“Lucifer’s Daughter” – Introducing The Female Psychopath

Lucifer’s Daughter, The Dark Triad Woman

“To her you’re just a play thing; she’ll make you out to be a king, then she’ll set fire to your throne.”Anon

1.) Introduction
2.) Characterisation of the Female Psychopath
3.) Female Psychopathic Interpersonal Methodology
4.) Psychopathic Women & Sex
5.) In Closing
6.) Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

Dark triad women are women who possess zero negative empathy disorders; a “zero negative empathy disorder” is a term coined by autism researcher Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University. It effectively means: “a lack of affective empathy” (the ability to feel what another feels as they feel it, eg: sadness) in combination with a lack of moral concern for the well-being of others. Both must be present to constitute a zero negative empathy disorder, otherwise we end up with a different classification of empathy disorder such as autism.

Zero negative empathy disorders predominantly include narcissists and psychopaths, as well as borderlines to a lesser albeit significant extent. It excludes those on the autistic spectrum who are empathy-deficient, but typically neither Machiavellian nor morality negative. This article is based upon a woman who was in my estimation a type P (psychopath) or if we are to use a clinician’s term, a woman with anti-social personality disorder (ASPD).

You may see overlap in the description of women you have known diagnosed with different psychiatric disorders (bipolar, borderline, narcissistic personality disorder etc) in my descriptions of the type P here. However, such empathy deficient psychiatric disorders have marginal differences, mainly their underlying cause and the nature of their manifestation. The nature of their manifestation alluding to whether their behaviour is consistent with a personality running off a single mental schema (ASPD and NPD,) or a binary personality that follows a cyclical pattern of alternating schemas (borderline and bipolar).

People who are educated on the differences between various cluster B personality disorders will contend the last paragraph was ignorant if not controversial, but to the perception of the neurotypical person (the majority,) the outward differences manifested by cluster B personality types are superficially marginal. Case in point, going from the feedback I’ve had discussing female psychopathy with my readers, most men are unable to distinguish a psychopathic woman from a borderline. They think they’re one and the same – but they aren’t. In all fairness, the differences are marginal and one would need to get a little too close for comfort to discern such subtleties.

Nevertheless, in spite of the nuances pertaining to cause and manifestation, zero negative empathy disorders are effectively a collection of variations on psychopathy. To define psychopathic behaviour as an ASPD diagnosis rather than a lack of empathy combined with a lack of moral concern is disingenuous. Once you account for cause and manifestation, there is significant behavioural overlap between all zero negative empathy disorders.

Therefore it is prudent for the layman to term this collective group “psychopaths” and deal with them as such, for each behaves as callously and cunning as “a true psychopath” whether they have an ASPD diagnosis or not. A dark triad woman is as such, any woman with cluster B personality psychopathic inclinations, not merely a woman with an ASPD diagnosis (which is for a slew of reasons I don’t want to digress into, quite rare.)

In this article I discuss the female psychopath, or as a friend and I colloquially refer to them, “a Lucifer’s daughter.” The term “Lucifer’s daughter” was chosen to describe the cold contorted nature of the dark triad female; the choice of a religious term being to emphasise the dangerousness of such women.

2.) Characterisation of the Female Psychopath:

Psychopathic women are incredibly calculating, like their male counterparts they tend toward immoral action based upon the amorality of unconventional thought. They’re incredibly opportunistic and unsympathetic towards others, whilst competent at inauthentically simulating feelings for purposes of dissimulation. Their thinking is solipsistic yet pragmatic, their perception of others can be surmised as: “what does this person do for me, if nothing, what could they do for me and how can I manipulate them into providing that for me?”

Women with a type P empathy disorder are what I consider the crème de la crème, the quintessential epitome of the feminine psychopathic form. A high-functioning high IQ sadist, not the hapless histrionic borderline typically associated with female psychopathy. No, this woman is an apex predator who only casually adorns the clothing of sheep whenever such a thing appears to be the optimal strategy. She is a woman who runs rings around men, giving even male type P’s a magnificent run for their money.

The female psychopathic type I allude to, the type P, has a personality that is shrouded by a thinly concealed and barely contained undying rage. She’s like a little nuclear reactor in makeup and heels, superficially cute yet psychically volatile. Such women have the propensity to accentuate a neonatal appearance in order to convey a disarming innocence, one which belies the antithetical psychopathy characterising “the real them.” The idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” could not ring any truer than in the observation of a woman’s aesthetics, doubly so for dark triads and even more so the type P.

These are women of incredible psychological prowess who utilise the power of the victim in all its perverse and incredible might to amass a horde of allies who’ll put themselves on the line so that she need not. Like their narcissistic counterparts, for better or worse they excel at creating a cult of personality. Her honesty is more of the tactical, brutal and shit testing kind, deliberate and aggressive rather than clumsy and inappropriate; her pertinence but a weapon dressed in the clothing of honesty that is flaunted as a virtue when it is anything but.

To such a woman, there is no sanctity in human life, for an inability to pair bond lends itself to a crisp capacity to dehumanise and objectify effortlessly. She uses people like consumptive items (a can of drink, a pack of gum) and once they carry out the functions imagined for them, they are disposed of. If she finds another (new) use for them, the cycle will repeat. If she cannot, she’s gone. A small frail psychopathic woman need not lift a weight nor a finger, for if her psychopathy is accompanied by physical beauty, she has all the power necessary to command those around her. Type P women are social predators drawn to those in positions of power, their sole aim to co-opt influence.

Much like their male counterparts, female psychopaths possess a psychological plurality in who they decide to associate with. They are attracted to people who fall on the extremes of personality, not the average. For example, type P women are fond of the weak and naive. They love to make others instruments of their will, and the cognitively weak represent easy pickings for an intraspecies predator. Like any predator, whilst a battery of easy pickings is always necessary for hard times, the hunt is its own sport, a guilty pleasure for the bored psychopath. As such, the powerful are not just coveted for their influence, but likewise the challenge that they symbolise. She welcomes conflict, for prey that fights is the height of fun.

Early on such a woman can be quite charming. Once trust is built she changes tack, switching to coercion and calculated aggression. Despite being emotionally violent, she will blame the target for her abusive tirades, validating her cruelty upon the slightest observations of guilt or reticence. She will continue this systematic campaign of mental pressure (consisting mainly of push/pull tactics, veiled threats and wild accusations) until the other yields, her goal to emotionally exhaust the target into a pliable state. She does not care if she controls a person through fear or love, for both are merely means to the same end. Once a person falls into her web, she becomes very territorial of them. Commands are issued under the threat of gaslighting, should you defy her, she will escalate her assault to keep you complicit.

3.) Female Psychopathic Interpersonal Methodology:

Firstly, she will try to isolate you from your peers and family. She might do this by accusing you of something extremely unsavoury (e.g.: physical abuse) to win the sympathies of your natural allies. Once you are estranged from your emotional support, she will target you with more focus, gaslighting you with repetitive cycles of scorn and forgiveness; this will continue until you’re inculcated into believing her fabricated portrayal of events.

Psychopaths of higher intelligence incorporate elements of truth into their fabrications in order to make them plausible. Once you feel guilty enough to take responsibility for fictional events, she will leverage the responsibility you feel to reassert control. She will reel you back in, except angry that she had to exercise her grip on your reins, she will punish you for your attempt at escape. Psychopathic women are vulnerable to abandonment because they are extremely egotistical. It offends the sensibilities of the psychopath to communicate you have the power to leave them. Inversely, she may have no qualms with abandoning you, but the exit must be on her terms. If it is not, as a product of ego, she will relentlessly obsess in achieving vengeance.

