Women of Substance Are Made, Not Born

The average woman has typically little to offer of value to a man other than her body, some women are even self-aware enough to realise this and so they monopolise the fact by narcissistically spending all their time trying to look good, accentuating the only real asset that they have in order to gain power by becoming dominant in the realm of superficiality.

However in words uttered by the mouth, very few women will actually admit they are nothing other than a glorified excuse of a series of fuck holes, because such “dehumanisation” harms their ego, damaging the core of who they are, the outward persona that they’ve built up around themselves and the very narcissism they look to reinforce to feed this persona via external social validation; now cue a tirade of dopamine hits from filtered Instagram selfies, Facebook likes and her inability to put down a smart phone combined with a rigorous routine of careful makeup application and carefully selected clothing choices.

Patrice O’Neal demonstrated it best when he asked an entire crowd of women what they would do to keep their man if he was thinking of leaving them and they didn’t have a vagina, most of them said they would  blow him or let him stick it in their ass. This was a covert test to see if women would objectify themselves or not, learning to cook better or engaging in hobbies and activities close to their man’s heart were non-sexual options, among others which were not the typical go to response of his audience. This example aside, women seem to objectify themselves, but don’t have the clarity of mind neither the narcissistic inclination to admit as such, certainly, cognitive dissonance is at play. They use their sexuality to get what they want via a process of strategic self-objectification whilst simultaneously possessing sentience and thus, agency. Patrice had to deceive the women in his audience with a little game in order to get the truth out of them and yes, surely, a comedy gig is not the best place to have a rational discussion about such things, but nevertheless, the measure of validity which can be taken from such an anecdote is quite eye-opening.

Having any negative opinion about woman no matter how well justified or well-reasoned it may be is automatically misogynistic in the eyes of women. You not only harm their egos by being critical of their group collective as they are of men, but their proclivity to be reactionary married to an addiction to emotional input means they become lost in the indignation and the wrath that follows from it, rather than attempt to critically deduce truths from the logic which you posit. In short, they do not respect logic and truth in the way that men do, they do not prioritise these things above everything else, no, they respect feelings above all else, and it is feelings which are of the utmost priority to womankind. Making women feel bad due to criticism is in and of itself a misogynous act as a far as a woman is concerned, because she does not like the negatively charged aspect of the turbulence you bring to her emotional whirlwind. Like Patrice would, if you use humour, you can get women to speak the truth, the delivery matters far more than the content when interacting with a woman, less straight-talk, more powertalk.

When looking around at the quality of modern-day women, the majority would be considered by men to be utterly disappointing long-term material, their traits, their composure and their very nature are all entirely questionable if not downright undesirable. Society downplays, justifies and otherwise ignores the weaknesses of women with cultural ignorance that mislabels objective criticism as misogyny, whilst it simultaneously and quite ironically misrepresents women in a positive light by projecting all these unsubstantiated idealistic qualities onto them, claiming that such qualities are fundamentally innate merits of the universal female identity.

In all its unfounded perversity, this baseless bullshit is a type of religion, everyone believes blindly in “the goodness of women” because they have been raised to do so, contrary to the behaviour that women around them are actually engaging in on a daily basis. Even when said behaviour is found to be bad, it is always disregarded due to some baseless belief in female sanctity, which in reality is nothing more than an ideal, a projection, not an universal truth. It is this unfairly unrealistic deception, this hallucinogenic depiction of womankind that is presented to women, which leads men who begin to learn what women are like in nature to feel disillusioned and disenchanted, they feel this way because what they were taught to believe about women from a young age is far removed from who they really are. Whilst women are flattered by the bullshit pandering that they are sugar and spice and everything nice – men are crushed by the fact that they are indeed, not so.

In comparison to all the hopes and dreams men have been fed to expect from women, it’s this perverse Disney funded fantasy that makes men everywhere feel duped, let-down and even misanthropic when they find themselves ill-equipped to cope with the let-down which is the modern-day woman.

