The AWALT Misconception

The AWALT Misconception
“We often confuse what we wish for with what is.” – Neil Gaiman

1.) Introduction
2.) Degrees of AWALT
3.) Defying One Element of AWALT Doesn’t Make A NAWALT
4.) Why AWALT Denial Is Pandemic
5.) Bitterness & Accepting AWALT
6.) In Closing
7.) Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

What is AWALT? Superficially, it’s an acronym that stands for “all women are like that.” Psychologically, it’s a heuristic for evaluating female mating behaviours. How is a heuristic defined? Well according to “the free dictionary” it’s:

“a usually speculative formulation serving as a guide in the investigation or solution of a problem”

This is exactly what AWALT is, a speculative formation serving as a guide in the investigation of female behaviour. The pseudo-intellectual takes immediate issue with the word “all”, and in their grand pedanticism, immediately ceases investigating the utility of the heuristic.

AWALT does not claim that “all women are the same”, this is patently false, and is as such an absurd claim to make. Rather, AWALT presupposes that women are collectively governed by a set of underlying principles which drives their behaviour. It then alludes to the principles, as well as the behaviours which result from said principles whenever they become relevant in discussion.

For example, hypergamy, solipsism, Machiavellianism and immaturity are principles which make up the AWALT umbrella. Behaviours resulting from those principles would be branch swinging, blame shifting and emotional impulsiveness, among others.

This does not mean all women act on these behavioural drivers in the same way, or that said behaviours manifest to the same degree or frequency. The degree to which, and the frequency of which AWALT traits manifest certainly differs from woman to woman, but that is all that differs, the degree and frequency of behaviour, not the type of behaviour.

So while women may be different in personality or hobby, they are still women, and therefore in matters of mating, prone to specific behaviours. For example, one woman may branch swing often, another may branch swing rarely, but both will at some point, branch swing. This is just something women do. AWALT identifies this and accepts this. AWALT broken down to the most basic level is simple acknowledgement of aspects relating to female nature, no more, no less.

When a red pill man says “women branch swing, AWALT” what does he mean? He means women don’t leave relationships until they have a new one lined up. Just because one woman has had ten relationships in the past two years, and another has had two relationships in the past ten years, the difference in frequency of behaviour does not alter the underlying nature which causes the behaviour to manifest. A woman is a woman whether she is very hypergamous, or a little hypergamous, consciously Machiavellian, or subconsciously Machiavellian.

People who believe NAWALT (not all women are like that) reject the notion there is any such thing as “female nature”, and that such a nature dictates women’s mating behaviour. They would for example, point to a woman who has been in a relationship for the past five years and say “see, she doesn’t branch swing, NAWALT!”

Not only is she the exception that proves the rule, but were she to look for another relationship, she would in all likelihood cease to be the exception. If she didn’t branch swing on that one occasion, she may on another. If she never branch swings, she merely becomes the exception in regard to one aspect of AWALT. A woman consistently refuting one aspect of AWALT does not refute it in all aspects, she only refutes the aspect of the heuristic she does not represent.

A woman who refutes all aspects of AWALT is known as a unicorn, mythologically named, because such things do not exist. Just as mythology is fiction, so is the woman who refutes all aspects of AWALT. Outlier women and self-aware women who work to mitigate their nature will behaviourally refute some aspects of AWALT, but most women will refute none.

2.) Degrees of AWALT:

Humanity is diverse, so inevitably there’s going to be an exception in some form or another which disproves a certain aspect of the AWALT contention. And yet despite human diversity, there is incredible similarity among women. So much so that, we can qualitatively outline the “operating system of female behaviour” and to differing degrees, find conformity to the arguments made by AWALT.

Sure not all women are gold diggers who will only date millionaires, but many won’t date a man of equal or lesser net worth. Sure some women date poorer men, but such a man is likely to be highly popular or attractive. However you cut it, AWALT will contend women are hypergamous. Will hypergamy always manifest in one exact manner? No, of course not, it is not that “women are all the same” it’s more a case of “women all have the same instincts and are therefore predisposed to specific kinds of behaviour.”

Hypergamy can manifest as a desire for resources, superior genes, social status – any of these things. People tend to get caught up on the material when thinking of hypergamy, but to really distil it down to its fulcrum, hypergamy means “a woman will only date someone she believes to be superior to her”.

So the fact a woman dates a man poorer than her does not mean she isn’t hypergamous, he has something else going on either physically, socially or psychologically that makes her believe he is superior, if this wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t be with him. However you cut it, non-hypergamous women do not exist – hence AWALT.

3.) Defying One Element of AWALT Doesn’t Make A NAWALT:

In section 1 I used the example of branch swinging to show how defying one aspect of AWALT does not mean a woman is a NAWALT. In this section I will elucidate that point further as it is this point in particular which allows some people to rationalise NAWALT as a truism.

