Champion’s Mentality – How To Stop Being A Loser & Become Epic

Winner's Mentality
“Mastery of the self is, really, the ultimate form of mastery.” 
Robert Greene

1.) Introduction
2.) Monk Mode Recap
3.) Consume Less, Produce More
4.) Enjoying Work
5.) Escape The Crab Bucket & Avoid Victim Mentality
6.) On Losers
7.) Quality Beats Quantity
8.) Applying Quality Over Quantity To Sales
9.) Loser’s Entitlement Mentality – Give It To Me Now!
10.) Don’t Take Advice From Losers & Victims
11.) In Closing / Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

When I wrote monk mode, my intent was to communicate on a practical level to losers “how to stop being a loser”. I used to be a loser, I personally devised and tested monk mode, and it helped me massively, so I shared my findings with others.

Now there is some controversy surrounding monk mode, mainly concerning “when one should use monk mode” and “if monk mode is being used by introverts as an excuse not to socialise”. Although I will address these questions and concerns eventually, they fall outside the purview of this article.

If you are broke and have no friends, your first port of call is not to make friends. It’s to get enough to discipline to master a hobby, and then flip this skill into making some money – this is monk mode. You can’t focus on others when you need to build yourself up from nothing. People who aren’t losers and rely on networking to do business don’t understand this, but monk mode was never written with them in mind – it was written for losers.

If you lack discipline, don’t have much going for yourself, and are distracted by nonsense social activities rather than building yourself, I highly recommend monk mode.

That being said, monk mode is not for everyone. Monk mode is life support for losers who need to prevent themselves from drowning in an abyss devoid of discipline, and dominated by depression. Monk mode is a route out of the gutters of hell, a long and winding path of redemption for the mediocre who’ve decided enough is enough.

So what’s the next step after Monk Mode? Let’s assume you have used monk mode, are no longer a complete loser, but still aren’t killing it in life. What key ingredient are you missing, what do you need to give you that extra edge? You need a champion’s mentality – this article will tell you how to get one, as well as demonstrate its attitude.

Champion mentality is about optimising your life and relationships so that you continuously win, improve and raise your value. Inevitably by merit of accomplishment and the achievement-based narcissism that accompanies it, such a lifestyle leads to a higher quality of life spiritually, socially and financially.

2.) Monk Mode Recap:

People who create are more interesting than people who don’t because they apply their essence to an art form. In doing this they add value to themselves, they are more developed human-beings and thus more interesting.

People who do nothing but consume are basic people who have no real value, most of their interests (and thus what they talk about) is vicarious and based on the achievement of others. Losers live through other people, winners live through themselves; losers invest in nothing, winners don’t stop investing. Winners invest in themselves before investing in others, losers are interested in everything, but have no actual value to invest.

So how does a loser stop losing? Minimise hobbies that are consumptive and acquire hobbies that are productive. It’s really that simple. Switch Netflix for reading, writing or coding. I’m not going to babysit you with examples and brainstorm a 100 different hobbies that are productive so you can lazily pick one you like the sound of. Part of being a winner is doing the mental legwork. However, if you’re ailed by the creative capacity of a damp towel, I will note some generalised examples to get you started: martial arts, musical instruments and languages.

Assess your life by looking at the activities you engage in. Now categorise which activities create value, and which feel good but don’t really enhance your value as a person. Now cut out/reduce the things in the consumption category, and replace these activities with those that build value.

3.) Consume Less, Produce More:

It’s funny average people blame the rich for their problems instead of becoming more like them – this is why they keep losing.

If you are poor and have no marketable skills or value, rather than waste time whining online about how 1%ers need taxing more to subsidise your pathetic existence, how do you take responsibility for yourself and become more like them? It’s incredibly simple:

Get a hobby, get good at it, monetise it, and as it scales up you will find yourself succeeding. All of a sudden you’re the winner who doesn’t want to be taxed more, rather than the loser expecting the state to steal from the rich for you.

