The Red Pill Constitution

The Constitution
1.) Preface
2.) Feminism, Power & Privilege
3.) Women, Logic & Emotional Reasoning
4.) Woman’s Manipulative Nature
5.) Self-Limiting Genetic Determinism
6.) Hypergamy & Branch Swinging
7.) The 80/20 Rule
8.) The Hierarchy of Love
9.) Frame & Emotional Indulgence
10.) Female Visceral Revulsion
11.) Dominance & Boldness
12.) In-Group Bias & The Women Are Wonderful Effect
13.) Female Sexual Plurality
14.) Low Tier Men
14.) Gynocentric Family Law
15.) Female Narcissism
17.) Commitment Is More Valuable Than Sex
18.) Gatekeeping
19.) The Wall: Men Appreciate, Women Depreciate
20.) Men Are Made, Women Are Born
21.) Single Mothers Breed Weak Men
22.) The Importance of Social Market Value
23.) Testosterone & Health
24.) The Feminisation of Education
25.) Why Women Covet Male Friendship

1.) Preface:

The following document embodies a series of principles that outline the tenets and beliefs of the red pill community. This article has been written with brevity and ease of reading in mind, links relevant to further discussion are given for each topic where available. The information herein is extensive, but by no means exhaustive. I hope to evolve this document year-on-year, adding additional depth and topic areas.

2.) Feminism, Pity, Power & Privilege:

Feminists crave privileges which consolidate the realm of male power with that of the female. Typically they are traditionalist in ways which benefit women (men pay for dates, pressure to perform is squarely on men) but “progressive” where traditionalism would limit their power (intolerance for female promiscuity, a reluctance to trust women with leadership.)

This is achieved by glossing over the influence of feminine soft power in society (influence and charm), and comparing men and women solely in hard power (economic and political). In taking this highly one-sided approach to power, feminists play upon humanity’s propensity to take pity on women, and where the myth of female powerlessness is bought into, more power is redistributed to them.

Feminism is nothing more than a female supremacy movement posing as one of humanist egalitarianism. Feminism highlights female incompetence in areas where men excel, redefines them as injustices by blaming men for female ineptitude, and then legally mandates the promotion of women within said areas. As such, women consistently make social gains in areas where men have traditionally dominated.

All the while women continue to quietly monopolise soft power. Because social influence (the female monopoly on pity as well as beauty) is difficult to quantify, its prominence is neither stated nor factored into measures of equality. And in case you think that ridiculous, feminists factor in things as benign as the economic value of housework, so not to do the same with female beauty or vulnerability is highly disingenuous if your goal is to economically quantify elements relevant to social equality.

Where the reverse occurred, where men monopolised hard power, we experienced 50~ years of social engineering to correct for the fact. The ability to be respected in spite of glaring vulnerability is a staggering albeit scarcely spoken of social advantage women enjoy, yet it is the pivotal psychological fulcrum on which feminism owes its modern ideological dominance.

Where the pendulum has swung much too far in favour of women, a successful male counter movement has failed to materialise. Not solely because, but chiefly because pity is in short supply for men. A man seeking pity is despised for his weakness rather than helped because of it, and so the very psychological mechanism which gave birth to female economic and political power is nought but a dead end for men.

3.) Women, Logic & Emotional Reasoning:

Women are irrational and inconsistent, they have a capacity for logic but they are not typically inclined to utilise it. Women must exert concentrated effort to be logical for it is not their factory setting, men on the other hand although imperfect have a far more pronounced affinity for logic. As such by matter of preference if not biology, men are near universally superior logicians and decision makers.

A logical woman is easily baited into becoming emotional. Regardless of intellect, women are far more likely to lose lucidity due to a stronger preference for emotive reasoning. It is by extension of this that we observe women to be more easily compromised in a line of reasoning than men. A woman’s decisions are based on her current emotional state, not logic. Once overwhelmed by the feeling of the moment and riding on a tidal wave of emotion, even if an awareness of what is fair and rational remains intact in a woman, she shall opt to ignore it in favour of indulging “what feels right.”

Ever witness a woman hear something reasonable, and in the indignation of her emotion declare “I don’t care!” before muttering something that makes no sense to anybody but her? This is a prime example of solipsism, the female propensity to “reason” with an inner emotional narrative that is all but impervious to outside influence. As such, women often behave erratically and in contradiction. Women are fickle, so a wise man watches how they behave and disregards what they say.

