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An Introduction to The Dark Triad of Personality:
You can measure “how Dark Triad you are” by clicking here. The link goes to an external site. The “short dark triad test” is an official test developed in 2011 by Delroy Paulhus and Daniel N. Jones to provide a more uniform assessment of dark triad characteristics. Of particular interest in the context of evolutionary biology and contemporary masculine thinking on mating, is research on the dark triad mating strategy.

If you like, feel free to share your result in the comments. As a point of gentle introduction, the general overview will describe the dark triad to those looking to acquaint themselves with, and understand the dark triad concept at the most basic of levels.

Understanding the Dark Triad:
This is a series of articles which explains the characteristics of each dark triad trait in detail, giving examples of each trait in action.

The Application of the Triad:
The Application of the Triad is a series of articles which explains what is necessary to incorporate the dark triad into your persona by presenting ideas and methodologies which facilitate the endeavour.

Dark Triad Women:
Women have their own flavour of dark triad behaviour which heavily features and incorporates sexuality, sensualism and emotionalism. In light of this, the feminine manifestation of the dark triad is deemed unique enough to warrant its own area of interest.

Miscellaneous Dark Triad:

The 48 Laws of Power Essay Archive:

The intent of my essays is to expand upon the principles laid out in the 48 Laws of Power. The essays aim to offer additional insights, parallels, examples and nuances in Machiavellian strategy that go beyond the explanation of the book. The focus is on the explanation of strategy and its exemplification. Concepts and gambits are thoroughly fleshed out rather than briefly alluded to and left for the reader to subjectively interpret. As such, the interpretation is my own.

  • Law 01 – “Never Outshine the Master 
    [Category style: interpersonal relations, power structures, hierarchy, reputation, trust building, mentorship, favour]

Bullet Point Notes on The 48 Laws of Power:

135 thoughts on “Strategy, War & Power

    1. 13/40 on psychopathy
      28/40 narcissism
      100/100 on Machiavellianism
      Love this forum! Since a year, I have discovered the personality trait of machiavellianism, done extensive research on it, and am perfecting my skills of deception and manipulation. I have all of Robert Greenes books, as well as other books on manipulation. This blog is very intriguing and helpful, and I am great flu for its existence. Please continue your updates!

  1. It’s paradoxical to try and bring any kind of progress from attempting to harness/weaponize the effects that the dark triad personality traits bring to any interpersonal relationship. For anyone who stumbles across this site who wishes to do just this, in order to make up for what they feel they formally lack – here is a message: You are already beyond the point of no return in regards to the depth you have ventured down this particular rabbit hole, be afraid of that. Even though they may be few and far between, there will always be more educated and perceptive people out there who will see you for exactly what you are. Don’t ever doubt that. People like you are common, this world already has enough deceit and betrayal to last it the endurance of its existence. Hiding behind fear and manipulation is gutless and weak, the opposite of what you think you will become.

    1. Just a note: Although I disagree with your viewpoint, I will allow it in the interest of fair debate should anyone wish to form a sufficient counter-argument. I have a piece on ethics coming up in the future, if you’re a regular you may enjoy it.

    2. Not counter argument, but if Epistemo did the dark triad test, simply from his post, I predict he/she would score perfect 4s (100%)

      1. Yeah he was disingenuous and resorted to shaming tactics. Like would that silly little gambit really stop me from writing about what I do? It’s offensive to my intelligence to think anything quite so pathetically transparent could.

        1. Scored : 4s in all three.
          Pretty easy to improve scores by repeating the test.
          Although according to scholars, people usually have more than two ways of thinking on a topic. So at the particular moment what we chose decides the outcome..

    3. “People like you are common”

      People like what are common? People who disregard the intellectually conventional in pursuit of self-improvement… I think not.
      OP has called for a ‘sufficient counter-argument’, but your post is delusive. It lacks any real argument.
      All you have done is present self-evident statements dressed in grandeur and finalise your condemnation with an unsupported claim; and so I shall simply quote Christopher Hitchens in this rebuke — “What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

    4. Amen. It is very useful to get a good handle on what these turds are up to, simply in order to slap them back down. I used to wonder at what kind of petty ante, petty ass, asinine drivel people have gotten up to? If they actually succeeded, then they will simply become a false personality, with a mask frozen firmly in place. When I encounter fake people, I simply fiind them distasteful, and their falsity abhorently disrespectful.

