The Principles of Game

The Beige Phillip Show

The principles of game are taken from the Beige Phillip Show over at, most of the information included here is invaluable and incredibly beneficial to any up and coming red pill man looking to improve his ability to manage the women in his life.

Firstly a note to the followers and fans of the Beige Phillip Show:

The numbering of the Beige Phillip principles is off. It won’t be exactly the same as the numbering given on the show, the show’s hosts Dante and Harry can’t seem to get the numbering right between them so I’ve numbered the principles based on the order I first heard them whilst listening to the podcast, from episodes 1 onwards. I intend to add further principles from the show (I know some are missing) and to better illustrate principles which were only briefly explained. Essentially Dante has laid out the foundations, and where he seems to have been vague or not gone too deeply into something in the shows haste I’ve respectfully elaborated on from what he’s said.

The majority of the following has been transcribed from The Beige Phillip Podcasts:

The Principles (your holy scripture!)

#01 – We are at war.
Nothing you want to do gets in the way of your relationship, it is innately part of who you are and why the bitch fell in love with you in the first place. We are at war. You’re in situations when you think you’re in a relationship but you’re not in a relationship, you’re in battle. If you give in you’ll never get what you lost back, it’s very hard to get what you’ve lost back if you’re not a “master pimp.”

#02 – All bitches are crazy.
Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense, they’re out of their fucking mind. You’re trying to use logic to figure out what they’re thinking, but this is guerilla warfare – stop with the logic.

#03 – Repeated favours become obligations.
Anything you do more than 3 times is no longer a favour, it is a habit and an obligation and you need to understand that’s how they (women) think. To an extent, men are the same. When people come to expect things, it’s no longer a favour but an unspoken duty.

#04 – Women fall for who you are but they try to make you something that you’re not.
A woman falls in love with you for everything that you are. She spends the rest of the relationship trying to change you into everything that you’re not, and when she succeeds she will dump you for the guy who is what you were when she met you. You’ll get left for the guy you used to be even though she’s trying to change you. That’s why you have to set up fake rules for them to break, then they feel good without really breaking your integrity or who you are. When a woman falls in love with you and she’s attracted to you there are things she’s attracted by, don’t change those things, she’s going to ask you to change things that she finds innately attractive. This sounds fucked up because it’s an act of self-sabotage (of the relationship) but the thing is she knows other women find these things about you attractive so she tries to get rid of it so that other women don’t come at you.

#05 – Whatever’s broke, fix it.
Always be self-improving and upgrading wherever you can. EG: Your salary, car, personality, game, skillset (languages, martial arts, instruments), your physique (gym etc)

#06 – Trust your gut.
If your balls are tingling a bitch is probably gonna kick you in the balls. Don’t ignore your better instincts for a whiff of the pussy. If a bitch gives you alarm, stop the interaction, don’t argue, just leave. Guys ignore their gut because they’re in love or in lust. Compromise when you’re comfortable, do not compromise when you’re uncomfortable as when it gets thrown in your face, because you bent over too far backwards, you’re not just going to be angry at her but at yourself too because you compromised yourself.

#07 – If anything goes wrong it’s always your fault (because she’s a reflection of you.)
Anything that happens in a relationship that goes bad with your woman, if your woman’s a bitch, if she’s disrespectful, if she cheats on you, if she leaves you, if she takes your money – it’s your fault. The way she treats you is down to the presentation you give her. There’s no such thing as victims, just volunteers.

#08 – Don’t assume shit.
Common sense ain’t common, if it was common everybody would know. You can’t assume people understand things, you need to be a guy who can explain things straight so that she understands her options. Get good at giving ultimatums and laying out your boundaries by communicating them adequately, even though she may expect you to be a mind reader, you don’t have that same luxury so get good at laying it down.

#09 – Put yourself first at all costs.
If you don’t love yourself nobody else will. If you don’t put yourself first, she won’t. If you put a woman first, she won’t appreciate that shit and ends up taking you for a sucker. But if you’re like “fuck it I don’t care what you need” they’re grateful for any little thing.

Stop using the W words, “who”, “what”, “when”, “why” – stop giving a fuck, you know what happens if you ask them W words? You’re getting taken in and then you feel like you need to know what she thinks. The reason you think you need to know is because you think what she thinks is important and that essentially what she thinks is more important than what you think. In order to not give a fuck you’ve got to understand what your value is, this chick is interested in you because she sees some sort of value in you, if she thought you were a failure then she wouldn’t have anything to do with you in the first place, what you’re doing is changing her mind (of the opinion she’s formed that you’re worth knowing) and thus she’s re-evaluating your value.

#10 – Agreements with women don’t mean shit.
Don’t think that if you’re honest and they agree to it, that they’ll agree it to later, there’s no binding legal agreement. Women have integrity amnesia, whatever you decide the relationship will be in the beginning doesn’t mean a damn thing. What she wants in a relationship changes based upon her emotions because her reality stems from her emotional state (See #16.Whatever they agree to in the beginning doesn’t mean shit later on, they haven’t signed a legal contract, you have to police that, you have to hold firm with the rules, you show you’re a real man by sticking to your guns. Likewise, if you establish something as a pattern, that pattern can’t change just because she chooses to complain about it.

#11 – You MUST be credible.
You wanna be the captain of your ship then you’ve gotta steer all the time. You must be in control, but you need to be credible so she can relinquish her control. It’s her job to give you a hard time because what she’s trying to do is make sure that you’re credible, if you’re not strong enough to protect her from her own bullshit then how are you able to protect her from other people? In order for her to allow you to take charge you’ve got to be credible. If you’re trying to sell her something you don’t have, she isn’t gonna buy it. It’s about being a man, taking what you want. It’s about being credible, taking control, giving a woman what she needs as opposed to what she wants, understanding what she needs and making the hard decisions when you need to make the hard decisions so that she sees you as credible, they really don’t wanna drive, they want to give the wheel up, but they’ll only give it up to someone who they feel is credible enough to give it up to and only then will they let YOU drive.

#12 – Everybody “gets got” at some point.
You will fall in love, get your heart-broken and get fucked over, it’s inevitable and you need the experience to become a true player in the game, use your heartbreak as a learning experience to catapult yourself forwards.

#13 – Be Ready to take the L.
Do not be afraid to leave, if things aren’t working out you’ve got to leave, and you’ve got to communicate to her that you will leave. If she calls you on that, you have to follow through. If you’re afraid to argue with her, let alone leave, then she’s pimping you with the pussy and you’re not in control.

#14 – Women pretend they don’t want sex.
It’s easy to control a woman’s body, but takes a real man to control a bitches mind. The power you’re going up against is so huge. The reason it’s difficult is because women have a natural aptness in mental manipulation. Women’s sexuality has been repressed by 2,000 years of religion which is why so many feel they need excuses to have sex now, to have plausible deniability in situations where really they do in fact want to fuck.

#15 – Women’s behaviour and personality mirrors you in a relationship.
A bitch is always a reflection of the guy that she’s fucking, they don’t really have set personalities. When you’re with a woman, whatever she is, her love needs to attach itself to something and when she attachs that love to someone, they ultimately shape who she is. The way you treat a woman shapes who she is as a person.

#16 – Female Logic.
A woman cannot be logical because her logic is based upon her emotional foundation, so as she changes in her mood so does the foundation of her logic.

#17 – Feminine indifference is dangerous.
Never have a woman be indifferent about you. Have her love you, have her hate you but don’t have her be indifferent, indifference is the nail in the coffin. If you piss a girl off she’s more likely to fuck you.

#18 – Be astute, observe.
There is information all around us, it is our job to interpret it and use it to our benefit. Look for clues. If a woman fucks you over, there will be clues beforehand. Moodiness, major difference in behaviour and demeanour around different people etc. If you’re caught by surprise, you weren’t paying attention to the subtle (or not so subtle) cues she was giving off.