4.) Woman’s Manipulative Nature:

Women are Machiavellian by nature. In comparison to the average man, they are far more proficient in matters of persuasion and general social manipulation. The theoretical evolutionary basis for this sex difference is that due to smaller body mass and inferior musculature, women evolved to attract and use men as tools rather than directly compete with them.

This makes the pronunciation of female strength a propensity to be mentally rather than physically violent. Physical violence is outlawed, whereas mental abuse is not, with a suppression of physical violence without an equal suppression of mental, women are at a social advantage.

The intolerance for physical violence coupled with the tolerance for mental violence is what allows women to bully and socially dominate without being held accountable by a system of law. Men are as such forced to learn to become as apt in mental violence as women, or face social disadvantage.

The law does not criminalise emotional violence against men. Where physical violence is illegal (but typically more so if it is male on female rather than female on male), emotional violence is a question of personal morality and therefore not legislated against. Where a man’s instinct is to hit, a woman’s is to make you miserable. Arguably, mental wounds can be just as crippling if not more so than physical. In summation, women tend to be more emotionally aggressive than men.

5.) Self-Limiting Genetic Determinism:

Your race/ethnicity does not matter if you are rich and/or successful. A lot of men are small-minded and stuck on the superficial, White, Black, Arab, Indian, Asian whatever, you have a certain perception of the world based upon the culture that dominates your racial/tribal background.

Non-whites in western countries are very conscious of their ethnic identity, and oft it is so that non-white men feel shame or anger over their lack of whiteness. Asians in particular, seem to glorify whiteness and perpetuate a culture of racial self-hatred. This “but I’ll never have it good because I’m not white” is a form of mental disease, an unproductive self-limiting belief that will hold you back and make you insecure.

Perhaps where you live the white man is a god, but know all racial barriers are overcome by power, for money is power. If you’re a 5’0 Asian with a little dick that girls laugh at, a big bank balance and confident attitude will offset that. You won’t get there being jealous/bitter towards whites and putting yourself down, internalised inferiority has to be quashed.

Focus less on racial self-deprecation, more on achievement. Men are judged predominantly on their station in life, a successful man is liked, an unsuccessful man isn’t. Racial insecurity will only hinder your chances at success by polluting your mindset, as such it must be banished by any means necessary. Be proud of your lineage, for you are powerless to change it.

6.) Hypergamy & Branch Swinging:

Female hypergamy is very binary in its approach to men, a man is either deemed superior, or inferior. If a woman believes a man inferior to her, he’s sexually invisible, only when a woman deems a man superior does he become visible.

Women want men who demonstrably exude power in a way that makes them feel inferior. When a woman feels inferior to a man, she is attracted to him. We call this hypergamy, a proclivity to date up and/or social climb. As an affectation of hypergamy, women are highly sensitive to signifiers of high status (good genes, wealth, confidence, popularity etc.)

Hypergamy can manifest in many ways, the best known is gold digging, dating a man solely because of his greater wealth. In less exploitative relationships, a woman dates a man who is more confident than she is. Generally, women low in confidence are less hypergamous, whilst egotistical women are more so.

Hypergamy breeds opportunism, if a man with higher status is sexually available, a woman with unchecked hypergamy will cheat. If he’s available for commitment, there’s a strong possibility she will abandon her man to pair off with the better option. This phenomenon is referred to as “branch swinging.”

Hypergamy not kept in check by a conservative upbringing and strong male family presence results in extremely opportunistic and disloyal women. In traditional societies, hypergamy is kept in check by the family, community and wider culture. Women are paired off with their male contemporaries rather than left to perpetually “wait for something better to come along.”

Some women are more hypergamous than others, but no woman is non-hypergamous. Think of it as a scale, some women are a little hypergamous, others extremely so. Hypergamy is like Pandora’s box, once it is indulged the tendency to continue indulging it is compelling. The more experienced a woman is, the more her hypergamy grows and the less her relational desirability.

Women that make the best candidates for family and childrearing are those whose hypergamous instinct has been kept in check. Materialism and promiscuity are hypergamous behaviours, they’re indicative of a “constant need to upgrade,” which is hypergamy at its core. These kinds of women should be avoided for serious commitments, frugal, humble women make for the best relationship prospects.

