Fifty More Shades of Red

Fifty More Shades of Red
“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

1.) Introduction
2.) The Maxims
3.) Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

The maxims that comprise the bulk of this article are designed to educate men on the nature of women, as well as the nature of themselves in relation to women. Being a loose collection of maxims, the article is easy-to-read by merit of its broken down format. I’ve likewise adopted brevity here in the hope that the most prominent points will stick more easily.

The maxims listed are inclusive, but not exhaustive. As such, these maxims do not compromise the totality of wisdom available on this topic. This is part 3 in a continuing series, you can find part 2 here, and part 1 here.

2.) The Maxims:

IM MAXIM #101 – A woman’s charm comes from her happiness, a man’s, from his confidence. An inconsolable woman’s as unattractive as a timid man.

IM MAXIM #102 – Men must earn value, women must preserve it. It is because of this very reason a woman’s age is taboo whilst a man’s is not. The passage of time fares man better than woman.

IM MAXIM #103 – If you’re pining for a girl, next her. You’ve already lost, for it is she who should be pining for you. Be the prize, not the contestant, prizes never lose, contestants often do.

IM MAXIM #104 – Women play men like Mozart played piano. Men manipulate nature, women manipulate men. Civilization is man’s project, man is woman’s.

IM MAXIM #105Narcissism is a suit well-worn by a man, but one ill-fitting on a woman. Male narcissism is attractive to women, but female narcissism is not to man. Corollary: men with dark triad mothers are attracted to narcissistic women.

IM MAXIM #106 – A man must be more narcissistic than a women to attract her. In cultures which worship women, the average woman is more narcissistic than her male counterpart, where this occurs, great swathes of men are found unattractive.

IM MAXIM #107 – A difference in narcissism (female gratitude and male arrogance) is the great equaliser between the beauty of the feminine form, and the lack thereof common to men. When women are equally if not more narcissistic than men, such an equaliser vanishes. Being grandiose never hindered a man’s chances of getting laid.

IM MAXIM #108 – Give a woman less attention than she wants, and she will desire it. Give her as much of it as she wants, and she will not. Women quickly devalue the attention of a man who would attend to her every whim, so be frugal; it is easy for a man to be too generous, but near impossible for him to be too frugal.

IM MAXIM #109 – In matters of women, entitlement and worthiness is a matter of false equivalence; her level of entitlement almost always exceeds what she is worth.

IM MAXIM #110 – If she can find a way to blame a man for her decisions, she will. If she can find a way to avoid guilt, she will. Oft these two intertwine, for women are allergic to responsibility and loathe to be held accountable.

IM MAXIM #111 – Women have a propensity to distract you from your mission, do not permit this.

IM MAXIM #112 – The difference between girls and women is not so great as the difference between boys and men.

IM MAXIM #113 – A woman’s uppity moral facade is no more than a shaming mechanism designed to manipulate men into deference. Be shameless in your convictions, lest you allow her to co-opt you with guilt.

IM MAXIM #114 – Women cannot negotiate attraction with male weakness, but man is attracted to the vulnerability of the feminine. As such, sexually there can be no equality, for the very basis of female attraction necessitates the burden of strength falls squarely on man.

IM MAXIM #115 – Whenever there is a problem between a man and woman, the fault is always assumed to lie with the man and never the woman. And so because of this, the onus to fix the problem lies on the man, not the woman. Even when it is obvious that all if not most the blame lies with a woman, polite society will reject all good sense and insist that liability is man’s to bear. Would it then be a stretch to presuppose that even on the most subconscious of levels, people believe it easier to coerce a man than reason with a woman?

IM MAXIM #116 – Women define themselves by their relationships, men by their achievements. Refer to Maxim #104

IM MAXIM #117 – Female helplessness is an asset prompting charity and sympathy, male helplessness is a liability prompting disgust and aversion. Women are independent by choice, men have no choice.

IM MAXIM #118 – Any man who needs a woman is not a man she’d want. Women want to feel wanted, not needed, they can’t handle being needed. Needing a woman is tantamount to forfeiting her, women are repelled by desire that has transformed into need.

IM MAXIM #119 – Women are the needier sex and hence the deadlier sex; great need necessitates great duplicity.

IM MAXIM #120 – Logic is the realm of men, cunning is the realm of women, whilst strategy is the realm of male ingenuity.

IM MAXIM #121 – A woman’s sex appeal is the fulcrum on which she obtains everything, hence the misery of ugly women. It is woman’s instinct to leverage man’s desire to fulfil her material and emotional needs. Conversely, men merely leverage female desire for their sexual needs. Refer to Maxim #119

IM MAXIM #122 – Women loathe being sexually objectified by lesser men, crafting their disgust for the unworthy into a veneer of moral superiority. Yet hidden within this guise of upright disgust is a depraved desire to be objectified by a powerful man. The weak man gets nothing, the strong man enjoys her perversions.