#19 – When a woman dumps you.
If a woman leaves you then praise that because it gives you time to be inside a new woman that’s more worthy. If she’s left, it’s dead. Don’t go back, go forward (see #20.)

#20 – Don’t chase them, replace them, remain unaffected.
You’ve gotta like you so that when these women make a decision that goes beyond your scope of patience, you’ll be ok. You don’t control a woman, your patience does. You have to be consistently inconsistent and unaffected, understand the emotions that she’s giving you she’s just bouncing off you to get a rise. You have to be kinda robotic “this is what we’re doing? OK I’ll drop you off” being consistently inconsistent is what keeps her off-balance, it creates interest and keeps her interested in you. In poker, if you keep bluffing or raising then they’re gonna catch you, you have to mix it up.

#21 – What it takes to get a woman is the same thing it takes to keep her.
The elements required to get a woman are the same things it takes to keep her (being nice, intelligent, rich etc) the things she is initially attracted to are the same things that keep her interested in the long run. The opposite is not true. The element needed to get a man is not the same as the elements needed to keep him. You get a man by having a vagina, but the thing women don’t understand is the contract surrounding that. A man gives his best to a woman and then she fucks him – contracts finished. Now if you want a man to like you that’s a different contract that needs renegotiating (essentially a vagina will get a man into a womans bed, but it’s not enough to make him commit.)

#22 – Never let a bitch define you.
Don’t let a bitch define you because if you do then it won’t be long before you ain’t shit. If you don’t think you’re the shit, she won’t either. “You’ve got to be the shit so that she knows you’re the shit.”

#23 – The game is going down.
The game is happening whether you’re playing or not, you can either learn to play good or you can learn to lose. Choosing not to play the game doesn’t mean you’re not in the game it just means you’re gonna lose quicker. You have to learn the rules of engagement in order to play the game.

#24 – Create a bidding war.
Bitches always want what they can’t have. If a girl sees you with another chick or sees you’re generally having a good time with other people, she’ll want to be part of that. That’s how you start a bidding war, by not giving a fuck about her, and by nature of logistics, she is forced to see you doing your own thing and having a good time. Jealousy is the active ingredient in a bidding war.

#25 – Stop making black and white movies into Technicolor.
You see women as better than they are, you think she’s worth so much more than she is. In reality it is you who is ascribing this extra value to her, she does not actually possess it. As an asset you are worth more than her, your value appreciates with age whilst hers depreciates. Stop seeing women in some golden light, like her farts don’t stink and she has no bad qualities, because her shit does smell and she has plenty of fucking issues which you fail to acknowledge. Your mind deludedly constructs this false ideal to fool you into thinking she’s better than she is or even worse, that you’re not worthy [of her.]


  1. Great content so far, brother. I’d like to point out that on #18 you have (see principle #18) at the end, which is a bit redundant. Looking forward to seeing the remaining 29 Laws.


      1. This typo still exists except it is 19 that says see #19 when I believe you mean see #20
        otherwise great stuff.
        Since I found your blog I’m trying to read everything you’ve written.

        [Illimitable Edit: Thanks, I think I’ve finally got it now.]

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      2. I find a common theme in most of your Ideals. a person trapped in linear thought shows it by the sheer black and whiteness to their ideals. What makes this trap a nasty one is theres more difficulty in admitting your philosophies are one sided in the way it patterns the readers to think in the same linear trap, if your presented with an idea that you dont understand, your method of thinking just assumes the information is useless and see misunderstanding as not a fault of your cognitive abilities but an internal psychological attribute of the way of thinking someone has when you cannot comprehend anothers ideas in a linear way. Its unfortunate that youve caught my attention, i dont believe you know just how much damage you could have or still cause to the natural balance that life needs..

        Your wielding swords with a brash know it all attitude, only the knowledge is one sided, and you’re ignorant of their being another side. Your not helping, your pedaling chaos hidden in the form of genuine desire to help others, because really if you wanted to help others you would have a better perspective of the world youre projecting all your undesirable traits onto, especially the parts of yourself you project onto women so you can hide that undesirable part you dont want to admit of yourself or have anyone see by misdirection casting the attention to women who you point out as displaying all your shameful qualities.

        Youve done well in how you’ve tangled up the projection connections, but its clear that your misguided in your hollow confidence in what you preach.. what a waste of a potentially incredible mind though his own insecurities in his masculinity. Why else bulldoze women to lower their standing so you can feel superior, and smarter. Poor kid.. good luck with the reporcussions for that kind of attunement, they will come fast and in a way that will do the thing you fear most and emasculate you..

        Have fun buddy.. love from a genuine jester, you big tought man you xoxo


  2. Love #7. I think that is what distinguishes you from “normal” red pill writers. They tend to put the blame on the women whereas I agree with you – shit hits the fan once we start dropping the ball.


  3. It is not clear to me what #1 “Nothing you want to do gets in the way of your relationship.” means.

    Fucking other women, something most men innately want to do, certainly do gets in the way of a monogamous relationship. A relationship is a bargaining war. Do you mean that don’t let your fear of loss of relationship get against your best judgment on what to do?


    1. It means if you want to do something, do it, a woman will say it “gets in the way of the relationship” but what it really means is she doesn’t like it and is trying to change you. Your attitude should be “if you don’t like this thing about me, feel free to leave.”


      1. i don’t like it when women try to ‘change’ men either
        in fact, its hard to believe that many men have just ‘given up’ being ‘men’ these days…
        in fact, the only thing a women could really change on a man is his DIAPER

        I ALSO don’t think many woman want that much sex, unless it leads to something more==both sexes got gypped within feminism

        heck there is a book out now, about young college women finding a mate and someone to have kids with–to MARRY–called MARRY SMART by Susan Patton, a woman who was one of the first to graduate from PRINCETON
        SHE is trying to tell women from her end, NOT TO BE WILD because by the time they are 30, they will have a harder time..she got married at 30 but divorced after her kids were grown and she blames the education inequalities for it

        its possible that Princeton and other colleges did a disservice to both genders by going COED since it takes all fo the mystery out of meeting each other..


  4. I certainly wouldn’t say a woman with the vast sensitivity and intelligence of Sylvia Plath is simply ‘a refelection of the man she’s fucking’, that’s so crude I don’t think it’s defensible on any level. Ted Hughes treated her in the philandering way you suggest and she ended up dead, despite the fact she was the superior artist. What about hypersensitive men, all you’re doing by telling them they’re ‘doing it all wrong’ is telling them they’re not good enough, not masculine enough and tbh they probably feel that already. I understand what you’re saying as a Nietzsche reader about the ‘domestication’ and feministaion of the modern man, but I must admit I think ‘game’ only really works for intellectually underdeveloped men upon intellectually underdeveloped women. I DO CARE what others think of me, especially women, too much to be a player and too much to be much of a success in any way granted, but I do feel it would take a monumental act of dumbing down on my part to start thinking of woman simply as automatons. Indeed, apart from sex, where is the attraction in the company of women the way you describe them – they sound absolutely loathsome: fickle, cruel and self-centred, unable to appreciate anything other than alpha males. Some of my greatest heroes haven’t been alpha players e.g. van gogh, kurt cobain, edgar allan poe. Admitably they weren’t the happiest or most sexually fulfilled men, but don’t you think their achievements outweigh the most numberstuffed little black books? I’ve had little success with women, and, yes, I hate myself and think about suicide a lot, but don’t see how I can make the jump to thinking about 50% of the population in such a hostile manner, even if it means I get to ‘use ‘ them for sex. As I said, you certainly can’t love someone whose biology, according to game, means she’s a slippery, flighty non-person as psychopathic as a cat.

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    1. I’ll bite.

