary of the group known as men. Women swallow this bullshit up, fearful as they are.

Women are stupid, brainwashed and emotional enough to believe this bile, internalise it and regurgitate it “patriarchy!!!!” before you know it’ll turn out Santa Claus was real, oh please. Men who were brought up by women or otherwise raised in a feminist environment get brainwashed too, they’re derogatively referred to as manginas, they’re bumbling estrogen fuelled apologists with a cognitively unhealthy level of self-hatred which manifests as this perverse need to supplicate to the contemporary feminine social identity. It’s sad. Feminism does fuck all positive for society anymore, civil rights were about the only positive thing to come out of feminism.

I perceive modern-day feminism as a form of gender segregation, it’s like when the whites and the blacks sat on different sections of the bus in slavery, now you find women sticking with women, men sticking with men and apart from when everyone is drunk and seeking sex, the two groups barely mingle – their opinions of each other are bad, gender relations are strained and some people are opting out completely, just giving up on the other sex entirely.

It’s for that reason I’d encourage my fellow-men disenfranchised with the current state of women and their indoctrinated feminist influence to seek out more fruitful friendships with other men and focus on themselves, rather than focus on the pursuit of attaining or impressing women. Sure you have sexual needs, none of us can help that – but placing so much of your happiness in the hands of an “idealistic woman” a gentle woman, a kind woman, a non-vapid, intelligent, cerebral, wise woman – a type of woman who has been culled en masse by the brusque, curt hands of feminism will only seek to damage one’s health mentally and bring forth great pain, what you seek is a unicorn and unicorns are a mythological specie of animal, there’s simply not enough to go around.

We all deserve better than this feminist bullshit our forefathers have left us to deal with, but we deal with the hand we’ve got and live the best way that we can. That’s a core tenet of the red pill philosophy, be the best man you can be – don’t give in, do not relent. Constantly work on yourself.

Don’t give in, find pride in yourself through both your heritage and your potential to be better – actualise your potential, swimming in feminist ideology will just destroy you. Feminism is something you need to be aware of as it’s so entrenched in western societies, but it’s like a sickness and red pill philosophy is the antibiotic to get it out of your disease-ridden system, a strong dose of reality to slap all that propaganda out of one’s indoctrinated head.

Acknowledge feminism, understand it, analyse its perverse nature, accept it’s not going to disappear anytime soon – but reject its message. You can’t change it so you must co-exist alongside it without believing in it, just like people of different religions in secular countries live side-by-side worshipping different gods without believing in each others religions relatively peacefully, you must live side-by-side with feminists, not buying into a single iota of their babbling shit.

If you can do this you can find some semblance of happiness. Best of luck to my fellow brothers who have been unjustly wronged by this corrupt and perverse social system we’ve inherited.

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18 thoughts on “Feminism & Women’s Logic

  1. Oh my god!!!! You are the type of guy I needed to hear from. I feel like I just got a speech from the best president ever! Thank you soo much for this.

  2. I believe that at its deepest core level, feminism is essentially an elaborate manifestation of fear. A woman’s primitive brain fear that she will not survive, that she will be emotionally scarred by men and not be able to recover. That she will be unable to attract a man with good genes. She will have no one to provide and protect her because she is not ‘woman enough’. She will never bear children. She is intimidated and threatened by other women, etc…..

    It’s a fear that strikes deep into the primitive and emotional brain and petrifies her. This is what I believe feminism stemmed from long ago. 100% primitive and emotional at its core and impossible to deal with rationally. It’s a defense mechanism designed to allay this fear, which it initially does. However, the drawback for these women is a life of confusion, unfulfillment, and emptiness. Once you get beyond the hurtful, obnoxious, irrationality of it all, which is practically impossible lol, it’s actually kind of sad. But the obnoxiousness to me far exceeds the hint of sympathy I feel for them, so I say fuck ’em. (figuratively)


    Awesome article of course. Especially the part about women spouting off about ‘equality’ in public and then secretly getting off on 50 shades of grey. Fearful, insecure, childish cunts?…I think so.

  3. Feminism was in all likelihood a plan of The Man. A tiny amount of Youtubing can fill in the blanks for you (Rousseau and Rockefellers, type that one in, or Gloria Steinem and CIA, for another).

    In short, a good cause regarding equal rights, bored 1950’s cookie baking housewives was exploited and utilized for the actual agenda–taxing the other half of the base and destroying the family unit. Why? Money and NWO control.