The type P woman is a creature of schadenfreude, for those who don’t understand the term, it’s a loanword from German that directly translates as “harm-joy.” Put more aptly it means “to derive joy from another’s pain.” Type P woman have a knack for finding that someone or something which symbolises your weakness.  When they discover it, they will pervert, corrupt and expose it in an attempt to mount an attack against you.

Quintessentially psychopathic women make for fine tacticians. They understand the importance of monopolising the herd, that one must ostracise or be ostracised. Divisive by nature, divide and conquer is in their very nature. In line with their sadistic tendencies, they derive great joy from seeing your allies alienate you, be it immediate or gradual. The severity of the ploy used to ensure your ostracisation depends on the context and aim of the woman in question. It can be as mild as diminishing your popularity to reappropriate people’s favour, or something more akin to all out psychological warfare.

If you are weak, a type P woman will expose the full height of her power, downplaying subtlety and indirectness for a more brutish approach. However if you are powerful, she will puppeteer rather than colonise. In their dealings with the powerful type P women opt for charm rather than coercion, recognising direct conflict is less likely to lead to a desirable outcome. To become favoured they turn themselves into the target’s source of dopamine, overwhelming them with positive feelings in order to form mental dependence. At a glance this may sound harmless, but the intent is insidious nevertheless. The psychopathic women wishes a powerful target to crave her, for it is via that mechanism she can control them.

4.) Psychopathic Women & Sex:

Regardless of her specific cluster B classification, sex with a dark triad woman is never recommended. Typically when a man and a woman have sex there is a psychological power exchange that leaves the woman feeling exposed, and the man, stronger. This is not the case with a female type P. Such a woman does not feel “used up” for sexing her target, quite the contrary, she feels empowered, for she has acquired leverage. And should you ignore her leverage, you will prompt her to publicly reveal your liaisons, and when she does so with most elegant spin, spin that society is all too eagerly willing to eat up – “he took advantage of me!” If you’re a man and it’s your word against hers, you will lose.

If she can become a source of sex, you will become increasingly addicted to her. And should you choose to cut her off, she has the ability to threaten your reputation. When things turn ugly the sex becomes a weaponised secret, leverage for blackmail that can be used to threaten your job or your family should you not comply with her wishes. Even before she inevitably escalates she has won, because men are malleable when they are getting “crazy girl sex.” And should this man come to his senses and wish to escape her influence? She wins yet again because she has the leverage to blackmail. Such a man finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, for bribery does nought but win a promise of retreat, it does not negate her leverage. Nothing stops her taking a bribe for her silence, only for her to instigate further attempts at blackmail later on.

Psychopathic women covet secrets because they understand profoundly that the holder of secrets holds the keys to power. And so should such a woman be unable to uncover any secrets, she will create one to get the leverage she seeks. And what better way to do this than through “forbidden sex,” to fuck her target? The type P woman seeks leverage by any means necessary. Knowing that the powerful will be incredibly resistant to a more direct approach, she adopts an insidious albeit innocuous one.

Despite the predatory nature of type P women, the malevolence of their nature is normally rationalised by self-identifying as a victim. The whole filter for their reality is seen through that of an unaccountable victim’s, and it is within this mental construct they self-justify carte blanche ruthlessness. The objective predator uses the psychology of prey to justify its predation, a marvellous feat of self-deception. And thus so it is apparent – the truly best deceivers begin with themselves.

5.) In Closing:

Type P women have no concept of loyalty, their loyalty is only for their self-interest. They are the centre of their world; everyone else is just an observation, a pawn, a by-product, a target, an obstruction and so forth. Due to empathy deficiency and an incapacity to pair bond, they epitomise the distrust they hold for others. Their power but a combination of their attraction and machiavellian prowess. This is how they attain gratification and stimulation in a world they feel perpetually disconnected from and underwhelmed by.

Perversely, the closest thing to bonding a dark triad woman experiences is when she tortures a target with her more aggressive side. The relationship between abuser and abusee is the closest thing to love a type P woman is capable of; somewhat ironically this is how they “love”, call it reverse Stockholm syndrome if you will.

Like other dark triad women, the type P thrives in chaos, she holds nothing but contempt for peace, for with peace there is no emotional energy to harness and self-stimulate. Think of dark triad women as human poltergeists, they need conflict in order to feed their compulsion to dominate their surroundings. Where a chaos deprived atmosphere pervades for too long, they will go out of their way to create drama as a way of reasserting dominance.

Psychopathic women are not well-suited to any but the most empathy deficient and thrill-seeking of men. Even her relationship with a dark triad man is nought but a union of two sadistic thrill seekers engaged in a perpetual wrestle for power. If you are not high enough on the psychopathy spectrum to derive enjoyment from the conflict of a psychopathic woman’s unending histrionics, you’d do well to steer clear. Believe me when I say the mere words here do no justice in expressing the true severity of what they describe. If you meet one of these women and aren’t dark triad yourself, run and don’t turn back.

6.) Relevant Reading:

Wisdom of the Psychopaths is written by Professor Kevin Dutton of Oxford, he talks about the positives of psychopathy and how they are crucial to certain job roles (soldiers, surgeons, finance etc.) When you want to know how psychopathy manifests and effects different industries, this is what you want to read.

Buy “The Wisdom of the Psychopaths” in the USA
Buy “The Wisdom of the Psychopaths” in the UK
Buy The Wisdom of the Psychopaths in Canada

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen discusses various kinds of empathy deficiency, including psychopathy, borderline personality and narcissism. He also goes into detail about the neuroanatomy of the brain’s empathy circuit. When you want to understand the complexity of empathy disorders, this is the book you’re looking for.

Buy “Zero Degrees of Empathy” in the USA
Buy “Zero Degrees of Empathy” in the UK
Buy “Zero Degrees of Empathy” in the Canada

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127 thoughts on ““Lucifer’s Daughter” – Introducing The Female Psychopath

  1. WOW. This piece describes my ex perfectly. Its almost scary how well you captured the way these women think.

    I emphasise the warning at the end of the article:

    If you meet a Lucifer’s daughter and aren’t dark triad yourself, run and don’t turn back.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I have known four in my life and nothing but agony, despair, self-hatred at being conned and ineffable sadness at being born the brother of one has resulted. One even told me ‘you will never escape, anywhere in the world’, not surprising given the tentacles of the Security Services, in which their psychopathy is used to foment global evil…

  2. I knew one like this. We watched fucked up porn together. Friend-zoned. Dangerous people to keep around, even if they are fun. You’ll get cock-blocked and your secrets exposed. Share nothing with these women, time or information

    1. I have met the type. They will try to get you to open up about this or that while you are seated, for example, on a solitary bench in the middle of an otherwise large and empty park; the quintessence of seclusion and privacy. And then they will begin blurting out your private matters in the middle of a very busy pedestrian filled city street the first opportunity they get! They will enter your home and air slight criticisms over this and that rather than compliment anything. And then you find out that they are living in relatively pathetic surroundings. They will ask you for a favor, and if you agree, and if you are subsequently injured in any way, materially or otherwise, they will not feel guilty in the least, but rather as if their value and self worth is enhanced by the degree to which you are injured.