If you don’t have your own business, you don’t have as much freedom as somebody who does. You probably don’t enjoy what you do either. Some people enjoy their jobs, but this is besides the point. You don’t get rich on a salary, you get rich by having a successful business idea and scaling it up. It’s not the only way to get rich, but it’s the most common way.

Developing a hobby for X number of years, and then monetising it into a product or service once you’re competent is how businesses are built and rat races are escaped.

If you don’t spend your spare time developing a skill that you can master enough to monetise, you won’t start a business and thus you’ll always be massaging another man’s balls for a living.

Taking a monthly salary from another man is horrible. When you make another man rich, you are undervalued and only one person pays you. When you make yourself rich, you get what you’re worth and hundreds or even thousands of people are paying you by buying your product or service. If you are in the prior category you’re a slave, if you’re in the latter you’re a free man.

Common sense isn’t common because average people never got the memo. When you read the words on this page, intuitively it will sound like common sense that should go without saying. I should be preaching to the choir and in doing so stating the obvious and making myself look like a resounding idiot.

And yet, if people actually applied this wisdom, we’d have more winners than losers in this life. Most people you pass on a day-to-day basis are losers. They are everywhere, it’s an epidemic!

What do you think they do when they get home? Sit down, watch Netflix, bash one out and laze around being mediocre. They piss all their time away on nonsense, but then believe the reason they’re failing at life is because they’re unlucky – pathetic!

They are losers because they don’t invest in themselves, it’s that simple.

Hobbies where you consume rather than produce are junk hobbies, much like pizza and red bull they should be used in moderation.

– Gaming? Consuming
– Shopping? Consuming
– Baking? Producing
– Writing? Producing

This doesn’t mean never game, shop or have fun. Basic binary thinkers miss the point and think all this focus on self-improvement and productivity is advocating a boring type A personality that never has fun. It isn’t. It means if you want to be a winner, you have to do consumptive things far less than productive things. Make this a habit and a way of life, and you will see both your quality of life and bank balance rise. It’s this simple, yet most find it difficult to achieve.

To apply the Pareto principle to having fun, 80% of your time should be spent on producing, whilst 20% is spent on consumption.

As a bonus, when you actually become good at the thing you produce you will have fun doing it. This allows you to have fun and produce simultaneously!

4.) Enjoying Work:

Losers without any skills need to consume to have fun because they lack the value necessary to enjoy life without indulging in someone else’s value.

A talented coder for instance has his own value, when he “works” on an app, he has a lot of fun doing it despite the challenge it represents. He can work and have fun at the same time, this is the hallmark of a winner, losers can’t do this so they don’t understand it.

Whilst a loser could never conceive of the fun inherent to producing (to a loser, all work is equally soul-crushing), winners know exactly what I’m talking about – work can be fun!

Work stops being work when you love what you do and you’re good at it. This is why it pays dividends in happiness and general quality of life to monetise a hobby. There’s no point being rich if you’re too miserable to enjoy it.

There’s no point to money you can’t enjoy, so if you want to be rich and happy – achieving it via a hobby is the way to go. Become an expert pianist, fighter, writer or whatever.

When you find something you absolutely love, you work hard without feeling exhausted from the undertaking. You enjoy your work so much that your work does not feel like work, it feels like something you’d do anyway, but just so happen to get paid for.

Because your work is a hobby you’ve monetised, you will work hard and not feel like you’re working, which means low stress, high happiness and a well fed wallet. For people with the necessary work ethic, this is highly attainable. To losers it sounds like a myth, because they can’t imagine a life that doesn’t consist of being miserable.

5.) Escape The Crab Bucket & Avoid Victim Mentality:

If you’re born in a crab bucket, the first thing you must do is escape and seek lessons from winners. To losers nothing’s their fault, they rationalise their inferiority by shifting blame to those they’re jealous of, they’re pathetic. Losers are socialists and people who think the world owes them something. Nothing is their fault, everything bad that happens to these people is the fault of people more successful than them, these people must be avoided at all costs.

The thing that keeps people poor the most is other poor people filling their minds with shit, you must detach. If you’re born to losers they teach you how to be a loser, not a winner. You must detach and reprogram yourself.

