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  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across your site and found ‘How women argue’….and it’s the best most logical thing I’ve ever read. I’ve read it over and over and forwarded it to my friends.
    Yeh I’m having girlfriend trouble again and this chick (just like my previous girlfriends) all argue the same way as what you’re saying.
    I don’t intend to turn gay, but my big question is…’how do we handle them’



    1. I would say the EXACT opposite of the above, ALWAYS argue their emotional bullshit with logic. Most certainly don’t get angry, though, and be patient. Explaining logic to women can be time consuming, but it’s the only way to make women see how full of shit they are. Being a smarmy cunt, ignoring them, playing stupid, that’s not going to solve the problem. That’s just delaying the bullshit until the next time. That’s TERRIBLE advice.

      I’d suggest going and watching Patrice O’neal’s podcast, “The Black Phillip Show.”

      1. I’d go somewhere in the middle although \i know this is an old discussion. If you have repeating arguments that go in endless circular loops and leave you feeling as if no matter what you say or do you are an A hole, there is a good probability that the issue is rooted in her, in her heart and her past. She likely has some transference going on that is mucking up your ability to solve problems.

        Just because something is emotional doesn’t meant its necessarily BS. The thing to do is calmly reassure her you DO care and ask her to take some time apart from the discussion and boil it down to its essence ,so she can tell you in a way you can hear, without shaming, dumping, vilifying or guilt tripping. What is the problem? What does she actually need or want from you? Women need to learn how to talk net and be able to say directly ” I feel xyz when abc happens. It would help me greatly if you could …….Men tend to get flooded when a woman is in a state where her emotions are overwhelming her ability to speak rationally about a subject.

        One of the jobs of parenting is teaching children how to become adults capable of thinking and communicating. In times past, behaviour that is acceptable in relationships today would be considered the province of someone of poor breeding and upbringing because it lacked self control and respect for other human beings regardless of gender. For instance, a man who seduced and discarded women would property be considered a lothario. A woman who engaged in constant prima donna drama would be considered unladylike and spoiled. You don’t have to endure assaults on your value as a man in order to prove you are a good guy. You can properly ask her to condense her concern, communicate it respectfully, learn to ask for what she wants or needs respectfully and also to consider how any past issues of abuse or hurt may be affecting the way she perceives things. If after a while its obvious she won’t do any of these things then move on to someone more thoughtful and able to see YOU and not just herself. Hope this helps a little.

  2. Thanks man for that, I appreciate it. At 41, a full time musician, observing the social scene and sober scene….I’m thinking I’ve tried everything. I do know that logic doesn’t work. But…if I’m talking about someone or something else…she knows ‘exactly’ what I’m talking about. I honestly think they ‘have’ to have DRAMA in their lives to operate.

    1. Definitely. A woman rather be pissed off than bored. Women nourish themselves with drama: rumours/gossip, soap operas – they love it. Bitchiness is predicated on a need for emotional highs and lows. Women want an emotional rollercoaster, that’s why they can be draining spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Some women are worse than others with this, the real crazy ones need a high/low by the hour. The lower maintenance she is, the better in my opinion. Beauty is correlated with maintenance costs, the hotter the chick, the more mental energy she’s going to suck up from you. Pretty girls are for fucking, not for settling down with. Pretty girls are far too entitled, high off the power of their own beauty, and have normally ridden a colossal amount of dick so can’t pair bond anyway.

      There are a few exceptions to the rule, a hot girl from a good family where the father is a boss and has kept her in line may result in a lower maintenance hot girl – but those families are incredibly rare nowadays. Dad can’t be there all the time, and Anglo culture is pretty intent on disconnecting people from their fathers and making women into vapid, entitled, histrionic narcissists. Another thing to consider is if a woman is an introvert or an extrovert, most chicks are extroverted (which means more dramatic/attention seeking.) Introverted chicks seem to be lower maintenance as their avoidance makes them less drama hungry than their extroverted counterparts (speaking from experience.)

      1. Hi I.M,
        thank you for your great work, that realy helped to abet me. I wanted to know if your book will be published and at when.
        Best regards.

  3. This 1962 song (this live version is from 1999) by Joanie Sommers is called Johnny Get Angry and captures many Red Pill truths.

    The lyrics have words like “Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad, give me the biggest lecture I ever had” and “Every girl wants someone who she can always look up to” and “Must you be so meek?”

    It starts off with a line that she was testing him!

  4. Thank you for everything. is one of the most intelligent and useful websites I’ve stumbled across in years.

  5. I listened to the podcast. You sound like Ali G but have a great laugh. You have such an important message and you are a great writer. You really should continue to practice and do as many podcasts as possible. I think people who read and people who listen to podcasts are generally different audiences. I suggest you do more of these podcasts to reach a wider audience and bring people to the website and to your brilliant Twitter feed. Your message is important. I think what you have done has changed men’s lives and will cause a paradigm shift to others who have not read you before.