You may know a woman who often takes responsibility for her actions, but AWALT claims women are notorious blame shifters. That specific woman thus defies AWALT in this one aspect. This does not mean she doesn’t branch swing, isn’t hypergamous, or doesn’t friend zone men so she can enjoy boyfriend level commitment without actually dating. This one woman who defies this one aspect of AWALT does not disprove AWALT, she is merely the exception to one aspect of it.

Whilst different women may defy different aspects of AWALT, no woman defies all aspects of it. This woman is known by the mythical term ‘unicorn’ precisely because she doesn’t exist. A unicorn is effectively the idealised woman who has none of the negative qualities we identify women as having. A “good woman”, such as one of those over at red pill women tries to suppress the aspects of her nature inherent to AWALT, the fact she need to suppress these aspects at all demonstrates the point – all women are like that. If they weren’t, there would be nothing for aware women to actively work to suppress.

No veteran in the online men’s community believes in NAWALT, a NAWALT (meaning not all women are like that) implies there is a woman out there who behaves in none of the ways central to which AWALT claims. That is the unicorn, and the unicorn is a lie – an idealised mythological remnant of blue pill programming. The idea that a woman who is not hypergamous, Machiavellian, immature, solipsistic and all the rest exists out there. Think of the NAWALT unicorn as El Dorado, you’ve heard all about it, a buddy of yours may have even been on an expedition to go and find it, but neither you nor anybody you know has ever found it.

AWALT doesn’t mean women can’t learn to be better partners given the right instruction, it means if they don’t receive and happily abide by such instruction, they will showcase the very worst aspects of AWALT (extreme hypergamy, immaturity, disloyalty etc). A woman in her natural, unsculpted state is prone to the very worst of AWALT, because women of substance are made not born.

4.) Why AWALT Denial Is Pandemic:

Women have negative aspects to their nature, but most men don’t want to believe in these negative aspects. Omnipresent blue pill programming exacerbates the instinct to ignore female wrong-doing by socialising men to pedestalise women. Men have a hard-wired cognitive bias to overlook, or even deny the negative aspects of female nature. Nature is afraid if men see women for what they truly are, that they will fail to reproduce.

If you knew a man who was solipsistic, blame shifting and immature, you’d hate him, cuss him out, mock him and probably cease association with him. But women get a free pass for exhibiting these traits, on some innate level it is known these rather deplorable traits are part of the feminine package, and as such, are tolerated when exhibited by women.

No matter how terrible women can be, men want to enjoy them in spite of themselves, they’re driven to, for men are the true romantics. Men may not love as easily as women, but when they do, they do so more deeply. It is out of this desire to be happy with a woman that men will deny AWALT, or exempt a particular woman from it. This is why psychologically, love is a particularly risky proposition for man, for he is prone to lose his sanity in order to drink from the poisoned chalice of fantasy.

5.) Bitterness & Accepting AWALT:

A subset of high value men who don’t commit beyond sex, have a very rosy-perception of women because they’ve got their game down enough not to face too much difficulty getting laid.

These men enjoy the best of what women have to offer without being subject to any of the bullshit attached to it; this gives them a positively skewed bias. They go around thinking “hey women are great, I love fucking and flirting with ’em, those dudes saying AWALT on TRP are just bitter!”

Perhaps some men are bitter, but bitter rarely means wrong, if anything, bitterness is the unwelcome by-product of a hard learned lesson, it is neither unwarranted nor devoid of wisdom. This is not to encourage bitterness, but rather to give credit where credit is due.

This is why many hate the AWALT heuristic in spite knowing in their heart of hearts it’s true. Instinct obscures truth when it comes to the study of women, men are overridden by idealism, lust and paternalism and feel if they accept the nature of women then they have to hate women and won’t be able to enjoy them. Therefore a man is prone to retain the myth of the idealised women rather than accept AWALT, because he wrongly believes acceptance of AWALT is tantamount to an inability to enjoy women.

This is not true at all, sometimes one has to accept reality is not what they want it to be, that women are not angelic as so many men were wrongly taught, but that in fact women are far more flawed than even they. It’s about a recalibration of expectations to complement reality, rather than continuing to worship the unicorn myth that society has so deeply ingrained.

In spite of this realisation, you have to make a commitment to your happiness and make the best out of the flawed creatures that are women. If you can’t or won’t do that, you’re going to go your own way and prove nature right: you need illusions to see women as investable. This is not meant to shame your life choice if you are MGTOW, it is merely a statement of fact in relation to it.

The inability to grasp and accept AWALT, instead choosing to reject AWALT, indicates the person in question has to deceive themselves about the nature of women in order to be capable of enjoying them. Such a person is not at the stage where they can enjoy women, whilst accepting how immensely flawed their nature is. It is my contention that salvation lies in accepting and working in accordance with AWALT, rather than in denying it. I do not believe the majority of men will be happy going their own way, but for those that can make it work for them, great.

6.) In Closing:

I know this knowledge can prove painful and that’s why many men struggle with this, but your struggle doesn’t alter her nature. You can sit on Reddit until you pass out debating pedantic little points in regard to AWALT, but AWALT will remain a truism that persists and women in your life will hurt and disappoint you until you concede to reason – all women are like that.

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