“Lucifer’s Daughter” – Introducing The Female Psychopath

Lucifer’s Daughter, The Dark Triad Woman

“To her you’re just a play thing; she’ll make you out to be a king, then she’ll set fire to your throne.”Anon

1.) Introduction
2.) Characterisation of the Female Psychopath
3.) Female Psychopathic Interpersonal Methodology
4.) Psychopathic Women & Sex
5.) In Closing
6.) Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

Dark triad women are women who possess zero negative empathy disorders; a “zero negative empathy disorder” is a term coined by autism researcher Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University. It effectively means: “a lack of affective empathy” (the ability to feel what another feels as they feel it, eg: sadness) in combination with a lack of moral concern for the well-being of others. Both must be present to constitute a zero negative empathy disorder, otherwise we end up with a different classification of empathy disorder such as autism.

Zero negative empathy disorders predominantly include narcissists and psychopaths, as well as borderlines to a lesser albeit significant extent. It excludes those on the autistic spectrum who are empathy-deficient, but typically neither Machiavellian nor morality negative. This article is based upon a woman who was in my estimation a type P (psychopath) or if we are to use a clinician’s term, a woman with anti-social personality disorder (ASPD).

You may see overlap in the description of women you have known diagnosed with different psychiatric disorders (bipolar, borderline, narcissistic personality disorder etc) in my descriptions of the type P here. However, such empathy deficient psychiatric disorders have marginal differences, mainly their underlying cause and the nature of their manifestation. The nature of their manifestation alluding to whether their behaviour is consistent with a personality running off a single mental schema (ASPD and NPD,) or a binary personality that follows a cyclical pattern of alternating schemas (borderline and bipolar).

People who are educated on the differences between various cluster B personality disorders will contend the last paragraph was ignorant if not controversial, but to the perception of the neurotypical person (the majority,) the outward differences manifested by cluster B personality types are superficially marginal. Case in point, going from the feedback I’ve had discussing female psychopathy with my readers, most men are unable to distinguish a psychopathic woman from a borderline. They think they’re one and the same – but they aren’t. In all fairness, the differences are marginal and one would need to get a little too close for comfort to discern such subtleties.

Nevertheless, in spite of the nuances pertaining to cause and manifestation, zero negative empathy disorders are effectively a collection of variations on psychopathy. To define psychopathic behaviour as an ASPD diagnosis rather than a lack of empathy combined with a lack of moral concern is disingenuous. Once you account for cause and manifestation, there is significant behavioural overlap between all zero negative empathy disorders.

Therefore it is prudent for the layman to term this collective group “psychopaths” and deal with them as such, for each behaves as callously and cunning as “a true psychopath” whether they have an ASPD diagnosis or not. A dark triad woman is as such, any woman with cluster B personality psychopathic inclinations, not merely a woman with an ASPD diagnosis (which is for a slew of reasons I don’t want to digress into, quite rare.)

In this article I discuss the female psychopath, or as a friend and I colloquially refer to them, “a Lucifer’s daughter.” The term “Lucifer’s daughter” was chosen to describe the cold contorted nature of the dark triad female; the choice of a religious term being to emphasise the dangerousness of such women.

2.) Characterisation of the Female Psychopath:

Psychopathic women are incredibly calculating, like their male counterparts they tend toward immoral action based upon the amorality of unconventional thought. They’re incredibly opportunistic and unsympathetic towards others, whilst competent at inauthentically simulating feelings for purposes of dissimulation. Their thinking is solipsistic yet pragmatic, their perception of others can be surmised as: “what does this person do for me, if nothing, what could they do for me and how can I manipulate them into providing that for me?”

Women with a type P empathy disorder are what I consider the crème de la crème, the quintessential epitome of the feminine psychopathic form. A high-functioning high IQ sadist, not the hapless histrionic borderline typically associated with female psychopathy. No, this woman is an apex predator who only casually adorns the clothing of sheep whenever such a thing appears to be the optimal strategy. She is a woman who runs rings around men, giving even male type P’s a magnificent run for their money.

The female psychopathic type I allude to, the type P, has a personality that is shrouded by a thinly concealed and barely contained undying rage. She’s like a little nuclear reactor in makeup and heels, superficially cute yet psychically volatile. Such women have the propensity to accentuate a neonatal appearance in order to convey a disarming innocence, one which belies the antithetical psychopathy characterising “the real them.” The idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” could not ring any truer than in the observation of a woman’s aesthetics, doubly so for dark triads and even more so the type P.

