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The Origins of Illimitable Men / Mission Statement:

I begun this blog after ingesting a lot of information from TRP in its infancy. Resultantly I am obsessed with Machiavellianism, social psychology, philosophy, anthropology, comedy and self-improvement. With the omission of comedy, these are the kind of topics I tend to explore.

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who reads Illimitable Men. I have received immeasurable praise and messages of support from many a person since starting this site, and it’s warming to know that what I invest so much time and passion into is neither in vain nor unnoticed.

This site serves two fundamental purposes: one, it is my creative outlet, it allows me to share my theories and ideas on a platform where they have the capacity to be appreciated and refined by those who are intellectual and open-minded enough to appreciate the content. Contrary to much protest, I do not, have not and will not pander to the lowest common denominator (change my style, be more explanative rather than figurative etc.)

The purpose of reading is to expand your mind and grow. My thoughts, ideas and analyses are often lost and wasted on the unwashed masses if I go beyond drab mediocre “everyday talk.” Quite selfishly, I don’t blog like a slave to make people on the internet like me, I blog for my own benefit. This blog is my creative output, a conduit for the intellectual expression that the mundanity of my everyday life simply fails to provide. If I wanted to have simple conversations with simple people, I would not have started a blog. I don’t need the internet to do that. People who have something to say about next to nothing are everywhere.

Two: in addition to point one, this blog allows me to help wayward souls and direct them toward the path to greatness. If I can share what I’ve learned in my life’s journey to assist some of my fellow-men, why not?

I endeavour to keep my level of prose as high as possible and ruthlessly edit my work before I publish it. That doesn’t make it perfect; it simply makes it the writing the best I can personally achieve. I like to think that since I begun blogging at the end of 2013 my writing has improved. To ensure the content posted is of a high standard I have a “quality over quantity mantra.” I pride myself on not posting anything that is “clickbait” or otherwise a ploy for revenue. After all I am a thinker first and a writer second, not a marketer.

This means I may not always post as often as other bloggers, but you can be sure that when a new post does go live it will be a contribution worthy of your time – not merely a 500 word plea for attention. I don’t want Illimitable Men to be just another blog existing for the sake of attention and some ad revenue. I want it to be a high quality repository of knowledge that people can learn from and utilise to expand their minds and improve how they live their lives. On that note, I’ll let the content speak for itself, you be the judge. Enjoy.

Yours anonymously,

– Illimitable Man

I reserve the sincerest thanks for the Patreon supporters, who, at one time or another, opted to aid financially in my literary endeavours.

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  1. Your website has absolutely blown me away. Nice work, man. I can’t believe I was being fooled for so long. I was definately a blue-piller for most of my life. Everything makes soooo much sense now. Thanks.

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  2. I have been looking for information like this for a while, not knowing exactly what I was looking for I found this website and everything just fell into place – really helpful and insightful things here, thanks a lot.


  3. It is high time men included power based on interpersonal dynamics and psychology in their consideration of power apart from power based on physical aspects, even if only to prevent themselves from being manipulated or used than to actively wield it for gain. I encourage you to keep writing and promote your work in the manosphere.

    It’s important more than ever to bring the understanding and exercise of “soft” power into the domain of masculine pursuits. To incorporate it into our framework of tradition. Because we live in a society where the leveraging of physical power for advantage is difficult. And who knows, if men as a whole, persistently engage in it, evolution may just make advanced machiavellianism a part of our natural skillset.


  4. Hi,

    Steve Jobs is quoted to have said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

    I’m 29 and in my 20s I became athiest (Islam is hard to let go of; highly indoctrinating religion), I’ve tried to learn German, got hooked to “The Wisdom of Psychopaths”, Machiavelli after a documentary on BBC, the book “Power, why some people have it and others don’t”; “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy”, PUA, “How to dominate women” by Brodsky, MGTOW and then it was a Google search on “why women shit test” that got me here. While this could all just be confirmation bias (like a girl thinks she has many things in common with you when there’s chemistry); there’s too much of a coincidence here.

    Excellent blog; please keep up the great work.



  5. I cannot thank you enough for providing this intensive look at the current state of . This is the kind of material that has changed my world perspective and my self – perception for the better. The way you have written this reeks with skill and eloquence and I sincerely believe that few could put this philosophy into better words.

    Being the 17 year old highschooler that I am, who plays video games too much, eats pizza, and does little to nothing productive apart from minor hobbies, it’s thrown me into a vicious cycle of self-hate and self-disrespect. My upbringing lacked serious masculinity and general knowledge on how to become a man but I had never realized the degree to which this had affected my social shortcomings and pathetic relationships. I’ve made few large mistakes, and I am extremely glad not to have to suffer many more years of wasted potential like so many others already have. I think the best lesson in how I managed to discover RP and subsequently your work was simply knowing to ask “Why?”.
    I’m very thankful.