      A lot of your underlying assumptions are faulty and I think if you truly reexplored your paradigm with women you could enjoy much more success. I initially responded to everything you said, but I cut out a lot of it, so we can focus on the meaty stuff:

      >What about hypersensitive men, all you’re doing by telling them they’re ‘doing it all wrong’ is telling them they’re not good enough, not masculine enough and tbh they probably feel that already.

      He’s not telling anyone to behave in any way. These are Beige Phillip’s rules based upon his life’s experience. People can choose to integrate his wisdom into their lifestyle or not. He’s had hundreds of successful relationships and got loads of pussy by following his rules. If that’s not your goal, don’t worry about his rules. People are always free to make their own decisions.

      >I understand what you’re saying as a Nietzsche reader about the ‘domestication’ and feministaion of the modern man, but I must admit I think ‘game’ only really works for intellectually underdeveloped men upon intellectually underdeveloped women.

      Game is not subjective based upon intelligence. Behavior and status plays a much larger role in a women’s attraction than in a man’s. Game makes a vast difference in one’s success with women. It works on all women: Christian, nerdy, older, younger, poor, rich, black, white, western, eastern. It doesn’t matter. One has to calibrate for culture, but the basic principles of game are generally the same.

      Maybe your notion of game is the Neil Strauss/Mystery Method magic tricks and palm reading and you think of it as gimics. Actual game is how you carry yourself and interact. **I’d define it as projecting positive masculinity in one’s interactions.**

      >I DO CARE what others think of me, especially women, too much to be a player and too much to be much of a success in any way granted,

      When you care about what other’s think of you, you’re allowing others to judge your individual worth. I know my own value and I don’t need constant validation from others. This is a problem for you whether you realize it or not. You should explore why you need constant female validation. The book, **”No More Mr. Nice Guy”** is a good place to start.

      Also, this may blow your mind, but women will typically fuck players way more than non-players. Women also respect players more. Watch how they treat a player vs a nice guy. The nice guy gives her a ride and doesn’t get much of her attention. The player rides her and gets all her attention. Which would you rather be? And lets be honest, all being a player is, is being a man that women want to be fucked by. Is that really a bad thing? Players break their hearts because they choose the woman/women they want to be with and not vice versa like other guys.

      >but I do feel it would take a monumental act of dumbing down on my part to start thinking of woman simply as automatons.

      Women aren’t automatons. They think and live differently than men.

      >Indeed, apart from sex, where is the attraction in the company of women the way you describe them – they sound absolutely loathsome: fickle, cruel and self-centred, unable to appreciate anything other than alpha males.

      Here’s the thing. I appreciate a feminine, nurturing woman. I don’t appreciate a masculine woman. I’m masculine and my masculinity is better than hers. If she wants me to appreciate her, she need to be feminine. Most western woman have abandoned femininity and are wannabe masculine “independent woman.”

      >Some of my greatest heroes haven’t been alpha players e.g. van gogh, kurt cobain, edgar allan poe. Admitably they weren’t the happiest or most sexually fulfilled men, but don’t you think their achievements outweigh the most numberstuffed little black books?

      When your heroes killed themselves, its not hard to imagine why you think about killing yourself as well.

      I admire great men and women. I always have. By no stretch is anyone in the manosphere saying that numbers and notches outweigh the next great invention or scientific breakthrough. Guys who fuck hundreds of women never kill themselves over a woman. Yet Van Gogh, a truly great painter, killed himself over a woman. That shows the danger of putting the pussy on a pedestal. He allowed some vagina to destroy something truly great.

      >I’ve had little success with women, and, yes, I hate myself and think about suicide a lot, but don’t see how I can make the jump to thinking about 50% of the population in such a hostile manner, even if it means I get to ‘use ‘ them for sex. As I said, you certainly can’t love someone whose biology, according to game, means she’s a slippery, flighty non-person as psychopathic as a cat.

      I don’t hate women. For awhile after taking the pill I had a severe distaste for them, but that’s because I looked at them as man, not appreciating that they offer something unique and beautiful. The ying to our yang. Masculinity and femininity are beautiful in their own ways. They feed one another in a way you cannot understand until you actually experience it. Once I did, I lost any desire to ever date a “strong independent (aka wannabe masculine) woman. I have a new appreciation for women.

      Bro, I seriously hope you can turn your life into all that it can be. You can become a better man. Illimitable Man has lots of tips. It basically boils down to this:

      Focus on bettering yourself:

      Hit the gym. If you’re skinny put on some mass. If you’re fat, eat right and get in shape.

      Learn stuff. A new language or skill adds value to your life and can help you….

      Make money. Money gets your options. Work hard and try to get to where you control your own destiny.

      Improve your social interactions. Before you knock game, learn about it. Learn how you can convey your best self. To both men and women. Learn how to carry on conversations. Learn how to sexually escalate with women.

      In short, do what is best for yourself.

      the women will come, but they get happiness from you. Not vice versa. No woman can fill what’s missing in your life, you have to roll up your sleeves and do that yourself.

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    2. Good gawd, boy! White Knight much? Or are you gay? I almost threw up reading your defense of “wymyn”! Realistically recognizing how women act and think is not “hating”, its a step in learning so one does not end up hating one’s self when confronted with a woman’s fickle nature.

      You, OTOH, are starting off 90% pussywhipped, by pedestalizing women(if you’re not a woman troll—which, given your comments, is highly likely. Sylvia Plath? Third rate and entirely derivative as a poetess. If she didn’t kill herself, no one would even think of her.)


    3. The thing is that it will always – irrespective of intellectual development – work in both directions if it is not played too obvious and if there is love on one side.

      My beloved ex-Machiavellian played most of the tricks described above. It worked for some time, him holding his hands open and enjoying everything I was able to give without giving anything in return. Nevertheless the moment I could see through his lies even love was not enough to compensate for the disgust and contempt I felt for such obvious weakness. How deprived of self-worth one has to be in order to feel the need to bind someone by playing on his jealousy? How pitiful is an existence where subjecting the significant other seems to be the only way to make somebody feel respected and safe?

      He could have enjoyed my blowjobs and dedication for much longer if he had known how to treat me well instead of letting me starve. I have only contempt and pity for the smart man he his and who despite all his intelligence takes all this literally and thus deprived himself of the joy of having me around. So not only did he hurt me, but eventually he also has hurt himself most.

      Credibility thrives on authenticity and sincerity, not on a pretentious game, based on inflexible rules set by someone who believes that he has to stick to his illusions because he needs to show credibility. It were laughable, if it wouldn’t cause so much suffering in the “Sylvia Plath” of this world. Maintaining credibility without inner consistency is impossible. What drives women on the field is the intuitive sense of a lack of credibility in the other and that cannot be hidden or played. It is felt.

      A system that is based on power will always break if the one in power is unable to ensure that the needs of his followers are met. Maintaining credibility for the sake of credibility, yay!

      Testing stops as soon as trust develops and this happens on both sides.

      The forums are filled with desperate men who are crying about “I can never be myself, she doesn’t stop testing”. Well, if you date with a mask and make someone like you for the mask you display then don’t be surprised that you have to maintain the mask.

      I fell in love with someone who was overweight, a gamer, religious and many more qualities that I usually avoid in men, just because he seemed to be a truly friendly, humorous and reflective person. It broke because he tried to maintain credibility – no means no – irrespective of the consequences. He believed I was manipulating, while I was just trying to reach him and feel emotionally validated or call it reciprocated.

      Everyone who adapts these rules himself turns himself into a robot unable of having any real encounter. It is their own choice. Evil it is only because in most cases it doesn’t give this choice to the partner. They communicate with a robot that is defining himself by a set of “power game rules”, that is like emotional incommunicado detention, it is torture and it is eventually destroying all those who truly love somebody and believe in the other persons credibility.


  5. Hi Wolverine’s Wrists.

    I could write about a bunch of dogmatic-sounding principles of The Red Pill that you are ‘in violation of’ and that would get me some virtual-high-fives here. But I’m not going to do that.