These are women of incredible psychological prowess who utilise the power of the victim in all its perverse and incredible might to amass a horde of allies who’ll put themselves on the line so that she need not. Like their narcissistic counterparts, for better or worse they excel at creating a cult of personality. Her honesty is more of the tactical, brutal and shit testing kind, deliberate and aggressive rather than clumsy and inappropriate; her pertinence but a weapon dressed in the clothing of honesty that is flaunted as a virtue when it is anything but.

To such a woman, there is no sanctity in human life, for an inability to pair bond lends itself to a crisp capacity to dehumanise and objectify effortlessly. She uses people like consumptive items (a can of drink, a pack of gum) and once they carry out the functions imagined for them, they are disposed of. If she finds another (new) use for them, the cycle will repeat. If she cannot, she’s gone. A small frail psychopathic woman need not lift a weight nor a finger, for if her psychopathy is accompanied by physical beauty, she has all the power necessary to command those around her. Type P women are social predators drawn to those in positions of power, their sole aim to co-opt influence.

Much like their male counterparts, female psychopaths possess a psychological plurality in who they decide to associate with. They are attracted to people who fall on the extremes of personality, not the average. For example, type P women are fond of the weak and naive. They love to make others instruments of their will, and the cognitively weak represent easy pickings for an intraspecies predator. Like any predator, whilst a battery of easy pickings is always necessary for hard times, the hunt is its own sport, a guilty pleasure for the bored psychopath. As such, the powerful are not just coveted for their influence, but likewise the challenge that they symbolise. She welcomes conflict, for prey that fights is the height of fun.

Early on such a woman can be quite charming. Once trust is built she changes tack, switching to coercion and calculated aggression. Despite being emotionally violent, she will blame the target for her abusive tirades, validating her cruelty upon the slightest observations of guilt or reticence. She will continue this systematic campaign of mental pressure (consisting mainly of push/pull tactics, veiled threats and wild accusations) until the other yields, her goal to emotionally exhaust the target into a pliable state. She does not care if she controls a person through fear or love, for both are merely means to the same end. Once a person falls into her web, she becomes very territorial of them. Commands are issued under the threat of gaslighting, should you defy her, she will escalate her assault to keep you complicit.

3.) Female Psychopathic Interpersonal Methodology:

Firstly, she will try to isolate you from your peers and family. She might do this by accusing you of something extremely unsavoury (e.g.: physical abuse) to win the sympathies of your natural allies. Once you are estranged from your emotional support, she will target you with more focus, gaslighting you with repetitive cycles of scorn and forgiveness; this will continue until you’re inculcated into believing her fabricated portrayal of events.

Psychopaths of higher intelligence incorporate elements of truth into their fabrications in order to make them plausible. Once you feel guilty enough to take responsibility for fictional events, she will leverage the responsibility you feel to reassert control. She will reel you back in, except angry that she had to exercise her grip on your reins, she will punish you for your attempt at escape. Psychopathic women are vulnerable to abandonment because they are extremely egotistical. It offends the sensibilities of the psychopath to communicate you have the power to leave them. Inversely, she may have no qualms with abandoning you, but the exit must be on her terms. If it is not, as a product of ego, she will relentlessly obsess in achieving vengeance.

The type P woman is a creature of schadenfreude, for those who don’t understand the term, it’s a loanword from German that directly translates as “harm-joy.” Put more aptly it means “to derive joy from another’s pain.” Type P woman have a knack for finding that someone or something which symbolises your weakness.  When they discover it, they will pervert, corrupt and expose it in an attempt to mount an attack against you.

Quintessentially psychopathic women make for fine tacticians. They understand the importance of monopolising the herd, that one must ostracise or be ostracised. Divisive by nature, divide and conquer is in their very nature. In line with their sadistic tendencies, they derive great joy from seeing your allies alienate you, be it immediate or gradual. The severity of the ploy used to ensure your ostracisation depends on the context and aim of the woman in question. It can be as mild as diminishing your popularity to reappropriate people’s favour, or something more akin to all out psychological warfare.

If you are weak, a type P woman will expose the full height of her power, downplaying subtlety and indirectness for a more brutish approach. However if you are powerful, she will puppeteer rather than colonise. In their dealings with the powerful type P women opt for charm rather than coercion, recognising direct conflict is less likely to lead to a desirable outcome. To become favoured they turn themselves into the target’s source of dopamine, overwhelming them with positive feelings in order to form mental dependence. At a glance this may sound harmless, but the intent is insidious nevertheless. The psychopathic women wishes a powerful target to crave her, for it is via that mechanism she can control them.

