Fifty Shades Redder

Fifty Shades Redder

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” – Isaac Asimov

1.) Introduction
2.) The Maxims
3.) In Closing
4.) Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

Much was covered in the article preceding this, Fifty Shades of Red. However, I remember thinking when writing the piece that there was much more to say. In light of that, as well as the resoundingly positive response the previous article received, I thought it only apt to pen a follow-up.

2.) The Maxims:

IM MAXIM #51 – “Women are mercenary. They do whatever it takes to win. They will switch sides or outright lie to secure the man they deem their best option. That’s what you are to a woman. An option.” Refer to Maxim #45.

IM MAXIM #52 – “Society claims a woman shown your deepest fears will appreciate “your true essence.” This is a myth, a grandiose lie. The average man naively expects a woman to treasure his vulnerability in much the way he does hers. She cannot. Presented with such a burden, a woman will plan her exit. Your vulnerability will not be tolerated. Such a man’s error is conflating his innate attraction to female vulnerability with a reciprocal attitude. There is no reciprocal attraction. Pre-sexual revolution, men knew this acutely.”

IM MAXIM #53 – “Superficial vulnerability from a position of power is attractive to women, this is what it means to “open up.” Substantive vulnerability, eg: being insecure, is not.” Refer to Maxim #52.

IM MAXIM #54 – “You think sharing your weakness demonstrates trust and love. You believe you can bond over your pain. You believe wrongly. All she sees is the repulsiveness of your weakness. She does not respect your weakness, your pain, or how difficult it was for you to share your pain with her. Women do not care. They can admire your persistence in the face of such, but not your need to express it.” Refer to Maxim #52 and #53.

IM MAXIM #55 – “Money on a man looks like makeup on a woman. Money is makeup for men.”

IM MAXIM #56 – “Money is more important than women. Chase money, not women. You are more likely to get women chasing money than you are to get money chasing women. Without money or godlike genetics, you’re playing on hard mode. Money makes everything better, the quality of woman you can get is the epitome of such, not the exception.” Refer to #Maxim 55

IM MAXIM #57 – “Men control an interaction by being nonreactive; women control an interaction by being emotionally intense.”

IM MAXIM #58 – “Women feed off excess emotion, men tire from it, with the exception of anger indulgence. Woman’s emotional nature thus makes her highly histrionic. Corollary: men with cluster B personality disorders are histrionic and thrive on emotion. In this way, they are similar to women. You will see many similarities between women and dark triad men (particularly narcissists) if you look closely enough.”

IM MAXIM #59 – “Women thrive on drama, it allows them to weaponise emotion and push an agenda. Starve them of emotion, and they have nothing to fight with. A woman starved of emotion will become desperate to sustain her psychological onslaught. As such, she will attempt to pry it from the dead, exaggerating observations and manufacturing issues in order to sustain the indignance necessary to maintain her psychological assault.” Refer to Maxim #57.

IM MAXIM #60 – “Women are psychologically violent.”  Refer to Maxim #45, #57, #58 and #59.

IM MAXIM #61 –  “Effeminate men and masculine women are undesirable. We are programmed to help women and respect men, not the reverse. Women get social power from being pitied, men get respect (and thus social power) from being powerful. The reverse is not true.”

IM MAXIM #62 – “Women are the biggest potential threat to your long-term happiness. In the words of Nietzsche: “she is the most dangerous plaything.” Always be guarded. Many of history’s greatest men fought in wars, beat poverty and built vast commercial empires. What is the one thing that unites the undoing of such glorious men? Women.”

IM MAXIM #63 – “Always protect the core of your essence, should you choose to let her in, never let her in completely. See yourself as a castle, let her into the castle, but do not give her the key to the heaviest door. She will notice the door is closed. She will ask you what’s behind the door and if “you can let her in?” Ignore her protests and manipulations. Never open that door. Not a woman alive other than perhaps your mother is worth opening this door for. If you believe love entails “sharing everything,” you don’t understand love.” [See here for more.Refer to Maxim #50, #51 and #62.

IM MAXIM #64 – “Women lead double lives. She will project a strong outward good girl facade whilst engaging in acts of depravity in secret. We know whoring reduces a woman’s value. They know this too. But rather than simply not whore, they would prefer to deceive.”

IM MAXIM #65 – “The more sexual partners she’s had, the more mentally damaged she is. Women who have slept with lots of men dehumanise and objectify men through sex. Such women are poor relationship prospects. Aware this damages their value and in a bid to have men take them seriously, they distort their past by playing down their number.” Refer to Maxim #64 and #67

IM MAXIM #66 – “If you really want to know a woman’s notch count (number of partners), feign non-judgement. Indicate you have slept with hundreds of women. From comfort, follows truth.”

