Divergent Missions

Divergent Missions

It is natural for a feeling of mere indifference to exist between men, but between women it is actual enmity. This is due perhaps to the fact that odium figulinum in the case of men, is limited to their everyday affairs, but with women embraces the whole sex; since they have only one kind of business.”Arthur Schopenhauer

1.) Introduction
2.) Mission Before Woman
3.) Man Is Her Mission
4.) Compromise & Womanly Worthiness
5.) In Closing / Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

Where testosterone coalesces with creativity, the engine of civilization hums on the fuel of male ambition. Civilization is man’s grand project, an expression of his thought form and aspiration, and although from time to time atypical women will make spontaneous contributions, its distinctly masculine texture remains dominant.

Man has a mission beyond the scope of the home, it is merely the scale of vision and ability to actualise that differs among men. Indeed, we owe modern civilization to men who kept firm to their life’s work and executed their vision, for it is women who bring us into existence, but men who make said existence glorious. All men have missions, but it is within the provision for humanity through the development of civilization that the greats illuminate the depth and scale of said ambition.

Women are concerned with matters of people, people are women’s business, reproduction with a powerful man is their life goal – they are simple. Where woman’s ambitions are concrete, some may even say mundane, man’s potential is infinite. This is not to say that men do not seek to reproduce, but rather that babies and hearth do not constitute success for a man in quite the way they do for a woman. A woman who achieves these goals actualises her femininity, her mission is complete, and so rarely will she aspire beyond it.

Men on the other hand do not find completion in family life, it is important to them, but it does not encompass the sum of their being. Men do not live for relationships, family and people in quite the way that women do. Whilst the social fabric is the beating heart of all that matters to women, it is but a puzzle piece in a grander picture for men. Being the architects and providers of humanity, man’s focus is expectedly different; the scope of his existence is wider, and thus the extent he must be willing to go, more extreme.

To play it safe as a woman brings success, but for a man it elicits nought but failure. A woman married with children is the apotheosis of feminine success, but a married man with children is not. Even should a man not marry nor reproduce, the need for a mission persists, for whilst woman is self-defined by her relationships, man defines himself by his achievements.

2.) Mission Before Woman:

Because woman’s sex drive is far weaker than man’s, on appearance it seems the pursuant man is needier. Being more lustful, he demonstrates greater interest – bestowing woman the power of choice through function of her lower libido. However, the female relies on man’s greater sex drive for every iota of power she has, the great bluff being that because she lusts less, she needs less. In reality, because she lusts less, she is able to extract what she really needs: a man’s protection, provision and emotional support.

A man should marry a craft before even thinking to marry a woman, she should be his second love, lest he ruin her with obsessive worship. For women the opposite is healthy, a woman undedicated to her man is an unworthy partner, and so should she emulate man in dedication to the abstract, she will assuredly make a poor lover and mother. Men are not women and women are not men, and this difference is reflected in all things. The man who worships his wife mimics the feminine, whilst the woman who worships commerce mimics the masculine.

A successful man is a man who makes something of himself, whereas a successful woman is a woman who manages to monopolise said man; and so it is from within this dynamic we see the differences between the male and female agenda. Because the female is more dependent, her preoccupation is with the male, whereas because the male is more independent, his preoccupation is with creation. Poetic then is it not, considering women create life, that men are the ones preoccupied with creation in life.

3.) Man Is Her Mission:

It is unhealthy for a man to live his life in dedication to a woman, for better and more stable dividends are reaped from creation and commerce. It is within the busyness of productivity a man acquires the distance necessary to be more craved by his woman, a boon rather than detriment to the relationship despite her protestations to the contrary.

A woman will always complain when a man has a mission greater than her, for it deprives her the flow of attention she requires to optimally function. Yet in the presence of an indentured man, she will complain of a lack of ambition, an absence of mission. A woman’s complaints bear little if any merit, for in much the way crying is the way of babies, complaining is the way of women. An unambitious man elicits complaint just as much as an ambitious one, for dissatisfaction is emphatic and characteristic of the feminine psyche.

