The Shit Test Encyclopedia

The Shit Test Compendium

1.) Introduction
2.) What Are Shit Tests & What Purpose Do They Serve?
3.) Shit Tests & Game
3a.) Shit Test Passed & Shit Test Failed: An Example
3b.) Examples: Standard Shit Tests Women Use
4.) Shit Test Variation & Severity
4a.) Basic Shit Tests – Frame Probing & Word Play
4b.) Advanced Level Shit Tests – Psychological Games
4c.) Nuclear Shit Tests
5.) Passing Shit Tests
6.) In Closing / Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

Many people seem to think that shit testing is a social device unique to women; whereby a form of social test is employed to determine the social fitness of a male in order to discern if he is a viable sexual option or not. Now whilst this isn’t wrong per se, it is an incredibly limited and rudimentary view of shit testing. Shit tests are a basic yet vitally important part of understanding and applying the red pill philosophy to your life. Even if you don’t agree with red pill philosophy, shit tests still affect you. As a basic social dynamic, shit tests are something so incredibly inextricable that you’re going to want to be able to identify and quash them as a matter of due course. Now without further ado, let us begin.

2.) What Are Shit Tests & What Purpose Do They Serve?:

Why are they called shit tests? Well when somebody “gives you shit” and fucks with your head to see how you will react, what you are experiencing is typically a (series of) shit test(s). Everyone has been shit tested, gets shit tested and will continue to be shit tested; It’s an unavoidable part of human interaction. We use shit tests to make value judgements about people, likewise they can be used to determine how people cope under pressure. The underlying mechanism of shit tests is to test your mettle. Hence the name is not only fitting, but likewise, accurate.

Shit tests don’t always have to be questions, they can be blanket assertions that are accusatory or provocative in nature. Such assertions are designed to elicit an emotional response from you, pushing you into a state of reactivity and causing you to reveal information about yourself.

“Ok, I get that, but why not just ask me what you want to know rather than play these silly games?”

The ignorant who have already passed judgement on the topic this essay covers have undoubtedly already thought this. Humans have a propensity to lie and tell people what they think they want to hear. This is especially true of women and the effeminate men who emulate them; both are consensus seeking creatures who crave the approval of the group above all else. This goes some way to explaining why women regardless of social standing indulge in vapid social pleasantries that men of substance have neither the time nor inclination for. They are anti-confrontational to the most sublime degree, but nevertheless, I digress.

On the immediately observable superficial level, the majority of people are concealing their true identity. Thus in order to make accurate deductions about the personalities around us, we challenge one another subtextually and draw conclusions about “what the other person is really like” when gauging their responses. Shit tests can be blatant or they can be covert, how they manifest depends upon the intent and personality of the individual employing the test. The sum potential combination of differing shit test scenarios is so vast that I cannot possibly give an example of each and every possible outcome in this article. Therefore I shall instead bestow you with the knowledge necessary to refine your own analytical capabilities so that you may act accordingly when you find yourself being shit tested.

People have a tendency to exaggerate their own strengths and project a false heightened image of themselves. If you’ve ever been on Facebook you will have seen this first-hand. These people are not showing you who they really are or what they’re really worth, instead they’re showing you “their life’s highlights” and leading you to believe that this is how they live all the time, that “they’re just that awesome.” They want you to believe their social value is higher than it really is. Well, surprise, surprise, people don’t just do this on Facebook, they do this in real life too.

Those who consider themselves “a bullshit free zone,” eg: masculine men will “ball bust” (read: shit test your ass a new one) quite relentlessly to determine “just how much of a man you are.” If you are an effeminate or timid man, you will feel bullied rather than challenged and this tells the group everything they need to know about you.

You will fail to understand that what you are experiencing is a social initiation ritual that all men must go through when they are new to a male-dominated group. You will be relentlessly ridiculed to determine what you’re like and where you belong in the pecking order. If you are too reactive, you will be rejected and exiled from the group, or relegated to the bottom position as the emotional punch bag everybody ridicules for cheap laughs. To avoid finding yourself condemned to such a fate, you must demonstrate you can spar verbally without taking too much to heart.

Shit tests are used to “determine your frame.” Frame is a concept which essentially means “composure and self-control.” If you need a visual metaphor, imagine you are a work of art on a gallery wall. You are kept straight and presentable by the frame you are kept in. If the frame was taken away, your picture would fold and you would fall to the floor. In the physical sense of the metaphor, your canvas folds, and you, the picture, fall to the floor bent out of shape. Psychologically and symbolically, folding means you have “lost control and given up” in the way that a player folds when they surrender in a game of poker.