Those living in today’s Anglosphere and western European civilizations should typically expect very little of women, so few are worthy of anything more than a rumble in the hay simply because they haven’t been raised right, cue the malignancy of the single mother epidemic and the erosion of conducive moral, religious and family values <here>. Even good company and banter with such women tends to be a rarity as quite a many of them lack the ability to be mentally stimulating on a conversational level. Occasionally you may find yourself pleasantly surprised and in such a circumstance run the risk of falling very hard for the woman in question, as in comparison to her brethren she will shine out like a lighthouse in a sea of drudgery with imposing prominence, however no matter her beneficial difference, she is a woman like any other. She has the same psychological and most importantly, emotional needs and as such will run all the usual shit tests, making the same type of demands that the legions of broken women will, the question you will find yourself asking though is, is this one worth it?

For those who decide yes, such a woman is worth it, and are in the right phase of their life to do so, you have a project on your hands, one that will require much mental investment. If you want yourself a desirable woman you will have to cultivate femininity and desirability into her yourself if you deem she has the necessary raw material to become a desirable lady worthy of raising a family with, wife material. Such is the inherent focus of the red pill woman project.

Red pill women are women on a quest to be “wife/mother material” to the perception of a man, they are works in progress, the counterpart to the red pill philosophy. Essentially, they are guided by a social network of traditionally minded matriarchs and if in a serious relationship, the desires and authority of the man she has pledged her allegiance to. For those of us who have neither the time nor the inclination to practice the patience required to effectively create our own red pill woman, indulging in the idea of red pill women is not an option for us. Women of all kinds require vast reservoirs of patience and love as it is the basis of their erratic emotionalism which leads them to be ever demanding.

Heed me when I say that all red pill women are trained by men, they are not magically born out of the womb, a “unicorn” is merely a high quality red pill woman raised, cultivated and overseen by men of value, integrity and intelligence. Whether that man is her father or later on, a serious boyfriend, she is trained and maintained by men to be a quality woman. To an extent she is trained by her mother also, who respects the strength of an authoritarian man and imparts the ideas of the father onto her daughter by proxy, but a mother who was unable to secure a strong man, in her bitterness and ineptitude, will typically not pass on conducive moral and sexual values that will lead to romantic success for her daughter. After all, she cannot do for her daughter what she was unable to obtain for herself.

Often a woman who is of quality from a young age, non-promiscuous, good-natured, talented, intelligent, humorous, not hateful of men and emotionally stable is a woman who has had a good relationship with her father. Her father having been what for lack of a better term is considered an alpha male, instilling positive traits into her psyche with a firm, loving hand, raising her to respect men and accommodate them in the social contract; rather than hold them in contempt and challenge them as adversaries like mainstream society would indoctrinate.

It is the job of the man who commits to such a woman romantically to then maintain the legacy that her father left, good girls will turn bad in the absence of a strong male figure, for it is woman’s emotional transient nature which causes them to stray from the path of romantic success. It is woman’s emotional nature whether she consciously desires it or not that necessitates her need for strong trustworthy leadership, so that she may absolve herself of responsibility in her inevitable moments of weakness, she wants someone to lean on but fears that the dissolution of that responsibility will be abused, a connection of trust to a powerful man is what women crave.

In essence, this is why women tend to look for “men who were like their fathers” they seek dominance in which they can trust, and it is this dominance which allows them to remain emotionally stable, offloading their neuroticism onto the stoicism of the man that they pair with. Good women are not only made by men, but must also be maintained by men. In the absence of such leadership, women take on detrimental qualities in the name of “freedom”, being poor leaders themselves (due to the erraticism of emotionalism) and in the absence of authority (typically a strong patriarch and an equally traditional matriarch) they become feral and pursue self-destruction, always chasing the nearest perceivable “emotional high”, rather than planning ahead for the days where the temporary adrenaline-filled joyful experience that short-term liaisons provide are no longer available to them as their sexual appeal evaporates with age, leaving them without legacy and family with a firm foot in spinsterhood.