    Instead, I’m going to give you some questions to ask yourself in the hopes your brain breaks and comes to the realization that you have been conditioned (socially) to do things that go against what actually is happening in the real world.

    That is how all of us eventually embraced The Red Pill (ie. reality). We weren’t forced to accept those truths by something or someone else. We figured it out ourselves. We asked ourselves, “Why when I do this, does this happen?”

    Here goes…

    “What about hypersensitive men, all you’re doing by telling them they’re ‘doing it all wrong’ is telling them they’re not good enough, not masculine enough and tbh they probably feel that already.”

    Ask yourself, if hypersensitive men ‘feel that way already’, how did they get that way?

    What made them hypersensitive?

    “I DO CARE what others think of me, especially women, too much to be a player and too much to be much of a success in any way granted, but I do feel it would take a monumental act of dumbing down on my part to start thinking of woman simply as automatons.”

    This is beautiful Wolverine. In one way or another, this has been said by every man on earth. Especially every man who has contemplated The Red Pill ideology.

    You should care what others think. Not so much so that you never do what you want but just enough to have socially acceptable behavior to be able to navigate social circles with ease.

    “especially women”

    Why do you think it is ‘especially women’? Why not your male friends?

    “too much to be a player and too much to be much of a success in any way granted”

    Again, you should care what others think of you in the sense that you need other humans to get things and to move up in the world.

    Where did this social pressure to care what others think of you come from?

    Why do you not believe you deserve success?

    “I do feel it would take a monumental act of dumbing down on my part to start thinking of woman simply as automatons.”

    Why do you believe you must ‘dumb down’ to think this way?

    Have you ever considered that a woman might think of you (and by extension me) as automatons? Does that make them dumb?

    It’s not ‘dumbing down’. But it will ‘take a monumental act’ of clarity for you see the light. Woman are the way they are. Deal with it. (it’s harsh, I know)

    You must be willing to be introspective enough to come to terms with the fact that there may be something wrong with you. That’s not a bad thing. We were all born with something wrong/different with us. But it takes a real man to able to accept there might be something wrong and then find a way to overcome it and move on.

    I hope you post your response to my questions as I genuinely want to help you.

    “I hate myself and think about suicide a lot, but don’t see how I can make the jump to thinking about 50% of the population in such a hostile manner, even if it means I get to ‘use ‘ them for sex. As I said, you certainly can’t love someone whose biology, according to game, means she’s a slippery, flighty non-person as psychopathic as a cat.”

    “I hate myself and think about suicide a lot”

    If you are serious, get help. Call a hotline or something. Get counseling.

    Where do you think you got your definition of Love?

    We all ‘made that jump’.

    The Red Pill is (or should be) a brotherhood. If you really want answers ask away and I will do my best to help.

    I hope you weren’t trolling. Come back my friend! I’m here to help. -dcl



      I will leave this here.

      Game is omnipresent. You cannot tap out by consent, game doesn’t only work for intelligent men on everyone. Intelligent men have an absolutely massive advantage over dimwits.

      When you master game and extremely high levels of Machiavellian and Narcissism you attain inner clarity. Someone who embraces the game and is masculine in the true sense of the word. Is both happy with their life and can maintain a healthy long term relationship if and when they choose too.

      I’ve reached the point where I am be kind if I choose and in the same instant be ruthlessly Machiavellian. Kindness and affection are respected from a position of strength. No one respects an affectionate weak person. It’s reality, if you feel emotion over what you must do to be successful then you are not evolved enough yet.

      By the way I never new the Red Pill reddit existed. I honed my mindset on some good reading on both sites. Also Illimitable Man your articles are sick. I found them a couple months ago and eagerly anticipate each new one. Your very good at articulating the subtextual nuance of game.


      1. Kindness and affection are respected from a position of strength. No one respects an affectionate weak person. – Edward


      2. You’re all a herd of sheep falling into a sociopath’s trap of warped reality! Women have just as much logic as men have lust and hurt feelings. Treat a relationship like it’s a game and you won’t have any. No pussy, no masculinity… betadroid.

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  6. Firstly, I’m not a troll. I was directed to this site by my younger bro who’s into this stuff, tho’ I must say he’s not exactly ‘swimming in wimmin’ . I want to thank the three of you for taking time to respond and I will deal with your questions in chronological order.


    then: 1) I do find some of what Beige Philips says objectionable, tho’ that might be a Englishman’s distaste at the sub-gangsta tone as much as some of the substance. I dispute that Beige has has ‘hundreds of successful relationships’ or even that that is possible in a lifetime in the way I might define a relationship. A relationship to be worthy of calling that certainly has to last a few months and a relationship becomes unsuccessful once you stop ‘relating’, once you no longer have that person in your life. Beige might have had hundreds of successful dates, shags etc but that’s not what I would define as a relationship. I hope you don’t think I’m being pedantic, but we need to agree on teminology. How do you know his relationships were successful – was there arguing, did he hurt people unnecessarily? So let’s agree to say he’s probably had loads of sex, which is different.

    2) I’m entirely happy to buy the idea that status, wealth etc as evolutional proxy for security/ paternal prowess etc matters more to women than men. I guess I’m unusually unmaterialistic and what you might call a loner, so I’m already at disadvantage, I can’t MAKE wealth interest me, it doesn’t. If a lady’s head is turned by posh restaurants and sportscars, well, so be it. But I don’t find slogging my guts out for a means to an end to be much of a motivator. Besides, politicians have power, but not all of them are inherent pussy magnets – politics is ‘showbusiness for ugly people ‘, remember? But I do basically agree with this point, tho’ given the unequal distribution of true power in our soceties, I think it is unlikely that everyone who subscribes to ‘game’ really has socioeconomic power far beyond the norm.

    3) I consider myself a poet – check out ‘Chirpy Dirges’ on fb – and if the line ‘women want to be fucked by players’ represents objective reality, then I’d rather just take my ball and not play, wank and commit suicide. Honestly, that’s a repulsive, reptillian reality to my mind. I actually find it viscerally upsetting if that’s what ‘love’ boils down to. There will always be a better player with a bigger willy and more money – as an artist, the cultivation of a unique personality, unique ‘voice’ means that I am not replaceable in some arms race of game. I would hope a woman who truly loved me for my uniqueness would be immune to the game of any player. They might be better at game, but they’re not ME. Either a woman actually loves me, clutz at game that i might be, or she doesn’t. If her head’s turned by status or game, then she didn’t understand that there’s more to folk than 1st impressions in 1st place.

    4) Van Gogh wouldn’t HAVE BEEN the Van Gogh we all know and love if he was Van Gogh with game. It’s actually quite funny to even think about it, van Gogh and game are incompatible.Players don’t send prostitutes their severed ears. I think, Robesta, you do have to accept that neurotic, unhappy, insecure behaviours can create types of art that sexually and socially successful people just can’t and don’t. Sacrificing that type of art on the altar of happiness might very well be worth it for the individuals concerned as no-one wants to be happy, but human culture as a whole would lose out if everyone had the self-regard of a player. I think this is one of my strongest points and inarguable really.

    5) I guess what I meant by automaton is something machine-like where a certain input equals a certain output. I’m sure all human beings have innate susceptibility to cues etc but I think part of being a human is attempting to transcend behaviourism. I guess having some degree of intellectual respect for someone in any relationship is important to me. The game paradigm of women as reactive to behavioural cues without critical thought does make them sound ‘less than human’, like predictable, automatic beasts, beautiful bovines.