      1. Spot on with the slight criticisms, I noticed they do it at every chance they get.
        To add:
        -Everyone seems to like them or the opposite, every seems to hate them (ppl who know them well)…not new targets
        -lying a lot, even when caught they still lie and try to gaslight.
        -having a lot interests like yours but they can’t provide any in-depth knowledge about said topic…that’s because they’re trying to sweet talk you
        -Asking TOO MANY questions TOO SOON, about your job, family, credit score and friendships
        -Similar to criticisms, they whisper things about a topic/person you are having problems with.
        For example, girl you were into wasn’t interested. The P will bring up situations where they interacted with that person…under their breath.

    1. Sparks fly. You get a very intense relationship where two people have this perverse high octane kind of love, but can’t stop abusing the shit out of each other mentally.

      1. I can vouch for this. I’m currently in a relationship like this. This explains a lot! I believe me and her are both naturally Dark Triad. Thank you for the article!

        1. Justice horny crazies like you are just as bad and deluded if not worse than narcissists and full on psychos. Once you get super power trippy you realize that your blue is nothing but a dilluted shade of black. The we>them contrast is very ironic considering DTers do the same lol.

          1. I am inferring from your comment that you suggest DTs and BTs have similar set of tools… However, they are used for different purposes. The BTs will never cast the first stone, but will likely to return it with interest added. BTs are not malevolent by nature. I’m not religious, but since we use the allegories (such as in the title of this post), the ‘Blue’ refers to the color of the cape of the Archangel St. Michael — who with his sword cast down his bro – Lucifer.

      2. Indeed, the most erotic, emotional, and dangerous relationship of my life falls under this category. It wasn’t until I did some serious self work and talk therapy did I realize what I was doing and why I was attracted to such chaos.

    2. The man mins, because he never gives himself completely and manipulates her with his willingness to walk away. She will never fully relent of course, but the man has his way untill she finally moves to greener pastures.

    3. Have you seen the movie of Pedro Amodovar where two serial killers date and finally slaughter each other while fcking? something like that… .

  3. I highly doubt you are, just from what I deduced from your post, I think you mean you’ve got a volatile relationship; it doesn’t mean you are both dark triads lol

  4. you should all be grateful. I have the miserable misfortune of dealing with the manifestation of Lucifer’s daughter. 9 years and she still stalks me. I even moved out of state. I can list the evil things she’s done to others when I’m not in her sights. she has destroyed 3 careers and 5 marriages that I know about. she has committed crime upon crime. forgery, burglary, perjury, assault, id theft, income tax evasion, fraud, theft, and more. she is above the law. count your blessings. things could be a lot worse.

  5. I want to state how incredibly well written that article was. one thing not touched on, which is prevalent in my Lucifer’s daughter, is her duplicity. a most powerful weapon in her arsenal.

  6. Brilliant article. I have encountered several variations of this archetype and think I will submit a companion article to this piece. Bravo!

  7. This was extremely interesting thank you! I’ve always wondered, because I fit so many symptoms of a sociopath/dark triad but I do feel emotions. But i never feel empathy for other people. I don’t care when someone dies, no effect at all. Couldn’t care less. Don’t care when someone else is sad but I feel like i have to console them and pretend like i do because otherwise people will notice.
    Very good article! You really know what you’re talking about!

  8. Sounds just like my “mother” – married my naive dad at a young age because of his father’s (my grandfather’s) social status; got pregnant; I was born as a result. My grandfather was smart enough to see right through her bullshit, so she got nothing from him. She divorced my dad, moved to another country and abandoned me when I was still a baby. She married another man and popped him a kid too. I have no idea what she’s up to nowadays and don’t really care.

    This article helped me realize how it’s even possible for a woman who doesn’t give a shit about her child to exist. Thank God I was raised by my dad and his family and not a sick freak like her.

    1. Sounds,like,my soon to be exwife. Had a kid in Ontario she,abamdoned and moved to the US. HAD 2 more there to 2 diff men. Moved to Germany,and had another, but was married to that poor bugger. Accused him of raping her kid, falsely, and after a few years of,acting like an arse lost custody completely. Kids dad is a,vegetable now and she is in foster care in Germany. Discovered ammo, knives and suicide/homicide notes in her 20 year old sons room, coupled with coke abuse amd he is in the army reserves. Tried to get him help and suffered dearly from my wife. Her kids are an extension of her, and,therefore, perfect. No help for that,young man! No help for anyone! She of,course demonized me and my oldest daughter for even trying to help, and now Ive had enough. Numerous, alls,by her to cops to bitch about stupid,shit,amd,try to have meor daughter arrested. It is a.complete nightmare. Only,4 yr,marriage but heed my warning…..it wont get better, they wont change. She is,extremely sensitive that,she a,y have a problem and wont,sek help, even,after the messes she has created her whole life. Sorry for typing errors.

  9. Excellent analysis. Once I finally managed to escape years and years of gaslighting I did so by buying a digital recorder and recording our conversations. Then I started m listening to them later. Then I started to watch her very carefully and add up the lies. Everything was a lie. A decade of my life was a fantasy. Truly because much of what I believed, even the smallest most innocuous thing, meaningless stuff, it’s all lies.

    It’s difficult to explain how deeply you can become gaslit. When someone is lying all the time about everything, big and small, and you trust that they are relaying real information it become difficult to sense the truly destructive lies. My ex had other forms of control as well but once my friends started being manipulated around me and I realized it I bailed hard. She destroyed everything I had because of it and still will not give up her meager power over me. Even though she is destroying herself.

    The day I left her she told me that she has never cared about anyone except herself. My biggest sin in her eyes was me telling our friends the truth and proving it. No that’s not it. My biggest sin is that they believed me. She can not give up her quest for revenge because they believed me. The truth does not matter. It is immaterial.

    Crimes? At my last count against me alone 14 felonies. Can I do anything about it? I’ve tried. Honestly short of very real and very subtle veiled threats she will continue to go nuclear on me. It’s a fucked up game I am forced to play amidst the misandric laws that she is fully aware of and takes full advantage of.

    Carrying a digital recorder on myself at all times and always letting someone know where I am are the most effective ways to protect myself. I’m also on the lookout for her and wary of white knights she may fuck to use against me. And she hates that I have learned to take steps to protect myself. And I am truly shocked at the mental acuity she truly possesses when she is honestly of average general IQ.

    I do what I can to get her to reveal the truth so I can better protect myself from her. It’s very difficult as she fully realizes the power of knowledge of your “enemies” thoughts. I’ve watched her take amazing advantage of it. I can remember her doing it to me. She brags to me about it and does not even understand that this is not something to be proud of. It’s not real.

    But I guess it is. What people believe is real is somehow very very real.

    Should you happen to develop a connection for a woman like this you need to start documenting everything and never let her know. Keep your records in a safe place. Do not underestimate her. Do not share your knowledge with people whose perception matters to her. You can use their perception of her as both currency and a weapon.

    Also I’m sorry. I know this most likely is not a game you want to play. You have no choice. The stakes can be high sometimes and the bitch enjoys this kind of hell. Withdrawal should always be your first consideration, though, as the smaller you can make their narcissistic supply in every interaction the less they will interact with you.

    Good luck.

    1. Sometimes guys can get into the habit of only half listening, with much of what they are hearing simply going in one ear and out the other as so much BS; however, if you ever type out what they are saying even in the moment they are talking, you will find yourself thinking, WTF?! Because the level of nonsense they are spouting at times is absolutely phenomenal.

    2. wow man i dont know what to say. your story is so sad. how is your life now? will you ever manage to have a normal life again?