Essentially, all women have daddy issues (no I’m not going to qualify that as “most” or “some” but forthrightly tell you ALL), if he was a good father she wants a serious relationship with a man who was like her father, strong, compassionate, worldly, a badass, but with a soft spot unique to her, women love to feel special, in fact, they crave it. If she had a good father, as a man looking to date such a woman (a woman with a good father) your life has already been made infinitely easier by his diligence, he has already raised an appealing woman and then left the foundations in place to cultivate this valuable raw material into a long-term partner, a mother and a wife. However, the onus is on you to be strong enough to maintain the status quo, such a woman will not respect weakness and thus will not follow the lead of a man who is too inept to take charge, such a woman will hold you to the standard set by her father and as such will compare you both in starkness.

If her father was absent or otherwise a let-down, she wants her boyfriend to be everything he wasn’t, her mind has filled in the blanks with what he should have been, some of that of course will be complete fantastical bullshit. What she will want in this scenario is for a man to essentially fill the emotional void the lack of a father figure left her with, whilst perversely in simultaneity she will find it hard to trust men due to her sense of abandonment. Maintaining a healthy, loving and conducive relationship with such a woman will be exceptionally difficult. She will effectively be both her own as well as your own worst enemy, actively sabotaging everything you’re trying to build with all the irrationality of her delinquency manifesting itself in the present day as morbid insecurity.

This is why women with poor relationships with their fathers are a massive red flag. When eying up a woman for a prospective long-term romantic engagement, find out what her relationship with her father is like, the absence of a father or a negative relationship with her father are massive red flags as she is already set-up to be a poor romantic prospect, mainly due to how she was (or wasn’t) raised. Single mothers quite simply are inept to raise quality children singlehandedly. The presence of a weak father is better than nothing, but typically you want her to have had a father who was a patriarch, a dominant man who taught her discipline so that her base schematic of “what men should be like” is healthy and isn’t formed from unhealthy feminist stereotypes and the ramblings of a bitter and romantically unsuccessful single mother. Still, even the presence of a patriarch in a young girl’s life isn’t always enough to ensure a quality woman; as the prevailing socially engineered cultural forces around her proactively do their utmost to undermine the will and intent that her father’s best interests have for her.

Red pill women are not “unicorns”, they are women capable of curbing their instincts whilst using logic to be more desirable in an effort to secure provisioning in their old age, effectively they’re investing in the long-game and have been made self-aware enough to realise that being a slut getting by on her sexuality and youth is not a gravy train that is going to last forever. They are women who will compromise and work with a man who is equally strong enough and patient enough to deal with them. Everything is a compromise with women, whether she’s a cunt, has BPD, is unintelligent or is as high-caliber and well cultivated as an emotionally stable and feminine red pill woman, the inherent difference between masculine and feminine nature leads to a process of unending compromise.

No matter the woman, she will test your patience; this is just women full-stop. Not got a lot of patience? Women are going to just piss you the hell off then. It does help however when a woman can offset this inherently annoying trait of trying a man’s patience by bringing more than merely a vagina to the table. As a man you should be informed that an inherently irrational being is going to do nothing but antagonise the patience of someone who thinks in logic rather than the cognitive cartwheels of reactive transient emotionalism.

The biggest flattery of all to women, which only an intelligent woman will realise, is that despite the sheer frustration and pain she causes him with her volatile emotivity, is that such a man still chooses to stick with her and provide for her despite her shortcomings. A female’s self-awareness of his sacrifice and a declaration of appreciation for that sacrifice goes a long way to help reconcile the huge fundamental differences in expectation that men and women have of each other, women being far more audaciously demanding and stringently needy by nature of their disposition than men are.

I’ll end this article on the following closing thought: it is somewhat insane how the appreciation of an intrinsically irrational woman within the paradigm of a relationship is valued so intimately by the romantic disposition of what is otherwise a rational man. It is often true after all that we value that which is hardest to obtain, and a woman’s appreciation is scarcely given in earnest.


