Man’s Burden – The Feminine Conundrum

Never be dependent on a woman, not for her love nor for self-indulgent emotional catharsis because women don’t love us in the way we love them, they love differently and thus expecting from her what she expects from you will doom you to failure. Women fundamentally fail at reciprocating love to the extent we’ve been taught to or at least tend to typically expect of them. As soon as any of your weaknesses are made abundantly clear she will begin to feel disenchanted and this will cause her to start a process of weighing up her options so that when/if the opportunity presents itself to branch swing (trade you in for a more fitting man), she will indeed do so with great haste. If you’re a loser and she’s not left it’s because she has no better options or at least believes she doesn’t (eg: low self-worth) so she “tolerates you” you’re the fill-in; but as soon as she can find a replacement you are history (randomly and seemingly sociopathically dead to her.)

Her abandonment of your relationship will be backward rationalised, if she really felt for you she will even delude/convince herself to believe in her own faulty incoherent rationalisation (an inaccurate but convenient lie) in order to portray herself most favourably to her own conscience but most importantly to all of your shared peers as to maintain a healthy reputation which proves conducive to her survival. Women are great at saving face and even better, believing earnestly in their own bullshit.

I won’t preach this too much as it’s the topic of a future blog post of mine, however, this is why women almost always play the victim card, in the game of social dominance one does not regard that which they consider as weak to be threatening, which is thus how women can get away with doing the most terrible of things and then shift the punishment for the outcome of said behaviour to a man, most men make the perfect scapegoats because they never see it coming and know not how to defend against such deceptions, their own logic deluding them with notions such as “rationality” and “fairness” and an expectation that these alone will save him from such slanderous libel, whether she behaved badly or her story is untruthful is irrelevant, if she can avoid shame and ultimately the blame (do read up on the concept of feminine hypoagency) for such behaviour by making your peers believe it was YOU who was at fault rather than her, then she avoids any feelings of guilt and thus is completely free to behave and strategise in whatever way she may please no matter how immoral that may be. Women are not bound by honour – it is a male abstraction.

My men, for all their lack of logic and supposed frailty, truly, many of you do wholly underestimate the power of the feminine and the allure of the submissive and thus fail to understand the inherent control and influence that such pleasant devices have upon your manly senses to the most primitive of levels, pleasant they may be but devices they still are.

Men love to play this game of convincing themselves that they’re in control in their relationship with a woman when in fact they are falling slowly into her grip, softly, like an innocuous looking hand slowly tightening around the neck. This doesn’t happen to the “plate spinners” and “players”, oh no, men engaging in this mating strategy do not become invested enough in a woman for long enough to form a pair bond and let the woman infect their sense of self with her feminine wiles, however those of you in a long-term relationship, you are fighting a continuous battle, a battle you may never win, a battle you must simply fight in order not to lose.

You are maintaining the war and optimally do so that it balances in your favour, however victory is prohibited, for winning the battle means losing “her love”, love is metaphysically a state of consistent conflict, periods of peace followed by periods of war by the day, hour or even week – without conflict, there is no love, without conflict there is boredom, passionless after the initial grace period this is described colloquially as “the spark not being there” in “womanspeak”, perhaps this serves as insight into one of the many reasons why women are so capricious as to create unsubstantiable drama – to give attraction a vehicle to manifest via the tension of conflict. The beauty is in the game itself, not the outcome of the game. If you don’t enjoy the game, you cannot take the lead in it.

She will always put herself before you, ultimately, as the bottom line. You are not special to her, your strength is, how you make her feel is – but not you – you are a vessel for fulfilling her desires in the many ways in which she cannot and oh boy, she has many desires, more than those of a man who by all comparison seems rather basic in need, food on the table, pleasing aesthetics and a blowjob before you fall asleep going a particularly long way. You are not your strength, you utilise your strength, you call upon it, you project it, you wield it – but you are not it – your feelings, your weaknesses, your concerns, your insecurities…. these are all things that you have no luxury to indulge her with. She will indulge you with hers to heal herself emotionally via the process of catharsis and you shall not be repulsed by it, you will feel it is your duty to fix her emotional issues as will she, this is an unspoken agreement, however the reverse is not true, you have no such outlet to utilise her in such a way and still maintain attraction and thus by extension, a functional and fulfilling relationship. That’s why there is no such thing as “gender equality”, for such displays of weakness will do nothing but to have her view you with contempt and ultimately, disdain, even hatred.