If you can keep composure/seem unfazed and/or assert your boundaries despite a shit test, generally speaking you will be considered to have passed the shit test. If you get upset, offended, doubt yourself or show weakness in any discernible way when shit tested, it will be generally considered that you failed the test.

I will summarise this section of the article with a valuable conclusion: whilst passing shit tests psychologically raises your perceived social value, failing shit tests psychologically lowers your perceived social value. Pass people’s shit tests to garner popularity and social success, fail them, and you will become an ostracised and unconfident outcast.

3.) Shit Tests & Game:

If a pretty girl says “I bet you say that to all the girls” (a run-of-the-mill standard shit test) and you stand there with your jaw ajar speechless in what to say, you have just failed her shit test. Your silence is not useful because she can see you are not wilfully ignoring her, you’re just stuck for what to say and your mental slowness is blatant. This is a huge faux pas that communicates stark social incompetency.

An example of passing her shit test? The infamous agree and amplify technique. If you were to say “Yeah, but normally I forget their faces” and she follows up with “So what, you’re saying you won’t forget mine?” (another shit test) and you reply with another agree and amplify “Not if you give me a reason not to” in a charismatic tone, then you’ve effectively used game to come out victorious in that round of testing.

You cannot falter in the midst of a shit test. Sometimes they come out of nowhere, completely unexpected and catch you by surprise; which is why being good at conversational improvisation and word association are fundamental tool boxes to being able to destroy any shit test that may come your way.

If you are abstract/metaphorical in your thinking and verbal skills, you will have a lot of fun with shit tests. Men with subpar wit and verbal skills tend to struggle with shit tests. As an aside to men who fall into this category, I suggest you watch more stand-up comedy to develop your wit and speak more with people to improve your conversational ability. If you get good at “speaking shit” which is essentially freestyle improvisational conversation based upon nothing more than word association, observation and mockery; you will find passing shit tests to be not only easy, but likewise immensely enjoyable.

Shit tests can be passed in a multitude of ways, so even when passing it’s not strictly a matter of “whether you passed or not” but just as important is “how you passed.” For example, people with a good sense of humour tend to accept negative labels and make jokes out of them, we call this “agree and amplify.” Mentally violent people tend to quickly find a flaw in the person attacking them and deflect by associating the shit test with a weakness perceived in the original tester, thus attempting to humiliate them – we call that a pressure flip.

3a.) Shit Test Passed & Shit Test Failed: An Example

I’ll give you an example of a common shit test women use, for the sake of the example let’s pretend your name is Tom: “Haha Tom is one of those player guys, you can tell just by looking at him!” It will sound like a complaint, but it isn’t, it’s a shit test and she wants to see how you respond to her bullshit. She is conjuring up inane accusatory nonsense purely to incite a response and determine your level of confidence. After she says this she will look at you to gauge your body language and get a better read on your frame.

Strong response: “Sounds like you’ve got an eye for talent.” Body language wise give her strong “I’m gonna fuck you ’till I split you like the Grand Canyon” eyes, or be aloof and distant as if to suggest her test is pathetic. Shit test passed, vagina’s beginning to moisten.

Weak response: “I would never dream of stringing a girl along!” and then you start idiotically justifying how “you’re not like that” eyes widening, palms are sweaty, wishing you were at home with your mum’s spaghetti. Shit test failed, she’s drying up.

I will make a point of saying here that whilst women will deliberately and consciously shit test you, much of it is entirely subconscious. They do it, but they’re not aware why or even when they do it for the most part. Women who read this blog are probably not indicative of that assessment, as naturally my literature will have elevated their self-awareness beyond that of the average female.

3b.) Examples: Standard Shit Tests Women Use:

“Aww, are you upset?!” – Translation: Are you a beta? Ignore it or agree and amplify. “Yeah I’m going to go home and watch Titanic now.”

You’re such a player aren’t you?!” – Translation: Are you alpha?! Ignore it, be mysterious/vague “maybe, come find out” or agree and amplify “you don’t know the half of it.”

“Buy me a drink!!” – Translation: Are you a beta? Compliance test. If you buy her shit you’re a chump. The correct response: “No, you buy me a drink.” You communicate you’re more valuable than she is. Only lower value men buy drinks for random women they don’t know. Unless you’re preselected out the ass (eg: you own the club) in that case you can buy shots for homeless men and nobody gives a fuck. The boss man gets a pass for doing weird and insane shit that would see lesser men condemned.