7.) The 80/20 Rule:

The 80/20 rule recognises that in a society of rampant hypergamy roughly 20% of the men are fucking 80% of the women. The 80/20 rule is simply “the pareto principle” applied to the realm of sexual strategy. Only in conservative pro-monogamy societies is each man guaranteed a wife within his relative social league. The 80/20 split is the natural order when family values break down and the rise of decadence takes hold.

8.) The Hierarchy of Love:

Love is predicated on the satiation of feminine hypergamy. If a woman thinks she is better than you, she can’t respect you. And if she can’t respect you, she can’t love you.

Women love differently from men. Woman’s love is based on adoration, adoration is a combination of admiration and respect, respect is derived from power. Thus it follows that you must be powerful if you want to be loved, or you will never be loved. You will be held in contempt for being weak. And as per hypergamy, should you be deemed weaker

Women love pragmatically, they lack a capacity to love unconditionally for romantic partners, this is reserved for their children. This behaviour is governed by an effect known as Briffault’s Law. Antithetically, men can love women unconditionally by merit of significant personal investment. There is a hierarchy of love: Men > Women > Children.

Women are more selfish than men are in matters of money and love. Man’s love is expected to be sacrificial in nature, woman’s isn’t. Women love opportunistically, men love sacrificially.

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9.) Frame & Emotional Indulgence:

Because women are prone to bouts of excessive emotionalism, they rely on men to be more emotionally resilient than they are. This is the need for a man to be steadfast under pressure, stoic, sometimes we refer to this as “holding frame.” As women are typically more indulgent of their emotional whims than are men, they implicitly look toward men as a stabilising force.

In this capacity a man often acts as a means for a woman to process her emotions, a kind of pressure valve or “rock in the storm”; one who endures a woman’s oft excessive or otherwise disproportionate emotional reactions whilst remaining unaffected himself. Women’s emotionalism makes them cathartic in character, possessing a ceaseless need to disencumber themselves of mental distress.

The reverse is naturally inadvisable and ill met, a man who confides his weaknesses in a woman all but signs his own death sentence. Women require either aggressive action to reassure them, or stoic unwavering to calm them. Because of this, men experiencing their own emotional distress elicit fear and disgust more than they do sympathy in women. This is particularly true of a woman accustomed to relying on the man that is hurting. And so to complain to a woman, no matter how earnestly nor passionately, is for a man to engage in an exercise of most profuse folly.

Truly then it stands to reason that the indulgence and open sharing of emotion is a strictly feminine privilege, one that a man cannot engage in no matter how much he desires should he wish to remain respectable to the object of his affection.

When a woman realises a man is mentally strong enough to shoulder her problems on top of his own, she will find this attractive. Women want men who can handle the problems that they can’t.

There is a double standard, if you lean on a woman then the relationship begin falling apart, a woman is ill-equipped to deal with her own problems, let alone a man’s – this is precisely the reason women covet mental toughness in men.

This difference in emotional stability that is so intricately tied into the attraction mechanism explains why women are free to be emotionally indulgent to a point of selfishness, whilst men are comparatively restricted in the range of emotion they can express without weaving the thread of their own undoing.

If both parties are to indulge their emotions, there is no stability and thus no sustainable relationship. As women find it far more difficult to be logical than men, the burden falls to men to suck it up and be the reasonable and stoic ones. Even where men falter in this endeavour, they at least attempt it. It’s not fair, but it’s what works.

10.) Female Visceral Revulsion:

Continuing from the last point, the feminine disgust for male weakness is a function of hypergamy. Women have little sympathy for weak men, despite the fairer sex nonsense you may be accustomed to hearing, it is strong men that are the backbone of any prosperous functioning society.

A man is far more likely than a woman to assist a man in emotional peril, for a man’s reaction to male weakness is not as pronounced as a woman’s. Men do despise effeminate men, but this is not the same as being disgusted by even minor indications of vulnerability. To be strong does not necessarily mean to be emotionally impervious, if there is anyone who will support a man through his darkest moments, it will in all likelihood be another man.

Women feel revulsion when observing male weakness and exploited when a man depends on them. Unlike men women have no provider instinct, they are all too willing to rely, but greatly hesitant to be relied upon.

11.) Dominance & Boldness:

Always set boundaries with everyone, do not be a pushover. Cultivate a sense of fearless boldness. Men take more risks than women and are expected to do so by merit of being male.