Where man works the world, woman works man; there is not necessarily premeditation nor malice in this regard, but rather simply, it is woman’s nature to use man. A woman need not work the world when she can work a man, and so where woman is man’s desire, man is less commonly a desire than he is a tool.

Truly then, the assured commitment of a powerful man is woman’s greatest objective, for whether she engages in business or academia, nothing external serves as an adequate substitute. A woman who rejects this and plays the game of men past peak fecundity, is either an unsuccessful woman unable to accomplish her mission, or an outlier with masculine yearnings.

4.) Compromise & Womanly Worthiness:

Relationships with women require compromise, for women are extremely emotional and thus burdensome to contend with. Their nature is to be insecure, and so they are predisposed towards the theatrical and the petty. A man must as such be discriminant in discerning a woman’s worth, for few are worth the compromise they all demand.

Where a woman encumbers a man more than she supports him, she is redundant, an anchor on the ship rather than the caretaker that would maintain it. Naturally being a woman, she has needs, and her needs are many. But if said neediness is to manifest itself as a transgression of her man’s boundaries, as an imposition upon his sovereignty and need for solitude, then she is more hassle than she is worth.

Idealistically, man and woman live happily, making calculated compromises to ensure the union is not undermined by the desires of the individual – micro collectivism. By definition then, a relationship with a woman requires giving up a measure of freedom in order to assuage the demands of the feminine. It is my contention that due to the debilitation of a woman’s pressing emotional wants, a relationship almost always serves her, whilst for it is a riskier affair for man, for the likelihood he receives equal or greater benefit is improbable. A woman is oft a burden posing as a partner, and many a man is fooled as such, when in reality, she is almost always little more than a dependant.

The question that then naturally follows is “will she be enjoyable enough to be worth the burden she will impose?” sex can be and often is withdrawn without notice, and so a man cannot rely on either quality or quantity of sex as an indicator of womanly worth, and even were sex a certainty, such narrow scope in the evaluation of woman would lead to blunderous mate choice. Man must thus ask himself if the woman in question has a penchant for drama, and if she is interesting or merely fixated with relationships, social happenings and idle consumption. Generally speaking, the more substantive and less dramatic she is, the worthier and more enjoyable she is.

5.) In Closing / Relevant Reading:

Women pitch, men invest. A single woman is one who cannot secure investment, a single man is one who will not provide it. This alone should explain the disparity in anxiety between the single man and the single woman. A single man is anxious only should he be looking to prove his worth, for such a thing is the product of inexperience, the manifestation of the male ego eager to prove itself. It is a rite of passage for a young virgin man, a rite of passage that if unfulfilled, becomes the central focus that consumes him to a point of insanity.

And yet regardless of a woman’s level of experience, she will be deeply anxious if she finds herself single. Socially, having a boyfriend is imperative in woman’s world, for women who cannot get commitment are seen as lesser by their peers who can. Evolutionarily, women’s life mission is marriage and babies, thus if she is incapable of achieving either, “she’s not a real woman.”

The reason low-tier women who cannot secure commitment conceive children from one night stands, is that facilitated by the welfare state, a woman can part-actualise her femininity by having a child. To be a mother lends a woman status, it makes her “more of a woman”, and so it is only through this lens of self-centred feminine egotism that any remote sense can be made of women consciously deciding to raise a child without its father. This is but one example of the extremity a woman will go to in order to actualise an aspect of her femininity.

As a point of note, when “manning up” is used to manipulate men into committing themselves, it is no more than projection. Because the woman brings less to the relationship than the man, her commitment is objectively less qualitative, and thus among other factors, it is this quintessential value disparity that drives her eagerness and cements his reticence. The rule is as such: where woman believes greater benefit is derived from commitment than is not, she presses for it. Where she believes the benefit lesser, she does not. Whilst not strictly logical, woman is pragmatic. This is why a younger woman is typically more relationally adverse than an older woman – greater bargaining power. Whereas for man, his investment is near always significant irrespective of age and thus his reluctance remains consistent.

