Fifty Shades of Red (Part 4)

“You need only look at the way in which she is formed, to see that woman is not meant to undergo great labour, whether of the mind or of the body.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

1.) Introduction
2.) The Maxims
3.) In Closing / Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

The maxims that comprise the bulk of this article are designed to educate men on the nature of women, as well as the nature of themselves in relation to women. Being a loose collection of maxims, the article is easy-to-read by merit of its broken down format. I’ve likewise adopted brevity here in the hope that the most prominent points will stick more easily.

The maxims listed are inclusive, but not exhaustive. As such, these maxims do not compromise the totality of wisdom available on this topic. This is part 4 in a continuing series, you can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

2.) The Maxims:

IM MAXIM #151 – If she suddenly stops wanting your attention, she’s getting attention of equal or greater value elsewhere.

IM MAXIM #152 – The older the woman, the greater her sense of urgency, the older the man, the more reluctant his urge to commit.

IM MAXIM #153 – All sensations of dread inflicted onto you by her should be responded to with equal or greater dread.

IM MAXIM #154 – To conquer a woman’s ego, frame everything she does as suspicious, call her out, neg her, dismiss her, and you will win. The beauty of this strategy is not even her awareness can diminish its efficacy, for aware or not, dominance is dominance.

IM MAXIM #155 – Preface everything she says with “right now I feel like” and you will understand her better, for she is capriciously fickle.

IM MAXIM #156 – Her intentions are byproducts of her mood, not binding statements derived from a code of honour; a change in mood will as such void all and any prior declarations of intent made by her.

IM MAXIM #157 – Women have to work hard to be likeable, men have to work hard to be fuckable.

IM MAXIM #158 – If she says she needs space, neither argue nor plead. Withdraw all attention. Disappear. The ease with which you depart will make her second guess her decision.

IM MAXIM #159 – Her need to feel safe should outweigh her infantishly narcissistic need to be in charge of things she doesn’t want to be held responsible for.

IM MAXIM #160 – It’s hard for a child to understand the existential pressures of being an adult. To a lesser degree albeit significant degree, the same is true of women with men.

IM MAXIM #161 – A woman with confidence issues can get a quality man because it’s a passive, feminine trait. Boldness is man’s burden.

IM MAXIM #162 – Behind every messed up young woman who had potential is a man who broke her heart, or a misandrist harpy whispering venom into her ears.

IM MAXIM #163 – For all her wiles and prowess in charming and deceiving others, womankind isn’t so good at decision-making. The reason she’s great at the former is the same reason she’s poor at the latter, she’s evolved to “fit in”, not to evaluate with, nor value reason.

IM MAXIM #164 – When you’re in a relationship with a woman, you must drag her up or she’ll drag you down.

IM MAXIM #165 – When women win, everyone loses, women included. They are masochists with a penchant for self-destruction and will destroy themselves as well as any who would help them – if you let them. Refer to Maxim #164

IM MAXIM #166 – Egotistical women think they’re above submissiveness because they’ve forgotten their place, but alphas seek submission, not conflict.

IM MAXIM #167 – Most young women are overly cautious with men because they are mindful of his sexual intent, yet when it comes to insidious older women who would corrupt them, they are gullible. Refer to Maxim #162

IM MAXIM #168 – Men thrive when they’re in touch with reality, but women thrive when they’re insulated from it, for the very loss of innocence which strengthens man damages woman.

IM MAXIM #169 – Despite the cultural narrative that it is men who are the cheats, women are responsible for the majority of adulterous divorce. Women have more opportunities to cheat and are less innately virtuous, thus only by mechanism of constant and ruthless discipline do they properly behave.

IM MAXIM #170 – A woman’s virtue is directly proportional to the level of ruthlessness her man subjects her to. Refer to Maxim #169

IM MAXIM #171 – If she characterises you as villainous, unsavoury, unethical, or otherwise morally reprehensible – you’re winning.

IM MAXIM #172 – A woman who boasts of her capacity to feign submissiveness is not a real woman, she is but a charlatan of artifice, the womanly equivalent of the faux dominant man.

IM MAXIM #173 – Loyalty is not a female trait. Refer to Maxim #170

IM MAXIM #174 – Despite her claims to the contrary, women care less about a man’s ethics than his genes and accomplishments. As such, women will rationalise around the impropriety of the former in order to reap the benefits of the latter. Refer to Maxim #170 and Maxim #171

IM MAXIM #175 – Men are meant to lead women, but women are naturally more cunning than men, consequently the most effective men are highly cunning leaders.

