Fifty More Shades of Red

Fifty More Shades of Red
“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

1.) Introduction
2.) The Maxims
3.) Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

The maxims that comprise the bulk of this article are designed to educate men on the nature of women, as well as the nature of themselves in relation to women. Being a loose collection of maxims, the article is easy-to-read by merit of its broken down format. I’ve likewise adopted brevity here in the hope that the most prominent points will stick more easily.

The maxims listed are inclusive, but not exhaustive. As such, these maxims do not compromise the totality of wisdom available on this topic. This is part 3 in a continuing series, you can find part 2 here, and part 1 here.

2.) The Maxims:

IM MAXIM #101 – A woman’s charm comes from her happiness, a man’s, from his confidence. An inconsolable woman’s as unattractive as a timid man.

IM MAXIM #102 – Men must earn value, women must preserve it. It is because of this very reason a woman’s age is taboo whilst a man’s is not. The passage of time fares man better than woman.

IM MAXIM #103 – If you’re pining for a girl, next her. You’ve already lost, for it is she who should be pining for you. Be the prize, not the contestant, prizes never lose, contestants often do.

IM MAXIM #104 – Women play men like Mozart played piano. Men manipulate nature, women manipulate men. Civilization is man’s project, man is woman’s.

IM MAXIM #105Narcissism is a suit well-worn by a man, but one ill-fitting on a woman. Male narcissism is attractive to women, but female narcissism is not to man. Corollary: men with dark triad mothers are attracted to narcissistic women.

IM MAXIM #106 – A man must be more narcissistic than a women to attract her. In cultures which worship women, the average woman is more narcissistic than her male counterpart, where this occurs, great swathes of men are found unattractive.

IM MAXIM #107 – A difference in narcissism (female gratitude and male arrogance) is the great equaliser between the beauty of the feminine form, and the lack thereof common to men. When women are equally if not more narcissistic than men, such an equaliser vanishes. Being grandiose never hindered a man’s chances of getting laid.

IM MAXIM #108 – Give a woman less attention than she wants, and she will desire it. Give her as much of it as she wants, and she will not. Women quickly devalue the attention of a man who would attend to her every whim, so be frugal; it is easy for a man to be too generous, but near impossible for him to be too frugal.

IM MAXIM #109 – In matters of women, entitlement and worthiness is a matter of false equivalence; her level of entitlement almost always exceeds what she is worth.

IM MAXIM #110 – If she can find a way to blame a man for her decisions, she will. If she can find a way to avoid guilt, she will. Oft these two intertwine, for women are allergic to responsibility and loathe to be held accountable.

IM MAXIM #111 – Women have a propensity to distract you from your mission, do not permit this.

IM MAXIM #112 – The difference between girls and women is not so great as the difference between boys and men.

IM MAXIM #113 – A woman’s uppity moral facade is no more than a shaming mechanism designed to manipulate men into deference. Be shameless in your convictions, lest you allow her to co-opt you with guilt.

IM MAXIM #114 – Women cannot negotiate attraction with male weakness, but man is attracted to the vulnerability of the feminine. As such, sexually there can be no equality, for the very basis of female attraction necessitates the burden of strength falls squarely on man.

IM MAXIM #115 – Whenever there is a problem between a man and woman, the fault is always assumed to lie with the man and never the woman. And so because of this, the onus to fix the problem lies on the man, not the woman. Even when it is obvious that all if not most the blame lies with a woman, polite society will reject all good sense and insist that liability is man’s to bear. Would it then be a stretch to presuppose that even on the most subconscious of levels, people believe it easier to coerce a man than reason with a woman?

IM MAXIM #116 – Women define themselves by their relationships, men by their achievements. Refer to Maxim #104

IM MAXIM #117 – Female helplessness is an asset prompting charity and sympathy, male helplessness is a liability prompting disgust and aversion. Women are independent by choice, men have no choice.

IM MAXIM #118 – Any man who needs a woman is not a man she’d want. Women want to feel wanted, not needed, they can’t handle being needed. Needing a woman is tantamount to forfeiting her, women are repelled by desire that has transformed into need.