From a solipsistic frame of reference, she is not “a real woman” should she remain single and childless beyond her peak years, and so by her own standards, a man unaccomplished in this way is equally unactualised; such is the folly of women holding men to feminine metrics of achievement. It is as I said at the beginning, although hearth and home are human wants, they are more emphatically feminine wants than they are masculine.

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28 thoughts on “Divergent Missions

  1. IM, the way the you wordsmith your paragraphs is a craft in itself. Content aside, it is enjoyable reading. This piece I find is rather concise and appeals to my reading preference in terms of style.

    “A man should marry a craft before even thinking to marry a woman”
    “is she enjoyable enough to be worth the burden she will impose”
    “Generally the more substantive and less dramatic, the more enjoyable and hence worthier”

    Above are perhaps the key points that I see value in highlighting to other readers. These three points should almost be part of a dummies guide to being a (happy) man. All my failed relationships could be categorised by one of more failings on my part as per the above three points above.

    Cheers IM, I appreciate your efforts.

    1. Thank you. I agree, if you wanted to condense the essay into some notes, those key points are certainly the crux of what’s being said.


      • Objectively man is the prize by merit of what he brings to the table, but women and society alike will act as if the woman is the prize, people will say “you’re lucky to have her” etc. Nobody ever says the opposite to women, even when it’s true and she’s with a guy out of her league.
      • Women are dreamkillers, if you dream big realise she dreams smaller (she just wants a family, she doesn’t share an appreciation for the size of your vision) thus if you appear to be putting your work/goals before the family, she will attempt to sabotage you via nagging and guilt to get you to redirect your energies to nest building. She will claw you down to being family focused if you’re not, essentially.
      • Women are men’s burden.

      Thank you for reading.

      1. We are the prize…this is one of the hardest thing for men to realise and materialise…
        We’re always “lucky” to have them…
        A very positive essay bruv…
        In addition, substance, less drama (though this might not totally be achievable😁) and sex…when & how I want it.
        Sex is not negotiable…

        Too many times men feel guilty for focus on themselves, and their interests….as we knew at a subconscious level, but denied due to social engineering, this was to assuage and calm their (hypergamous) doubt.
        We now know, however, that if we do not love ourselves, &, and seek our best as men….they cannot love us…and our children, families, are…worse off.

        Beautiful essay bruv…

    2. Have to second Andrew’s comment rather than making my own because it would be the same essentially.
      Would love to point all those I’ve heard to this article who’ve made the statement or something similar about happy wife, happy life.
      And your comments were so on point about how women see not being in a relationship is a burden. The number of women I’ve come across that I could tell were with somebody for barely any purpose other than to not have to answer a question with “I don’t have a boyfriend”.
      Only comparable to the lack of number of men who aren’t observant enough to get what you discussed.

    3. This may sound pedantic (I don’t claim to be an expert on the topic of grammar, however) but I’m vexed by the use of unmarked adverbs. You wrote : ”kept firm to”. That should be ”kept firmly to”.

  2. Is it possible for a man to marry a craft in this day and age, though? Advancement in nearly every field is becoming increasingly dependent on your ability to kiss ass and fit in. Very unmasculine things to do.

    I loved my job when I started it. I was fantastic at it. But I didn’t enjoy small talk and fitting in. I wanted to be the best and wanted other people to respect me for my talent. Needless to say, this led to a bunch of losers getting promoted ahead of me, because they had the right contacts, because they smiled, because they were “team players”.

    I began to see my job as an income source, not as a calling. I decided to treat it like a hooker, but with the roles switched – I would give it my time, it would give me money.

    Things are going to get worse with the increasing feminization of the workplace. Women gossip more than men, and a few women colleagues will control the impression that your workplace has of you.