    5. Your intent is noble, however it is flawed because it’s based on a non-realistic worldview.

      Simple thought experiment: should a child being bullied at school not learn coping strategies that can relieve him of his misery, because “you shouldn’t hit back”? Should he/she live out school in abject misery and probably most of adulthood too? Maybe even commit suicide? Personally I’d teach my kid how to stand up to these bullies so they’re left alone. You’d probably say the “right way” would be to get the kid to tell the authorities who would then ‘correct’ the bully. Such a strategy is not realistic – some people can’t be reasoned with.

      Kindness, compassion, vulnerability etc should be met with similar behaviour. However in the fucked up society we’ve created it’s more often viewed as weakness.

      I learned about Machiavellianism to stop nasty people abusing my good nature, which has happened time and again in my life. I learned/am learning how to make people not fuck with me and as a result I’m happier and ironically, I give a more positive contribution to the world.

      Whether a person takes it a step further to cause harm to good people, well that is their choice. Probably many happy people in your life are mach as fuck – you sort of have to be to be socially successful. But because they have this shit innately, they aren’t judged. But IM is not to blame for merely providing the information/tools to people who don’t naturally have these traits.

    6. Education leads to awareness, awareness leads learning. Yes, there will always be someone smarter than you but that’s just another person who will teach you to be better.

    7. I know its an old post but I want to speak my mind 6 years later lol.

      I get what you’re trying to say but the main problem is that your argument hinges on giving any sort of fuck about whether someone out there MIGHT see through it. Because really if you look at it statistically (you said so yourself), those sorts of people are far and few in-between. So why care? Unless that perceptive/intelligent person has direct control over my health and well-being (the position which I currently occupy), then what they think is irrelevant. The only thing that matters are their actions in response.

  2. I’m sure that you are more than capable of inferring from the quite deliberate attitude of my last comment that I am not, and never will be, a ‘regular’. It is however a great shame that an individual like yourself, as bright and eloquent as you are, has resorted to this broken process of thinking. Intellectuals must police themselves with a degree of militancy…or they become the sour taste in the back of the throat of humanity. I urge you to use a combination of heart and logic to re-address the philosophical position that you currently find yourself in.

    1. If I didn’t use a combination of heart and logic to “address my philosophical position” I wouldn’t be approving your comments or talking to you with any degree of seriousness. I’d simply disregard you with self-importance. I’d be censoring you/ignoring you.

      I am fine and I am happy with my position, believing I have found an amicable balance. I may be no spring chicken, but I’m hardly Scarface either. You have a narrow view of psychopathy and manipulation it would seem. They can be forces for good if you know how to wield them. There is a lot of nuance in Machiavellianism and Psychopathy and it’s not all bad. I highly recommend you read the writings of Professor Kevin Dutton from Oxford University and specifically his work on the “Good Psychopath” concept.

      Your assumption that psychopathy and machiavellianism are bad is rationally flawed. The only trait I identify as inherently bad is sadism, and I do not blog about it as such. Right now you’re preaching to the choir. Save your disdain for those who fully manifest the ugliest sides of psychopathy, such as the low IQ individuals in prison. Not bloggers rational, balanced and stable enough to help people tap into their dark side in order to be more effective. I understand your visceral instinctive revulsion, but it is misplaced.

      1. You just wrecked him.

        As I said in a previous comment or alluded to – I am very much moral based and principled.

        If you live in a democratic state in the Western world. Life is pretty easy. You don’t actually have to be immoral to live a great life.

        If you are trying to achieve great success however you do have to be able to defend yourself in the face of immoral, culturally different and irrational humans.

        Not sure why all of you assume people who want to learn how to be better socially and how to command respect from colleagues/co-workers/clients etc etc intrinsically makes you bad.

        It’s a silly thing to say and I kind of imagine all people who say stuff like this to be 40 year olds masturbating in their room after a tough divorce.

      2. The idea that not all black magic is bad and not all white magic is good is different to many.

        You can use black magic to serve a noble purpose. As you can use white magic to deceive and create chaos.

        Just because you tap into black magic doesn’t make you evil. You all cry in pain and woe others on some false moral high ground. Pretending to be pure white magic. Yet you defile your own image with hypocrisy. No one consciously implements all of these tactics, laid out for our enlightenment, 24/7.

        It makes me hurt to see someone pretend they are above these strategies. I’m no psychopath and I care for living things and even non-living things like parts of nature. Yet we all subconsciously practice some of these tactics. You’re a cuckold potato if you think Machiavellianism is bad lmfao. So please, continue to reflect the elongated sentences and broad vocabulary that you subconsciously mirror off of IM and tell me how you want to punch anyone who is not as good of a person as you are.