This is what we mean when we say women do not love you, but the idea of what or who “you” is. (read: yourself isn’t enough unless “yourself” is dark triad) They are incapable of loving you in the way in which you imagine it. They love themselves primarily, no matter how insecure and unconfident they are, and of course their children, more than they will ever love you, one is a love of vanity and entitlement, the other is of sacrifice, the loyalty and sacrifice men idolise as admirable traits in a woman for a long-term relationship – these are things that when push comes to shove will result in your downfall and have already resulted in the downfall of countless upon countless men. Even if they think they do love you and declare it, it is not in the way in which you love a woman of your affections – she will not sacrifice her well-being for you, not even out of loyalty something as a committed man you are willing to do – you desire this reciprocation from her, but it is naive to do so. Remember, honour is a male abstraction.

They may say their love is unconditional and ironically, perhaps it is “in the moment”, it’s for this reason it’s safe to assert that womankind seem somewhat completely deluded, being incredibly un-introspective creatures who lack much clarity of mind and self-awareness, despite their own inability to realise that they take you (man) for granted and “love you” they do so with a cumbersome metric fuck ton of conditions attached to said “love” is such tightly conditional love really worthy of what the word entails in the most absolute sense to men everywhere? This is a question that will perhaps haunt mankind for eons to come. In comparison to the male idea of love she espouses the word in vain, same word, same delivery, different meaning. “Till death do us part?” Such utterances constantly chanted across churches everywhere are done so in complete ignorance for they are based on an unfounded and naive foundation and proclaim extravagances such as “eternal love” without any measurable iota of validity as such.

Women love “the idea” the idea of “what it is to be a man” hence their constant obsession with the no true Scotsman fallacy “a real man does this“a real man has been to Krypton and had jagerbombs with Superman at least a dozen times” basically – power. The measure of a man is more important than the measure of a woman because essentially, as men, we define the extremities, the limits of the species – the last line of defence and the forefront of innovation as civilizations builders, protectors, maintainers and arbitrators. Women are attracted to power, weakness is not permitted within the powerful – that is the burden to be powerful, the caveat to power – a sense of indentured solace imposed as a side effect of one’s burden, the weight of the power one wields. Embody this idea of superiority and maintain it within your character for a lifetime and that’s the closest you will get to being loved (via admiration, the most profound form of respect) in the way that you desire, the way that a man most earnestly loves a woman or comparatively, how a woman loves her baby.

Men love conditionally too, but men don’t compile laundry lists for what makes the ideal woman, women however write books on what makes a man and how a man should behave, that ugly washed up thing on OKCupid deluded on her own entitlement will have a personal shopping list of requirements that a man must fulfil, her bargaining power is irrelevant – she is crazy enough and deluded enough to desire it and demand it and if you are weak enough you shall yield it whether she is objectively worthy of such, or not. She is worth exactly what she can get for herself, such is the nature of female hypergamy, machiavellianism trumps actual merit although arguably, is a form of merit in and of itself. The longer the list of requirements the woman in question has, the more maintenance which needs to be done in order to maintain a “state of love” with her. Heck, mainstream society calls many women “high maintenance” for a reason, they just don’t go past the materialistic elements when analysing this concept. Digression: this is why western men love third world bitches  – less expectation, higher appreciation.

This is a part of how men and women love differently, women are extractors, their imperative is to extract from you (time, money, DNA, emotions, logic, sacrifice) and ultimately they will utilise you for their own gains be it through incentivising methods (sex, submissiveness, kindness, flirtation) or fear (won’t see the kids again, will make a fraudulent rape claim, will take half your assets in divorce, will cause you to form dependency on her and then abandon you etc.)

Those who think relationships are not war are simply naive, I understand why my words will not be popular with the majority, but then I don’t assert that which I do with a desire to appeal to populism, but merely, truth, in all it’s forms – that’s where the red pill gets its power from – setting you free from your delusions by bitch slapping you with a dosage of truth. Once you get over the initial pain of realisation, you become a stronger and more productive man. No pain, no gain, right? Yes these stupid little idiomatic proverbs do have a lot more wisdom in them than the average listener gleans from such emphatic wordplay. Ultimately, some kick and scream more than others but you don’t become a winner in life by elegantly floating to the top on Aladdin’s carpet even if that’s the image you’re conveying.