    1. In this day and age it’s easier to profit from your talents than it ever has been. Read a sales book. Learn to market your skills. Start a side hustle. Maybe join a freelancing site and offer your services there. There are 20 year old kids who make more than full time income on Fiverr. Once your freelance income matches your salary quit the emadculating day job and never look back. All the info you need is on the internet waiting for you. Start learning and take massive action. Becoming self reliant is one of the worthiest missions a man could embark on.

    2. You have to play the game of politics and people because of the job you’re in, but, you are projecting your situation onto what I said and thus you are misinterpreting me.

      When I wrote the “marrying a craft” aspect I was talking about mastery, that is, becoming the best at what you do. This means the best coder, writer, fighter, whatever it is – aim to be in the top 1%. Focus your energies, your very essence into building up a skill set, don’t waste it on women or social bullshit (eg: gossip and drama) – that nonsense is for mediocre men who have not learned how to build something.

      As an aside, if you are the best at what you do but play politics poorly, you have options. Lots of people will want to employ you (or should you have the grit, you can employ yourself). Make yourself indispensable and you have more freedom politically. You face the risk of not being promoted because you’re too good at what you do, but in that instance you can line up other options and then give an ultimatum. Simple!

      You should probably read The 48 Laws of Power too.

    3. “…and a few women colleagues will control the impression that your workplace has of you.”

      That is so true – I can definitely relate to your post. Your hard work and productivity will go unnoticed. You can be on time and be extremely productive/rock solid/air tight and it won’t matter if your female colleagues do not respect you – especially if your boss and most of your colleagues are female. From a blue pill perspective it’s very frustrating and hurtful to experience blatant sexist discrimination because as a blue pill guy you cannot conceive of it. From a red pill perspective it’s amusing and much less hurtful once you realize that most women are NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY and that as a man, your female co-workers will judge you by a completely different set of standards. Because they are amoral (NOT IMMORAL), they cannot SEE the injustice of it due to their own solipsism. Women don’t really understand “honor” the way that men do. They can only understand workplace discrimination in terms of how it would effect them but not vice versa.

      I focus more on earning their respect rather than focusing on productivity and the quality of my work. This is done/earned socially. I’ve found that this has made a HUGE difference for me. The way to earn their respect is through your social interactions with them and maintaining your frame and being pleasant and jovial w/out being too nice. Being a nice blue pill hardworking doormat could very well cost a man his job in such a feline environment. They will totally disrespect such a man and put on a smear campaign, especially if heterosexual. Keep any gossiping to a minimum since they will disrespect a straight dude who gossips. If you happen to be of homosexual orientation then your mind is probably wired like theirs anyway and such Machiavellian awareness would be redundant and unnecessary since the female hive mind would already pick up on the fact that you were “one of the girls”.

      I watch female colleagues in my department get away with murder and just have to laugh watching them roll in sometimes hours late, leaving early and dissapearing for extended lengths of time with regular frequency during their shift. There are only a few males in my department (all straight and completely disrespected). If any of these guys even so much as get up to take a whizz – eyebrows get raised. Women cannot seem to introspect the way that men do and therefore are unable to acknowlege/see their own double standards. Looking back after taking the red pill I now understand that I’ve seen this all of my life with women. It is what it is. I focus on keeping my cynicism but losing any bitterness. This helps me become more Machiavellian. Women will pick up on a “victim vibe” like sharks sense blood in the water.

      1. It’s refreshing to see that it’s not just me, other people are experiencing this as well. Interesting that you point out that being jovial and maintaining frame are essential to command their respect. I’ve observed a couple of men at my workplace who seem to garner a lot of respect, and they fit this description perfectly. They are above average in ability and dedication, but their frame and wittiness are rock solid and this makes them punch above their weight. Needless to say, they are extremely popular with our female colleagues.

  3. Good article again, man, but once again your punctuation isn’t up to the standard of the content and detracts from your message. Too many sentences are ambiguous because of poor grammar. Here is an obvious example, and it’s a hyperlink: “her mission is complete, and so she rarely will she aspire for greater.”
    There are lots of other examples where you use commas instead of full stops. Remember this simple maxim, one idea per sentence. I’d be happy to edit your essays for a small fee as I appreciate your commitment to TRP, brother. And we can’t afford for our writers to be sloppy…

    1. Indeed, that typo is obvious now you point it out. I find when I proofread my brain has a tendency to fill-in the words that should be there rather than show me exactly what is there. It’s odd, like a brainfart. It’s this that enables you to read back correct wording when faced with incorrect wording.