“I have a boyfriend!” – Translation: I have Schrödinger’s boyfriend, demonstrate to me you’re high value and I’ll fuck you regardless. It is hilarious when they say this. “What boyfriend, your imaginary one?” – Then laugh in her face. – “Sounds like you’re shit out of luck, I’m going to have to fuck your friend instead, feel free to watch.” Always be prepared to get slapped when you’re running this kind of obnoxious asshole game. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, consider the slap a sign she cares.

– “I don’t date short guys” – Translation: You look like a beta because you’re not physically imposing. Of course only guys who aren’t considered tall by the cultural standard of the country they are in are subject to this shit test. The correct response is to agree and amplify: “Yeah I’m a fucking dwarf even in my heels.” There is nothing worse than a short guy who is all messed up over his lack of height and gets insecure at the first mention of it. Women will shit test you on this if you are short (or even average) height. You have to seem like you don’t give a shit about the fact you’re not considered tall. If you get upset, she’ll think you’re weak because your jimmies were so easily rustled. Be unreactive, no fucks should get given, you can’t change your height so you have to learn to accept it.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?!” – Translation: Are you a beta? The answer to this is always no. Or if you’re bold and don’t give a shit about being slapped and want to escalate with tension: “I didn’t but then I saw your titties on the way over and I’ve been having deep philosophical reconsiderations ever since.”

“Can we be -just friends?-“ – Translation: I think you are a beta that should do my bidding. The answer to this is almost always no. Unless of course you don’t want to bang the chick (she’s a uggo) and for whatever reason you think she’d be cool to have around.

“How many girls have you slept with?” – Translation: Do you get laid a lot or are you a sex starved beta? Saying you have not slept with many girls communicates low value. Exaggerate your number if it’s low. If it’s high give any old number assuming you’ve kept track. Fail-safe responses: “I’ve lost count.” – “What, today? Not many.” – “Pick a number, any number.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” – Translation: Are you a beta? (Can you get laid?) – The correct answer is always yes (it increases your preselection.) Women love poaching men from other women, they essentially find whatever is “in demand” to be attractive, that’s what we refer to as “preselection.” Ways to pass this test: “she told me not to tell anyone”“We’re not Facebook official” “I don’t cuddle her after sex, so no?”

“I bet you have a girlfriend!” – Translation: I want to fuck you but I don’t know if other women find you hot. More overt variant of the above which assumes you’re preselected, indicating a higher level of interest. Again, even if you don’t have a girlfriend, you should say you do or otherwise indicate that you do to increase your perceived preselection.

“Hold my bag for me!” or “Will you go and get me a coffee?” – (substitute bag/coffee for whatever) – Translation: Are you a complicit beta that will do what I tell you to do? This is a compliance test wrapped up in a power play to see if you are “wrapped around her little finger.” Some variation of “No” or “Hold/get it yourself” does well.  Sneer whilst you say it for bonus points.

As you may have noticed from the repertoire of woman’s bog standard run-of-the-mill shit tests, they are incredibly fixated on discerning whether or not you are a beta (guy who doesn’t get laid much, if at all.) If in doubt, err towards being an asshole. Being identified as a beta dries up panties quicker than you can boil an egg in a Sahara sauna. If you show boldness and exude a “I will mockingly bullshit you” kind of attitude, you’ll do just fine.

4.) Shit Test Variation & Severity:

You have three separate themes that shit tests fall under:

– Dominance
– Compliance
– Fitness

A dominance shit test is used to determine how mentally tough you are, eg: “do you always whine like a bitch?” A compliance shit test is used to determine how much influence a person has over you, eg: “get me a coffee.” A fitness shit test is used to determine your social skills/sense of humour eg: “you look hilarious when you’re crying.”

Dominance is an underlying theme behind all shit tests, however dominance has its own classification too. Fitness tests are normally also dominance tests, but a dominance test can be employed purely to test/wrestle for dominance and have no humour determining component attached to it. A fitness test merely wants to determine your ability to banter and endure a verbal onslaught, normally if you fail at fitness tests the tester won’t want much to do with you socially speaking. In light of this, compliance shit tests and fitness shit tests share some overlap with dominance shit tests, consider them more specific sub-categories of dominance.

As a rule of thumb, the more messed up the individual is, the higher the stakes are. Likewise, the higher value the person you’re dealing with, the more severely you will be shit tested. EG: CEOs will shit test harder and more frequently than office assistants, women with daddy issues will shit test more than women who had stable relationships with their fathers. BPD women never stop shit testing.