    3. I feel for you bro’, in a 4 year relationship with a woman like that. It’s taken a little while to see it but articles like this help. I do think it is a blessing in disguise, I’ve always believed our enemies make us stronger and teach us lessons that we need to learn about life and our selves. Personally I would conterattck and have no fear of how far to take it, but that’s just me and I’m possibly a bit of a psychopath my self or at least have access to that within me. Knowing how she is but not directly confronting it too often or too obviously I am building up a case that I can use later should she overstep the mark considerably when/if we split up. The reason I’m saying if, is because I’m not entirely convinced this is her true nature but rather something she has learned over time and become very good at and enjoys. We’l see, there might be a way of using this “evil” streak towards true self empowerment instead of immoral idiotic behaviour but I’m not holding my breath at this point

      1. Please, from a very bad experience, do not entertain the notion that this may not be her true character or form. I sadly thought the same about a woman and felt she was hiding behind this fasad due to a damaged heart and that I could help her back to the person she really was. She quickly became pregnant and it instantly became clear that her behavior was beyond what I could have imagined. I was young, successful and on a path to retire in my late thirties. That was 12 years ago, am now in my late thirties, and unemployed. The material things didn’t phase me, as she took what I thought no one could touch..she robbed me of my joy and destroyed the very essence that defined me as a person. Our son is the only reason I still exist on this Earth and that’s to make certain that if he ever were to suffer, he won’t ever suffer alone as I do now. It’s tough to elaborate and put into words the misery she unleashed and still unleashes, but please RUN and never look back. I was once a very strong man with great friends and family. I’m now weak and have lost it all..friends and family. I have my son, for whom I’d do it all again for. We have split custody, so 50% of the time I’m alive, but when he leaves, I live in a constant state of agony. I would never want this to happen to another man or woman, so beware not to destroy yourself in an attempt to save someone that can’t and doesn’t want to be saved.

  10. IllimitableMan,

    You seem awfully afraid of these girls. In my experience, they’re not so bad as long as you give them the space to be themselves and open up. In the case of the psychopath, at least, and even the sociopath, the want to belong is strong. They are not accepted, not ‘like everyone else’, and the desire to systemically break people too tempting to hold back. Give them a sense of belonging and they’ll treat you like no other. The trick is to give them a trade: You have to make the want to screw with you be outweighed by the want to keep you in their life. Having had a couple of relationships with these women, I tell you you’ll never have a partner so devoted to you once she surrenders herself to you. Imagine the power of having her skillset working for you. The dynamic is a huge compromise for both, and at first there’s a lot of paranoia (also moreso after a split) but once you get to know her on the level where they strip off their mask and you allow them to show you exactly who they are, and you accept it, there is nothing they wouldn’t do for you. Nothing.

    1. You can’t belong to anything when you respect nothing but power; in that sense, a dark triad man will always be alone, but dark triad men can possess a dark triad woman. In this he has company and the closest thing to loyalty he’ll ever experience – but that is unique to the dark triad man, not typical men. A DT man distrusts those powerful enough to earn his respect, but disrespects those powerless/weak enough to be worthy of his trust, in essence – he exists in a trust paradox – he won’t ever belong (topic of a future as of yet unpenned article, no less.) A typical man cannot build anything with a DT woman because he is outclassed. I’m only replying to you because you attacked my ego (common strategy – but effective.)

      I don’t write for psychopaths, no matter how much they may like my work (and I am privy to the fact that many self-described such people do.) I could not in good conscience recommend these women to the 97% of the population who are not “psychopathic enough” (we’re all on a scale) to engage in the necessary extremities required to ensnare and maintain these girls. Dark triad men are perpetually bored people due to their psychopathy, therefore they like drama/sadism, dark triad women are incredibly dramatic and can indulge in masochistic tendencies – hence it’s a match made in heaven. Typical men are drama avoidant, and dark triad women drain the absolute hell out of them. Dark triad women are the property of dark triad men, and those are the only men they are capable of loving. Everyone else should steer clear unless they want their life ruined.

      1. In the instance that she is indeed the TDM’s possession, what do you think is going on in her mind about the dynamic? Does she secretly resent it? Is the submission only a ploy to subvert power?

        Of course, I understand this isn’t your target audience: Would you, instead, direct those interested in this side towards relevant literature?

        1. I don’t believe she resents it. Resent will come when such a man obtains her, and then somehow he stops being the man that he was – similarly to typical relationships. EG: such a man loses his “edge” because he feels like he “belongs” when he is with this woman. That makes her feel like such a man is leaning on her, and thus weak – meaning immediately undeserving of her love. It’s a delicate balance to strike, to expose vulnerability, just some, but not too much – and to not let any exposed vulnerability consume you, no matter how temporarily. Dark triad or not, a man is in dangerous waters when he loves too much, shares too much, no matter how much he may yearn it. I’ve heard stories of dark triad women absolutely ruining dark triad men because of this profound weakness in DT male narcissism.

          As for literature, I don’t think it exists. The dark triad is rarely discussed in any depth or length outside the academic community, who take a very neurological/scientific approach to it and thus little actionable advice on maintaining relationships with such people. The nearest thing you’ll get to what you’re looking for is a BDSM book, like this: Women: The Ownership Manual

          Not quite what you’re after, but an essential element in the relationship. Of course if a dark triad man who’s had/has successful relations with a dark triad woman chooses to blog about such a thing, let me know. I do believe the likelihood of that occurring is incredibly low, however. Psychopaths tend not to write about the dark triad, for multiple reasons.

          Firstly: it’s hard to talk about something that so intimately shapes you as a person; metaphorically you’re talking about the page you’re standing on so some of the content eludes you. This inhibits your introspective capacity: ability to recognise why you are how you are, build a framework around your behaviour and extrapolate it into a logical manner for “neurotypical people” to read, consume and learn from.

          Secondly: psychopaths have little to objectively gain from helping others understand them, and as such, are not inclined to write about such things. Why share your secrets, even with anonymity? Psychopaths are paranoid people, maybe someone they know reads what they wrote and will use the knowledge they have dispensed against them? No need to weaponise the sheep.

          Thirdly: I do not believe most psychopathic men are successful in maintaining relationships with dark triad women for the long term, it’s incredibly niche/scarce knowledge. Possible? Yes. Probable? No. How to do it? Few know. Do I know? No, it’s not something I’ve delved into.

      2. Your analysis is spot on. It is quite unbelievable to us normal men that that such people could exist, but they certainly do. I’ve met two Lucifer’s daughters in my life and you may not believe it, but the first time I looked at each of them, my mind said “She is trouble. Avoid her” (which I obviously didn’t listen to) and to the second, I sensed that she hid a deep anger underneath her psyche. Experience later proved that my instincts were correct at that point. People with a high degree of empathy should be able to trust their instincts when they meet DT women. If you find a woman who appears naive at first, later tends to hurt you, showers you with attention \ affection just when you’re hurt, then proceeds to withdraw and repeat the cycle, there is a good chance that you’ve just met a “Lucifer’s daughter”.

        I also notice that these type of women tend to project themselves as being very “classy”, either through affinities for exotic hobbies, things or real\feigned interests in high-culture. Thank you so much for verbalizing what most guys really need to be aware of to stay safe on the high-seas of the dating world.

      3. “Dark triad women are the property of dark triad men …” Are we witnessing a sort of split inside the human race? I mean if sociopaths got a strong enough genetic base, we could have the bases for an intra-species predator that becomes more efficient generations after generations ? This could be also guessed when looking at the facts that :
        (1) homo sapiens hasn’t got any official predator(s).
        (2) the socio-economical context discourage empathy at the profit of greedy behaviors (may be changing for environmental necessities! Could be the chance for a more responsible society and people if well dealt with).
        (2a) Especially the neoliberalism that as I can see is the open door for full blown “natural” laws in human societies! Leading naturally to be over-exposed to predators and parasites! At this stage most people would agree that we should do better than these kind of natural laws.