      As for the commas, well that’s something else. I tend to prefer to continue a sentence than cut it off in what I feel is mid-flow. I do not have a preference for multiple short sentences on the same point, but then again I’d hardly want a paragraph for a sentence, so really it’s a matter of balance.

      Brief is not always good in my opinion. Sentences likes this all the time are not good. They are too broken up. They may be clear and easy for you. But they do not do justice to elaborate ideas. See what I mean? I don’t want to be waffly but I do not wish to constantly stop and start either, hence a preference for the comma over the period.

      As a stylistic I seek clarity, but I am not going for constant brevity. Anything that hampers clarity I’m interested in, but a penchant for excess brevity I am not. So whilst I’m not opposed to having an editor, I am opposed to one who would restructure everything into a series of 10 word sentences. In my view, this would make whatever piece that was being restructured extremely fragmented.

      Regardless, I’ll shoot you an e-mail when I have the time, as a search through the blog database shows you’ve been irked by my punctuation since last July! Heh.

      1. IM, I like your style just as it is.

        Sure there are some typos here and there, but I don’t think it’s necessary to dumb down your prose so that people with shorter attention spans could have an easy read. People who want short paragraphs and simple sentences should go read Victor Pride. I’m more interested in substance and complex ideas, because it’s challenging and makes me grow. Reading is a workout for the brain.

        When I go to the gym and find that I can do only 5 reps with a 30 lbs dumbells then going for lighter dumbells won’t do me any good. I should stick to the 30 lbs ones until my muscles get stronger.

        For this reason I enjoy reading your stuff, IM. It makes me think along and keeps my brain alert. And soon enough I might even be able to comprehend Immanuel Kant’s page-long sentences 😀

      2. I’d be happy to edit your content, free of charge. I’d also offer to narrate content for you, should you be interested. I can send you an audio clip; I’ve had roughly 2 decades of public speaking and reading experience.

  4. “whilst a woman defines herself by her relationships, a man defines himself by his achievements.”

    I met my ex girlfriend today. I hadn’t seen her in a year and she went from being thin and hot to being obese. She had trouble walking. But when she saw me she smirked. She had that facial expression of “I am the one who won, in the end”. You know, after a break up, there is a competition going on about who is going to get the best out of the break up and who is going to be better. It’s funny because when I saw her she was with a man of higher SMV than me. She became an unhealthy slob but because she won in the relationship area, she decided she was now worth more than me. In her mind, she got better than me after the break up.

  5. IM,

    You eloquently paint the savage truth into a beautiful tapestry. One should take heed not to merely enjoy the luster of the painting but feel the cold and dark truth emanating from the substance.

    On #4, it is my contention that the damaged women of the west are in no way worth the trade of masculine freedom for their chains of dependency followed by the swift and indifferent brandishing of State power to finally and decisively crush the spirit of a man.

    Mission is EVERYTHING. Adhere to it with the unstoppable force of your ancestor’s savage blood and the women will stay out of your way in tingling fear or throw themselves at you in uncontrollable lust.

    It is only for the modern savage to pitilessly laugh as he strides down the red path of conquering achievement.

  6. Thank you for the insightful advice re office politics and self sufficiency.

    Regarding men being driven by achievement, and women by relationships – what do you make of all the “leadership” books, happiness books etc which seem to lay so much emphasis on moving from achievement/conquest-oriented mindsets towards a human relationships-oriented mindset? Everyone from the Dalai Lama to Travis Bradberry seems to suggest that rich relationships are the only way to happiness.