    Thank you for changing my life for the better, you are a driving force behind this philosophy and as many have already said before me, keep up the amazing work.

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    1. Thank you for the kinds words, they are very humbling. The younger you find RP, the better. You will have to endure less bullshit and heartache to become the man you want to be. You don’t have to make mistakes and suffer to become wise. Most of us do, but if you heed the experiences of men who have already messed up you can avoid enduring a fate similar to them. Unfortunately, the single mother epidemic has caused many young men to get stuck in childhood. Poor social skills, no idea about girls/women, depression issues, confidence issues and all kinds of mental ailments plague the modern man.

      The red pill is about cutting through all the bullshit fed to men by society to keep them docile and powerless and help boys/men become the sexually and socially successful men they desperately want to be. In a modern society where there is no direction for mankind, and boys and men alike are led astray, confused, leading unfulfilled and unproductive lives: The red pill aims to fill that void. I wish you well on your journey in life.


  6. YES on the book! Rational Male, 37 Essays by Quintus Curtius, Three Years of Hate, etc are among my favorites in my collection, having these essays in book form is a gorgeous thing.


  7. Thank you so much for your effort creating this website. You connected some new dots on my quest to understand feminism and women is general. Even in cases i wouldn’t go as far as you, i still enjoy reading your texts for the superb writing style. I will recommend your website in the German manosphere (I am Swiss).


  8. Illimitable Men,

    I admire your audacity to post ideas and thoughts that many would deem as wicked beyond reproach. Indeed, the wisdom that you upload is sheer truth that has been concealed from man for too long.

    Your articles have been an epiphany for me, to say it mildly. You are held in my highest esteem. I have not met you in flesh but I feel as though you are my proverbial brother from another mother. Your philosophies on infinite self-improvement, harnessing darkness and cultivating one’s masculinity have inspired me to become the man I was born to become. Every male has an enormous untapped reservoir of potential and this website can help unearth it. Darkness can be divine if it is utilized correctly. Women have been fucking men psychologically, financially and physically since the dawn of time and have gone unnoticed. Until now. Thanks to you Illimitable Men I will conquer and obliterate and female bullshit that gets thrown at me. I am limitless.

    With all my appraisal,



  9. The above posters obviously have missed the point with their blatant pandering. It is one thing to be appreciative and give thanks for knowledge shared. Where as it is totally another to be a kiss ass even on a message board. Go back to the drawing board and read some more books people. ! To the author of the website: thank you.


    1. I suspect for those who used to be a part of the naive masses that this site is mindblowing, hence the tidal wave of overwhelming appreciation that hits such people when they read it for the first time. I’m not a fan of sycophancy, but it’s part of the territory. And you’re welcome.

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  10. I found your website November 2014. You had around 2,000 email subscribers. After reading 2 posts, I wondered why you had only 2,000 subscribers. I knew your content was very good and soon you would expand a lot.

    Nonetheless, I would just like to thank you for all that you do.

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  11. Nice work, do you divulge your background anywhere?

    I.e. did you do college etc or what type work you’ve been involved in?

    What age you discovered TRP ? sorry for twenty questions, trying to gauge against my own experience.


  12. So beyond cultivating a blog of like minded individuals, if can even bare to say these lost souls have a mind, what have you actually done? I can dissect that for you, you have created an echo chamber for your beliefs. Interestingly, the ressonances of your disciple like commenters it only serve to highlight how archaic your beliefs are, no wonder you like Machiavelli.

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  13. Thanks a lot for your work! I have consumed a lot of important information from your writings. Sounds rather unfortunate, but I did realize that I probably learnt more from you and TRP than from my parents throughout my lifetime.


  14. Thanks for your site, quite the best Red Pill blog around and the most insightful I’ve read. Have you seen: – the MGTOW Youtube site Quasimandias? Very considered and more sophisticated than most MGTOW sites. The Misandric Bubble on the Futurist think tank site? An excellent if somewhat academic analysis of the collapse of the social construct and resultant societal breakdown. The film “Into the Forest” produced by Patricia Rezema. By “accident” the most Red Pill film ever made. Billed as a “relationship drama” between two sisters, it is set in a well equipped house set deep in the forest during an unexplained and continuing global power outage. The sisters, despite being in the “ultimate Prepper’s hideaway” – by a total lack of logical reasoning and practical skills get in a worse and worse situation until they eventually go mad and die.


  15. Well, well, well.

    How much credit can we give IM, I ask you.

    Answer: not too much.

    Illimitable is quite the twitter troll who rah-ta-tas like a broken record these days.

    He recommends “Antifragile” by NT because he’s just about as fragile as a sheet of paper.

    Indeed, IM is a paper intellectual.

    Those who are wise will notice.

    Those who are woke will see.

    The emperor has no cloths.


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