      1. Narcissism 3.0 / 62%
        Machiavellianism 3.4 / 84%
        Psychopath 1.8 / 15%

        How can I increase my narcissism and psychopath?

  3. I’m not sure about others but this is perfectly true. I really appreciate the content. I will not post my test results here, as it might seriously alarm some of the saints in this section trying to prove you wrong.
    Nice work trying to put all that together.

    1. Everyone whom I have come across who has tried to apply these principles and techniques has held a morality is for chumps and losers kind of an attitude. And all of them have been losers. I do not know any winners who hold these types of attitudes and principles, and the individuals who work for them, who may hold these attitudes and principles, are typically people that they have to keep an eye on.

  4. I don’t remember my results from a couple months ago when I first visited — something like N3, M3, P2 — but was pleasantly surprised enough to come back.

    So thanks for what you do here. But I’m curious about your opinion on what appears to me to be ongoing investigations (not exactly recent, just relatively so) into “adverse” and/or “toxic” behaviours/ideals/traits, with the Triad being called out very specifically time and again. I’m very new to all this, but my own initial research seems to shake out that the goal of these studies is to root out Triadic persons so that measures can be taken against them. Especially in the workplace.

    This does not surprise me of course, but is disgruntling at the least. One thought I have is that those who incorporate only the negative and destructive behaviours of the Triad warrant this reaction. Basically, they’re making us all look . . . well . . . bad. Then again, perhaps they exist to take the brunt of the attack and leave the more clever of us intact!

  5. “Dark Triad Books – We’ll see what the future holds.”

    Ah! I’m glad that you’re contemplating exploiting this niche market. Given the drama over Roosh monetizing the manosphere, the eventual release of your more vanilla articles in book form may be delayed a little if you wish to optimize. On the other hand, there’s no competition on the triad topics.

  6. N 2.9

    M 3.1

    P 2.2

    I already knew I wasn’t a psychopath or had much of the psychopathic tendencies, but I didn’t know about the other two personality traits. Apparently I scored highest on Machiavellianism, a side of the dark triad personality traits I hadn’t studied much up until now. I mostly looked into psychopathy and wrongly assumed Machiavellianism for psychopathy as I had never read about it. I put up a front for people to see, very few people know the real me and my secrets. I have always used peoples ignorance and lack of knowledge about me to better control people and to some degree it works, but I hope I’ll be more successful at it as I practise Machiavellianism more.

  7. “Utilising the Triad – Narcissism!” i think narcisim is always usenless , beacuse a person cant run out of real word or real IO what do you think ?
    why did not write this post?

  8. N – 2.1 (23)
    M – 3.7 (92)
    P – 1.7 (14)

    So, what can I do to best use that to my advantage?

    1. I took their psychopathy test and I got:

      Your score from primary psychopathy has been calculated as 4.4. Primary psychopathy is the affective aspects of psychopathy; a lack of empathy for other people and tolerance for antisocial orientations.

      Your score from secondary psychopathy has been calculated as 3.6. Secondary psychopathy is the antisocial aspects of psychopathy; rule breaking and a lack of effort towards socially rewarded behavior.

  9. While there are a few entries that don’t meet the following, I have noticed a general pattern of two “types” of results posted here:

    1) All three scores relatively balanced.
    2) N and P being close to equal, with M significantly higher.

    I’m curious if this (perceived) general consistency of any significance? (I ask, as the “sample group” in your website is obviously not large enough for me to formulate any definitive conclusions, especially considering I’m new to your blog and this line of reasoning.)

    However, there is a definitive conclusion with regards to my own rather juvenile results:

    N = 1.9
    M = 3.2
    P = 2.0

    Apparently I have much work to do, as anticipated; hence why I am here.


  10. also, I took the quiz for interests sake – the results are surprising, they’re almost definitely over-inflated to suit the crowd here.

    1. The test is compiled by academics who have no affiliation to this blog. What were your results? Higher than you expected? This site is designed for people who are mentally and intellectually strong enough to entertain controversial and abstract ideas. Going by your previous comment, which I deleted, that probably isn’t you.

  11. Narc: 2.7 46
    Mach: 3.9 97
    Psych: 3.4 84

    I’m surprised about the results. Should I consult a psychiatrist?

  12. 1 (3%) Narc

    -1 (0%) Mach

    .3 (0%) Psych

    Welp, I guess that would explain why I’m always the one who gets the short end of the stick.