    6) I’m gonna repond to DcL and Edward shortly and separately – don’t worry, it won’t be such an epic as I’ve covered some points here already. I want to provide some background info tho’: i suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder/Emotionally Unstable Disorder so I’m already at a serious disadvantage. I grew up in a single parent household with six siblings and a mother who was domineering and very mentally ill herself. I’ve never had a male role model, apart from the fantasy figues like the artists I’ve listed. My mental health issue means I’m welfare-dependent. I’ve done internet dating, but, yes, my lack of status and confidence – both personal and sexual – meant that nothing clicked with the few women I liked (I wouldn’t lead on the one who did like me but it wasn’t reciprocated). To be honest, I think I’m beyond help. I’m way beyond counselling, hotlines etc.I’ve had 20+ years of feeling inadequete. My brother was trying to be kind directing me here and I thank the three of you for taking the time to respond. Life has hurt me too much for me to see it as a ‘game’ of any sort tbh. I will respond to the other chaps later today. But many thanks to the three of you.

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    1. 1) Time does not dictate the success of a relationship. How successful two people are at having their needs met does. You can be with someone for a lifetime, but if you were unhappy the entire time, then its a failed relationship.

      Relationships require practice. In a successful long term relationship, knowing what to avoid and look for in a partner is very important. How do you know what to look for? Past relationships.

      I sense there is a Disney model of relationships in your head. That you’ll meet this awesome person you connect with and live happily ever after. Good luck with that. Dealing with the opposite sex has a learning curve. Practice. By having many past relationships and experience with women you will actually know when you have a good thing going.

      2) Women are attracted to wealth and status. Game is a way of showing status. Women look at interpersonal relationships entirely different than men do. All the evidence you need to know is to sit down with an 8 year old boy and talk for 15 minutes about his life, then do the same with an 8 year old girl. The boy will talk about concrete objects, video games, toys, sports. The girl will talk about her friends, how she feels about different things and what clothes she likes to wear.

      Rich men without game routinely get fleeced by women. Meanwhile poor men with game, fleece rich women. When you deal with women you enter their world. Your man’s world of “stuff” does not give you value to a woman, its just something she can get from you. She doesn’t think that you earned it, she thinks it fell into your lap, the same way most of the stuff in her world does. What she actually can value in a man, is the feelings that he bring forth in her. She can only get those from that man. Hence the value that Game provides.

      3) Calling someone a player is as condescending as referring to a poet as a douche. It doesn’t add value to the conversations and devalues them as a person.

      My response to you is: you say that you’re lacking in experience with women. One of the primary poetry topics is love. How can you know what love is if you don’t get out there and experience women and get to know what the male/female condition is inside and out. Until you’ve experienced women inside and out, you’re merely speculating and putting your hopes and dreams into the other gender. I recommend you learn game, get out there and interact with women and have relationships. Stop sitting on the sidelines with a pen. Get into the game.

      At the end of the day, you may conclude we’re just sperm donors and they’re just baby carriers. But you also may get breakthroughs from actually experiencing the human condition. Either way, at least you won’t be speculating from the sidelines.

      4) Painting and happiness are not mutually exclusive. Van Gogh was a great artist. I’m pretty sure if he was getting laid regularly, he wouldn’t lose his desire to paint. Pussy is not a substitute for greatness and vice versa. The whole argument of Van Gogh was bad with women and sad therefore that’s required to be great artist ignores the legions of great men to include artists who were good at their craft, happy people, and had no trouble getting pussy on the regular.

      5) People. Men and women alike, will respond to you based upon how you behave. If you want a quick field test. Walk around town one day with your eyes firmly affixed at the ground. If you make eye contact, look away. Note how people treat you.

      Then, go out the next day and look every person you pass in the eye and walk straight. Note how people treat you. You will be treated better on day two.

      That’s all game is. Making yourself the best you that you can be on an external level. You can still be an emo poet and have game. I’m sure even today SOME poets get pussy. But you can make you more appealing to other people by behaving slightly different. Maybe stop saying bad shit about yourself in conversations. Maybe focus on telling interesting anecdotes in your life rather than complaining. ITS STILL YOU. Just a you that’s more appealing to others.

      6) Bro, I get that you have an uphill battle with your conditions and your background. Now do me a favor and listen to this and try to let it penetrate you:

      You are not a victim of your circumstances. You can make yourself a better you.

      You may never land a model. Who gives a fuck. You have one life to live. Make it the best you can. People don’t improve their lives and later regret it. It doesn’t happen.

      Try this: Make a list of things you dislike about yourself. Now make a list of ways to correct and/or improve things you dislike about yourself. Now throw out the list of things you dislike about yourself. Make this new list your plan to improve your life. If you fix or improve everything you dislike about yourself, you will be happier.

      I hope you join the world of masculine action. Complaining about your circumstances is feminine. Fixing shit is masculine and you can be a man and improve your life.

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      1. I have noticed, sitting around coffee shops, that little boys and little girls spend WAY too much time in the company of demented, middle aged alcoholic women who shop their time as informal nannies for double income families. And they engage in mind games with these children, which may actually be of benefit to the kids, letting them understand early on in life that people engage in such outlandish behavior.

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  7. DCL: 1) if you check out point 6) in my reply to Robesta, you will find source of my hypersensitivity.
    2) I actually find the company of other men, particularly as a group, quite unpleasant. It’s ok for a bit, but the ragging and rivalry becomes 1-dimensional and grates. I haven’t been happy discussing ‘sexual conquests’ with them since a teenager, it feels like a betrayl of intimacy. I’ve actually always found it quite distressing when people joke about infidelity etc, they’re having a laugh about fucking someone over. Tbh, it’s a situation in general which triggers negative thoughts about myself so I avoid it. A stag-do at a strip club is my idea of an absolute nightmare.
    3) I think we can safely say that I ‘ve accepted there’s something wrong with me, in fact I’m resigned to it.
    4) Yes, I wouldn’t want a woman to see me as an automaton, I would actually be offended. When a woman says ‘guys are…x’, I don’t consider myself as being part of that general equation by design and by accident of neurosis.
    5) As i said to Robesta, I’ve gone beyond the point where I think I’m redeemable or can crib up on game and everything will be hunky-dory. I’m not really sure I want a woman if she conforms to game paradigm. There is nothing any of you has said that actually fleshes out the feminine, nurturing ideal you claim to want from a ‘true’ woman – nurturing is about acceptance and forgiveness, gentle pressure to personally grow without severe reprimands or the threat of being abandoned, upgraded or replaced.I’m not saying there aren’t limits to that, of course there are, but there still remains a dialectic contradiction between the view of women as nurturers and status-seekers. Why would a woman need to nurture someone who had already achieved the game necessary to attract them in first place? If you don’t much care what they think of you because you’re so strong, why do you want to be nurtured? This is where player thinking is most sloppy.
    Again, DCL, I would like to thank you for your compassion, but to be honest I’m beyond help, I’m too old and my mental health condition prevents me from even beginning to think in the way you guys do even if I wanted to. I’m certain that there is a Social Darwinist, ‘law of the jungle’ bedrock to our human societies and that you guys have tapped into some of the truth in that, but there’s also something to be said for standing outside of that, being a spectacular lonely failure in the wilderness, a voice of protest against the animal absurdity of it all. I think what is going on here is a Nietzschean transvaluation of the values of feminism, or perhaps it goes even further back to Nietzsche’s orginal critique of the Jewish-Christian inversion of masculine Graeco-Roman values. the ideal Christ-like pacifist representing male feminisation. At the end of the day, I’m so used to being unhappy and feeling inferior to other men – for stupid things like height or their ability TO CONFORM to stereotypes – I’m just numb and want to escalate that numbness to death. ‘You win some, you lose some it’s all the same to me’ as Lemmy sang, but actually when you lose all the time or win all the time, it also becomes meaningless. Another thing game overlooks is what we might call ‘natural disasters’, what does the player do when an accident/ill-heath/unemployment etc robs him of his ability to be an effective player? It may very well be delusional, but it’s understandable we want cozy notions of our partners loving us for US, not our accomplishments, to fall back on. I think game is a young man’s dating philiosophy, derived from gansta rap culture, about how to score with Americanised hyper-capitalist women. It offers no solace and takes no prisoners and legitimises some of the cruellest aspects of human nature and the laws of attraction. I guess I’m on the side of the sexless, statusless, starving, suicidal artists, which means that a player will have a far more hedonistic and outwardly successful life, but there are fragments, brief moments where my work and I achieve a uniqueness that is truly human, transcendent of Social Darwinism. That doesn’t make it worth it, but nothing is worth it. We’re just a bunch of handy, crafty apes and one day our race will sucumb to extinction just as each one of us will degenerate and die. We’re all weak deep down, silly little scarecrows of flesh and blood who can’t even fall 5 stories without getting mashed up. What really matters , what really distinguishes us as individuals is producing something unique, having some place no-one else could have occupied in quite the same way, not being the king of the conformists, top of the tree, doing what everyone else does but just better. You’re a kind guy, DCL, I can tell and I thank you for that a third time.