Losers keep you down with misinformation, then when by your own defiance you make it out, they try to take the credit for your successes. Pathetic! The very people who hold you back are the same people who want you to “remember them when you make it”. The people who doubt you are the same people who have their hand out when you make it, they are disloyal, pathetic and do not belong in your life.

If you were born a loser, were surrounded by losers and made it out, it isn’t the losers that got you out, it was you. You don’t owe them a cent.

Losers always try to guilt trip you, because if you are foolish enough to fall for it, they can pillage you.

Losers complain “once he made it he forgot about us and never came back, he betrayed his roots!”

Why did he do that? Because associating with losers is dumb, the people saying this will try to drag him down once he’s made it, and it’s his awareness of this that prevents him from continued association. Of course being the losers that they are, these people are completely ignorant to this, they just think the escaped crab is an asshole. Let them think that, for their opinions are as worthless as they are.

6.) On Losers:

Poverty is just turning the difficulty up on the game, you know why the poor stay poor? Scarcity mindset. The truly worthy always get what they deserve, but plenty of people get less than they feel they deserve, do you know why?

Because they’re not Machiavellian enough.

Those illiterate in matters of power idiotically work hard for another man their entire lives, so all they have to show for their effort when the curtain calls is a mountain of debt. This is incredibly sad, and is not the mark of a life well lived.

If you work hard but not intelligently, you can still be broke. Clever people don’t just work hard, they also work intelligently. They know they need to work for themselves as soon as they can, and that working for somebody else is just a means to an end until that time comes. Rather than rest on their laurels, they develop a skill in their “spare” time and have it monetised by yesterday!

Losers see your ambition and they shit on it because they have a scarcity mindset, people in a state of scarcity are excessively selfish and have no capacity to be magnanimous. Losers seek obstacles (why something isn’t possible), whilst winners seek solutions (how can I achieve this?)

Edgy losers are the funniest, they have the energy to “call bullshit” but don’t direct that energy into elevating themselves. Being angry doesn’t make you respectable, powerful or a winner, if you don’t channel your anger correctly you’re just an idiot other people laugh at.

Anger is a powerful emotion, winners channel it into productive endeavours, losers squander it like they do everything and use it to bicker with irrelevant people on social media.

Losers take more because they need more. Wherever a loser is and whatever he’s doing, he takes more than he gives if he even gives at all. The loser is a needy personality, he always wants help, be it emotional or financial. Losers are not self-sufficient and don’t even try to be, they are perpetual children. Women are more comfortable being losers than men as they more easily internalise a victim mentality, but it is prevalent to both sexes and is attractive in neither.

Winners surround themselves with superiors so they can up their game, losers surround themselves with inferiors so they can pad their ego. Why do losers become and stay losers? Because once they internalise they’re oppressed and that nothing’s their fault, it’s more comfortable for them to blame reality for their shortcomings instead of humbling up, realising they aren’t squat, and doing something about it.

This is another thing about losers, they don’t move towards pain and struggle in order to improve themselves, they indulge in comfort, this is why they are weak.

It’s easier to internalise your inferiority and blame your appointed enemy for your mediocrity than to introspect, improve and compete.

Only people with skill actually like meritocracy because they have a chance of winning. Unremarkable people want handouts, they don’t want to compete. Of course if you had a bad start in life you will have to deprogram a lot of the nonsense you were taught, but it’s better to bloom late than never at all.

7.) Quality Beats Quantity:

Want to bypass the mediocre majority? Most people are quantity focused, so do the opposite and be quality focused.

This entire blog is built on this mantra, quality over quantity. I get more views, more followers and more money than people who have been doing this longer than I have because my focus is always on quality, never on quantity.

If you copy other people or produce content for the sake of producing it, you will never amount to much. Why will somebody settle for an imitation when they can get the original? You are basically broadcasting you’re a bootleg imitator when you do this. People are not blind, you may think you’re clever, but it is foolish to underestimate the intelligence of your readers.

Why would somebody read your nonsense when there are tens of thousands of publications vying for their attention? If you want people to read you, you have to be worth reading – this means being as original as possible and saying something because you have something to say, rather than saying something because you feel you must to remain relevant and seen.