Being fearful, unconfident and risk averse as a man leads to failure and disrespect from peers. Men must be confrontational and risk-taking when a situation calls for it, they cannot be passive or defer responsibility without losing esteem. As such, men must are required to problem solve and deal with conflict in a way unexpected of women. Convenient, as men are better equipped to deal with such matters anyhow (see sections 3 and 9).

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12.) In-Group Bias & The Women Are Wonderful Effect:

Women have a pronounced gender group bias, meaning they typically automatically side with other women in conflict regardless of the situation’s material facts. Women are herdlike and stick together closely, they form cartels and use the power of the group to hen peck and destroy their enemies.

[Relevant study:]

13.) Female Sexual Plurality:

Women have a sexual plurality, if you are a nice guy with money, you are husband material. You get to sex her only after excessive wining and dining. You don’t create a spark of attraction, but she’s looking for safety and security and so she decides “he’ll do.”

On the other hand if you’re a man who sets out to assert rather than impress, you’re the man who gets to nail her within very little time at all. You “create a spark,” you give her butterflies, you’re the lustful lover and not the perfunctory provider, the alpha fucks, not the beta bucks.

14.) Low Tier Men:

Neither women nor society care about male weakness. As alluded to in section 6, low tier men are invisible to women as a function of hypergamy.

If you are weak, depressed, small, poor, uneducated, unconfident, or anything else that prevents you from being powerful, nobody will care about whether you live or die.

People only care about you when you’re powerful, or a woman. You have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and become self-reliant because nobody else gives a fuck. You’re given a dichotomy, sink or swim, you sink, and you end up drowning yourself in failure and self-pity. If you swim and only if you swim, people will start taking notice.

Society will always have a safety net for women, for weakness is a function of femininity rather than a bug. White knights will come to the rescue, the state will provide welfare and other women are more than happy to side with her – all of this in spite of any success or remarkable accolades! A man of equal unworth is condemned, and rightly so. Whilst women can cruise without social ostracisation, men cannot. Fair it is not, but true it is all the same.

15.) Gynocentric Family Law:

In matters of law the courts always side with women. The law prioritises female well-being over logic, honour and justice. Family law is as such corrupt, contemporarily ruled in its decision-making by feminist dogma.

The constitutions equitable maxims have been rewritten by modern statutes which discriminate most violently against the rights of men per common law, Rollo Tomassi of Rational Male penned a relevant article on this topic, which can be found here.

16.) Female Narcissism:

The stereotypical modern western woman is a self-entitled brat jumped up on feminist hogwash and social media attention. Hypergamy is exacerbated to a point of narcissism, inspiring average women to assume themselves special regardless of their objective lack of worth. It is the ideology they swallow and the bubble of attention they seem to effortlessly maintain which fortifies this most profound narcissism.

Indeed much the problem with contemporary female narcissism is the sheer gynocentrism of the culture we live in, our cultural values are feminine values. Of course cultural values bear much the blame, but they do not shoulder it all.

Much of modern women’s narcissism has its root within the ever growing legions of single mothers, romantically unsuccessful women who raise their daughters in such a man hating manner that their daughters can only view men negatively, each romantic mishap in the daughter’s life reaffirming the vitriolic narrative taught by her mother.

Whether feminist-identifying or not, the values of feminism are the values of most modern women. The self-empowerment message and casual demonisation of the masculine runs deep.

Women are taught by culture and mother alike that they are the prize, that they as women are inherently good, much unlike the evil of men, who can never hope to repent for past grievances “their kind” inflicted upon women.

As such, women need not bother to impress, for women are beyond proving themselves, much unlike men, who cannot ever hope to impress nor prove themselves enough. And it is this degree of conceit coursing through the veins of western society which lies at the heart of not only the feminist ideology, but likewise the modern woman herself. Men are most questionable, women but unquestionable.

17.) Commitment Is More Valuable Than Sex:

Women need men more than men need women, and women hate this. Men want sex and at some point, a family. Women however seek masculine energy to stabilise their impulsivity, coveting paternal dominance and the sense of safety and stability that stoic rationalism lends. (See section 9.)

Just look at single mother households and older single women, they are miserable. Such women need a man to achieve even a semblance of happiness, but men often find these women to be the cause of nothing but misery. The words bachelor and spinster have opposing connotations for a reason, a man’s commitment is his prime commodity.

