Disclaimer about Amazon links on Illimitable Men:

I am a registered Amazon Associate, I receive a small commission on any Amazon product you buy when you arrive at Amazon via a link from here. If you want to support the blog, click an Amazon link and then do your shopping.

Whatever you choose to buy I make roughly 6% on. So if you spend $10 I’ll get $0.60c, if you spend $100 I’ll get $6 etc. You don’t even need to buy the specific product from the link you clicked. You could for example, click on a link to a book I have mentioned here and then go buy a dumbbell set and some protein shake/bars and I’d still get a commission.

If you shop regularly on Amazon, then entering Amazon from a link on here instead of typing the address into the bar will benefit me massively. It’s something to think about if you want to give back to the site, you can buy things to improve your life and support Illimitable Men at the same time.

If you live outside the US, Canada or the UK, you unfortunately cannot support the site via Amazon purchases, as such you should direct your attention to either the Illimitable Men patreon page, or donating.

If you have any enquiries business or otherwise, you can get in contact here.

– Illimitable Man

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