    2. Having been with a male diagnosed with BPD and NPD I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what must be devious or defective withi you to want to stay and play games to offset their evil insanity.
      You have a very twisted fantasized view. They are much too fragile and will realize you are on to them and you will be severely punished, likely ending up in jail. They are batshit crazy to the core and while you think you can put a bandaid on that and all will be well, you may as well be smoking a cigarette over an open valve on a propane tanker. Getting burnt is one thing but being reduced to ashes with no identifying features is exactly how you’ll end up. What you’ve stated makes no sense long term.

  11. Much obliged.

    I imagine any person who does write about the triad from their own perspective would do so to try and further their own understanding. My venture into this stems from a recommendation from an academic I see frequently – I get to talk about myself anonymously, get expert opinion on what exactly is going on, and he gets unique research. Certainly, it helps for it to be described in something more tangible than an intuitive manner. Understanding the nuances of my emotional pallet has been especially useful, and having my desires explained in a way that isn’t written in my own language (which stems from words I’d use as a kid; think Dexter’s “Dark Passenger”, but not as dramatic,) means forming connections between otherwise disparate/disconnected/compartmentalized concepts/feelings

    I look forward to more from you.

  12. well it all depends on the environment you find yourselves in. America is the heaven of DT women..I dont know about DT men but the US is the arena where a DT woman can attain her highest potential due to the mass supply of beta sheep and of course the one sided betastizing laws of the US..this I must add is her biggest weapon, heck she can put a bullet in your head and claim self defence. The US has become a symbol for emasculation and society more or less functions like a living organism, when a society has one sided laws that society has an ailment which manifests in symptoms like high rates of divorce, a large population of beta sheep, a very low supply of alpha lions and a large population of DT women..the transmission mechanism of these symptoms lie in the fact that more and more feminazi single moms are raising the sons and daughters of America. When a feminazi raises a man the man becomes betastasized and when a feminazi raises a women there is a high possibility of her daughter turning to the dark side of DT cos daddy wasnt there and whatever mommy tells her about men becomes her reality. There are of course DT women in other european countries but they are mostly benign cos they dont have the weapons that are available to the American DT woman in their arsenal

  13. I just tonight…well late last night to the early morning…discovered what the dark triad was. Very fascinating indeed. My mother was an extreme narcissist and from what I hear, used to do what she could to get her way, however was extremely caring but didn’t quite know how to properly care for others and her own children. My father is a manipulative business man and never cared for anyone but himself. My mother did have some mental issues that were passed on to my siblings and they all seem to struggle to get around things or do a lot of really dumb things…but I feel as though I became the greater mix of my parents. What’s weird is that before discovering this post, I thought of my self as satan’s spawn…occasionally, due to my religious background. But I am an extremely caring, nurturing person.Especially to those few people I do care for and animals especially. However, Everyone I come in contact with I always think about what they can do for me and what they’re role is in my life. I’ve become very good at manipulating people and have always been very good at talking my way in or out of situations to be in my favor. Most recently I’ve been able to coheres older men into giving me what I want(school, bills, new car paid for)…however, I always rationalize it as it’s something to benefit my future and that it was supposed to happen that way. Whenever I meet someone new, they always tell me that they see me being successful, and they that can feel the confidence radiating from me. It’s hard not to assume you’ll end up very well off when you never get any negative feedback or someone telling you that you can’t do something….Anyhow, I still think I’m a good person…even though I occasionally feel bad for the men who do end up in my trap. The ones only good for sex don’t stick around long anyways, Probably because I don’t feel the need to keep them there….anyhow, The comments really made me question the women these men have come across. I feel as is they are just crazy! Not something I’d compare myself too at all, only because the older I’ve gotten the less vengeful I’ve become….anyhow, thank you for making this post. I feel like I’m starting to understand myself more and more.

  14. Thanks for the article. This is what I have been working towards for the past five years. For most of my life I’ve been extremely caring and selfless, and due to a few run-ins with Buddhism, became even more of a doormat after deciding to be ever-more-compassionate towards other people. A huge mistake! For some reason I only ever attracted narcissists into my life. The story is the typical one you see on every narc abuse recovery message board. The resentment grows as well as the dependence until after my ex, I had had enough. I couldn’t understand these shitheads and why they always had so much power over me. Through some rusty experimental manipulation decided to systematically do to him the same things he did to me, just to see how he was able to get away with it. It wasn’t easy, completely unnatural to my empath wiring. It took a long time to finally be able to lie through my teeth. I learnt to love and enjoy myself and while saying things that indicated I didn’t, for the greater cause of exacting revenge. I won. He became emotionally dependent on me and I obliterated him by using the most deplorable manipulations I knew: his own medicine. Narc weaknesses aren’t hard to find (Hint: they’re heavily emotionally invested in their false self, including what others think of them, because they have no true self). The best part: I destroyed him and he still hasn’t a clue it was me. I still call him from time to time, poor thing. Narcs need to be in control so much they get used to it, and they have no idea when they’ve let it slip.

    It was the most empowering experience I’ve ever had to this date, and my life has been transformed since then. I’m not a victim anymore. I don’t need or want anyone else, but uniquely can call upon the interpersonal skills, charisma and believable innocence that such empaths naturally develop and narcs fail to develop credibly, making my methods virtually undetectable in any red flag test. I’ve realized all I need is to forward my own agenda and stop taking care of others, as they merely exist as tools to get my desires met. Because I’m not a true narc, (I think the synthetic nature of my transformation makes me a mach, not that it matters) I also don’t have the same weaknesses as narcs. I have no attachment to my reputation, appearance, money or morals, unless they’re a means to a short-term end. The only thing I really depend on others for is sex. You’re certainly right about that. I exploit very attractive men for sex (most of whom are clearcut narcs, I have more friendly approach towards the ones that aren’t) and leave them on a whim, along with my apparent emotional attachment to them. I feel no remorse. Like a common whore, I move on to the next man when I get bored, while their emotional retardedness just pushes them deeper and deeper into their shameful pit of self-loathing. Most are in too much denial and insist that they’re still the winner in the situation that they never realize what I’ve done, but can’t explain that bitter aftertaste. I had one narc keep manipulating his way back into my bed (and I participated simply because it gave me the upper hand and it just meant more sex) for a year before he finally gave up trying to make me depend on him. In a way he enabled his own destruction, something empaths do all the time. He still has no idea I facilitated that, only that he just couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d been used and inadvertently become attached to overpowering me. I don’t particularly enjoy making these narcs feel this way either, other than that it does reinforce that I’m still in control. I’m just indifferent to it as long as I’m getting what I want.

    It’s a life full of adventure and challenge and the possibilities are endless. When I was an empath I would’ve thought it was hollow, but after I just gave myself permission to get over my self-righteous morals, I started to lead a much healthier and more satisfied life because I stopped being an unwitting piece of prey to all the predators out there. I think this is what empaths need to learn. To experience what it’s like to finally do something for yourself and not others. Impose your will on the world empaths, don’t be a victim. I’d been an honest sucker for far too long. Still, I would never hurt an empath, only people I discover are DT. After crossing over to the dark side, I see that there are more DTs posing as empaths than there are empaths, so it’s fishing season. Glad I got to see both sides, I feel like I’ve got the best of both worlds. I can still call upon emotion when needed, when I like someone (always an empath). But I can also completely shut down any empathy for a DT and manipulate them mercilessly. There are enough other narcs in the world to have your way with, leave the empaths alone. The most interesting thing is being able to finally understand the shithead narcs I once couldn’t understand. I see why they do it now. Because it works.