IM MAXIM #119 – Women are the needier sex and hence the deadlier sex; great need necessitates great duplicity.

IM MAXIM #120 – Logic is the realm of men, cunning is the realm of women, whilst strategy is the realm of male ingenuity.

IM MAXIM #121 – A woman’s sex appeal is the fulcrum on which she obtains everything, hence the misery of ugly women. It is woman’s instinct to leverage man’s desire to fulfil her material and emotional needs. Conversely, men merely leverage female desire for their sexual needs. Refer to Maxim #119

IM MAXIM #122 – Women loathe being sexually objectified by lesser men, crafting their disgust for the unworthy into a veneer of moral superiority. Yet hidden within this guise of upright disgust is a depraved desire to be objectified by a powerful man. The weak man gets nothing, the strong man enjoys her perversions.

IM MAXIM #123 – Snagging a high value man is women’s entire purpose for being, although she’s never quite sure she got the best deal possible. Refer to Maxim #116

IM MAXIM #124 – The balcony looks more impressive seen from the street than when stood on, hypergamy doesn’t realise this. Refer to Maxim #123

IM MAXIM #125 – Today’s women don’t believe men are manly enough, and today’s men don’t believe women are womanly enough. Both are correct, androgyny plagues our time.

IM MAXIM #126 – If a woman accuses you of cheating when you haven’t done anything, there’s a high chance she’s projecting her infidelity onto you – abandon her.

IM MAXIM #127 – The reason women set up their sons to be failures is because they can only see things from a female point of view. A son left in the sole care of his mother with no external masculine influence is being set up for failure. The most loving mother cannot adequately guide her son, for she lacks the abstraction necessary to understand or empathise with the male existential viewpoint. These are the limitations of her nature, not a choice.

IM MAXIM #128 – Women need their ex’s to be losers to feel like they made the right choice. If even one is a winner, her hypergamy will realise a glitch in its optimisation and thus the afflicted woman becomes awash with regret.

IM MAXIM #129 – If you place your trust on a woman’s conscience to compel her to do the right thing, then you are a fool by definition.

IM MAXIM #130 – The smarter the woman, the more nimble the rationalisation of her emotion. [See here for more.]

IM MAXIM #131 – Soul mates are top-tier fantasy men women have pedestalised in their collective subconscious. Men don’t have soul mates, they have women they like and women they don’t.

IM MAXIM #132 – As a man, win or lose, you have to take risks; being complacent and passive is a female privilege – men have the burden of performance. Taking risks is core to the personality of masculinity, when nature gave you XY chromosomes, this was ordained. Meek and lazy men get nothing.

IM MAXIM #133 – Masculine women are a poor simulacrum of man, for they capture man’s fierceness absent his reason or accountability.

IM MAXIM #134 – A woman hates a man who won’t give her what she wants, but she absolutely detests a man who does, and without a fight.

IM MAXIM #135 – As a woman ages, her capacity to attract a top-tier mate decreases, as a man ages, his capacity to attract a top-tier mate increases. In the relationship game women are smarter than men, for they settle as their value is dropping whilst men will settle as their value continues to rise.

IM MAXIM #136 – In matters of fertility and desirability, time is on man’s side, not women’s. From the male viewpoint, women appear to be in a rush to reach ever greater heights of commitment; the truth is, women are in a hurry because they more keenly experience depreciation. Refer to Maxim #102

IM MAXIM #137 – In relationships, an alpha male will give false opportunities for exercising power (like picking curtain colours) whilst subjugating firmly when needed. The feminine ego necessitates an illusion of inconsequential power.

IM MAXIM #138 – If you’re winning, women care about your tiniest grievances, when you’re losing, you’re dead to them.

IM MAXIM #139When you’re winning you can be rude and unruly and she will apologise for your mistakes. When you’re losing, she will blame you for her mistakes. Refer to Maxim #138

IM MAXIM #140 – Much like the weak parent gives in to the child to both their eventual detriment, the weak man does the same with his woman.