4.) Psychopathic Women & Sex:

Regardless of her specific cluster B classification, sex with a dark triad woman is never recommended. Typically when a man and a woman have sex there is a psychological power exchange that leaves the woman feeling exposed, and the man, stronger. This is not the case with a female type P. Such a woman does not feel “used up” for sexing her target, quite the contrary, she feels empowered, for she has acquired leverage. And should you ignore her leverage, you will prompt her to publicly reveal your liaisons, and when she does so with most elegant spin, spin that society is all too eagerly willing to eat up – “he took advantage of me!” If you’re a man and it’s your word against hers, you will lose.

If she can become a source of sex, you will become increasingly addicted to her. And should you choose to cut her off, she has the ability to threaten your reputation. When things turn ugly the sex becomes a weaponised secret, leverage for blackmail that can be used to threaten your job or your family should you not comply with her wishes. Even before she inevitably escalates she has won, because men are malleable when they are getting “crazy girl sex.” And should this man come to his senses and wish to escape her influence? She wins yet again because she has the leverage to blackmail. Such a man finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, for bribery does nought but win a promise of retreat, it does not negate her leverage. Nothing stops her taking a bribe for her silence, only for her to instigate further attempts at blackmail later on.

Psychopathic women covet secrets because they understand profoundly that the holder of secrets holds the keys to power. And so should such a woman be unable to uncover any secrets, she will create one to get the leverage she seeks. And what better way to do this than through “forbidden sex,” to fuck her target? The type P woman seeks leverage by any means necessary. Knowing that the powerful will be incredibly resistant to a more direct approach, she adopts an insidious albeit innocuous one.

Despite the predatory nature of type P women, the malevolence of their nature is normally rationalised by self-identifying as a victim. The whole filter for their reality is seen through that of an unaccountable victim’s, and it is within this mental construct they self-justify carte blanche ruthlessness. The objective predator uses the psychology of prey to justify its predation, a marvellous feat of self-deception. And thus so it is apparent – the truly best deceivers begin with themselves.

5.) In Closing:

Type P women have no concept of loyalty, their loyalty is only for their self-interest. They are the centre of their world; everyone else is just an observation, a pawn, a by-product, a target, an obstruction and so forth. Due to empathy deficiency and an incapacity to pair bond, they epitomise the distrust they hold for others. Their power but a combination of their attraction and machiavellian prowess. This is how they attain gratification and stimulation in a world they feel perpetually disconnected from and underwhelmed by.

Perversely, the closest thing to bonding a dark triad woman experiences is when she tortures a target with her more aggressive side. The relationship between abuser and abusee is the closest thing to love a type P woman is capable of; somewhat ironically this is how they “love”, call it reverse Stockholm syndrome if you will.

Like other dark triad women, the type P thrives in chaos, she holds nothing but contempt for peace, for with peace there is no emotional energy to harness and self-stimulate. Think of dark triad women as human poltergeists, they need conflict in order to feed their compulsion to dominate their surroundings. Where a chaos deprived atmosphere pervades for too long, they will go out of their way to create drama as a way of reasserting dominance.

Psychopathic women are not well-suited to any but the most empathy deficient and thrill-seeking of men. Even her relationship with a dark triad man is nought but a union of two sadistic thrill seekers engaged in a perpetual wrestle for power. If you are not high enough on the psychopathy spectrum to derive enjoyment from the conflict of a psychopathic woman’s unending histrionics, you’d do well to steer clear. Believe me when I say the mere words here do no justice in expressing the true severity of what they describe. If you meet one of these women and aren’t dark triad yourself, run and don’t turn back.

6.) Relevant Reading:

Wisdom of the Psychopaths is written by Professor Kevin Dutton of Oxford, he talks about the positives of psychopathy and how they are crucial to certain job roles (soldiers, surgeons, finance etc.) When you want to know how psychopathy manifests and effects different industries, this is what you want to read.

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Professor Simon Baron-Cohen discusses various kinds of empathy deficiency, including psychopathy, borderline personality and narcissism. He also goes into detail about the neuroanatomy of the brain’s empathy circuit. When you want to understand the complexity of empathy disorders, this is the book you’re looking for.

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Buy “Zero Degrees of Empathy” in the UK
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