  6. Outstanding recent interviews on TRT! I want to order a full set of blood work and dont want to miss anything – could you post a list of the tests and minimum acceptable levels? ie T >700, SHGB >2%,….? Would be a huge help, esp with a clueless GP. Thanks much, and keep up the great work!

  7. Shit-test help!! I’ve read the shit-test encyclopaedia and was unable to find an answer.

    I’m hoping someone can help me with this chick’s shit-test. I’m super new to this whole PUA thing and I would love to hear what you guys think. I have a tendency to overthink shit and this woman is driving me fucking nuts with her bullshit.

    So I’ve been dating this chick, crazy fuckin sex, seems like she’s usually got guys wrapped around her finger and I was not interested at first, this started as a one night stand, but the sex is amazing and I think she’s an awesome challenge. She says she’s really serious about our relationship but her actions show me it’s casual, we’ve generally been meeting up once twice a week for the past six months, mostly we’d go out for dinner, drink fuck and I’d leave in the morning. In the course of the relationship I’ve dumped her 2-3 times because of all the drama and she’s always clawed her way back.

    So the other day I say I’m nearby (I live 30km away) and tell her let’s get dinner, she says, she’s a bit hung over from last night (she was at her bf’s wedding 10-15 people), why don’t I come over with dinner. I do and I try to get close and she says she doesn’t feel like being touched? This has happened once before, where she wasn’t in the mood for sex. I persist, she gets pissed so I freeze her out and we end up spending the entire night laying in bed next to one another with zero physical contact, she sleeps I read.

    Next morning I get up, read some more, have tea, get dressed and leave. We don’t talk for three days (I just extend the freezing). Then she calls me, asks what’s up, I want to talk about her not wanting to be touched and tells me sometimes she just doesn’t and that I’m throwing a temper tantrum, cause I’m not getting my way. I tell her when I come over, I do so, so we can be close, if you don’t want me to touch you, then what’s the point of me coming over. By touch I mean sex, cuddling, falling asleep together, being close, and not one person freezing the other out. We text a bit that day, then at 3am she texts me telling me to come over right now. She usually does this when she’s hammered, once I came over, she asked me to grab fries on the way, I did against my better judgement and there was no sex, she passed out. However this time I was asleep.

    I contact her the next day, nothing, I text her, nothing, Throughout the day I call a total of 3 times and text her twice. She does not respond, this is unusual, like never happened, usually she writes back right away sometimes it’ll take an hour or two, and if she doesn’t answer she tells me why. I get concerned cause this has never happened before.

    The next morning I see she’s active on FB and so I message her there, she calls, I bitch her out. She says it’s not a big deal, responds with the fact that in the past I’ve disappeared for days and even a week, which is true, but I disappeared only when I dumped her, so not exactly the same situation. She says that she was hung over and slept the whole day, I get pissed and tell her it’s bullshit. She continues to rant over about the fact that I’ve disappeared and it was no big deal, BTW it was a big deal for her, but now when she does it, I’m “over reacting” and it “doesn’t look good”… blah blah blah. I see employing logic is a lost cause. I want to know how to handle these situations.

    I’m trying to figure out why she did it and how to respond without being a little bitch. I’m thinking
    A) she wanted to get back at me for not texting her for three days and making her text me
    B) she’s pissed that I didn’t do anything for out 6th month anniversary, but we haven’t celebrated any of that in the past
    C) she’s just shit-testing me cause she’s a chick

    In terms of my responses I was thinking:
    A) tell her I’m over it and I’m in town for the weekend if she wants to get together.
    B) do nothing, wait for her to contact me
    C) just dump her ass. I know this has no future but she’s great practice and an amazing fuck

    Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!

    1. You caught oneitis my friend. Why are you so concerned with her weird behaviour? Why do you sleep over when there’s no sex? Send her messages even when she doesn’t respond? Deliver her food?!
      Cease contact, don’t engage in the drama. See other girls. If she is up for booty calls in the future, fine, if you must, otherwise focus on other girls, don’t let her live rent free in your head.

      1. I got back on the horse last night and got laid, horrible in comparison but the thrill of the chase got her outta my head. Now reading TRP. Thanks for the kick back THE MAN.

    2. Jesus.


      Just dump the bitch and read TRP. Never invest ressources in a girl, be they money, time, energy or attention.

  8. Hey, I was just wondering if you had someplace like a forum where everybody could interact.

  9. Came across your site; found it highly fascinating upon taking the Dark Triad test. Your articles amuse me and I thoroughly enjoy comprehending your perspective.

    On my end of opinion, not all women are destined to doom in rationality and logical reasoning; my results from just yesterday are as follows:

    Narcissism 17
    Machiavellianism 95
    Psychopathy 26

    Conservative, INTP female, Enneagram Type 5, Socionics ILI, engaged to ENTJ male. We get along just fine. With due respect to mainstream generalizations and commentary, I am highly introverted and despise social crowds.

    Any conflict typically stems from Te Ni Se Fi v Ti Ne Si Fe rather than a dismissive statement of “female logical incompetency and inferiority.”

    Aside from minor bias, you have yourself a well-written, predominantly-objective article.


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