IM MAXIM #67 – “The majority of women would rather improve their capacity to deceive than change anything non-superficial about themselves.”

IM MAXIM #68 – “Women’s interest in the field of academic psychology is nothing more than a manifestation of her innate Machiavellian disposition seeking to enhance its efficacy.” Refer to Maxim #45, #64 and #67.

IM MAXIM #69 – “Women hold men to a higher standard of morality than they hold themselves. As such, they are prone to adopting the moral high ground in an attempt to “appear clean” whilst manipulating another. Never supplicate.” Refer to Maxim #64.

IM MAXIM #70 – “A woman’s mistakes never count, a man’s are never forgotten.” Refer to Maxim #32 and #60.

IM MAXIM #71 – “A man raised fatherless, or to a weak father, has a high chance of becoming effeminate. A woman raised fatherless, or to a weak father, has a high chance of becoming masculine. Poorly raised children make for dysfunctional adults. Such individuals can undergo self-improvement and reprogram themselves over a period of time, but such things are rare and far from optimal. If you are a parent: do right by your kids. Men, be manlier, less lenient. Women: you are not more important than your family. You are nothing without them. Betray your children and their father at your peril.”

IM MAXIM #72 – “If you’re not where you want to be in life, do not have serious relationships with women. Her perception of you will remain rooted in the former version of yourself and her needs/issues will hinder your progress. Whilst you’re trying to build your business and body, she will whine, spread negative energy, and burden you with her problems. Her negativity will infect you, hindering your growth. If you’re not where you want to be aspirationally, you have no need for a serious relationship.”

IM MAXIM #73 – “Rarely are women an asset, they are a responsibility and thus a liability. Women are a black hole for money, time and all other valuable resources you possess. This is why your time/commitment has value. Do not squander it, do not let it be appropriated. Be selective in your associations.”

IM MAXIM #74 – “Women are entitled. Assume all are, because even if some aren’t, most are. It’s not a question of “is she entitled?” but rather a question of “is she not?” Scarcely does a woman show appreciation for the labour of man. Is there a problem your woman wants you to fix? It’s not a request, it’s a demand. In her eyes, its is your obligation rather than your choice to help her. You don’t get respect, credit or appreciation for helping entitled women because their narcissistic natures find them inherently deserving. A woman can be conditioned out of this behaviour, but if she isn’t, she will default to it.”

IM MAXIM #75 – “Women scarcely appreciate and commonly expect.” Refer to Maxim #74

IM MAXIM #76 – “Women are solipsistic, not abstractive. They do not care about things that do not affect them. If you want a woman to care about something, you have to show her how it affects her on a personal level. Otherwise, she will be disinterested and indifferent.”

IM MAXIM #77 – “Solipsism means women do not perceive the world as an abstract entity, but merely as a stimulus that they experience. As such, their view of reality does not perceive independent of themselves, but strictly in relation to themselves.”

IM MAXIM #78 – “Women are highly susceptible to groupthink and herd consensus. Women do not like to stick out, they strive to be “seen as normal.” This is likewise true to a degree with men; however, with women, the effect is far more pronounced.”

IM MAXIM #79 – “The majority of women define themselves by their beauty, and so never become anything greater than their bodies. Women without beauty who define themselves by their intellect are often jealous of women who have beauty because they resent having to work harder to achieve similar or lesser social success.”

IM MAXIM #80 – “If you are not in the top 20% of men, you do not exist. Whenever women talk about how men have it easier, they refer to the top 20% of men. Women are so privileged they do not even stop to notice the struggles of the great swath of men beneath them. These men are “the invisibles,” by merit of hypergamy they do not exist, not even as a blip on her radar. Should such a man become a blip, he is a creep to be shunned, shamed and shooed.”

IM MAXIM #81 – “Never enter relationships you can’t leave. If you catch yourself forming dependence, it’s time to leave.”

IM MAXIM #82 – “Women are fickle, do not depend on them. More generally speaking, you should depend on people for specific functions, but segregate such functions. Therefore, if one domino falls, the rest are unaffected. This allows you to be outcome independent and replace people who stop performing a role. Epitomise this attitude in your interactions with women for a noticeable boost in game.”

IM MAXIM #83 – Reputation is everything to women. It is more important to her than any moral concern, rule or abstract principle. Refer to Maxim #45 and #51. [See here for more.]