  13. 2.8

    Mmm. I felt that my 3.0 needs to be higher. I am a tad emotional in some circumstances. It is only when i am in thr presence of people who hold immense power and influence or i am conversing about a subject which i very much love.

    I am 20 years old. Asian.
    Born in the city.

    Creative industry is what i am pursuing

    Have a nice day

  14. My results:

    1.4 N, 9th %ile
    3.0 M, 62dn %ile
    0.9 P, 3rd %ile

    It seems as though many people (especially here) are scoring much higher on Machiavellianism than on the other two metrics.

  15. I realize this is and old post, but out of curiosity, how would you recommend making Machiavellian logic second nature? I tend to default to traditional logic under pressure.

  16. Narcissism: 4 Percentile 100%
    Machiavellianism:3.2 Percentile 74%
    Psychopathy: 3.7 Percentile 92%

    I came across your website through Twitter and read all of your articles in a matter of days. Your writing has described all of my life, actions, relationships, word for word. Thank you for everything that you do.

  17. Seeing all the high numbers in these comments, particularly in psychopathy, is quite disconcerting to me. I suspect this is not indicative of the population at large, but it does make me wonder if such attitudes are more prevalent than I realize.

    The dark triad philosophy on the whole – while some aspects may be useful for increasing confidence and ‘taking control of your life’ – seems quite negative and counter-productive to leading a happy and fulfilling life.

    1.1 N
    1.7 M
    0.4 P

  18. Covert Cerebral Narcissist mutated to (High Mach) ”Never” go down to an empaths level – 97% mach – 100% narcissist

  19. Narcissism 20%
    Machevlian 78%
    Psychopathy 46%

    I’m sure this test is bullshit and subjective validation but whatever

  20. I first posted my (eye-opening) results here on 15 September 2015. They were:

    Narc — 0.7 (1%)
    Mach — 1.7 (14%)
    Psyc — 1.0 (3%)

    I’ve just taken the test again. It’s been 15 months since I first took the test; in that time, I’ve read your entire blog, follow your Tweets, read three of Robert Greene’s books and done other related readings. Here’s what my results are now:

    Narc — 2.2 (26%)
    Mach — 3.4 (84%)
    Psyc — 1.8 (15%)

    Thanks for your blog! Excellent work, my man.

  21. Narcissism: 3.9 (97%)
    Machevellianism: 4 (100%)
    Psychopathy: 3.7 (92%)

    I have been diagnosed with APD, so I can’t really say that I’m surprised.

  22. Narcissism: 2.4 (35%)

    Machiavellianism: 2.1 (23%)

    Psychopathy: 1.4 (9%)

    Although I have no malintent, I do have my streaks of gray. I am narcissistic in behavior, maybe not by motive though (with some feelings of entitlement). Not sure if that even makes sense. However, I would like to dwell more into Narcissism and use those factors as a positive means. I will definitely read on your essays in regard to all of this.

  23. Score (percentile)

    Narc – 2,1 (23)
    Macch – 1,0 (3)
    Psych – 1,4 (9)

    What really bothers me is the percentiles. The results don’t seem to be at all normally distributed, which would have most peolpe ending up in the mean (2,0) and then the number of people gradually decreasing towards higher and lower ends.

    Instead these percentiles seem to show that participants exhibit way higher dark triad traits than was expected by the test makers. Is this true or is my statistical knowledge way off??

    If this is true, then it surely explains the rise of narcissism and individualism you read all about these days. And if so I’m worried for the sake of humanity.

    Or am I wrong??? Please someone enlighten me in that case.

    1. Explanation:

      I scored 2,1 in narcissism, with 4,0 being the maximum. In other words, close to neutral. If most people would be neutral (as I assumed before taking the test), then the percentile of a score of 2,0 would be 50%. Meaning that half of test takers score higher and half lower.

      However, my percentile was 23, meaning that 77% of test takers scored higher than me in narcissism, even though i represent Neutral!

      This indicates that narcissism was higher than the test expected, possibly because it is becoming more normal. This has been shown in large-scale US population surveys, which find approximately 20% of Americans to be suffering from NPD these days (or is it the rest of us who suffer? Pun intended). Don’t ask me how researchers have approximated this number though.

      Is my statistical reasoning correct? Macchiavellianism seems to be quite normally distributed, however psychopathy seems to be skewed toward high results as well. The normal percentile of my score of 1,4 would be somewhere around 16%, but the percentile here is waay lower. This probably goes hand in hand with psychopathy being closely related to narcissism, just a tiny bit further down the spectrum.