They (women) are fucking tyrants (for a man to deal with) due to a relentlessly capricious absence of logic. The less intelligent among womankind don’t even realise how destructive their instability and brash utilitarianism of man is to all but the strongest of men for they run primarily on instinct, an absence of reason or arguably preference for reason leads to nothing but instinct to take hold, often described colloquially as “How I feel.” This is something men have realised for thousands of years, go and read some ancient or even medieval philosophy and look for the proverbs, quotations and papers on the nature of women, it’s something as old as time itself – AristotleFriedrich Nietzsche and Arthur Schopenhauer should get you started. You want to take the pill? Are you sure you can handle it? A lot of men today are completely fucking clueless, there are many levels to the rabbit hole and it gets deeper and deeper as you progress. Each time you descend into the pits of reality you’re reminded of all your prior learning, eviscerating all the delicate sensibilities you have acquired in your pursuits of utopic idealisation along the way.

Those of you still near the beginning of your understanding, measuring success by bed-post notches rather than the ability to successfully pair bond, dominate and lead a relationship “oh yay I got 13 numbers and had 2 lays the past month!” don’t even realise the half of it. Pyrrhic victory may taste like victory, but it is not victory. If this is your permanent mating strategy (as in, you will not pass on your lineage) then this is fine – but if you ever want a family, it’s not enough, you need to learn long-term relationship game to raise children.

Men are humanity’s true romantics and thus this is why man must guard his heart like a bank vault, treat his commitment like African blood diamonds, to squander it frivolously is to perform a most terrible disservice upon one’s self. If she breaches the vault, if one finds themselves in love with a woman then don’t let her leave by any means necessary. If she finds a way into your heart, hold her personally accountable for enacting herself upon you as such and draw as much power as you can muster to take charge. At no cost must you allow yourself to lose, the bottom line in all elements of life is VICTORY or FAILURE, relationships are no exception despite the hijacking of your minds clarity which oxytocin induces upon your psyche.

Ultimately do not allow your sense of injustice to turn into hatred for women, for their inability to reciprocate sacrificial love for a man is a limitation imposed by nature, not a choice, some rare women may even try to oppose their nature at great distress to themselves, although that too is futile.

To hate is to self induce torture and misery – things that as someone who competes for power are devices that you cannot allow to possess you as they will divorce you from your ambitions. Realise the limitations of womankind, accept them and come to terms with the fact that a man is always truly alone, there is nobody “higher up” for you to depend upon, you’re the end of the line, in the absence of a belief in God. This is why we are so sentimental with our memories and the older and more experienced the bastard, the more sentimental he will be, harbouring what is essentially a chamber of moments where he didn’t feel quite so alone, which a part of his fiber no matter how stoic and disciplined his consciousness may be will involuntarily and vicariously draw from for comfort in the darkest of times. These memories enter through the retina and ear canal, spend some short time in the brain and then continue to weigh on the heart slowly in varying measurements of weight until one’s dying breath. Wounds heal but scars are indeed forever. Every man has a burden he must carry, none of you are exempt, not even the psychopathic, as even a psychopath has their own feelings to contend with regardless of whether they care for yours.

In brief moments you have companionship, those who make the best companions are those with a sense of loyalty, credibility and honour, other men, brotherhood.

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20 thoughts on “Man’s Burden – The Feminine Conundrum

  1. I took the Red Pill and like the article says, there are many layers to the rabbit hole. I had “plateaued” so to speak a couple weeks ago as I had read any and every Red Pill site, blog, article, anything I could get my hands on. This article not only pierces the heart of what we’ve been taught to believe, this is knowledge that we already know. At various points in our lives we’ve seen every symptom of the true nature of women. It’s as clear as day, however brief, but it’s there. We ignore it and dismiss it as an aberration or an anomaly but we never really quite forget it. This is rock solid truth. Anthony is 100% correct in what he says. If a man reads one thing in his life, it should be this. This article was a tough pill to swallow but I’m not shocked or surprised…a sure sign that the Red Pill is starting to take effect.