IM MAXIM #141 – In much the way a man cannot take sex, a woman cannot take commitment. Men seduce women into sex, women seduce men into commitment. Women pitch, men invest.

IM MAXIM #142 – The less emotionally available you are, the more emotionally available she is – the inverse is also true.

IM MAXIM #143 – The trick to defending male space from female influence is to shock 99% of female amygdalae. The remaining 1% will be a: smart, b: psychopaths, c: masochists.

IM MAXIM #144 – Innocence is women’s favoured illusion, and when seemingly present is almost always just that – an illusion.

IM MAXIM #145 – Don’t be honest with women you wish to admire you, if you are too truthful your honesty will offend, and in this offence a woman’s scorn knows no greater enemy than the trifling man who dared connect her with a less comfortable reality.

IM MAXIM #146 – Post break-up women move on quicker than men, they can do this because it’s easier for them to find a replacement, they invest less, and they excel at rewriting their memories to dismiss everything that was ever good about you.

IM MAXIM #147 – Women make great servants, but poor masters. It is ill-advised to give a woman power should you want the thing she has power over to flourish, or even remain intact and functional.

IM MAXIM #148 – Women are loyal to power at all costs, have it, and you have them, lack it, and they will betray you. Refer to Maxim #139

IM MAXIM #149 – If you are not a high energy dominant man, you’re unlovable to women. Women only love men more ruthless than they are. Any arrangement made in absence of such a personality is one of economic convenience, not love.

IM MAXIM #150 – A single woman is one who cannot secure investment, a single man is one who will not provide it. Refer to Maxim #141

3.) Relevant Reading:

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53 thoughts on “Fifty More Shades of Red

  1. Corollary:dark triad mothers are attracted to narcissistic women. When dealing with women, narcissism is profitable.

    You also tweeted something about boys of narcissistic mothers having it rough a few days ago. I hope you write a piece for those guys.i have been psychologically tortured by my mother (thats what doctors told me). I dont know, I feel like you are the only one I know in the manosphere who cares enough and who is clever enough to write about it. If you ever decide to do so feel free to contact me, i can tell you a lot about what I think dark triad mothers do. Im busy but I would make time for you if it means helping young boys. Sorry for the bad english.

    1. Narcissistic and feminist mothers can really mess with a kids head. As the kid is developing, they are always multiple steps ahead of them, and not so as to help them develop but so as to trip them up so that the mother can feel that she is defeating a young developing male in the gender war. She will always want to see him as a fool, and any trust that he has in her as a guiding parent will be betrayed and used against him. Any weakness she perceives in him will be exploited by her. Women do not simply shit test the men they encounter, they may also shit test their male offspring to the level of mental and emotional abuse.

  2. Reading this reflects many elements of my improvement. You and Rollo are masters in human behavior. I appreciate your work as it helps me an my journey.

      1. Dealing with a bratty, disrespectful ltr at the moment. Tried the firm handed approach which has worked to an extent but due to some life crises recently I took my eye off the ball and she saw it as her opportunity to shit test hard. I made a few cock ups admittedly, which has reduced her respect for me. We don’t live together so I was planning on going radio silent for 2 weeks to see if that will readjust the power dynamic. Im shit out of ideas. Is there anything more effective I could do to rebalance the dynamics?

        1. Did you read all of these axioms? Wanting to change the dynamic more likely expresses an underlying concern that you’ve pedistaled her. If she’s going to be with you, you have to command respect. Ironically, respect is earned by having power. Showing your concern illustrates weakness, which in turn, equates to unattraction. You give too many fucks about this girl. You have little to no power now.

    1. Yes, people like IM are some of the rare few who say things just like how they are and not like how they ought to be. Most beta mangina slaves, women and white knights cannot deal with the truth.

  3. This sums up everything I’ve learned since about 2011, but if I’d read it all at once back then I would have dismissed it as revolting. Bitter medicine.
    Probably most of your readers already agree with the maxims. For those who don’t, try looking at it this way: if the maxims were true, would all your strange romantic experiences and misadventures suddenly make sense? That’s the reflection that made me a believer.