18.) Gatekeeping:

Men are the gatekeepers of commitment and women are the gatekeepers of sex. Women decide if sex will happen, but men decide if a relationship follows. Why is it this way? Simple supply and demand. Men covet sex more than women, whereas women covet relationships more than men. Male commitment to women is as valuable as sex is to men.

The kicker is, a woman need not necessarily trade sex for commitment. This is the implied contract, and mutually respectable arrangements are where women demand commitment for their sex, and men demand sex for their commitment. However, much like men who enjoy sex devoid commitment, women are known to enjoy commitment devoid sex.

Where a woman can get commitment without giving sex, she shall “become friends” with a man. This is the friend zone, a purgatory where men willing to commit to a woman without any promise of sex from her in return go to slowly erode every last portion of their dignity.

This man is the male equivalent of a slut, because much like promiscuous women lower the price of sex, a sexless yet committed man lowers the price of commitment.

19.) The Wall: Men Appreciate, Women Depreciate:

Women are depreciating assets, their major asset and unique selling point is their sexual beauty and fertility. Most squander their prime engaging in casual sex with strange men met in recurring dazes of substance-fuelled hedonism. This is what passes for female empowerment.

Thinking the party will never end, such women spend the bulk of their twenties being generally infantile, loutish and irresponsible, believing they have all the time in the world “to settle down.”

Then circa age thirty a strange thing happens, a woman’s looks begin to noticeably decline, every wrinkle eroding the allure and power she is accustomed to. This is only exacerbated by years of debauchery and substance abuse, and so typically lacking in any culinary ability the modern woman is prone to premature ageing.

It is only with this erosion of power in a woman’s life that a shift in priorities takes hold, such women scramble in desperation to find a man to settle down with, often settling for men they would not give a look but a few short years before.

Men on the other hand are beginning to acquire more power than they had in their twenties around this age, becoming even more attractive to women. A woman burns brightly in youth but extinguishes quickly with age, time is much kinder to men, permitting them to age more like wine than milk. This is why it is taboo to ask a woman her age, whilst men bear no such sensitivity over the issue.

20.) Men Are Made, Women Are Born

Women are born, a woman is just a girl that can conceive children. There is no challenge mental, spiritual or otherwise that distinguishes a girl from a woman, nothing other than age even attempts to make this distinction. And thus it is so that whilst we hear chatter of what constitutes manliness, that a hated man is a boy whilst an admired man is “a real man”, we hear no such rhetoric in regards to women.

Unlike womanhood, there are barriers to manhood which transcend age and they embody qualities and characteristics which men as a collective respect and aspire to. Things like fearlessness, confidence, bravery, strength and honour. Unlike women, men are not born, they are created. Pain, poverty, difficulty and heartache, these are the things that make men out of boys.

Conflict and pain is what forges the masculine mindset, a boy cannot grow into a man without conflict and retrospectively analysing his mistakes. A man is the embodiment of experience and difficulty, comfort but the entropy of a boy’s most visceral pursuit to develop his masculinity.

Men need to apply logic to the pain endured in their lives in order to become powerful enough to transcend boyhood. Men are not born because comfort doesn’t breed men, men are bred in the fields of bloody battle, be it a war of economy, psychology, violence, or a combination of such.

A man is a soldier of differing kinds, an individual that has learnt to repress fear and hone the adrenaline it elicits to attack his limitations and evolve. This is the spirit of “manning up”, all this the process necessary to become someone worthy of the mighty majesty the word “man” represents.

21.) Single Mothers Breed Weak Men:

Single mothers are ill-equipped to breed men, and overwhelmingly lack the tools necessary to give a boy the guidance he needs to reach a higher stage of male development. Boys don’t meet their potential, they are poorly disciplined and have little sense of purpose or life direction. Poor discipline breeds low confidence and passivity, qualities which are inherently anti-charismatic in nature and hence deleterious to a man’s romantic chances.

[Read more on this topic here.]

22.) The Importance of Social Market Value:

Social market value is everything, something a low-value man says deemed “creepy” is “flirty” or “sexy” when spoken by a high value man. A man must as such focus on maintaining his physical appearance to the highest possible standard. This will make his life easier in areas not just confined to sexuality, but likewise in the social and financial. The better looking one is, the more positively they are perceived. This bias for the attractive we all instinctively share is described by a phenomenon known as the halo effect.

