Mental Models: Abundance vs. Scarcity

Mental Models - Abundance vs. Scarcity

“If you can imagine yourself being happy in spite of rejection, then “the power of no” becomes moot and you achieve outcome independence.”

Due to the formation of the system we live in and how it’s set up (predominantly, social inequality and counter-productive institutionalised ideology) the energy that people tend to exude is negative. Negative energy acts as a repellent, if others are chronically negative, you will want to avoid them and likewise if you are poignantly negative then others will do their utmost to avoid you. Negativity is synonymous with powerlessness and powerlessness is the ultimate form of scarcity. Scarcity is never attractive, neither socially nor sexually.

If you encounter a positive person they are either: aware of the game and have a reasonable amount of control over their own life (privileged and/or intelligent enough to be free), too stupid to understand their own powerlessness, or actively rejecting reality and superimposing projections of fantasy in its place. Many people, mostly beta men and women, opt to hold the idea of fantasy as a preferred reality, they are good at rationalising desire and idealisation as fact regardless of if such ideas have actually been experienced or proven.

People for the most part tend to be negative because without delusion and escapism to keep them preoccupied they find themselves existing in a state of scarcity, these are the people who live their lives feeling powerlessness, when one feels so powerless that their ambition for power is lacking, they avoid reality by hiding in fantasy, they avoid reality rather than accepting it and using the awareness from said acceptance to build a foundational power base. These are the types of people who always feel like they are the effect of things rather than the cause of things, this is a mode of thought which is inherently beta, it is self-defeating and avoidant rather than pursuant in improvement. A rejection of the truth is the quickest path to weakness.

In the working classes people often don’t have enough money to pay their bills, they don’t have enough money to pay their rent and yadda yadda, this is the reason why a great number of the overall population is negative, for it is the working class which is the biggest social group, by the very nature of its own powerlessness, the pyramid is always widest at the bottom. In the lowest social groups basic needs cannot be met and the inability to fulfil these needs results in morbid frustration which translates into parasitically contagious negativity. This is the most concentrated form of scarcity in modern society and thus is where negative energy particularly thrives, the working class view the world through a filter of scarcity materially and this seeps into their social interactions causing them to perceive people from a position of inferiority.

Move up to the middle class and the problems of material scarcity are no longer such an issue, basics are afforded, as are things considered luxuries to the working class but essentials to the middle class, such as a “nice car”, a “decent smartphone” and a trip abroad at least once a year, however even with basic needs met and disposable income at the ready, the middle class have been sold a much more opulently luxurious lifestyle than the one that they live, for it is the very nature of consumerism to create an insatiable appetite to desire luxury goods, the middle class suffer from “luxury scarcity” which is essentially working class “material scarcity” on steroids.

You can blame MTV music videos and aggressive advertising for the middle classes’ “luxury scarcity” and thus their powerlessness is not based upon scarcity in and of itself but ultimately their negativity stems from jealousy, a desire to have only the very best society has to offer married to an inability to possess that certain Bugatti Veyron or condo with a sea view. They envy the rich, they ignore the poor and legitimately “feel poor” because by ignoring the “real poor” and focusing all their jealousy on the rich, within their own world they are by contrast of the subjectivity of their own perception, the least wealthy. The irony is that these people have far more than at least half the population who live in working poverty do. The scarcity mindset has a proclivity to permeate the middle, although it is not based on rationalism like it is with the working class but rather, jealousy.

Move up to the rich/upper class and of course you find an abundance of resources, yet still very many of these people live in a mindset of scarcity. They have so much wealth that they have neither material nor luxury poverty, they have “love poverty” they’re not sure who to trust, they’re often paranoid, cynical and sceptical because they have a lot to lose. The insecurity of the rich also manifests as comparing themselves to the super rich, 5 million doesn’t seem much to a guy who has a friend with 50 million, although 5 million is enough to not have to ever work again and still live good.

Whilst a middle class individual compares themselves to a millionaire, a millionaire compares himself to a multi-millionaire and a multi-millionaire compares himself to a billionaire. Who does a billionaire compare himself to? A god, a mega celebrity or an esteemed historical figure. There is an insatiable appetite for glory manifesting as scarcity among most of humanity, even among the wealthy. Scarcity within the rich manifests as insecurity, there is always someone richer or more powerful and if they aren’t focussing on those better than them, they’re focused on those slightly less powerful than them posing a threat to their position and possessions. Being rich is stressful, but for different reasons, and the scarcity is emotional, not material. The scarcity of human connectivity is what the rich tend to suffer from as by merit of being so materially rich, trust becomes an issue (are they only interested in me because of my money?) and isolation thus tends to become a part of life, even in matters of family.

The truth is, no matter what position you hold in society, the de facto energy that people tend to carry is negative in its nature. Negative energy is everywhere which is why a positively charged person is a beacon of light in a sea of darkness, people will be attracted to the positivity you choose to exude whilst in an abundance mindset, however that attraction will not always be welcome.