      Related to this, I’ve just had my ass handed to me and dumped by my ex, in which relationship I acted the beta-bitch. Not surprising. Would be interesting to see her numbers, I would expect a bit higher results. However, in the process of healing my heartbreak i found TRP and am feeling more empowered by the minute! So thank you all!

      Thoughts on the results?

      ( Normal distribution here illustrated by an IQ-test: )

  24. I appreciate this blog for many reasons . But one simple reason strikes me, There are wolves out there , immoral and deceptive. It behooves me to learn about these wolves and how they work . I myself do not have to be like them, but if I can use their own dark triad tactics against them, so be it. Know your enemy gentlemen.

  25. So not much has changed since I took this test a year or so ago.

    (N) – 3.8 – 95%
    (M) – 4.0 – 100%
    (P) – 2.9 – 57%

  26. This is the best blog ever! I’ve discovered it suggested by my friend.
    Congrats man, we need more men like you out there.
    Thank you very much 😉

  27. n 3.2
    m 3.4
    p 2.8

    Took this a couple weeks ago…I feel a little saddened actually to see I’m not so dark as I wish I’d be

  28. N: 2.9
    M: 3.3
    P: 2.2

    QUESTION: Do you think those results show a good “starting point”? This is my first time exposed to all this cosmovision and I want to strive at it.

  29. N: 46

    Considering I’m at probably the lowest point of my life confidence wise due to an injury that’s forced me to put my life on hold for the past year, my narcissism score is lower than what It normally would be. Otherwise what I’d expect. I’m the most manipulative person I’ve ever met and I can spot it when I see it, and most people think I’m extremely nice except for a few close friends who have seen the way I think, surprisingly he are still friends so I think they respect that quality of mine on some level. I’m not sure what to take away from a 68 psychotic score though. I’m not surprised it’s higher than average but I don’t feel like a psychopath.

  30. Just a question regarding Narcissism as a learned trait, you discuss how Narcissism or at least a type of achievement-based narcissism can be learned or at least become a learned trait, but the book referenced (Malignant self-love) and all of the books I found on Amazon are specific in their advocacy against narcissism and how to defend oneself against a narcopath. I myself was brought up to despise the traits of a narcissist and to always humble myself growing up in a very strict religion. Now that I am no longer part of that religion I’m very curious how to go about developing more of a narcissistic personality trait. Would there be another book that you might recommend on developing that type of Personality trait since all of the books I find seem specifically biased against doing so, or it could be that you already wrote about it and another blog post and I just haven’t found it yet.

    Thanks, I love your blog

  31. N: 4

    I would have gotten a four for each individual spot if it wasn’t for the fact that I almost always avoid dangerous situations socially. I am an actual psychopath, an antisocial lacking anxiety. But I am too smart to risk rash social behavior, unless the benefits and drawbacks along with risk and potential reward catch my fancy in a positive light. Basically, I have trained the overpowering impulsivity out of myself.

    I love this blog. What views and methods I didn’t already apply to myself were here, where views and tactics that I loosely possessed and used respectively are reduced to clean science. And it’s benefited me. So take pride, not only do you create social juggernauts from the layman but you give the psychopath more information than he has been able to experience and deduce on his own.

    With much respect, I commend and applaud you for the works of art that are amalgamated within this website. Thank you. -Avant-Guardian

  32. 3.7 Narc
    4 Mach
    3.9 Psych

    Definitely ASPD here. I also scored a 35 on the Psychopathy checklist. I can see it though. I’m horribly boredom-prone and impulsive, never form emotional bonds with anyone, have committed a variety of felonies and misdemeanors, am a “natural Machiavellian,” etc. etc. I’m here because I’ve never seen the dark triad in a positive light until I discovered the red pill movement. And I’m mostly trying to develop my Machiavellianism, mostly out of passion for the art form, but also because I need to in order to be considered “high functioning” and successful. I want more interesting friends, more interesting enemies, more money, more power, more sex, more drugs, more liquor, more freedom and ability to travel and see the world.

    I also want to experience the joy that comes from absolutely dominating in psychic warfare.

  33. Narcissism : 4
    Machiavellianism : 4
    Psychopathy : 2.8

    Did 100% better than everybody in Narcissism And Machiavellianism (expected…), and 51% better than everybody in Psychopathy. Guess I might be Datk Triad material after all….