    1. Lola,

      Can you tell me, in more detail, how you understood and manipulated your original narc ex? How did you destroy him and what was the purpose of that – revenge?



    2. Lola,

      You sound like the female version of me…except a bit more destruction.

      I attract female narcs and most of my enemies are sociopaths. Narcs have tendency to sweet talk or try to suck in, you know that phase where the love-bombing occurs. Sociopaths on the other hand try to remove me from a group.

      I would enjoy that phase then get rid of them once their masks start slipping. Also since they have big egos when you doubt them they would try to convince you even harder.

      and I would simply black-list them and not reply (after which they always try to contact me again).

      I’m curious how you improved your awareness though? Please do tell.

    3. Hi Girl,

      Very interesting comment. It seems to me that you have learned to use the maximum potential of your female status as you are more aware of your options as a woman (considering current feminized social norms and imperatives which characterize the west) to satisfy your immediate biological and emotional needs.

      Good for you, but…

      Riding the cock carousel in your twenties will take an emotional toll on you and most probably you are already unable to connect with any partner emotionally. The way you put it is just a “cool” way to explain how having the privilege of riding the cock carousel is satisfying you, also making it sound as if you invented it.
      Women are born with a valuable asset which quickly depreciates. When you hit the wall (28-30), everything will turn upside down as your biology will be aware that your value is going down (i.e. your looks are fading) and that you need to secure yourself with a provider as alpha as possible. After riding so many alpha males, you will never be content with any male you might be able to secure.

      Your strategy will drive you off a cliff. There is nothing Mac in what you do unless we admit that all women are Mac just because they have a vagina. Your power will fade with your looks and that’s it.

      Also, the length of your post, the need to explain all in detail, and the pride with which you view everything you do are clear flags of narc traits in you.

      Cheers from a real DT 😉

      1. All humans have narc traits in them, as there IS something such as a “sound narcissism”.

        The point is- people with a great amount of empathy who figure out the “enigma” of a dark triad male/female/whatever (i.e. people who in some ways are trying to “solve the love puzzle”, which is why they fall prey for these people in the first place, due to their own attachment trauma, i’d say) have the possibility to learn from this utterly destructive relationship, heal and move on. As they are not dark triad themselves (as they don’t share the same immorality, negative view on others etc.) they will probably be able to see the signs of DT-people next time they see them, conclude that DT are not worth their time and happily move along, leaving the DT to their own malfunctioning existence.

        As I see it, this is a DT-womans weekness;

        “Women are born with a valuable asset which quickly depreciates. When you hit the wall (28-30), everything will turn upside down as your biology will be aware that your value is going down (i.e. your looks are fading) and that you need to secure yourself with a provider as alpha as possible. ”

        … so they need someone who will boost their ego and provide for them. They have, as one would call it, a “bad character”. In some ways, they’re as primal as cats; they tend to be loyal to the one who feeds them.

        If one reads the article (which is truly excellent) and the responses more closely, one can make following conclusion; these females
        – cannot form stable relationships w others, due to their malfunctioning emotional life- they do not connect
        – they clearly make terrible mothers
        – and terrible friends, as they seem to be backstabbers, as people are clearly interchangeable to them
        – and terrible partners, as they orchestrate emotional rollercoasters to keep their partners reeled in.
        – terrible co-workers? – if any of them is working at all, as they all seem to be kept wives/girlfriends. And as they will surely play out their destructive tactics in the workplace, as it is their way of functioning.

        IMHO, I see nothing “alpha” about them, as they seem to fail in almost every field as human beings.

    4. you sound quite psychotic. how do you know you prey on narcs and not empaths? maybe you turning darker and darker clouds your judgment and rationalizes in your mind all your victims as non-empaths. i see no “health” in the “healthier” lifestyle you say you chose… .

    5. I am a P woman and you have come closest to describing my experience. “Lala” is just a male writing erotica in drag, although you already knew that.

      The difference between our experience is that it really is stockholmed men that can create the closest feeling of love for me. I have loved one such man and my children. Nobody else my entire life.

      Dominant men are sport, its validating to break them, but then they revert to misbehaving, impossible to love. Sex with DT men can be invigorating in small doses due to novelty, but at the end of the day its not great sex. Good sex is a man who is eager to please, exists for me. Maybe I just need more from others for it to compel me to feel anything in return.

      I am well kept in my current situation and the internet has been a blessing for me. I have an outlet for my sadism so playing nice the rest of the time isn’t as nauseating.
      I love these sites because they are full of N men, and those are the nexus of ease and schadenfreude. These men devote their lives to dominating women, think we exist for them. Sometimes I engage them as a Red Pill Woman in a sort of emotional affair and then begin to break them. Narcs are easy and when you get in there, they pay dividends with continued outreach after you cut them off. I like seeing their handles and reading what they write, then I revisit the pathetic attempts to seduce me through via email.

      My husband is very well behaved so getting this thrill elsewhere mitigates my need to make him prove his loyalty. It also excites me sexually, so this helps with the fact that I have committed to only one watering hole for the time being.

      I do recognize that I would get diminished returns leaving. maybe not now, but 10 years from now. I know one other woman like me, my mother, and while she has no problem finding safe harbor in her 50s, the goods don’t have as much to offer.

    6. If ruthlessly using people comes with zero side effects then you are not an empath.

      I have slight sociopathic tendencies mixed in with a possibility narcissistic but sensitive side. I used to wear my heart on my sleeve when I was younger and people took advantage of it. However when you decide to manipulate and calculate well thought out revenge/using people as a means to an end then your just unleashing your inner dark side. It was always there, it feels unnatural at first because you never practiced that utility to your benefit until later. That’s how I was, except I never seeked revenge or took on a direct approach in my dealings. I simply cultivated my cunning nature while remaining a sweet face and restoring my inner balance. Everything that ever happened is a lesson that taught me on how to handle future interactions and recognize different types of people.
      A true empath may feel numb and indifferent at first but eventually the cold calculated acts will take its toll on their conscience, and it may be hard to maintain the burden of it that sociopaths and psychopaths simply don’t have. That’s why I know its not possible to fully emulate being a dark triad in the long term without damaging yourself inwardly because of the effort maintenance of keeping the conscience at bay.

      In the past i have used empathic people ruthlessly for my benefit when I was immature. I outgrew it but to this day I feel no remorse for it and never felt bad while doing it, but i changed my perspective and realized there is ways to get what you want from people without hurting them long term or damaging them unnecessarily. I have talked to a psychopath who thought my ammended code of conduct was a waste of time, because if you want to get something why not be the most efficient for your benefit as much as possible? Ruthlessness or not.