I have never written an essay for the sake of writing it, I write because I have something to say. I genuinely love writing and sharing my ideas, writing is not a secondary objective to me, it’s the primary objective.

Ask any regular reader what they think of this blog, they will affirm I may not post as much as others, but that generally speaking my content is superior to everything else they come across, if not equal to it. Whatever I do turns to gold, otherwise I don’t bother doing it.

Whilst other people think they’re better than you because they outdo you in volume, you and anybody with an eye for quality knows you’re superior because you outdo them in quality. I use writing as an example because it’s what I do, but you can apply this to anything.

8.) Applying Quality Over Quantity To Sales:

The counterargument I often hear as to why quantity beats quality is “more sales is better than less sales as you’ll make more money”.

People who think this are obvious small fish, they must need to make numerous low ticket sales to masses of mediocre people because they’re thinking like lemonade stand owners!

The quality over quantity mantra applied to sales is simple, it is better for you to have one big contract or one big client (quality) than it is to have ten average or mediocre clients. Having more clients at a lower rate means more stress and work for less money. Even if the cumulative sum is higher for ten average clients than one good client, get two good clients and you’re still doing less work and earning more than you would from ten average clients. Winners optimise their time, losers squander it.

Losers will tell you that you need to get as many clients as possible and rush them in and out so you can move on to the next one, winners will tell you that you need to find the right clients and do your very best for them.

Quality over quantity does not mean “just the one, just the best” it means “only work with quality, cultivate quality and focus on quality.” If you want to be the best or be considered the best, you have to obsess over quality. Kim Kardashian for example may be very popular with losers, but nobody considers her the best at anything because she is utterly talentless.

Aim for superiority in all things, combine the best product with a network consisting of nothing but the best people. Again, quality over quantity does not mean “I cannot sell the best product to as many people as possible” this is stupid. If you have the best product, anybody that can afford it will buy it because it will be popular.

For example with writing, it’s better for you to have one good book than five mediocre ones. My book isn’t even out yet and I’ve been writing for two and a half years. There are third-rate writers who have three books out in twelve months that make less than I do from Patreon on all their books combined. Hilarious, yet somewhat sad. I’m not going out of my way to ridicule anyone here, but I want my point to hit home as profoundly as possible: quality always trumps quantity.

One really good book can make more money than five crappy uninspiring books. Better to have your readers chomping at the bit for your book to come out, than releasing something for an unpacked theatre.

I am convinced being focused on quantity rather than quality is the path to mediocrity, and that greatness lies in innovation and the pursuit of the apex.

I apply this mantra to everything, I desire the best form, not the most reps and the best friends rather than the most friends.

Losers prefer to do a lot of mediocre things and call it success, rather than do one thing really well and become an expert at it. If you ask someone “what are you good at?” and they don’t have an answer, the answer is nothing. Because someone who doesn’t know what they’re good at has not obsessed enough in any one area to discover themselves and foster mastery – they are mediocre.

9.) Loser’s Entitlement Mentality – Give It To Me Now!:

People want to be on top the instant they set their mind to something, but progression is incremental, not exponential. People who consume copiously without counterbalancing via creation tend to be boring.

Low value people take value from others and do not build value. High value people give value to others and are constantly building it. People who pretend to be busy are low value, because if they were high value they’d actually be busy producing something.

If someone is expecting instant quick and effortless change, I already know they’re a loser. That’s not how life works. Marketing targets losers with bullshit promises of “easy, instant results” because it plays to the fantasy that greatness isn’t a matter of skill and dedication, but rather something that is monopolised and can be bought. It cannot, and this is false.

The only thing such marketing achieves is the monetisation of losers to the profit a private company, it does not stop losers from losing. If the advice on this blog was disseminated on TV, half of these companies would stop making money, especially sectors like the fitness industry.

Why is this? Because only losers buy into false promises and pump money into gimmicky equipment that promises to make your workout easier, these are the same people who pay for gym subscriptions they don’t even use – losers!