IM MAXIM #176 – Feeling safe with a man who could kill her is insatiably aphrodisiacal for woman, for the simultaneous tingle of attraction amalgamated with a most sensual of gentleness is her most harmonious opiate.

IM MAXIM #177 – When she ignores your shit tests, ignore her existence.

IM MAXIM #178 – If you always make her come to you first, you win. By not chasing her, you subtextually communicate you don’t need her and have other options. By chasing you, she is investing upfront and thus subconsciously affirming to herself she needs you. See law 8.

IM MAXIM #179 – Man’s burden of performance and need to prove his masculinity is often weaponised against him by women in an attempt to have him do things that run counter to his interest.

IM MAXIM #180 – Women are so invertedly egotistical that no matter how damaged they are, they seek not to be fixed, but “merely” desired and accepted irrespective of their undoings.

IM MAXIM #181 – You never get a break with women. If you choose poorly, she will be entitled, arrogant and demanding. She can be put in her place, but she will rebel often. If you choose a quality woman, she will be insecure and needy. Either way she is emotionally erratic, and thus either way, she will test you unrelentingly to feel the authoritative security of your dominance.

IM MAXIM #182 – Women care not for manly emotions, for they are emotionally selfish, self-centred. Women respect man’s ability to make them feel a range of emotion, their penchants being to feel desired and to feel pain.

IM MAXIM #183 – A woman who wants to war more than she wants to serve, is a woman unfit for, and undeserving of, a relationship. Refer to Maxim #166

IM MAXIM #184 – Real women are submissive, and submissive women crave safety, not control. Fake submissives have an unreconciled conflict between feminism and their true natures.

IM MAXIM #185 – Irrespective of her quality, women crave a villain who isn’t afraid to treat her like the war prize her female ancestors were.

IM MAXIM #186 – Due to the absence of a consistent and non-contradictory narrative, the opinions of women are close to worthless. Refer to Maxim #155

IM MAXIM #187 – You are always at war with her. Even if she needs you, she will fight you to both of your detriments. If you’re not the boss, you’re nothing to her.

IM MAXIM #188 – Due to their innately masochistic nature, women try to destroy themselves as well as any man who would dare help them. Refer to Maxim #180 and 187

IM MAXIM #189 – When men fail in their capacity to subdue feminine chaos, when her waves of tyrannical emotion smash through the walls, nothing but the abyss remains.

IM MAXIM #190 – Be under no illusion, women are the chaos element of humanity, men are the order element. It is man’s duty as such to subdue women’s chaos via the righteousness of his noblest discipline. Refer to Maxim #189

IM MAXIM #191 – In a crisis your first concern should not be to fix the problem, but to handle her emotional state. Once her emotions have been handled, it is then and only then she will allow you to address the problem, for until her emotions have been managed, she will be uncooperative and do little but panic and whine.

IM MAXIM #192 – Where women are concerned, it always ends in emotion. Feelings are all the majority of women know, yet even amongst those who know logic – feelings constitute their prime value system. Logic is a quaint peculiarity, if not an outright obnoxious annoyance to the feminine.

IM MAXIM #193 – Smart egotistical women fake submissiveness and wield it as a tool to get what they want. Refer to Maxim #195

IM MAXIM #194 – She must feel like she needs you more than you need her, if she doesn’t, she will think she’s better than you. As a man, you don’t get to be needy, this freedom to be weak is the sole purview of the feminine. Refer to Maxim #199

IM MAXIM #195 – Womanly submissiveness is crack to the masculine soul.

IM MAXIM #196 – Men are superior workers, women superior breeders; men do better in the economy, women do better reproductively.

IM MAXIM #197 – If she’s not a producer, she’s not a keeper. A lazy woman makes for a poor partner, and an even poorer mother.

IM MAXIM #198 – If things become desexualised for any extended period of time, you’re in trouble. A cessation of flirtation foreshadows relational ominousness.

IM MAXIM #199 – Sometimes destruction must precede creation in order for the optimal to be born anew. In this vein and given sufficient skill, man can destroy woman to rebuild her into his desired image, yet if woman is allowed to destroy man, know this: she will leave him to rot.

IM MAXIM #200 – If she can get over you quickly, you weren’t brutal enough with her.

3.) In Closing / Relevant Reading:


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