      There also seems to be a confusion between sociopaths and psychopaths. The main difference between them is that sociopaths on rare unique occasions with the right person having the qualities they look for and who has the right chemistry with them are able to form deep connections. Psychopaths have none of that, they were born with zero empathy and inability to form any emotional bond with anyone whatsoever. Sociopaths may be environmentally
      Influenced from early childhood. Their upbringing is not necessarily bad. Some people just learned to be cunning early on, some were also born with tendencies that were cultivated.
      I will say though the stereotype of sociopaths making more messy less thought out crimes in comparison to psychopaths is likely due from the fact that youths with miserable childhoods from low income neighbourhoods who join gangs are emotionally callused from their lifestyle of criminal activity and have reduced empathy due to it. It also explains the lack of sophistication in their crimes and when arrested they are counted amongst the sociopathic population. They don’t represent sociopaths and most sociopaths were raised in normal homes blending in with the normal non sociopathic population, just like psychopaths.
      We have abilities unique to us and naturally some psychopaths and sociopaths abuse their abilities for their benefit on account of others but neither are inherently “bad” people. Most I know are highly intelligent, logical, educated members of society and who make good partners relationship wise if you are on their level of understanding and you realize relationships need to be mutually beneficial to both parties.

      I know of a few sociopaths in law or politics and the psychopath I dated is very educated. Id never expose their identity to normal people though. When I do talk to a fellow sociopath or a psychopath its like having our own little secret understanding. I can always tell if someone is a sociopath or psychopath without them needing to tell me. I also have a thing for sociopathic men.

    7. It looks like a huge bunch of mistakes to me :
      (1) Being an empath is not a weakness, it’s an acute perception and respect of other people emotions, and it’s not because you perceive and respect other people emotions that you are not capable to analyse things and get out of troubles! Quite the reverse actually if we look at many statistics.
      (2) Using people for sex? How come you are so dependent on sex? What’s the idea of having sex with someone you do not respect? Why is it so hard to find sex and respect together?
      (3) “finally do something for yourself and not others” : do you have any idea of what mutual cooperation means? They are many ways for people to interact with positive consequences on both sides.

  15. “In the instance that she is indeed the TDM’s possession, what do you think is going on in her mind about the dynamic? Does she secretly resent it? Is the submission only a ploy to subvert power?”

    It depends….well yes we do resent it handing power over to anyone and the closer they get the more pain that you need to inflict if that makes sense. TDM/Psychopathic men whatever they are..are able to play the game longer, everyone has their weakness and I prefer to find it in them not non’s I have no interest there.

    N; 3.4

    Diagnosed Cluster B.

  16. This film is a cartoon for kids…and yet it describes your lucifer’s daughter with the most intricate of metaphors imaginable.

    I wonder if you agree with its conclusions about redeeming such a woman, if indeed it is possible.

  17. Sadly this is me. I’m a rationalist alpha female with a high IQ. I beat the hell out of every man with my muti-level shit tests. It’s kind of sad and disappointing and frustrating. Don’t imagine we’re happy.

    1. I probably should not have picked the handle ‘lala’ seeing that there is a ‘lola’ above who was randomly assigned the same geometric blue avi, but I am a completely different person.

      1. Its part of the Lucifers Daughter profile. Why is it wrong for her to cite that? Its not as if she is saying it for validation from a group of men who are clearly cowering in fear of her anyway. This article is validation enough that she is smarter than you. Its so childish that people get offended by objective facts these days.

        1. It’s mostly virginal, beta guys we wouldn’t give a second thought to anyways. Let them cry it just proves their weakness . I personally have no use for men outside sexual gratification ( extremely alpha and super attractive ) or financial support. By the way I’m pushing 50 yo and sure of course my looks aren’t what they were 20 years ago but I find being beautiful doesn’t make a lick of difference) I have a bigger house bank acct and more toys than I know what to do with. In my 20s unfortunately, I kept combining the alpha male with provider and that never works. I was miserable. Now I can literally have my cake and eat it too, I also haven’t “ dated “ anyone in over a decade. I laugh when we’ll meaning ppl ask why I’m single? Oh if you only knew. But I can’t slow myself Bc the well meaning friend probably has something else I need and revealing myself just isn’t good fpt me .

    2. I am filled with an unimaginable sense of joy and happiness knowing that you are unhappy!
      I wish to you even more unhappiness and a miserable life until your maggots will eat your eyes.

  18. Holy crap dude. This perfectly describes my crazy mom.. She divorce raped my dad and did a lot of nasty things to me which i won’t go in. But the pattern is so right there and op saw right trough it. Wish my dad saw this blog years ago.

    Or maybe not. I guess i can view the dark tetrad as a gift or a curse.

  19. I was married to one for close to a decade. There’s a lot more than this article points out. One thing to take as Gospel truth…. You will not survive. After leaving her, I had so much rage from the lies, manipulations and abuse I went a little off my rocker. (Understatement of the year)

    She has the appearance of a woman who wouldn’t hurt a fly, when in reality – Two ex husbands at 42, two kids from two different fathers, no longstanding friendships except within her dysfunctional family. Her daughter is the same fucking nasty cunt that she is.

    My life for the last 10 years was pure hell. I was a much different man at the time as well. Two years of weekly therapy and a heavy dose of TRP, I’m starting to feel human.

    Never again.

  20. Great article Illimitable Man. That post spoke to me.

    Having dealt with these type of women before. One thing I will say is, if you beat them at their own game, hold frame during their psychological mindgames and eject the relationship and ruthlessly kick them while they’re down when you’re doing it, they will never forget you. In fact, it’s highly likely that she will gain a very twisted and obsessive love, fondness and respect for you because you’re one of very few men to challenge her bullshit.

    Lucifer’s Daughters are not one I would recommend dealing with as Illimitable Man does as great job as to describing why. But they have their weaknesses just like any other female. As cunning as they can be, they’re still ruled by their emotions. Which leaves plenty of room to embarrass herself at any given time.

    But my main point is, the weakness to women who are Lucifer’s Daughters men that are willing to play the mind games and endure the next level shit tests that she’s going to throw at you. You will need Buddha level stoicism to deal with Lucifer’s Daughters. If you don’t, then stay the hell away from them and run as fast as you can.


    1. I agree with this.
      I’d also add that these women didnt get this way due to any fault of their own. Most of the time they were raised by fathers who had no backbone of their own and would coddle and appease them to avoid their hysterics, while not showing the kind of strength a girl needs to see from her father, so she has no idea if any strong and powerful men really exist. If you show her that they do, she’ll be able to relax for the first time in her life. If you let her control you, she’ll only be increasingly frusterated by it. Women need protection and they seek a powerful source to provide it for them, no matter what they may tell you. They will either find it in you, or if not, they will continue to evoke their own powers and in their frustration over the weakness in men, they seek protection by means of the state .

  21. Illimitable man, this is a great guide on how to spot and avoid female psychopaths. Do you have any resources on how to get out with minimum damage to your life/reputation if you are in a relationship with one or one gets through your screens?

    Other commenters have mentioned you have to beat her at her own game. This could be hard if they are a high functioning psychopath and you are not. Perhaps an inverse strategy of making her lose interest, by becoming exceptionally pathetic (bad hygiene, dress badly, act boring, etc) until she decides to leave? You mention the only way she will leave is on her own terms, so perhaps passively doing things like this until she feels like it’s her decision to leave, not yours. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts or maybe a blog post on how to extract yourself from this situation.

    Also, any ETA on the book?

    1. Interesting discussion as always. As I’ve indicated before, I am one of these women. It’s not about psychopathy or sociopathy (look up those definitions in the DSM and see that they refer to something rather different), it’s about game and shit testing. Epic shit testing. The reason we’re miserable and full of contempt and abuse is because you’re failing the tests. Stop it, because we won’t be happy ’till you win.

      I don’t think you should even refer to it as psychopathy, because that makes you sound like it all hurts your feelings so bad and you need to run away to lick your emotional wounds, and that sounds like weakness…and women smell weakness like a shark smells blood. Just pretend we’re wild horses you’re off to capture… it’s much better framing.