The fitness industry is entirely dependent on the finance of losers to remain profitable, it’s hilarious, yet somewhat sad to see a section of the economy operate in this manner.

Winners get more for less money because they have the work ethic, dedication and subsequent skill that comes from this not to fall for the bogus promises of flashy, bottom-feeding salesmen.

10.) Don’t Take Advice From Losers & Victims:

Reality is politically incorrect, winners embrace this, losers don’t; sensibility is an expensive prison. Sensitive people tell you one thing straight from the get go without even intending to: they’re losers. Avoid sensitive people, not only do you have to waste energy watching what you do and don’t say, but seeing as they’re losers they have less to offer you.

Losers don’t have any form of narcissistic supply other than “giving advice”, their “advice” is terrible, ignore all of it. The people whose advice you really want aren’t lining up to give it to you, those who are lining up are losers nine out of ten times.

Losers have no achievements to get high off because they haven’t achieved anything, so their way of feeling big is misinforming you with nonsense they pulled out of their ass. They achieve this by telling you how to live your life when they’re not even on top of their own.

Whiners don’t want to win they just want to be pitied, pity is pathetic. Nobody worth a damn identifies as a loser even if they come from garbage. The more you try to talk sense to somebody determined to be a victim, the more they dig their heels in about how unfair life is. Pathetic.

Anybody who has read this blog has probably deduced I have the capacity to be dangerous if I wanted to be. But instead of endeavouring to destroy people, I don’t, I help them instead.

I’m about contributing to the world, adding value, and ultimately as a higher goal: rebuilding the masculinity of western civilization brick by brick.

I have a goal higher than myself, which means I go further in providing for today’s men than the companies who don’t care but are just looking to make a buck by exploiting masculine insecurities (height, dick size, earnings etc.) Winners need a goal higher than themselves. You don’t become great if you can’t see past yourself. You should be selfish, and you should seek to better yourself, but once you have momentum do not limit yourself to greed, have a higher goal, preferably something noble, and you will excel more than those motivated solely by money.

Winners have a positive mentality and wish to create, losers have a negative mentality and wish to destroy.

My life is proof to me you can have absolutely fuck all and nobody there for you and still become a winner. I’ve had to overcome more than most to get where I am, and this is why I don’t have time for whiners. You can whine all you like about patriarchy or white privilege, but this is all fake nonsense. People who whine about this fiction do so because they have no real hardships to complain of. People who’ve actually had to endure hardship recognise the people who whine about these things for the phonies that they are.

I’ve been a loser, I grew up with nothing and nobody. Nobody gave a shit about me growing up, virtually nobody. I didn’t become the man I am today because I had an easy life, I forged myself from a crucible of both spiritual and material deprivation.

I’ve been homeless, I’ve slept in a park under a tree in the rain because I had nowhere to go. I was in care as a kid and I’ve never known my father. By this description I should be a snivelling loser, a weakling, somebody going nowhere, a crumbled and torn piece of paper tumbling in the winds of an icy English street, and yet I’m stronger than almost everybody I meet. I’m strong enough to announce this on a website read by hundreds of thousands and not give a crap if anybody tries to use it against me.

I don’t milk the misfortunes life handed me to monetise people’s pity, because I’m not a loser. I don’t need people’s pity to get ahead, I can get ahead on my own merit, and this is what I encourage others to do. I got where I am in life by providing value, not by selling a sob story. Follow this example, be a winner, be someone worth something, there is no dignity nor honour in monetising misfortune.

I know how to help the helpless because I’ve been helpless.

Now you know part of my story, you know why I’m emotionally invested in helping men. I had a tough life devoid of guidance, I now offer what I never had to those afflicted by these very maladies.

11.) In Closing / Relevant Reading:

Stand on your own two feet and take life by the balls, expecting good things to happen because you want them to is how a loser thinks, winners make it happen. If neither sex nor dignity inspires you to improve, fear of our impending civilizational collapse should do the trick.

People can help you for money, and you can read these blogs as much as you like, but people can’t fill the void that is a non-existent work ethic. If you think you’re a loser, you are. Don’t wish for a better life, make one.


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