      1. You should add maxim 151 to this list

        “All women love to be treated as more special than all other women. The key to attraction is to make a woman feel that she is special enough that a high value man wants her above others.

        Consequently all women hate generalised statements that may be interpreted as AWALT. Because generalization hurts female pride by making a woman feel decidedly not special and bringing them down to be grouped with other women, especially when that statement feels negative. Hence women always retaliate against a person or a statement making a “herd” observation about women, while they have no qualms about making similar statemets against men.”

        Is it then any wonder why women reading your works tend to attack personally in the comments section? You probably didn’t make the reader feel special.

        Oh yeah and being married now, I know from first hand experience that all this is so very true. I started reading your blog when i found that this was exactly what I was going through.

  4. IM, can you expound a bit on #143? I’m not getting the concept.

    Great essay, as usual.

    1. I believe he meant to defend the masculinity of female influence you must be in a very intimidating environment, which would scare most women, the rest of them would be psychopaths or masochistic.

  5. @ John

    I can’t help but notice the similarities between raw, in your face, undiluted hypergamy and borderline personality disordered women. Narcissistic traits seem to permeate the cluster B spectrum and I can’t help but notice a lot of female nature in all of that cluster B area, especially BPD. You should check out – I think you will like it if you haven’t already discovered it. Ironically, it was my minor obsession with narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy that led me to the RP. I, too would be interested in IM’s thoughts on this topic. Male nature (polygymy) might gravitate more to just narcissism personality disorder and less to the other cluster B types since men get rewarded by women for being narcissistic and arrogant. BPD women are truly evil, deceptive, manipulative creatures – just read the stories by the men on that site and you will see. That is not to say that narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy aren’t just as bad. It just seems that BPD has the most simillarities with hypergamy. As with all of the cluster B group it’s all about boundaries and women in general seem to have an especially innate and keen inborn sense of playing with mens boundaries and messing with those men who don’t know how to establish and maintain good boundaries. Adults who were psychologically and emotionally abused as children tend to have an almost autistic lack of understanding of boundaries and the role that boundaries play in interpersonal adult relations. This is why dark triad types get drawn to people with poor boundary awareness.

    1. A lot of women will also act cluster b when they feel like they have been blown out and they go into auto rejection. You will probably hear them rave insults when they feel that you are not that into them, and it is self destructive of them to do so, it amounts to their desperate acknowledgment that they valued you highly and are upset by your seeming lack of interest in them, however, given their manner of reaction you would be wise to keep your distance, rather than to offer them comfort by getting together with them, as that may invite a destructive and abusive relationship into your life. The best approach might simply be to offer an honest explanation as to why you decided not to pursue her..

  6. Thanks a lot for taking time and effort to write these articles. I am a 34 year old very good looking man who is fed up with women, I love them though my dispise has grown to huge proportions over the years. I have seen and experienced the double standards, the lies, the cheating, the manipulation, the power struggles, attention whoring and I have come to the conclusion that women in general have brought a negative influence into my life.
    I don’t think I can ever be in a LTR with these shallow creatures. Over the last few weeks I am starting to ignore each and one of them, only when necessary I will talk to them. In the past I would invest time, money and energy into them hoping for a good future, yet absolutely zero results came in all these years and literally a lot of these women just slowly destroyed my good heart. I have opted out of the dating and am now going to focus on my own life. If you want to get into my life as a woman prove your fucking worth as I will not invest more than you any more.

  7. @ R

    The most difficult part of digesting the RP and getting over RP rage is owning the part that we played as men in getting “owned” by womens’ head games and shit tests (boundary tests). The difference between us and them is we at least have the capacity to take ownership of our failures to put them in their place as one would put an insolent and disrespectful child into “time out”. Women need and expect this from their men and by giving in to them we create our own victimhood status. That my friend is a bitter pill to swallow, but it must be swallowed. This is the REAL reason why so many BP men call guys like us misogynists. They simply can’t handle THAT truth. They are either unwilling or unable to swallow their own RP. Their is a dark truth to the expression that women make men better men. When women look in the mirror and they see the reflection of another mirror. When men do it they see the abyss. “When man stares into the abyss and sees nothing staring back at him that is when he finds his true self and that is what keeps him from falling into the abyss”. – Quote from what’s his name to Bud Fox in the movie Wall Street. Refuse to be a victim and overcome your own ego and “you will win this game” (another movie quote from the movie Revolver with the actor Ray Liotta – good movie). Hope that helps you brother.