In further example, interviews are essentially a collection of shit tests. Going for a job? You’re going to get shit tested “to see if you’re worth employing.” Those weird questions you get asked such as “if you had any kind of super power, what would it be and why?” and “name your biggest weakness” are shit tests designed to indirectly determine the strength of your character, creative intelligence and confidence. It’s not only what you respond with that matters, but likewise how quickly and in what manner (are you confident/dominant or unconfident/submissive?)

The “name your biggest weakness” shit test seems to be a question that continuously protrudes and persists with employers nowadays. It’s as if rather perversely they want to subtly neg you and see how you handle it to determine how you deal with ego violation. I sincerely doubt they care much for your introspective capacity.

In generation narcissist (millennials, but growingly, their generation X parents too) this of course leads to a lot of confusion as well as butthurt: “I don’t know” and “I don’t even… but mummy and daddy told me I was a special snowflake!” As a freebie, my response to this shit test is: “I’m so egotistical I don’t even know what my weaknesses are and find introspection difficult.. so I guess being blind to my own faults would be my weakness.” Now ironically, that statement is introspective, humble and paradoxical, so the answer is something of a head fuck, however most times I have used it in the past it has been accepted as a valid answer.

Be warned however, particularly shrewd/Machiavellian recruiters will probably see this as a red flag. If your instincts tell you the recruiter is highly Machiavellian, ditch this tactic and admit to something asinine such as your constant battle with timekeeping – these people are seeking an honest admission imperfection, not the smart ass narcissistic shit I recommended up there.

Bear in mind I use long words and elaborate metaphors as part of my linguistic register in real life, it is natural to me. Using canned lines is bad because it means you lack natural game and need to borrow from another man’s wit. If you are not so wordy, it will look weird if you are not congruently wordy but instead only wordy in the passing of a specific shit test (because it is a line you have read on here or somewhere else.) This will arouse suspicion that you have some sort of script pre-prepared because your answer seems out-of-place in relation with how you would normally talk. So if you don’t talk as elaborately as I, you can shorten it to “I don’t know what my weaknesses are, is that a weakness?” At this point they may try to lead you to “confess a weakness about yourself.” Treat it like a police interrogation where they try to get you to “admit you committed a crime,” which in this context is equivocally: “admit that you have a flaw.”

When you say you don’t know your weaknesses they will ask you a series of questions under the guise of helping you, but in actual fact these are all overt shit tests posing as honest questions “Are you a bad timekeeper? – No.” “Do you suffer from confidence related issues? – No.” “Do you have problems motivating yourself? – No.” Why would you tell an employer that you’re low confidence, poorly motivated and never arrive on time, even if it were true? You want to get an employment contract after all, are they really going to hire you with with the knowledge that you’re a bad bet?

If you’re dumb enough to fall for these shit tests, you lack the basic social competency to get yourself a job. It amazes me how self-detrimentally honest people can be when they are subject to even a tiny amount of social pressure from a position of authority. Likewise, going out on a date with a woman is a collection of shit tests “to see if you’re worth having sex with.” Being in a police interrogation room is a collection of shit tests. Being heckled by members of the audience as a comedian is a collection of shit tests. And it goes on and on and on. Shit tests are an inescapable and recurring element of life, so you better get good at handling them.

4a.) Basic Shit Tests – Frame Probing & Word Play:

When most people think of shit tests they’re thinking of basic tests designed to probe your frame (mental stability, congruency and strength) via word play. Basic shit tests normally manifest as insincere questions. An example would be something like “do you always talk to people like that?” They can be played off as a genuine question into the nature of your character, however its true intent is to discern how you cope with being put on the spot. Basic shit tests usually rely on the element of surprise to catch you unaware. An improvised basic shit test is spawned out of a play on words or some other similar facet of word association. The shit tester will take a statement of yours and ask an associated question (or make a statement) which purposely distorts its meaning in a somewhat hostile manner. Here are some examples:

You: “I don’t trust women”
Them: “Is that because you find women intimidating?”

You: “I like cookies”
Them: “I’ll get you a gastric band for Christmas then”

4b.) Advanced Level Shit Tests – Psychological Games:

Advanced level shit tests are subtle but retain plausible deniability. Rather than directly questioning you or challenging you in an overt verbal manner, typically they will opt to challenge you in a covert non-verbal manner. Inspiring jealousy by excluding someone who would typically otherwise be included in something is a shit test. It is a test to see if you care enough to voice your concern, or challenge those who would otherwise opt to exclude you. Naturally, seeming unfazed and outcome independent regardless of your contempt for said shit test is the optimum way to handle things.