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  8. Edward, thank you for taking the time to respond, but I think the way you describe game is psychopathy tbh, old chap. ‘Choosing’ when to be kind and when to be ruthless are calculations, not emotions or moral positions. Machiavellianism and Narcissism as foundational principles are, I’m afraid, key psychopathic criterion. Besides, narcissism – whether defined psychopathologically or colloquially – is EXCESSIVE self-regard, that’s what it means. It’s delusional and different to healthy self-respect. Maybe women find you irresistible, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to be friends with a self-professed Machiavellian narcissist, or rather I don’t see how you could ever trust that person or think that you meant anything to them other than a competitor or a conquest. I know it’s the philosophical fallback position par excellence, but let’s be honest, HITLER HAD GAME, oodles of it, in fact it was all he had, he was a chest-beating chancer. A sexual neurotic for sure, but he had so much game that women young and old adored this middle-aged, not particularly healthy, largely asexual genocidalist with something akin to Beatlemania. Surely we have to come to a point where we say status-worship is dangerous stupidity and where some moral principles, just out of empathy and humanity, must trump the benefits to be derived from psychopathy. Sometimes being kind SHOULDN’T BE A CHOICE.

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    1. It is what it is. By your definition all women are natural psychopaths. Only in ruthlessness can you hope to match them.

      I think about things like I have my internal world where everything is cool. If people are gonna try to take advantage of me. I don’t think well I cannot put my feelings on the backburner because that would make me a bad person. I remove all kindness and emotion from the equation and move them out of my way with chess like precision.

      People love full blown narcissists. They envy them want to be them, why do you think Kayne is so popular?

      Ironically a self professed Machiavellian narcissist is more capable of being a friend than most.


      1. Not sure I totally buy the first part, Edward: women are often overly emotional – didn’t one of you players allude to that? The women I’ve known can most definitely be hot and cold, sure, but often hormones seem the culprit, rather than some sort of logical process. But I agree that women more often are heard to utter quite self-centred reasons for dumping someone ie ‘ I’m not getting what I want out of this relationship’, ‘I’m not fulfilled,’ It’s not you, it’s me’. Guys rarely kick a lady to the kerb, especially a loyal one, out of some sort of sense of their own merit or existential masterplan granted. Usually they fancy someone else, act on it, then lie like cowards. I’m half with you about the narcissism, but not fully. Psychopathological narcissists are seriously ill peeps, Edward, and live lies and commit ‘right man’ family homicides rather than face up to the joseph-coat of fibs they create, but to paraphrase Nietzsche : ‘ People will believe anything that another seems to believe in strongly enough’ – conviction is contagious. I don’t love Kanye, not that he cares – he’s another post-Gangsta-MJ-clone with no message other than his own aggrandisement and ‘brand’. Yawn, he’s hardly Marvin Gaye. You raise an interesting point tho’: seriously, does anyone LOVE someone they envy, really? I don’t, I resent those I envy. I don’t want to be like them, I want to find a way I can be superior to them or blank them out of my sickly existence.I certainly don’t want to be a pale imitation, especially if that involves buying their ‘products’. Caine envied Abel and look what happened to Abel – no love lost there

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    2. In your other comment (for some reason, it has no reply button, I don’t know why) you ask “well technically aren’t all women psychopaths then?”

      I have been asked this before, you’re not the first one to make this connection. Although this topic of discussion is better suited to the Lucifer’s Daughter article I’ll share my reconciliation of psychopathy with female nature in response to the original question asker:

      “Women can feel empathy and sympathy, but they are also very good at rationalising it away when it suits them to, which makes it more malleable and less valuable than male empathy/sympathy. My article covers your question, here’s the excerpt:

      Due to their genetic (hormonal) propensity for emotionalism, female psychopathy is rare. In its place the average woman commits immoral acts by dissociating from reality in order to justify her actions, placating her emotions that she is “doing the right thing.” So although a woman’s behaviour can achieve a similar result to that of a psychopaths, there is an emotional component to their decision-making process. This emotion manifests through “feeling” and they have to deal with it, women tend not to have “an absence of emotion” like a stoic does through suppression but rather they are good at “coping with emotion” as in, addressing it when it comes along and rationalising it away to avoid cognitive dissonance. They do this by deluding themselves to believe in falsehoods that can be typically characterised as idealistic and biased in their perception of events. It is this mechanism which allows them to reconcile their sense of guilt with their committed atrocity. EG: blame shifting, justifying, tweaking facts. It is by merit of this mechanism that the average woman is not technically psychopathic, but seemingly capable of performing callous acts.

      The average woman is very good at making herself believe delusion due to the foundation of her reasoning stemming from her current emotional state. Their current emotional composition can completely rewrite their internal narrative, allowing them to self-deceive and disassociate in a way that most men find remarkably difficult.”

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  9. Sure they’re emotional, but do they get caught up in the romantic bullshit guys do? Nope, they get a free drink? Sweet thanks. How many women fall for some homeless guy? It’s always some guy that has his shit together that they want to trap or fuck or both. You don’t see that they plan everything? Emotion is just cover, they’re opportunists.

    People are attracted to narcissism because that’s what we all are. They subconsciously hope that it will rub off on them somehow. Most men don’t kick a women to the curb because they fear being alone and that they have the ability to get another one. If a women asks me if I am seeing someone else I would tell her right to her face that I was. I set the terms when we started and she knew what she was getting into…her problem not mine. Besides I don’t compare myself to the average. Average people are pretty stupid, no wonder they don’t have a masterplan.

    It’s calibration and how to use it selectively is beyond the ability of words to put into a single post. There is lots of information in that link I left. Believe what you will, but we’re in an important time in society. You can either be elite, in your mindset, body and goals. Or you will be nothing. Whatever wave of feminism we’re on now isn’t gonna let up and it’s gonna crush people that don’t get their shit together.


  10. @Wolverine’s Wrists

    “Again, DCL, I would like to thank you for your compassion, but to be honest I’m beyond help,”

    You’re welcome.

    I can’t expect you to just accept what I’m saying through a comment-thread. I’m also still grappling with some things that TRP has made clear to me.

    Also, I forgot a simple rule of mine. I should know better. It goes something like this:

    “…it’s almost impossible to get anyone to accept TRP ideas until they start to see them for themselves. Typically after their egos are fractured or shattered.”

    Take ‘er easy. -d


    1. “…it’s almost impossible to get anyone to accept TRP ideas until they start to see them for themselves. Typically after their egos are fractured or shattered.”

      A shattered ego is exactly how I found and then proceeded to take TRP after the end of a 6 year LTR. When left broken, you get to find out what you’re really made of. And like #12 says, heartbreak is inevitable and necessary to become a true player. A traumatic experience is exactly what I needed to realize how weak I really was and how fragile life can be. Nothing is meant to last. I would of never found the Manosphere if it wasn’t for being dumped. Websites like IM have made me stronger in my Game and in life. The veil of deceit has been removed, and will remain off till the day I am laid to rest.