IM MAXIM #123 – Snagging a high value man is women’s entire purpose for being, although she’s never quite sure she got the best deal possible. Refer to Maxim #116

IM MAXIM #124 – The balcony looks more impressive seen from the street than when stood on, hypergamy doesn’t realise this. Refer to Maxim #123

IM MAXIM #125 – Today’s women don’t believe men are manly enough, and today’s men don’t believe women are womanly enough. Both are correct, androgyny plagues our time.

IM MAXIM #126 – If a woman accuses you of cheating when you haven’t done anything, there’s a high chance she’s projecting her infidelity onto you – abandon her.

IM MAXIM #127 – The reason women set up their sons to be failures is because they can only see things from a female point of view. A son left in the sole care of his mother with no external masculine influence is being set up for failure. The most loving mother cannot adequately guide her son, for she lacks the abstraction necessary to understand or empathise with the male existential viewpoint. These are the limitations of her nature, not a choice.

IM MAXIM #128 – Women need their ex’s to be losers to feel like they made the right choice. If even one is a winner, her hypergamy will realise a glitch in its optimisation and thus the afflicted woman becomes awash with regret.

IM MAXIM #129 – If you place your trust on a woman’s conscience to compel her to do the right thing, then you are a fool by definition.

IM MAXIM #130 – The smarter the woman, the more nimble the rationalisation of her emotion. [See here for more.]

IM MAXIM #131 – Soul mates are top-tier fantasy men women have pedestalised in their collective subconscious. Men don’t have soul mates, they have women they like and women they don’t.

IM MAXIM #132 – As a man, win or lose, you have to take risks; being complacent and passive is a female privilege – men have the burden of performance. Taking risks is core to the personality of masculinity, when nature gave you XY chromosomes, this was ordained. Meek and lazy men get nothing.

IM MAXIM #133 – Masculine women are a poor simulacrum of man, for they capture man’s fierceness absent his reason or accountability.

IM MAXIM #134 – A woman hates a man who won’t give her what she wants, but she absolutely detests a man who does, and without a fight.

IM MAXIM #135 – As a woman ages, her capacity to attract a top-tier mate decreases, as a man ages, his capacity to attract a top-tier mate increases. In the relationship game women are smarter than men, for they settle as their value is dropping whilst men will settle as their value continues to rise.

IM MAXIM #136 – In matters of fertility and desirability, time is on man’s side, not women’s. From the male viewpoint, women appear to be in a rush to reach ever greater heights of commitment; the truth is, women are in a hurry because they more keenly experience depreciation. Refer to Maxim #102

IM MAXIM #137 – In relationships, an alpha male will give false opportunities for exercising power (like picking curtain colours) whilst subjugating firmly when needed. The feminine ego necessitates an illusion of inconsequential power.

IM MAXIM #138 – If you’re winning, women care about your tiniest grievances, when you’re losing, you’re dead to them.

IM MAXIM #139When you’re winning you can be rude and unruly and she will apologise for your mistakes. When you’re losing, she will blame you for her mistakes. Refer to Maxim #138

IM MAXIM #140 – Much like the weak parent gives in to the child to both their eventual detriment, the weak man does the same with his woman.

IM MAXIM #141 – In much the way a man cannot take sex, a woman cannot take commitment. Men seduce women into sex, women seduce men into commitment. Women pitch, men invest.

IM MAXIM #142 – The less emotionally available you are, the more emotionally available she is – the inverse is also true.

IM MAXIM #143 – The trick to defending male space from female influence is to shock 99% of female amygdalae. The remaining 1% will be a: smart, b: psychopaths, c: masochists.

IM MAXIM #144 – Innocence is women’s favoured illusion, and when seemingly present is almost always just that – an illusion.

IM MAXIM #145 – Don’t be honest with women you wish to admire you, if you are too truthful your honesty will offend, and in this offence a woman’s scorn knows no greater enemy than the trifling man who dared connect her with a less comfortable reality.

IM MAXIM #146 – Post break-up women move on quicker than men, they can do this because it’s easier for them to find a replacement, they invest less, and they excel at rewriting their memories to dismiss everything that was ever good about you.

IM MAXIM #147 – Women make great servants, but poor masters. It is ill-advised to give a woman power should you want the thing she has power over to flourish, or even remain intact and functional.

IM MAXIM #148 – Women are loyal to power at all costs, have it, and you have them, lack it, and they will betray you. Refer to Maxim #139

IM MAXIM #149 – If you are not a high energy dominant man, you’re unlovable to women. Women only love men more ruthless than they are. Any arrangement made in absence of such a personality is one of economic convenience, not love.

IM MAXIM #150 – A single woman is one who cannot secure investment, a single man is one who will not provide it. Refer to Maxim #141

3.) Relevant Reading:

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