    1. Maybe the only thing the article doesn’t say is that each sex, as it has been shaped by the opposite sex’s choices over time, is a mirror of the latter’s preferences… thereby, in some way, a mirror of the opposite sex’s real nature too.

      For instance, if men are largely naive regarding feminine wiles, that’s because females consistently mate with such men, while they run on men who can see through their deception (it makes them insane with discomfort to see their schemes don’t work on you, and the compulsion is to leave to more comfortable places).

      But if one sex is deceit-generating mindless machines they are, that also means that its opposite sex doesn’t demand partners have a mind at all, and rewards deceit well… This is so rarely pointed out!
      In the end what you find on the market is what, democratically, the majority of your own sex has “voted for”.

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  3. Absolutely phenominal! Unfortunately I’ve experienced all this from women prior to the public internet. Thank goodness young men nowadays have some of this knowledge available. If only it were taught to young boys in schools everywhere, and by fathers to their sons.

  4. Fantastic writing that reveals uncharted territories of knowledge regarding the bitches we find ourselves living amongst

  5. I get goosebumps every time I read this particular article. It is probably one of the most powerful among the current 41 (although they are all very very very good, it is almost unfair to rank them!). It is so potent and filled with such deep insight and truth that every man MUST consciously know. It goes without saying that if I raise a son, he would pretty much know this article by heart. It is mandatory reading, no question about it.

    It is interesting to know that some men somehow instinctively know or have vague notions about this – I believe my father for example – although he would never be able to articulate this with such clarity that it strikes at the core of the matter – but I know he has always hinted at the fact that next to God in heaven, a man is always alone in the deeper sense, regardless of the ‘loving’ women that surround him, because he knows that such love is mercilessly conditional.

    Thank you for your great work, generations of men to come will benefit greatly from this!

  6. Both my parents have passed, both were only children, my only sibling emigrated to Australia but we don’t speak any ways.
    My only son and ex wife live in Italy. I live in the UK.
    I am truly alone and have been for over 3 years.
    I spin plates after swallowing the red pill 2 years ago. Knowing the true nature of women means I have had to accept I will be truly alone for the rest of my life.
    It was indeed a bitter pill to swallow but I cannot go back knowing what I know now.
    Knowledge is power, power is freedom, I have had to adjust my expectations and goals, but I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time standing alone with nobody above me as an atheist is quite liberating. “Let no man judge me but …” That’s it let no man judge me!

    1. Knowing the true nature of women means I have had to accept I will be truly alone for the rest of my life.

      That’s what brought me on the verge of clinical madness a couple years ago. I’d sleep 3 or 4 hours every 48, even taking sleep pills.
      Unfortunately, “love” is trade, and the problem isn’t in it being trade. The problem is, while for a (tiny, but real) % of men what they want most is not to be substantially alone, no woman has that craving.
      So they won’t give that to you, since they don’t want that from you.

      Why is it that they are strangers to the need for real, deep union, while a few men aren’t, I would not know.

  7. Never in my life have I encountered more valuable information, whether it be from older and wiser men, my 6 years of post-secondary education, etc. I cannot even pretend that all of the information I have came about through my 26 years of existence comes anywhere near the vast knowledge on this website. You saved my life. I am eternally grateful. Thank-you.

  8. Funny. Women who had said me I love you say the same thing to other guys soon after I leave them. How silly and stupid that is. It’s more like not that I love you, but rather that I love the concept of you.

    1. They also say “I love your cock” more often, and in a more enthusiastic guise, than “I love you”. And that, literally. Add to it than a part of when they say “you” is, again, your genitals, though they don’t know it themselves, and you get a great picture.

  9. I have been drugged by your red pills and the pleasure from your wordsmith. Thank you for your mastery, thank you!
    As far as I know you have written many acute archives about relationship/war between men and women so I deduce you have had your philosophy about men’s friendship/brotherhood. If you have the inspiration to write about it, we are more than happy to know your ideas.
    My thanks!

  10. You Sir are indeed the epitome of ultimate savant philosopher extraordinary. I bow in awe forever grateful for your shared insights and gifts. May you one day have that son to carry on. Peace be with you.

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