IM MAXIM #84 – “Women detest criticism and judgement in any form. Even when intended constructively, they will misperceive an attack upon their reputation. Women can’t handle criticism. They ask for the truth out of ego and self-importance, but they cannot handle it. Hence why people tend to use baby talk with women and sugar-coat things rather than “telling it like it is.” Refer to Maxim #83

IM MAXIM #85 – “Ignore what she says, watch what she does. Women lie with incredible frequency. Combine this with solipsism devoid of self-awareness, and you do not have someone whose words bear any relation to reality. Corollary: don’t mention the red pill to women, just practice it. They will hate the ideas, but love the effects.”

IM MAXIM #86 – “Women are obsessed with claiming they/their gender has a mastery over qualities that they scarcely possess. Eg: logic, maturity, thoughtfulness, introspective self-awareness etc.”

IM MAXIM #87 – “Women are perpetual adolescents. Women mistake confidence and preferences with maturity, but such things are neither. Assertiveness is not maturity. Maturity is measured by the level of responsibility one can assume, as well as the capacity to sufficiently cope with the pressure that said responsibility entails. Women perform poorly on both metrics in comparison to their male counterparts.”

IM MAXIM #88 – “A woman scarcely matures past 18. She simply becomes pickier and more entitled with age, mistaking self-aggrandisement for enlightenment, although such is the contrary. Likewise, women infinitely obsess over the maturity of individuals, using it as a point of contention to manipulate people. And so it is with profound deadpan irony that women shit test men on their maturity, deeming male behaviour they disagree with as boylike. Women mature faster than men, but they do not mature for as long as men. As such, they mature less.” Refer to Maxim #87

IM MAXIM #89 – “The feminine is, by its nature, attention seeking, histrionic, whiny, tearful, prone to delusion and weak at introspection. Traits we would typically associate with children. It is therefore not unfair to say that women do not mature as much as men, but rather, unfair to say that they do.” Refer to Maxim #87 and 88.

IM MAXIM #90 – “Women play games. Women say they do not play games and hate those that do. This is part of their game.” Refer to Maxim #45

IM MAXIM #91 – “A woman’s lower brain will eventually trump her higher brain, assuming it does not do so instantly. The underlying mechanisms which govern female behaviour are universal, rather than unique. Furthermore, such mechanisms trump higher reason in matters of female decision-making. This is what we mean by “AWALT.” People who mistake “AWALT” as an assertion that the more superficial aspects of women are identical have missed the point.”

IM MAXIM #92 – ” A man’s manhood is deduced from the likeability of his actions, a woman’s womanhood is simply assumed by merit of her age. In a reversal of how women deem male behaviour they disapprove of to be boylike, women will distinguish between girls and women to dismiss negative criticism about women. For example, your typical woman would rationalise the wisdom here doesn’t describe her because these maxims are true of girls, not women. And naturally, a woman idiotic enough to engage in such a rationalisation will always see herself as the woman, never the girl.” Refer to Maxim #87 and 88.

IM MAXIM #93 – “If a woman is attainable, but you believe she is out of your league, she is. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

IM MAXIM #94 – “Depth to men lies in logical complexity and philosophy. Depth to women is the process of interpreting and examining the meaning of her emotions.”

IM MAXIM #95 – “The more beautiful a woman is, the more men will accept or even enable the most contrived nonsense from her. You would do better not to accept it at all.”

IM MAXIM #96 – “A man who commits easily and gives attention freely is the male equivalent of a slut to women. He will be used, but by nature of his availability and the ease of which his emotional intimacy is available, never desired. This one-sided dynamic is that which constitutes the fabled friend zone.”

IM MAXIM #97 – “Women need and crave masculinity in their lives. If you are in a relationship, but not sufficiently masculine, your woman will cheat on you. It’s not so much a matter of ‘if’ as it is a matter of ‘when.’ As such, a relationship’s success is your primary responsibility, not hers.” Refer to Maxim #72.

IM MAXIM #98 – “If you’re not a man who is comfortably masculine, women will emotionally abuse you until you finally learn to be masculine. Their nature, although unintended, perversely serves in much the manner that tough love does. How she hurts you will give you the impetus necessary to become a better man. It is women who drive men to the red pill.”

IM MAXIM #99 – “Men are inherently distrustful of women because their logical inconsistency vitiates their credibility. Women are inherently distrustful of men because they fear his physical desire absent of a willingness to commit.”

IM MAXIM #100 – “The low value man can do nothing right, the high value man can do nothing wrong. The higher your social value, the less the rules apply.”

3.) In Closing:

So that’s part 2 finished, and a 100 maxims penned. What are your favourite maxims? Do you think one can be improved? Spotted a mistake? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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