When people shit test you and it’s a lose-lose situation, opt to ignore them. You only win by not playing. For example, if someone insults you publicly to try to stir up drama (and it is assumed they will benefit from such controversy) your only recourse is to deprive them of the theatrical controversy which they seek. I’ve found that the more successful I’ve become within the various realms of my life, the more I’ve had other socially dominant men try to test my mettle by flagrantly disrespecting me just to see what I’ll do about it. It can be subtle and implied, or overt and explicit. Either way, not playing is oft the only winning move in such a situation. Even if you can come out on top in a battle of wits, you sink a lot of your precious time combating nonsense that you gain nothing from.

When you’re powerful, other people see opportunities in attempting to bring you down a notch or two. Such people will try to get you to react to their inanity merely so they may bolster their reputation by latching onto yours. It is for this reason that the art of silence; ignoring your enemies overtly is a necessary skill set that all men looking to preserve their accumulated power should master and employ with regularity. It is simple, when you feel someone provoking a response from your ego, interject your emotions with the question “is there a way for me to benefit from responding to this?” if the answer is no, replying is pointless. Let reason override emotion, cultivate this skill by refining your self-discipline.

Such shit tests are typically obvious in their intent to put you on the defence. Once you get caught in a web of shit testing, you will often find yourself justifying your choices and explaining your actions. This lowers your social value, wins you no respect and digs an even deeper hole. Non-Machiavellian logic fails in handling shit tests, people do not respect rationality, they respect only indications of high status. Explaining yourself, no matter how rational your explanation is will be perceived as a demonstration of low status. Do not justify yourself, if you find yourself explaining yourself in the midst of an argument or theatrical device, you’re losing and would be far better off just immediately exiting stage instead.

At the advanced level you find there is a lot of blame shifting, typically in discussion the shit tester will try to convince you that you are somehow responsible for any flaws or weaknesses of theirs. Women particularly seem to habitually blame shift, it’s not only a self-defence mechanism to diffuse feelings of inferiority or guilt but it also acts as a shit test because if you accept the blame, you will be seen less favourably.

You: “Come on you need to pull your weight around here.”
Them: “If I’m lazy it’s because I’m following the stellar example you have set.”

Now of course the dialogue above could be a perfectly healthy part of banter, but bear in mind that an inability to banter has the same effect as failing a shit test within a serious context. Whether pleasurable or not, banter is simply shit testing for the sake of mental stimulation, and like more serious shit testing you still need to be able to respond aptly. If your ability to handle shit tests is poor, make a conscious effect to observe how stand-up comedians deal with hecklers.

4c.) Nuclear Shit Tests:

A nuclear shit test colloquially referred to as “going nuclear” or “the nuclear option” is when someone does something which violates conventional social boundaries in order to see how you will react. These are a step up from “advanced level shit tests” being more extreme in nature, usually bordering on psychological/emotional abuse. They can be covert (removing all the money from your bank account and feigning ignorance to see how you deal without money) or overt (somebody taking a bite out of your food and then staring at you in the eye.)

Nuclear shit tests are designed to test your reaction not by probing your psyche with words, but by probing your psyche with actions that would typically be expected to offend, hurt, disrespect etc. Say you’re with a girl and you’ve hooked up a few times. She’s pushing for commitment, but you’ve not acquiesced to her demands. You’re both out at the club and she starts grinding on another guy. She’s doing this to make you jealous in an attempt to force your hand. She’s using dread game and trying to get you to commit to her by inspiring competition anxiety within you. Dread game when used by women is a nuclear shit test. How do you pass this shit test? Go talk to other girls, when it inevitably comes up later she was grinding respond with “that’s cool” (it signifies you don’t care in a positive manner) or “you can do what you like” etc. Realise she did what she did for your benefit, to test you: it’s all about you. If you weren’t there to see it, she wouldn’t have used another man as an instrument to manipulate you into giving her an offer of exclusivity.

5.) Passing Shit Tests:

There are many mechanisms which one can employ to pass a shit test. Passing a shit test means you have responded to the test in a way that either neutralises the tester’s challenge or causes them to perceive you as confident, dominant and valued. Before we begin, a note on agree and amplify: agree and amplify seems to be the “shit test buster” of choice for most people. Agree and amplify is really good for making jokes, but if used inappropriately eg: in the presence of potential violence, it could make things worse by actually escalating instead of defusing things. If a violent man walked up to you and said “Do you want me to fuck you up?” (this is a shit test, but he will do it if you fail) and you agree and amplify on him: “Yes in the ass please” instead of being impressed by your wit he is likely to respond: “So you don’t think I’m serious? Let me show you how serious I am” followed by an attempt to beat the hell out of you.