  8. Why do you hate women ? Did they hurt you in the past ? You must have tiny dick ahahaha LOL.

    Iam joking, great essay as always.

  9. Well done sir, your work has been changing mens lives all over the world.Am 26 and fully redpill aware, it took me 2 years to change my mindset concerning reality.Golden work indeed.Thank you sir.I don’t know how to thank you.

  10. [[ IM MAXIM #143 – The trick to defending male space from female influence is to shock 99% of female amygdalae. The remaining 1% will be a: smart, b: psychopaths, c: masochists. ]]

    ha. well, you definitely “shock” my amygdala if we’re talking about anger. I do enjoy some of your ideas and I think your writing is interesting, but you devalue femininity so openly that any woman who doesn’t experience some level of anger towards you has a seriously damaged sexual identity, lacks self respect, unduly craves male approval, or all three.

    A self-hating woman is a lot like a self-hating white person. They’re viscerally disturbing, not really good for anything because they’ve disowned their inherent value, and despite their most earnest efforts, are never really accepted or welcomed in the group they venerate.

    Which, to your credit, you seem to realize and perhaps welcome.

    1. This is why I find it amusing to have a subset of female followers, they are clearly not the target audience, I make virtually zero effort to market to, appeal to, or please women. After all, the site is called “Illimitable Men”.

      In a previous era long before the internet, this is the kind of information that would not be said in front of “polite company” and definitely not in front of women, but would be kept in whispers among men, passed down from older men to younger men without women’s awareness.

      Wisdom for men from the masculine viewpoint really should be restricted solely to the consumption of men, women have no place here and are not welcomed, yet we cannot stop women from reading our content. The value of femininity has no bearing on the accuracy of the information here, focusing on the dark side of femininity does not mean one lies about it, I am under no obligation to provide a balanced account, and even if I did, I believe earnestly it would tip negative.

      Men filter themselves in front of women because they are thoughtful and don’t wish to upset women with too much reality that’ll fuck them up and cause drama. This is why men like places where they can unwind and say what they think without women constantly being a part of the equation, without having the stress and pressure of worrying about offending a woman who will cause trouble with her offence.

      This is why aside educating men on the darker aspects of femininity, places like this exist – as a male space – and that’s why it’s hilarious that despite the clear devaluation of the feminine inherent to this literature, women still attend.

      It is to be expected women would find such things upsetting and rightfully so, hence my fascination women even read me. I think the masochistic tendencies of the feminine are stronger than most perhaps realise or care to admit.

      1. Ha, ha, ha! I Do discuss male / female topics with guys out in the open of public space and truth be told women will stop and freeze in order to eaves drop on every golden syllable, and I am not saying that they like what they hear, but they sure as hell do take it for what it is, which is unvarnished truth from a masculine perspective, which leaves some of them speechless, and others muttering under their breathe, but they are not chuckling, suggesting that there is anything at all for me to suck up, or trying to squeeze in a shit test. They take it like a stiff cock that struck a little too deep. And it is the guys who I am engaging in conversation who sometimes gasp out loud, “You are an asshole!” And, believe me, I take it as a compliment.

      2. I enjoy reading your essays, especially because I am a woman. I have also been reading the side bar and Rollo’s work on TRP on reddit for over a year now and I can’t get enough of this information. It’s so fascinating to me how all of it is so true. It really is fascinating to learn so much about myself from people who I’ve never met.

  11. Insightful as always, IM. Bravo.

    Reading through these maxims, I see parallels between them and my relationship with my wife. Some of them seem like you took a page right out of my life, they’re so accurate. In my experience, male dominance in relationships creates a happier family dynamic. To coddle and pamper a woman is to voluntarily bring misery upon yourself.