23.) Testosterone & Health:

Your diet and exercise place a certain handicap on your ability to fully utilise your potential. The obese, ill-rested and ill-nourished are typically low in energy and thus highly unproductive. Such people are not in a mental state conducive to achievement for they are ruled by lethargy.

Procrastination is the slow-acting poison of an individual living a sedentary life. Physically active people get things done. Exercise is not only invigorating itself, but it will give you the energy to get everything else done. As such, regular physical activity and good diet are necessary rather than optional.

Maintain high natural testosterone levels by consuming saturated fat and getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly. Train by performing heavy compound lifts, the squat, deadlift and bench press at least three times a week. Give yourself a recovery day between every training session. If you need help as a beginner, Mark Rippetoe’s book “Starting Strength” is a popular introduction to weightlifting.

A man must take care of his body in order to potentiate his mind, higher testosterone will enhance cognition, increase confidence and increase energy levels.

24.) The Feminisation of Education:

The modern educational environment is a bastion of socially engineered progressivism hostile to boys and young men. Women outnumber men in teaching positions and have a stronger presence within institutions of higher learning. Collectively, the sexist attitudes of female faculty and students within the educational establishment drive young torrents of young men away from higher learning.

And can we really blame young men from opting out of a race with odds that are insurmountably stacked against them? Of course not! The political correctness that inevitably goes hand in hand with feminism is enough to disenchant, demotivate and emasculate any hopeful, vibrant young man. Modern academia is simply not an environment that is conducive to the spiritual well-being of men, progressive social engineering is deleterious to the modern man’s mental health.

If you’re male, in education and you find the whole ordeal to be taxing on your soul, it’s time to consider learning a trade or skill that will allow you to freelance or start your own business. Financial freedom not only teaches confidence, but it allows a man to escape the henpecking pervasive amongst the politically correct culture of the corporate world. In industries where extreme talent or risk are necessary, such as engineering or construction, women are scarce in number and so refuge from misandry can likewise be found there.

Many trades are male dominated (such as mechanics, electricians, plumbers) so these fields are great areas to go into if you want to avoid negative female influences in the workplace. Financial independence is a signature requirement of becoming a fully actualised man; men who undertake entrepreneurship or work in male dominated fields need not repress their masculinity in fear they may lose their job for simply behaving masculine.

25.) Why Women Covet Male Friendship:

Women want male friends because they’re better company. More interesting, more entertaining, less crazy, less annoying – all of that good stuff. Likewise they know if they’re pretty they can leverage that into favour whilst giving you nothing, so this is the scam most even moderately pretty women are working.

Men want to be friends with women because they are stupid and think friendship is the first stepping stone to sex. Women profit from this false belief because men waste time, passion and energy on an endeavour which eventually yields nothing but but hassle in return. When a man figures out friendship is not the path to sex with women, he ceases to see the point in having female friends.

Even though a man’s friendship is worth more than a woman’s, women won’t trade sex for it because being likeable doesn’t make you fuckable. Women have the opposite problem, they are fuckable rather than likeable. Men have to work to be fuckable, women have to work to be likeable.

But a woman is only concerned with her own needs, not yours. Just like men will gladly use a women up sexually, a woman will gladly use up a man emotionally and financially. A woman is all too happy to devour your time and use you as a source of entertainment and conduit for complaining all the while she gives you nothing in return. This is a bad deal for a man because his company is infinitely higher quality, and thus more valuable than hers. In 99% of cases this means if you’re hanging out with a woman you’re not fucking, you’re getting a bad deal.

Legitimate female friends, women you find unattractive and are interesting are rare, because most women have no personality. Their personality basic, based on gossip. This is most women; the epitome of boring. Most women never become more than their sexuality because they don’t need to evolve beyond that to be successful. This is why the vast majority of women make no effort to be funny or interesting. That’s just the way it is. If you want quality friendship, you look for it among men.

If you are ever in a situation where you’re stuck with women and bored out of your mind (you will be) the best way to make things interesting is to mock them. The only way women become interesting is if you tease them, call them out and be generally combative. Otherwise you’ll be bored, asking yourself why you’re with a gaggle of women when you’d have more fun reading the world’s least interesting book.

A lot of what was said here overlaps with the principles laid out in section 18, refer to that for a deeper understanding of this dynamic.

Constitutional Amendments:

16th March 2014
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