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  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across your site and found ‘How women argue’….and it’s the best most logical thing I’ve ever read. I’ve read it over and over and forwarded it to my friends.
    Yeh I’m having girlfriend trouble again and this chick (just like my previous girlfriends) all argue the same way as what you’re saying.
    I don’t intend to turn gay, but my big question is…’how do we handle them’




    1. There’s a few ways to deal with it.

      – Refuse to take them seriously and make fun of them. Agree with everything they say sarcastically, and amplify their accusations. If they say you’re evil, you say you’re Dracula, if they say you’re full of shit you say “I know, I’m a septic tank.” Mock them, treat them like stroppy children.

      – Ignore them/get the fuck out of there. Normally the best bet when you’re emotionally compromised yourself and can’t handle their bullshit.

      – Play stupid and pretend you have no idea what they’re talking about

      Whatever you do, do not logically engage or get angry. They will twist your logic with bullshit, and if you get angry, they will use that as an excuse for being crazy, making you “the guilty one.” They’ll immediately switch to guilt tripping bullshit, eg: crying out of nowhere, saying you’re threatening, accusing you of being the deranged one etc.

      Treat a woman wanting to argue as a shit test, don’t treat it as a proper rational debate where logic and facts is respected, because it’s not – women don’t play like that.

      More on beating shit tests can be found here:


    2. I would say the EXACT opposite of the above, ALWAYS argue their emotional bullshit with logic. Most certainly don’t get angry, though, and be patient. Explaining logic to women can be time consuming, but it’s the only way to make women see how full of shit they are. Being a smarmy cunt, ignoring them, playing stupid, that’s not going to solve the problem. That’s just delaying the bullshit until the next time. That’s TERRIBLE advice.

      I’d suggest going and watching Patrice O’neal’s podcast, “The Black Phillip Show.”

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  2. Thanks man for that, I appreciate it. At 41, a full time musician, observing the social scene and sober scene….I’m thinking I’ve tried everything. I do know that logic doesn’t work. But…if I’m talking about someone or something else…she knows ‘exactly’ what I’m talking about. I honestly think they ‘have’ to have DRAMA in their lives to operate.


    1. Definitely. A woman rather be pissed off than bored. Women nourish themselves with drama: rumours/gossip, soap operas – they love it. Bitchiness is predicated on a need for emotional highs and lows. Women want an emotional rollercoaster, that’s why they can be draining spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Some women are worse than others with this, the real crazy ones need a high/low by the hour. The lower maintenance she is, the better in my opinion. Beauty is correlated with maintenance costs, the hotter the chick, the more mental energy she’s going to suck up from you. Pretty girls are for fucking, not for settling down with. Pretty girls are far too entitled, high off the power of their own beauty, and have normally ridden a colossal amount of dick so can’t pair bond anyway.

      There are a few exceptions to the rule, a hot girl from a good family where the father is a boss and has kept her in line may result in a lower maintenance hot girl – but those families are incredibly rare nowadays. Dad can’t be there all the time, and Anglo culture is pretty intent on disconnecting people from their fathers and making women into vapid, entitled, histrionic narcissists. Another thing to consider is if a woman is an introvert or an extrovert, most chicks are extroverted (which means more dramatic/attention seeking.) Introverted chicks seem to be lower maintenance as their avoidance makes them less drama hungry than their extroverted counterparts (speaking from experience.)

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  3. This 1962 song (this live version is from 1999) by Joanie Sommers is called Johnny Get Angry and captures many Red Pill truths.

    The lyrics have words like “Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad, give me the biggest lecture I ever had” and “Every girl wants someone who she can always look up to” and “Must you be so meek?”

    It starts off with a line that she was testing him!


  4. I listened to the podcast. You sound like Ali G but have a great laugh. You have such an important message and you are a great writer. You really should continue to practice and do as many podcasts as possible. I think people who read and people who listen to podcasts are generally different audiences. I suggest you do more of these podcasts to reach a wider audience and bring people to the website and to your brilliant Twitter feed. Your message is important. I think what you have done has changed men’s lives and will cause a paradigm shift to others who have not read you before.

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  5. Outstanding recent interviews on TRT! I want to order a full set of blood work and dont want to miss anything – could you post a list of the tests and minimum acceptable levels? ie T >700, SHGB >2%,….? Would be a huge help, esp with a clueless GP. Thanks much, and keep up the great work!


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