  12. Excellent work as usually, IM. I finally had a moment where it all finally made sense. A female acquaintance of my friends, whom I met several times and talked to one on one, made a shit fit about not spending time with our group of friends because “no one reached out to see if she was okay.”

    My response of be a fucking adult who makes her own decisions caused to rage out. I welcomed her tantrum; it showed me that she was someone who was not worthy of my time and energy. No guilt, no having to prove anything.

    It’s funny. The more DT traits I incorporate into my being, the more people enjoy me. It’s like Greene says in the 48 Laws, learning the game of power can be a great benefit to the people around you as well.

    1. Also, I see one commenter here offered his story about being raised by a single mother. I have too offer my story if it’s to benefit your work.

  13. Love your Maxim 122. It should be publicized more.
    It is from this background, almost all false rape allegation come from. The girl made an error in judgement, finds out later and violently regrets it. Or the guy was able to dupe the girl into believing he’s an alpha and gets his ‘play time’ until it dawns on her.

  14. Love the way you write. One question: IM MAXIM #150 – a lot of man (incels) for sure invest a lot of everything they can offer, driven by the desire to ease the pressure of getting a woman. You write “..will not provide it”, this sounds to me like an intentionally taken decision.

  15. Dope! Well restructured and NOW I KNOW otherwise more on maxim #137 please. Hail to the illimitable men actually God sent. I have been praying for years secretly crying to God and wanting to know if truly life is fair to me.. Women.. Horrible.. Respobilities as a man.. amess.. Life… Fucked up Oo guess prayers slowly answered. Thanks

  16. Awesome. Nuff said.

    I’m in a crowded metro area most of the year. Was thinking about working this up into a pamphlet I could distribute anonymously. How do you feel about that? if cool, would you want credit or no?

    1. How do you feel about that? if cool, would you want credit or no?

      You can distribute it if you include “Go to for more” on there.

      The more guys we wake up, the better. Of course some guys may think you’re the site owner, that doesn’t bother me so long as you don’t go out of your way to impersonate me.

      If you go ahead with it, keep in touch!

  17. Fantastic. All these maxims should be read again on a regular basis to keep them internalized.

    From my own experience, adding to #128, that her ex’s need to be losers: if you at a later stage, post-breakup, should be too obvious a non-loser she is likely to rationalize that she could still have you, or that she will have you at a later time. Hence those contact/qualification attempts from your ex women out of the blue every time you do something good that goes public, or even when you just look relatively attractive in someone’s photo on Facebook.

  18. 146 is so important. When a woman leaves you and moves on quickly, your self-esteem can be severely hampered if you aren’t aware of the mechanisms that their brains have. Analyzing their actions without taking into account their operating system is useless.

  19. I am new to TRP and I’ve always been motivated by your articles in my quest to cultivating my masculinity.
    I would like for a clearer differentiation between a want and a need in #118?

  20. Small typo in IM MAXIM #122 – Women loathe being sexual objectified by lesser men, crafting their disgust for the unworthy into a veneer of moral superiority. Yet hidden within this guise of upright disgust is a depraved desire to be objectified by a powerful man. The weak man gets nothing, the strong man enjoys her perversions.


    Very good maxims all men should read over and over again…well done!

  21. Small typo 2 ~ IM MAXIM #149 – If you are not a high energy dominant man, you’re unlovable to women. Women only love men more ruthless than they are. Any arrangement made in absent of such a personality is one of economic convenience, not love.

    ‘in abscence’

  22. IM MAXIM #122 – Women loathe being “sexual” objectified by lesser men, crafting their disgust for the unworthy into a veneer of moral superiority. Yet hidden within this guise of upright disgust is a depraved desire to be objectified by a powerful man. The weak man gets nothing, the strong man enjoys her perversions.


  23. I do not believe in soulmates of course. But no two people are the same. Even identical twins are two totally different individuals while being as similar as two people can be. So with billions of people on the planet. Do you believe that there is a #1 best fit ‘match’ for you and I? It seems like a logical concept to me, even if it’s impossible to find that person. Just curious what your thoughts on that are. New fan, love your writing, and thanks

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