Feminism is Socially Acceptable Bigotry

A while ago I was asked a question after I stated “feminism corrupts the relationship between a mother and her son.”

The question directed to me was:
What is the cause of fathers treating their children in the same way? (he worded his question poorly, but basically, if you’re blaming feminism for why some mothers behave like cunts to their boys then how do you explain some fathers being cunts to their boys?) he is somewhat presenting a false dichotomy with his question, but I suspect that is due to a lack of understanding or an inability to articulate well on his part, rather than an attempt to be devious.

This was my response to him:

Despite your disposition to view my opinion through filters of suspicion, this is nothing more than about analysing reality, if a father treats his child badly then there is a good chance that he is Dark Triad, and this makes a lot of sense seeing as women are commonly most sexually and romantically attracted to men whom possess the dark triad characteristics of machiavellianism, psychopathy and narcissism, naturally if a dark triad man values himself more than a woman within the confines of a romantic relationship or encounter, it stands to reason he would do the same within fatherhood. Dark triad men value themselves above all else, especially their commitments, this is not necessarily a bad thing, however I could write a whole article on that and shall digress no more into the topic.

As for feminism, it reverses gender roles so it affects men within themselves, how they view themselves and how they interact with women, but it also affects how women treat men, including how they raise their own boys. They tend to raise their sons to fit with their ideology, from the loving side they coddle them and make them their idea of the perfect Disney prince, but in all pragmatism this just makes said young boys weak and teaches them values which don’t result in success. On the more malevolent side of feminist-fuelled single motherhood if said woman feels a kind of hate or resentment for the young boy, they behave like emotional terrorists, bullies who wield psychological violence which sometimes manifests physically. Feminism makes women masculine and domineering whilst men meek and passive, it says it doesn’t believe in gender roles, but this is a facade, its practical effect is to actually reverse them via social engineering and bring about a perverse sort of female supremacism, which in actual fact makes many women feel disenchanted and anxious, resulting in all time low happiness for the female gender in the United States. Women are given a mixed message, they’re socialised to go against their base instincts, shamed for being motherly rather than the feminist mandated “career woman” and as a result many find themselves in a state of utter conflict, confused what the path to happiness for them and all their intricacies really entails.

The way that feminism makes women more aggressive and men more passive is through how it frames (represents and conveys) the genders within its rhetoric, women being stereotyped as fair and innocent, whilst men as members of an elite illuminati-esque all-powerful organisation known as “the patriarchy” the label applied to men collectively as a group, they are framed as calculating and predatory of their prey (women), when the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Women are almost always framed by feminism as victims and men are framed as perpetrators, whenever there is a female aggressor and male victim, the ideology does not usually acknowledge or respond, if it does one of its many indoctrinated spokespeople will attempt to suppress it or rationalise the female behaviour as seeming reasonable within the perverted confines of the mainstream media (a feminist friendly environment of saturated gynocracy) such pathetic examples for illicit behaviour could be something as simple as “oh he probably did something to upset her” blame shifting back to the man, as if all of a sudden, she’s not a human being responsible for her own actions, how convenient for her, this is a classic feminist play, deploying one of its favourite cards from the deck of bullshit, the victim card in the flavour of hypoagency.

Feminism teaches girls and young women that they need to prove themselves to the world and to do that they should become more aggressive, to compete with boys and see them adversarially which essentially leads to them exploiting boys with their beauty privilege and being intrinsically distrustful of them, it teaches these girls to have a negative relationship with men and everything male, whilst her biology craves masculinity, a perverse form of existential paradox. Whilst males indoctrinated with the ideology are taught they need to be apologists for the misrepresented and unproven actions of their ancestors and this “patriarchy”, that they should not embrace their gender identity or be too aggressive, not to be too competitive or be outspoken (the polar opposite of what they’re teaching girls) and ultimately to accommodate the sensibilities and whims of women. In this sense feminism is most perverse in its double standard, it is quite humorous that quite so many are brainwashed to believe that feminism really represents some form of equality, especially the males supporting it, of whom feminism actively undermines.

Feminism is a form of gender segregation, it promotes hostility and misandry. It is in effect, the racism of gender creating a duality of hostility in sentiment between the two different biological gender groups, and in contemporary western society its most certainly a form of unrecognised bigotry which needs to be identified for what it really is. It is an ideology of superiority, conceit and self-serving elitism. Feminism is not equality and stopped having any sort of relation to it after civil rights were achieved, third wave feminism is about as far away from egalitarianism as it gets, it is now a self-indignant supremacist movement, having been hijacked by the radicals, which spreads nothing but discord and inefficiency among the societies of which it inhabits. It is bigoted, it is vile, it is an ideology which hides its odious and insipid hatred for men by winning sympathy, by playing the victim, and the irony of playing the victim is it creates power, it not only wins support, hearts and minds but it obtains raw power via legislation, through the enactment of the misnomer “positive discrimination.”

Relevant link: Law 22: Use the Surrender Tactic to Transform Weakness into Power.