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Each thread is a journey into my thought process on a topic. They are of varying length, and almost always written “freestyle” without preparation, quite unlike my essays which undergo a lot of editing and refinement before publication. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Threads marked in bold are the ones I like the most, and consider to be some of my best work.

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Total Thread Count: 87 – (Last Updated: 11th of October, 2021)

Apex Masculinity: The Archetypal King
Authority Equals Obligation, Not Freedom
A Man Only Has Himself
Basic Values – Attitude to Equality
Being Evil To Get Laid
Bonding & Emotional Availability
Build Yourself Before Pursuing Women
Career Over Family
Career Over Family II
Censorship & Empathy
Character, Authenticity, Fakery
Commitment & Submission
Complement Don’t Compete
Contemporary Marriage in the Anglosphere
Conversations Without Women
Daughters & Toxic Matriarchy
Dealing With Sociopathic Men
Demythologising Women
Divorcing Authority From Responsibility & Its Implications
Fake Women & Your Ego
Father & Son Dynamics
Feelings Don’t Care About Your Facts
Feminine Incompleteness
Fixing Deep Relational Issues With Women
Freedom Is Chaos For Women
Gold Digging & Materialistic Women
Gynocentrism & Cultural Submission
He’ll Treat Me Like His Mother
Her Fertility Window
Her Entitlement To Your Time
Her Entitlement To Your Time II
How Men Want To Be Manipulated
Hypergamic Reductionism
Ideological Possession & Slave Mentality
Immorality Is Cool – An Idiot’s Belief
Injustice, Leniency & Women
Integrating The Shadow
Intragender Sabotage: Why Women Mislead Each Other

Leadership & Resentment
Leading Women – Tyranny & Permissiveness
Liberal Women, Conservative Men
Liberalism is Female Nature
Managing Her Emotions
Masculine Possessiveness Isn’t Insecurity
Men, Aggression & Intellect
Men Don’t Please Women, Women Please Men
Men Want Respect, Women Want to be Desired
Mockery Masculinisation
Morality Through Accountability
Motivation & Testosterone
Narcissism, Low IQ Men & Leadership
Nobody Cares About Men, Including Most Men – Note: This thread went viral
On Divorce
On Friendzoning
On Maturity
On Respect
On Respecting Women
On Ruling Women
Patriarchs Are The Foundation of Family
Positive Masculinity & Positive Femininity
Resenting Authority, Loving Freedom – Why Women Need Patriarchy
Revealing Her True Colours
Run From Hell
Status Anxiety & Sociopathy
Test Her Character
The Art of Forgiving
The Burden of Women
The Centre of Her World
The Depth of Man’s Love
The Fundamentals of Success
The Journey to Hell
The Tyranny of Her Unmanaged Neuroticism
Understanding & Discerning, Not Polarising
Vetting People For Trustworthiness
Why He Must Be Smarter Than Her
Why Men Don’t Share Their Problems
Why Men Don’t Share Their Problems II
Why Men Need Respect More Than Women
Why Women Need Masculine Virtue
Why You Don’t Argue With Women
Wisdom Mega Thread
Women’s Aversion To Truth
Women’s Aversion To Truth II
Women & Cooking
Women & Male Violence
Women & Self-Delusion
Women Don’t Believe in Equality