    I instinctively recoil from this sort of relationship fetishizing, because I’ve always had weak relationships to friends and family, and I’ve moved every few years in search of better professional options. However, I’ve sort of been feeling like I’ve begun to hit the limits on how high I can rise based on pure competence. And I am yet to experience any deep sense of satisfaction at work, or in life in general.

    I’m wondering if these people actually have a point, that I should be focusing on building lasting relationships and networking, instead of being in a frenzied hunt for individual accomplishment. Maybe this “compassion for everyone” message isn’t merely voodoo aimed at Tumblr fatties. (Compassion tempered by a healthy dose of machiavellianism and selfishness, of course)

    1. Trust your instincts here. The “leadership and happiness books” are a bunch of feel-good fluff and in your gut you already know it.

      Keep in mind that those books are written mostly for the female audience and published by female controlled publishing houses. They emphasize relationships because that’s their thing.

      But we men need achievement to feel fulfilled. Plus, you can’t pay the bills and take care of your family with “rich relationships.”

      Dalai Lama is a great humanist but his message has little relevance to the day to day challenges we face in our lives. He has never had relationships with women, he doesn’t have a family, he doesn’t have a job and he didn’t choose his own career path. He is a virgin monk who was born into a leadership role. I don’t think he has the reference experiences to give you advice on how to be happy given that your lives are so vastly different.

      You would be better off learning from people like Grant Cardone who is a self-made multimillionaire and a happily married family man. His book “The 10x Rule” is a great read on the subject of success and achievement. And no, he didn’t get rich by teaching how to be successful like some other well-known gurus out there.

      The thing is, if you become a self-sufficient and accomplished man, you will feel that deep sense of satisfaction. This is how nature has made us and there is no way around it. Lasting relationships are an important component to our happiness but they aren’t the main thing. Because it’s impossible to fill the void in your soul with relationships alone.

      You have to find your mission first, and then the relationship part will largely take care of itself. If you don’t know what your mission is then financial freedom is a great thing to start with. If you have a money making skill that allows you to work online then this is what you should do on your free time. In a matter of months you could build up your own client base that takes care of your financial needs. And then you can say goodbye to the office bullshit for good. If you don’t already have such a skill then you can learn it. Nowadays you can learn almost anything from the comfort of your home, often for free.

      Not everyone can or should be an entrepreneur, but it seems like you are not happy with your current situation. It’s usually a sign that you should stop being a pawn in someone else’s game and take charge of your own destiny. The internet allows you to do that. There are no excuses.

      If you are confused and don’t know where to start, that’s okay. Just know that being a cog in a machine is not your only option. Focus on your skills, learn new ones if you have to, and find a way to market them on your own terms. Stop reading happiness books because they are nothing more than mental candy. I encourage you to read books that contain real knowledge, something practical that you can start applying right now and turn into profit. Because financial success buys you freedom, options and choices. Without these things most men will always be miserable.

      1. Very convincing. I agree with your advice wholeheartedly and I hope it works out. Def going to check out the 10x rule.

  7. Dark triad scores: 74, 92, 95…. Thought it was a fluke, but I’ve been imprisoned for at least one mouth in the previous two years for semi-violent crimes of rage, among other things, and most recently I was sacked for having lack of empathy.

    To all you readers, who think it’s cool to be truly in the upper 90% in these scales, everyday, naturally, it’s not. It’s a not movie. You have to train to control yourself or on a whim things can get really strange.

    1. Optimal is to be high Machiavellianism and Narcissism but only mid level/sub-clinically psychopathic as its psychopathy that can cause the antisocial problems. Still, many psychopaths would resent that statement as they do not suffer from impulsive acts of violence, aggression varies among psychopaths due to other factors like ethnicity and IQ. High confidence + cunning bring wealth. The dark triad is off topic from this article anyway, perhaps you meant to respond to something else?

  8. Brilliant article! Not only do women need men to fill the void inside, talking about emotions and consumer madness. It‘s not for no reason women hate stoicism, minimalism and solitude, making them “feel empty” inside. It‘s far too peaceful, clean and mature for the (modern) female psyche, which only seems to thrive on mental excrement.

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