      But you’re totally right, I have tried sharing this wisdom with others, and it’s not the same. I am life “DUDE WTF?! How do you not see it?” but that’s not my job. I am glad this ego fracturing happened as early as it did in my life versus at a later date. Thanks for the reminder dcllcd.


      1. “I would of never found the Manosphere if it wasn’t for being dumped.”

        That’s how I found the sphere and that’s how a lot of men did as well. In one way or another.

        I can already tell by your honestly and your effort to become introspective that you will come out of this a better person. The Man you want to become.

        That’s the first step. Basically accepting the fact that ‘you’re a loser’.

        Now I’m not saying YOU are a loser. What I’m getting at is a lot people cannot get past their ego telling them there is nothing ‘wrong’ with them.

        Not in the sense of morally ‘wrong’ but in the sense that whatever the behavior or belief that’s holding you back is, it’s wrong because it’s inhibiting you from making any kind of progress.

        I hope I was able to articulate myself clearly enough.

        1. Constant Introspection
        2. Less Ego Invemsment
        3. Just Do It (Self Improvement)

        Welcome to the grind.


  11. @Wolverine’s Wrists

    As the used to be skinny nerdy kid in high school, I’m going to tell you what worked for me.

    Step 1: Get in the gym. Lift some weights and look at your progress over time. This is just a taste of what self improvement feels like but it is a stepping stone for other forms of self improvement. My entire outlook on life changed when I started lifting and people started to notice.

    Step 2: Find hobbies outside of art and poetry. You need to find something physical that you love like skydiving, water sports, lifting, cycling, running, etc. You can’t just stay indoors all the time, it isn’t healthy and women like healthy men.

    Step 3: Read stuff like this and don’t down talk it like it’s a bunch of caveman bullshit. Academic intellect is relatively new in human history but our biology is thousands of times older. These articles play to the natural instincts of men and women that do not change when you graduate from an ivy league university. The well educated intellectual woman may be pickier about the player she wants to fuck but she still wants to fuck the player.


  12. I would add an iron law of female-male relationships:

    “When you enter a relationship with a woman, she will immediately and relentlessly try to change or take away from you the things that define you or are most important to you.”

    If you’re a guy who likes to rock climb on the weekends with his buddies, and plays guitar in a local funk band that has been together for several years, your new girlfriend will, without exception and in very short order, begin to try to minimize the time you spend doing them. She may ridicule your hobby….”Aren’t you a little old to be in a stupid rock band?” Maybe she will put down your friends…”You still hang out with Bob? Ummm……loser!?” She’ll bitch about how you have to spend time with people other than her….”Rehearsal? Again? Didn’t you just do that?” Or she will insert herself into these activities. She’ll accompany you to band practice, sit there looking bored, maybe throw out a few suggestions for songs she thinks you guys should learn, point out the way the lyrics should be sung, etc etc. She doesn’t have any interest in any of this. She just wants to shit on it and ruin it for you.

    I learned the hard way the harsh truth of this maxim, and the harsh way you must deal with it.
    In short, the female must be told in no uncertain terms that this is who you are, you’re not changing, and if that’s a deal breaker for her then she needs to hit the fucking door and take her pussy with her.


    1. He covers this and even explains the why. She’s subconsciously trying to change you so you will not be attractive to other women HOWEVER the conundrum of this situation is that SHE will also no longer be attracted to you cos you’ve let her change everything that made you appealing at the beginning. She will now go fuck a dude who IS like you WERE. And round and round we go.

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  13. I think the realization that women don’t think or interpret certain situations in the same manner that men do would make it easier to see the wisdom in this post.


  14. In case anyone didn’t notice our lengthy commenter, “Wolverine Wrists” is indeed a female troll. No man ever refers to wrists as a part of anatomy. They have no meaning to a man; whereas a female views wrists as a delicate and most feminine feature, one most readily used to attempt suicide. That alone is a dead giveaway!

    Then the fact that her responses are so lengthy. A man can sum it what he needs to say in a few short bullet point phrases, not wander all over an emotional, fancifully articulated map of “reasonable thinking”.

    So, guys use that knowledge if you bother thinking about what WW said.


  15. I don’t think he is a woman, he is a poet who is thinking of committing suicide – his writing and name fit that perfectly. How many women would reference Wolverine? I have only the vaguest idea of who/what that is!

    Anyhow, if you read this WW I have so much to say but so little time. I would just urge you to look for the nuance in what is being said about women. It is simplistic to reduce it to ‘women are automotons’ and some of the presentation of principles on this site is indeed to the extreme, but the underlying point remains and serves one well to bear in mind – All Women Are Like That. AWALT does not mean all women will behave like this, it means that all women have these urges. [Of course I cannot 100% confirm that that is the case but I see so much of it around and undeniably in myself that it revolutionises the way I experience the world, and for the better] If you show weakness, there is a risk that a woman will be less attracted to you, and there is a risk she will start dreaming of another man, she will not even understand why she is doing it, and she may well not act on it, but deep down she may not feel satisfied the way she craves to feel satisfied. A woman needs a man to be a rock, so she can be like a wave. She can lose herself in the sensations in her body when she is confident that the man is keeping his head together. Yes it is very selfish but apparently there is some source of pleasure there for the man also.

    Yes women are often treated badly and in the past had little power or independence, but it is shocking the lack of respect for men we have in today’s society. It is perfectly normal to make jokes about the incompetence and idiocy of men. No wonder so many of you are depressed.

    TRP is about throwing off all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ that have been imposed upon you, not being ashamed of what you are, being comfortable with who you are and striving to be the best you can be. You don’t have to suffer to be a great artist. You don’t need someone else’s love and approval to give yourself worth and value. You are here to do you.

    When in a male/female relationship you become a team and as part of that you need to find a power balance that works for you. TRP shows us a tried and tested method of making it work best for both parties – one person has to lead and the other assists – two leaders just won’t get anywhere. The more I submit to my husband and trust him to lead us both, the more harmonious and successful our relationship has become. The more we are in love, and the more authentic our intimacy. It takes courage to submit and be vulnerable, just as it takes courage to lead and be strong. Each gender is best suited to a different role, so equality in the sense of being ‘exactly the same’ is a foolish ideological endeavour and does not (often? ever?) succeed in making people happy. There must be plenty of women who are like me, naturally driven to make a deserving man happy, but their cultural programming now leaves them completely confused as to how to go about this. I came across TRP and RedPill Women six months ago and it has definitely had the biggest impact on me personally than any other self-help or political ideologies I have read in the last twenty years.

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  16. Hi IM,

    I have some questions for you.
    1. Do you intend to ever write a book, sort of a manual as a means to share with the world how you manifested the Dark Triad mindset into your life? By manual I mean practical advice. Of course your articles are well-written and valuable, however, I think I might not be the only one who craves “step-by-step” instructions. I vaguely remember you said somewhere that you prefer philosophizing over practical advice. If that’s the case, nevermind the question (though imho that kind of book would sell very well – not just to redpillers, but to virtually anyone who wants to defend him/herself against DT personalities or wants to achieve a higher social status).
    2. Esther Vilar writes in her book “the polygamous sex” that men always have a power imbalance towards women because of our high sex drive (women can by degree of nature “turn off” their sex drive, according to her). Naturally with numerous plates this problem dissolves, so I’d guess that ain’t really much of a problem for you. But in case of an incel, what is he supposed to do? Neediness turns off both sexes and I doubt the incel feels great about it as well. What should an incel do (besides going into monk mode)? My theory is that daily masturbation (just once) and the occasional prostitute may alleviate the neediness and allow for more focus on one’s path (monk mode), but I’d like to hear your thoughts on that.