  34. Narc: 2.7
    Mach: 1.9
    Psy: 3.1

    I think this is accurate apart from the last one which is crap. My emotional responses are not ‘shallow’, quite the opposite tbh. Any emotional stress really affects me and can pre occupy me for hours. I feel a lot of guilt for certain actions and am very attention seeking/jealous person.

    Test seems to be a bit crap, seems to tell people who are unhappy with how they are/insecure that their actions are justified. Remember that only a tiny percentage of the population will have these traits. It’s called the 99th percentile for a reason.

  35. The results can be manipulated if you are able to detach yourself. If you want to appear good, you’ll be good.

  36. This test is easily manipulated! It also requires a lot of self awareness to be accurate. Most are not that self aware in my opinion and allow conditioning to answer these questions. If you read Robert Greene then its easier to score higher in the mach category. Also I bet the people with low scores are more manipulative than they think. The delusion that they are a good person prevents them from seeing some of their manipulations. The nicest people are the most manipulative in the sense that they don’t present their authentic selves. If you ask for a favor their reaction internally will be different from what you get externally. To be fair a mach is the same way.

    1. I had a similar thought but in the other direction. Some folks probably find the idea of being a ‘psychopathic and manipulative genius that can entrance anyone at will’ quite an attractive thing to brag about so answer click agree on for traits they wish they had. Chances are some couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag and would have trouble convincing a starving African to take free food.

  37. Psycho 70% 3.5
    Narc 76% 3.8
    Mach 66% 3.3

    23 here,
    I have a rough childhood, divorced parents, financial, abused
    Have been slept with prostitute for more than 50 times

    I just got dumped by my 2years LTR,
    I embrace my shadow (jung)
    Now I am ready to to develop my dark side

    Whether or not this test is accurate, it sure had gave me motivation

  38. Narcissism: 1 (3rd percentile)
    Machiavellianism: -1 (0 percentile)
    Psychopathy: 0.3 (0 percentile)

    Is this why I am never going to have a girlfriend?

  39. 3.4 Narc 84th percentile
    3.7 Mach 92nd percentile
    2 Psych 20th percentile

    The higher Mach score surprised me, I don’t consider myself that manipulative but apparently my natural response is more manipulative than I think.
    I am a diagnosed Narc, so that high score didn’t surprise me at all.

  40. Sterling work, some resonance going on. Being strategic, tactical and analytical without the other traits is really just a burden. I have wants, I develop many ways I could get them….can’t bring myself to take what I want for the emotional reaction it induces.

  41. I simply cannot do this test in a honest way because I know what answers put you in the dark triad persona, it’s too obvious. So yeah: 100% narc, mach and pysch for me. srs not srs.

  42. I cannot get an accurate result because it’s obvious which answers put you in the dark triad persona. So yeah: 100% narc, pysch and mach. Not really.

  43. Narcissism – 2.7 – 46%
    Machiavellian – 3.9 – 97%
    Psychopathy – 3.3 – 78%

  44. 1.8

    I see my enemies as inhuman obstacles who I would love to dominate, torture and/or kill.
    But, I cant bring myself to hurt innocent people or allies. I empathize with their pain. I dont know if this makes me a good leader or weak. But I need to garentee my power and survival for the next millenia, but i cant bring myself to hurt innocent people.

    I dont wish to dominate everyone, just my enemies. Im a freedom lover. but machiavelli says i need to be cruel to even my subjects and allies if i want to win. …… I need science to tell me what to do, i cant live without power.

  45. N 3.2 74%
    M 3.1 68%
    P 1.6 11%
    Can someone tell me how do my scores look ?
    Idk if they’re good or bad ?

  46. M 5
    N 4.9
    P 3.8

    On other tests I’ve gotten that I’m over 58% percent more darker than the average person
    But I can’t access my deep potential very well
    And that’s why I’m here,I lack control and I’m very impulsive that I can’t stick to a strategy
    I saw your archetype on my behavior (the king)
    Any tips on how I can graduate into the general?
    I get major respect and I’m very popular among women
    Like they approach me,but I can’t access that fast sexual strategy the dark triad has access to
    I’m scared and repressed bottom line
    Id appreciate your insight

  47. M 4.8
    N 3.1
    P 3.2

    This score does not surprise me in the slightest. I’m extremely logical and too self-aware to ever score high on narcissism, which requires a substantial dose of delusion. + I don’t enjoy being the center of attention and all that shit.

    Learning about these things is great though. Especially, knowing how to apply Machiavellian strategy once in a while if required can have a lot of benefit. Also, it’s fun in general to spot others using 48 Law tactics or seeing narcissists for who they are.

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