Some will want to befriend you and spend time languishing in your aura exchanging jokes and good feelings, others will be outraged you’re so happy and will try to pollute your energy with negativity. Many times in my own life I’ve been accused of being “too energetic” or “so lively” or questioned pretentiously “are you high?” or “why are you so happy?” by people who were attracted to my positive mind state for the wrong reasons rather than the right, with jealousy rather than enthusiasm. There is a sizeable demographic of society permeating class boundaries who have become perfectly comfortable with misery and they perpetuate it, often, unknowingly, as a matter of habit. They are payday loan borrowers, college teachers and yacht owners. Avoid these people at all costs and more importantly, avoid being that person yourself.

The quantity of people in your life is irrelevant to the energy you carry. The quality of people in your life is what is relevant to whether you possess a positive or negative aura about yourself. Every person should have a purpose and they should all add something. The no gooders have no place in the lives of great people, they are a faceless audience, hating and criticising, they’re spectators unworthy of companionship, they are neither supporters, nor players.

It is far better to have an absence of negative people in your life whilst concentrating on harnessing your own energy into a default positive state rather than endure the demeaning negativity of the helpless, the dysfunctional, the irritating and the spiteful. There are many types of toxic people out there and they are all too easy to encounter.

These are the kind of people who dwell in the recesses of hopelessness, moaning about shit they can’t change, criticising things, taking offence to harmless conversational topics, an inhibition and reticence to laugh, they’re sometimes unmotivated, often directionless, usually always critical and almost always easily irritated whilst simultaneously incredibly irritating. These people are toxic people, walking danger signs.

You should be the centre point of your universe, you must be “me-centric” this doesn’t mean you have to be a shameless narcissist empathically pronouncing your individuality obnoxiously for the world to admire, but you should be self-centred with a stringent criteria for who you allow into your life. If you want to make a quality person out of yourself, naturally you want to associate with other quality people too. Avoid low quality individuals who add very little distinctiveness to your life, when interacting with the rabble keep your interactions brief and succinct. The average person tends to live in scarcity, whilst building an abundance mindset you don’t need the construction of your perception being co-opted by those who live in a psychic prison. Ultimately the difference between those who view the world through scarcity and those who view it through abundance is liberation. Those who view the world through scarcity are mentally imprisoned, often oppressing themselves with thought patterns that lead to negative feedback cycles, whilst those with an abundance mindset are doing well to improve their situation.

People with a scarcity mentality tend to exhibit:

  • An exudence of desperation resulting in the pursuit of social dead-ends. Chase women.
  • They cannot hold frame.
  • Spend a lot of their time living mentally in the past. Going over and over things they cannot change.
  • Have profound regrets which shake their confidence.
  • Are averse to taking risks, they hold themselves back. Low T.
  • Do not believe in their ability to succeed which presents itself as reticence, procrastination and a lack of confidence.
  • Fear rejection from people.
  • Require external validation from the group to feel content, they’re insecure and lean on others.
  • Ultimately perceive themselves and the world around them as lacking where it matters, happiness and opportunity.

People with an abundance mentality tend to exhibit:

  • Nonchalance and indifference, sometimes they’re arrogant, typically uncaring of small matters. Replace women.
  • They hold frame well under pressure.
  • Spend a lot of their time living mentally in the future, only coming into the present for breaks.
  • Have profound ambitions which fan the flames of confidence and acts as motivation for action.
  • Tend to be adrenaline junkies who get off on high risk, dangerous behaviour. High T.
  • Are obsessive about success and confidently bold.
  • Expect rejection from people.
  • Validate themselves through their self-improvement, as long as they keep momentum they’re secure with themselves.
  • Ultimately perceive the world around them as rigorous, but conquerable.

The scarcity mindset is the beta mental model; the abundance mindset is the alpha one. Ultimately, the only person you have is yourself and if your mind is co-opted by scarcity, you are compromised and in need of fixing. When the good times roll remember that good friends and good women are bonuses, if you become reliant upon such fancies you will grow weak in character, don’t rely on these people – choose these people to come along for the ride but don’t rely on them to give you a ride. Self-reliance is a key component of abundance.

Although some of this may sound frighteningly morbid to many at first glance, it can be incredibly therapeutic when one considers just how toxic a huge swath of society really is. Interact on your own terms, cultivate positive energy within yourself and avoid the negative that presents itself in others. If you’re not in control of who you interact with and how, the negative energy of others will infect you from the inside out and your mind will become an enemy of your desire, you will sabotage yourself. Being a lone wolf is simple, it’s a clean slate. There should be no room for men and women in your life who don’t contribute value to you. Be ruthless with your selectivity, success is of more paramountcy than popularity.

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