  17. I’ve been reading and dissecting the red pill for two years now but never gave my point on it.

    The content is great, that’s well known. RP philosophy can be of great use to improve mental strengh, confidence and to reach your full potential. Some of you guys are naturals, they are aware of the game instinctively. No need to read and read again, many things about this philosophy are just redundant with their own experiences lessons.

    If you are not a natural, no matter how smart you are, you have to be very restraint in the use of the principles. At least at the beggining. For the mixture of these principles is paramount. Apply them all, every day, every time, and you’ll quickly become obsessed by them, thus blithely breaching the #11 Being Credible rule, which is by itself, the very essence of all the RP principles.

    It is all about being consistent. And to be consistent you should not only be aware of the game, you have to internalize it. Ready a bunch of articles for a few weeks and reacting like “OK That’s all I needed, the bitch is off now” is bound to failure. You should act naturally. And it takes time to get it. Discovering the Red Pill is a great step, but there are dozen of steps that you have to walk to take benefit from it. Start by reading and reading again, take your time and observe naturals. Start taking into account the principles step by step, dont rush, easy tiger. Otherwise you’ll quickly be seen as a cocky loser. A paramount principle you should try to respect before thinking of anything else is not to give fucks. Just don’t. If you fail, try harder. Stop thinking about shit. And to stop thinking about shit starts with thinking about yourself and improving whatever you can (#05 & #09). Everything else will come naturally to you afterwards.

    Just wanted to give my thoughts based on interpersonnal and mostly personnal observation.


  18. I read the principles and commentary with great interest and a deep sense of shame at how badly I handled my relationship with my wife. For most of my life it wasn’t necessary for me to be acquainted with these principles because my natural instinct was to pursue many women and never devote myself to just one. A selfish pursuit of my own interests came naturally to me, and women apparently found me attractive for it. Because of my natural inclination, I apparently came across as having internalized these principles. I ONLY got into trouble when I fell madly in love with a girl and genuinely wanted to devote myself exclusively to her. I took my vows very seriously because I honestly thought she wanted to see the real me, and so I made the terrible mistake of simply being myself during a particularly challenging period of my life. Moreover, out of respect for my wife, I avoided all contact with other attractive women because I didn’t want to make my wife anxious. I now understand that the only way I could have kept her was through a proper grasp of these principles. If I were to give myself a break, it would be on the grounds that I am still not entirely sure why we men feel such a strong desire to succeed in this game. Looking back on my life, I’m fairly convinced that the majority of my happy moments were spent in the pursuit of interests apart from women. I really enjoy reading, having dinner and conversation with my good male friends, and doing my work and hobbies. Taking women to bed is certainly a great thrill, but I wonder if the thrill of it justifies the importance we attach to succeeding in this particular endeavor.


    1. TRP has set me off on the right path and has confirmed a lot of the principles that I innately knew and formed through experiences in my life. I am truly grateful for the information here and am impressed by the knowledge and point of view expressed through the website and comments. I too found myself here at the end of a LTR in which I lost sight of some of these principles and who I truly am. Thank you my fellow brothers.


  19. So clear and concise. Makes perfect sense to me – validates everything I’ve seen over the past 40 years.
    Divorce from wife ver1.0 cost $485K. Second wife for almost 30 years now. Your picker seems to work better the second time around. But you better keep up your game or she will bail on you.


  20. Hi Illimitablemen, thanks for this page, its a new whole world to me. After beeing in a really dark place for too many years and relationships, i wonder if i could make it…several relationships (fist with myself, parents and girls) have left me drained and i am not sure who i am anymore. I am trying to understand all this rules and principles and have started to apply them (randomly).
    BTW, i have a question for you, i see an incoherence between points 15 and 19.

    In point 15 you stated:

    #15 – Women’s behaviour and personality mirrors you in a relationship.
    A bitch is always a reflection of the guy that she’s fucking, they don’t really have set personalities. When you’re with a woman, whatever she is, her love needs to attach itself to something and when she attachs that love to someone, they ultimately shape who she is. The way you treat a woman shapes who she is as a person.

    While in point 19 you said:
    If a woman leaves you then praise that because it gives you time to be inside a new woman that’s more worthy. If she’s left, it’s dead. Don’t go back, go forward

    How can this be possible? If you mirror a woman, i mean your woman takes your caracteristics…How are you going to be able to find a better woman without changing yourself first into a better man?

    I am sorry, i just can understand, i mean, your new woman will mirror you again, so she will be the same bitch that reflects the fucking loser you are…..did i miss something?

    Thanks a lot if you consider to answer to my question.


  21. If you treat a woman who truly loves you like this you will destroy her. I have been there for five years. Loving someone who thinks of himself as Machiavellian. While he freely talks about it, if was to young and naive to understand the consequences. Now, five years later, I am still unable to trust anybody and I had to rebuild my entire personality and I am still not over it.

    Exerting power over someone who loves is the least powerful one can do.

    Love by itself already makes people give everything, messing somebodies head by playing power games in love, because of ones own stupidity, social incompetence and inability to listen, will never have any result than violating the trusting. Everything is about listening, mutually caring that the other person is well. But well, writing this on a page of wannabe-psychopaths and machiavellians is ridiculous by itself. It is autistic in its core, because it only drives on the inability to change perspectives and the inability to detach from oneself. Taking everything personally as directed against oneself, is the biggest mistake.

    Why I care? Because there are people who take these words literally. People who are that confused that they want to believe that what you write is true because they hope that it will finally give them some power in the chaos that has been created by dissolving the long lasting social role distribution. However, you are selling an illusion yourself.

    Just ask yourself if you want the person that also brings you so much joy to suffer. Is this reason? Seriously? What we want? Safety and respect for our needs. If we know that these are fulfilled, we will give you everything. What you propose is individuals taking revenge on another individual, because you don’t like the collective behavior.

    Every loving person will break over the power fight that is enacted upon him or her.

    Is it reasonable to let someone starve until he is emotionally that deprived and empty that he has no other choice than leaving? What you suggest is the end of authentic communication between partners. Think about the cyclic pattern in Confucian philosophy. A government will only be stable as long as the people are safe and not hungry. Misinterpreting different needs, wishes and desires as power fights creates nothing than emotional hunger on both sides and at the end, both sides feel tricked and robbed and will use this as explanation to ruthlessly fight and take whatever possibly. Deep narcissistic injuries all over.

    Yes, these manipulation strategies might work to keep someone in emotional slavery. Simply because women love and do not expect such evil in somebody.

    Why are you writing this blog? For strengthening the conservative? For strengthening men without power? If you really wanted to do anything for anybody, you would think one step further and you would realize that the safety of humanity can only be in friendship between men and women, not competition within a relationship. What you are doing is just heightening the walls, creating more chaos. Don’t hide behind the “my poor exploited fellow men”, you are too smart to not understand what you do. You are just pouring oil into the fire between men and women contributing to the creation of two species and eventually extinction, because sadly they cannot recreate without each other.

    You can destroy families in several ways. Ameliorating the differences between men and women is one, fueling the war that mostly is the result of miscommunication is another one. The result is the same. Confusion and hatred on both sides.

    Don’t buy this shit. Growth is difficult for everyone. It is a mistake to act on misconceptions and misunderstandings and an even bigger mistake to believe these misconceptions. They feed the ego, nothing else. They make you believe that it is “their” fault and take away the possibility to grow yourself and thus truly become free. Being honest towards oneself and ones own flaws can be painful, even life threatening. Nevertheless it is needed in order to increase adaptability, for only the one who sees reality as it is can successfully adjust to it – Machiavelli, slightly modified.


  22. #25. call that one the “blond hair & big tits” rule. i know lots of guys who lose everything they’ve learned and give up all they have for blonds with big tits.

    she’s human… is affected by gravity and breathes air just like you.


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