  1. Rock solid article. Well written. It is 10000000% true that a woman’s true appreciation is seldom given to (western) men despite all they (try) do for them, yet western men treat these one trick ponies we call women like solid gold for nothing more than opening their legs. It’s a travesty that women often call men who try to win them over by showing traditional values manipulative, simps, or some other degrading adjective mocking the only way they know to win over a woman as trained by our culture.

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  2. I’m a few months late in reading this, but this is one of the best articles i’ve ever read. You dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. As a young woman who was raised by a single man-hating mother, (like you described above) i spent 5/7 days with my grandparents who conducted a loving, masculine-feminine marriage. I believe the traits i saw and grew accustomed to in my grandmother moulded my self-esteem and femininty as a woman. My belief in my grandfather and what men represent, are the reasons i’m attracted to high-calibre men and engaged to a high calibre man. Unconscious programming will definately make or break you if you let it.

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  3. This is an incredibly insightful article. I’m fortunate enough to have a good woman who had a very strong, ethical father, and the issues in our relationship (which are minor) are because she’s checking to see if I have his strength.

    It all makes sense now, especially in the context of shit testing.

    George Friedman of Stratfor believes the conflict between Islam and the West is due to the re-interpretation of the role of women in Western society, and the old world’s resistance to this due to the loss of morality it causes.

    In light of the logic of this article, it is a compelling argument and I would be interested to know what your thoughts are.

    Thank you.

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  4. The Illimitable Man can write no wrong. This is wonderous. The proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is icing on the cake. It’s a breath of fresh air.

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  5. This was the most enlightening article I think I’ve read in all of TRP. It really touched home for me in what I
    1) lacked in looking for in a woman
    2) failed to do when I stumbled upon that good woman.
    Are they ever the same? When they go into their own self destructive “freedom” after abandoning their relationship. Do they at some point revert to wanting the same thing as they did in their early stages of dating? Or does this behavior continue to spiral?
    Amazing article man. Keep up the good work.


  6. I live in a city on the European continent in which prostitution is legal. A friend of mine is pals with an old man who was, for decades following the war, a major nightclub owner in the red-light district. He once told her that in all of his years as a pimp, he’d never once succeeded in putting a girl to work who’d had a good relationship with her father. As a rule, all of his girls had had absent or abusive fathers. This was by far the most salient common denominator he’d noticed. I suspect that the prevalence of absent, alcoholic, or abusive fathers is the single greatest contributor to the lack of character evident in so many women. Every time one hears a horror story about a ruthless, dishonest, and unfaithful girl, one will most likely find that her father was absent or abusive. Her boyfriend or husband will be punished for the sins of her father (endlessly recounted by her single mother). After the honeymoon phase ends, and she begins to devalue her mate, she will even compare him to her father (whom she hates) in order to rationalize her abuse and infidelity. This state of affairs if especially perverse for men who ALSO had lousy fathers and who have vowed never to be like their weak and philandering fathers.

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  7. Because of this article I now understand why, in marriages, the father gives away the woman to her husband. He has been guiding her all her life, instilling in her moral and virtue, dignity and compassion, thaught her right from wrong and introduced to her religon. And now, in (the wake of) her adulthood, he gives her to her husband, who he must carefully examine to ascertain his true nature, motives, worth and conduct. So that he may give his daughter to an apt husband who may guide the woman for the rest of her life. It is truly beautiful how man and woman complement eachother. I find the wake of this new feminisme (the kind that appeals for total equility of man and woman and want woman to be independent and dominant) abhorrent and ignorant. Great article!

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  8. this article is good, but it begs the question what does a man do when he wants to date a woman with absentee father in other for the relationship to turn out right??


  9. You Sir, will go down in history. May the great spirit pass your wisdom / philosophy onward to both the sexes.

    …This is the end my intrepid friend the end
    …Of everything that stands, the end
    …The end of laughter and soft lies
    …No safety or surprise, the end

    Cultural Marxist Feminism…Shit
    Enjoy the decline MF’ers


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