Be aware that not all shit test busters will work in every scenario. You have to use your common sense, calibrate to the situation and determine what shit test solving method should be utilised based upon the context.

Now let’s say you approached a woman and began the conversation with an improvised opener, and she replies: “I bet you use that line on all the girls.” Here are the various ways in which you could pass her shit test. They are plentiful.

Agree and amplify is the usage of the logical fallacy reductio ad absurdum (Latin for: reduce to absurdity.) What you do is you take someone’s criticism and nonchalantly imply it is absurd by exacerbating what they have said. So in relation to the shit test at the beginning of this section: “Yeah I literally wake up in the morning covered in bitches it’s that effective.”

Disagree and amplify is the same as agree and amplify except you disagree rather than agree with the premise. So in relation to the shit test at the beginning of this section: “No you’re the first girl I’ve ever spoken to, I used to be a mute.”

A pressure flip is where you reverse the social pressure put on you back onto the originator of the social pressure.  So in relation to the shit test at the beginning of this section: “I bet you think everything’s a line because you’ve got trust issues.”

Agree and pressure flip is the same as a pressure flip except you precede the flip with agreement. So in relation to the shit test at the beginning of this section: “Yeah I do, I’m sorry, did you think you were special or something?”

Disagree and pressure flip is the same as a pressure flip except you precede the flip with disagreement. So in relation to the shit test at the beginning of this section: “Nah you’re too ugly for me to be dropping lines on.”

Ignore – Provide no acknowledgement of the shit test by ignoring it. This is a bad choice when you have just met someone, but once your reputation and/or superiority has been established it is a great way of nonchalantly invalidating the importance of an enquiry. It implies “what you said isn’t even worth addressing.” This is best used on people who are lower in the pecking order than you are or as a response to the manifestation of stupidity. If someone asked you if you liked to eat your own excrement, you could have a joke and agree and amplify into something about a sewer using your keen knowledge of word association and semantic fields, or rather simply you could ignore the inanity of the question. The choice of style is yours to make and will be contingent on your mood, your relative social positions in relation to one another and what you suspect the shit tester’s intent is.

Misdirect – Change the topic of conversation to something else, this invalidates the enquiry by providing no acknowledgement of it. In this sense it is similar to ignoring a shit test. There is a chance however that the tester will become annoyed by your invalidation and will thus retest you until you pass with a more effective method. This works best on people with attention span issues, as they will often forget how they were testing you once distracted, and if they ask you what they were saying you can simply feign ignorance, invalidating their test and condemning it to beyond the grasp of their engrams. In relation to the shit test at the beginning of this section: “Have you farted? It stinks.”

Ridicule Reframe – This is major asshole game or what I personally refer to as “Patrice O’Neal Game.” You use this kind of game to bring incredibly narcissistic and angry women off the ego pedestal. Don’t use this on timid sheltered women if you ever want to sleep with them, they’ll get too intimidated to act upon their attraction. Ridicule reframes are particularly helpful in bantering with other guys, who relish in the verbal violence and ensuing laughter it can inspire. In relation to the shit test at the beginning of this section: “I bet you’re single because your face looks like a 9/11 crash site “

Pseudo-Gaslight – This one is really simple. You pretend you have no idea what the person shit testing you is talking about and accuse them of making things up.  So in relation to the shit test at the beginning of this section: “What line? Got an active imagination have we?”

6.) In Closing / Relevant Reading:

I wanted to include dark triad shit tests in here to complete the compendium of shit test related information, however I feel that as the dark triad portion of the site operates as a standalone section; having its own article would make for more optimised archiving and searching should someone specifically want to look up how dark triad individuals shit test people. Not only that, but due to its intricacy this piece has become far longer than I had originally intended and I do not wish to be intentionally terse in my discussion of dark triad shit tests just to keep the word length down. Dark triad shit tests will be the topic of a future article.

This piece has broken down just some of the games that people play and given you a basic understanding of how to be socially resilient. With practice, you will find yourself recognising the subliminal social games others are playing and will learn how to respond and initiate them yourself. If you feel you could do with some more help enhancing your social mastery and popularity, look no further than these books:

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