    Helen Gurley Brown and Ms. Steinem, two magazines (Cosmo, Elle, I believe?) at eye level of every 60’s and 70’s child at every Super Market, with Mom, at the check out stand (where the last of the tourist traps in such an establishment resides). All the dissatisfaction implied and planted in women’s minds, to do with sex, not getting enough, how to get more, how to have an affair, etc) beside women who’s bodies the average woman could only aspire to and feel more dissatisfaction and self loathing regarding.

    Steinem WORKED FOR THE CIA, an entity that, to paraphrase if not exactly quote one ex agent, “Is an institution that spreads propaganda and lies, USUALLY to people of other countries”. Her magazine, if memory serves, at one point needed and sported ZERO ADVERTISING (!), a feat that is pretty much impossible, but owing to being FUNDED by THE MAN for his agenda.

    Brown wrote Sex And The Single Girl, I believe? “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, a famous quote? An ex prostitute at 19, she espoused sleeping with the boss, all the better if he were MARRIED, i.e. blackmail for climbing the ladder in a rigged old boy network.

    Women, MOTHERS/WIVES, then as now (Girl Power and Diva-dom the selling, these days) ate it up, and LO AND BEHOLD, all of us are working twice as hard for half as much, basically, and just like Kramer vs. Kramer showed at the flicker house, HALF OF ALL MARRIAGES WENT POOF! Out of wedlock births skyrocketed.

    Only now many rue it all. Single moms, older, frumpier females living alone (unless cats count). Mission accomplished, one more Divide and Conquer tactic that worked, by the Powers That Be.

    What goes on now, to any with eyes, is the feminizing, homogenizing, sanitizing of humanity, here in the Western world, at least. Skinny jeans wearing half men at BEST, ball busting shrews (and they are NEVER happy, with a man who’s balls they can put in their purse, ever notice?–goes against nature), metrosexualized, weak and disappearing men.

    Courts were obviously set up to punish and fleece the man in any split, and children grow up without that strong male presence.

    Women are easily fooled, all you have to appeal to is the ONE thing they have little selfishness regarding, i.e. that DNA sharing offspring that came out of their womb, i.e. “It is for the children”, and they bite and buy in hook, line and sinker.

    But in any SHTF scenario, kiddies, are you going to rely on females/mom to pick up a gun, club, formulate a plan, acquire the means to survive or protect what you have? Pffffffft!.

    Social Engineering. Just watch any tv show, any commercial, nearly universally men are weak, frail or fat, afraid of their too smart for them wives and girlfriends, out shined and disrespected by the socially engineered brats with their smart phones and ipads.

    Nobody eats mom’s pot roast together at 6pm anymore, and if any families perhaps sit together with microwaved corn and hamburger helper or what not, they likely are still trying to text and tweet and facebook.

    Sad. George Carlin pointed it all out, bought off with hamburgers and cell phones. Gone is the spirit of my day, screw The Man, fight back, all of that. At least I was around to see some of it, not fully of age, anyway.

    I have been saying for years now we will be living like bees in a hive, and only a week ago read Tesla (not saying I am smart as he, only saying if the opinion of a Genius matters, and I happened to perceive the same, maybe I am onto something, 20/20 vs. his Visionary predictions) spoke sadly of how women were becoming to masculinized, going against nature, and that the future of humanity may, sadly, become like a beehive, males only drones, kept about for procreating and work.

    To hell with all of it. Women need to wake (little faith in that) to what PAWNS they are, not empowered creatures by all of this. They are doing their children the biggest disservice they could ever imagine.


    1. Dont despair, it is always possible to ensure this does not happen, try going on /r/redpillwoman for one, it seems like thats a good place to start

  4. A clever man will always be able to turn the law back over to his favor if he so desires that power.
    It is much much harder for men as you’ve mentioned. However these laws put in place to destroy men can be reversed and thus leave the reluctant parties no choice but to give you the power.

    Even if all odds are stacked against a man, the ability to use our minds to get what we want can result in At Least getting a much better deal to retain some power. There are just a bunch of men who are so discouraged by the facts, they forget how females work and how courts also play by emotions/attitudes in many scenarios. So they give up. Which is the worst thing a man can do for his son.

  5. This was literally the perspective I needed to read on. Its everything i was feeling delivered perfect.

  6. Absolutely brilliant piece.
    As a woman, I can observe that your delineations about women and our innate nature has hit the nail on the head. Dealing with the dogma of political correctedness and the general emotional confirmation bias is exhausting – don’t even get me started about working under women in upper management. This is a refreshing read!

  7. Feminism is one of the vile branches of cultural Marxism that seeks to subvert western civilisation into the vice grip of globalism. Globalism is merely communism with a skirt on, one which will turn even the most valiant men to stone.

    This is where the real battle lies. Revolt against the forces of evil and become the men you were destined to be. Save yourself, the West needs you,

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