      -Borderline personality disorder: Borderlines are women with daddy issues. Terrible, terrible daddy issues. They shit test constantly, because they’re emotional 3-year olds looking for daddy, and they’re desperately hope that’s you. Through their constant tantrums, they’re begging you to bring them back into line. Firmness. Discipline… but with constancy, caring, and reliability in that parental way.

      -Dominant/high IQ/rationalist women: This is me. I tend to be dominant in social relationships. I have a personality type (ENTP) that is much more common in males. Yet, I’m still a woman and I still want that gulf between me and him, because that’s the way most female brains are wired. I’m a rationalist, which is why the red pill isn’t a problem for me (it’s just true). I tortured and tossed aside men who looked like they had feelings, because a man who has more feelings than I do (which is relatively little with my rationalist disposition) is totally unacceptable. With a tested IQ of 126, I have two standard deviations on the average man (at 98) and I totally hate that… 140 on the verbal scale REALLY doesn’t help either. They’ll never figure out my multi-level shit tests, and being less intelligent than me is also unacceptable. The average guy is more conventional and submissive than me, which fills me with disappointment and contempt. See the pattern? In the end I finally found the guy. He was my math prof, 30 years older than me.. 51 when I was 21. I estimate that his IQ is 160. He regularly outwits me and I’m happy and satisfied and sexually receptive and all that. He passed my shit tests (I did another test last week – consider it quality control – and he passed within 5 seconds by promptly shutting it down).

      If you want to get one of these women, there is one way and only one way, and Jim already said it. First of all, you need to be bigger/stronger/smarter/more dominant/more emotionally stable otherwise just quit now. “Hold frame during the mindgames”. Establish appropriate boundaries and DO NOT cede them. ALWAYS hold the her accountable for her inappropriate behaviour. You let her off the hook, she kicks you out of the bed. Yes, you will need “Buddha-level stoicism”. I tortured my ex for 3 years with this stuff (he kept APOLOGIZING to me, it was awful, and one of them threatened to commit suicide, which was revolting) but I dropped it after 3 months with the math prof, and that was 7 years ago. We have a cute kid. I haven’t felt the need to reprise it, which is relieving. Takes a lot of energy, ya know? So just grow some really really big balls and you’ll be riding Lucifer’s daughters.

      1. Lala, very interesting indeed. I have an army of dark tirade women like you. Normally I keep them
        around for things I need from them, be it personal amusement or actually using their skill set for society’s progress. I’m somewhat of a reformist. Only self aware spiritually enlightened stoic men have been able to keep women like this on leash. The rest will simply not survive their mental games. My personal enlightenment came through a dark tirade women as she let me engage my darker tirades which I had been hiding since childhood. My issue was that through self control I was not able to let my dark tirades take over my stoicism but when it clicked it was actually my dark tirade she wanted to see. Now based on who I’m engaging with, most of these women can see my dark tirades and emotional stability just through my eyes. Although I keep them at bay as I’m currently working on few things and need some peace. They can’t normally leave you alone once they find a dark tirade male that can overpower them. They are never good for a stable long term relationship as they don’t have emotional control and cannot hold a peaceful partnership which is the basis for emotionally stable environment for personal progress and children’s crucial developmental years. Successful civilisations weren’t build by psychopaths but emotionally stable philosophers, engineers and thinkers (Visionaries, Prophets and Kings). Psychopaths (along with people who get manipulated by psychopaths) have always been nothing but pawns in society compared to aforementioned rational and stoic humans, but I digress. Nevertheless very interesting read.

        1. Thanks for your enligtheing response, Rational Thinker. I agree with your point about ‘self aware spiritually enlightened stoic men’; women like this will always find you because it’s what they’re looking for.

          I suspect a lot of the messed up women we see today (borderline, narcisstic, etc) are the product of poor parenting and broken families. A lot of it is really just acting out and looking for daddy. Being daddy to these women could be a lot more than you signed up for, but I think they are ultimately craving to be taught boundaries by a stable paternal figure who is in control. A lot of it is just toddler behaviour in one way or another.

      2. Interesting analysis. I have a very close relationship to what one would call a LD. In fact, I would say because of her, she awakened the Dark Triad traits that have been hidden within myself. As you mentioned before in my earlier post, they will shit test you in ways that most men won’t be prepared for. The only way to counter this is to of course be aware of her shit tests and then set traps of your own. If she fails these traps, that’s when you call her out on her bullshit and hold her accountable for her actions like Lala said.

        The interesting part between a dark triad male and lucifer’s daughter relationship if these two one another, it becomes so strong that it becomes almost like a sick, perverse obsession with each other. The issue is while on the surface, it can be a very fulfilling and addicting relationship. It will become a very toxic relationship to endure because it is literally playing mental chess the entire time because one is always trying to one up the other.

        The one I’m dealing with now has been trying to figure out how to break me for years. They love nothing more than to watch people squirm off of their mindgames. This is after the fact that we’ve both admitted that we’re each other’s weakness. 85% of the relationship is the challenge of her trying to break your frame, the other 15% is the pleasant enjoyment of each other’s companionship that both find very rare to find among other people.

      3. Ha ha!! As only an ENTP can do, straight to the point and clear as a sharp knife. Good advice, it does really seem to boil down to that. I think personally I’ve been so bloody brainwashed by feminist views over the years that I totally lost my way, never my male instincts but I started to believe that they were wrong and bad. Anyho’ we all live and learn, weakness is death. I read once that when celts attacked the romans the women would be behind preventing retreat, basically if a man was to retreat then it could doom the tribe and she would kill her own father/son/partner. Somehow at the time it seemed like a natural and fair thing when I read it, I like strong women because they challenge me to be strong, can’t stand weak little streaks of piss however pretty they are, my boredom barometer shoots up. Anyway, I think it’s how it’s meant to be, the more powerful a woman the stronger a man is forced to be, it’s just the brainwashing that needs to be gotten rid of so you understand that strength is acceptable and good, not something to be ashamed of. A lot of “Alpha Male” talk seems to come from guys that actually are quite weak, I see it in the way that they hate strong women and an expression of needing to control everything at all times. If you are strong then the odd storm is exactly what you want, something to stirr the spirit 😉

      4. I’m amazed you typed this with one hand. Is math professor your real or aspiring profession?

      5. Lala did you fuck your man first and start shit testing him afterwards? I met a borderline girl recently and on the second date we fucked all night long and I thought we had a great time and after that she started playing games and pushing me away so I have backed off for now. So confusing. This isn’t the first borderline girl who seemed attracted to me at first, there have been several. My mother is borderline (undiagnosed but she never sees she has a problem with herself) and I had a very difficult childhood and now I quite regularly attract these sorts of women, but I only ever have short lived affairs with them. I am not looking for a live in relationship with her because I can tell she is fucked up and unstable, but I would have liked to see her more than once.

    2. If you want to leave her, you leave her. Now. It is your decision. Own it. Letting yourself fall apart because you’re too weak to tell her to get lost, and that you yourself will never leave the relationship no matter how bad it is, that only she can make the decision, is the ultimate in omegatude. Which should drive her away! Mission accomplished 😀

  22. Brilliant article. I knew a Lucifer’s Daughter who got away with three murders (her first husband, third husband, and the wife of one of her lovers). The first two murders were ruled suicides. The third murder was officially never solved. It occurs to me that she seduced the local coroner and district attorney, as they both demonstrated an extraordinary lack of competence and interest in properly investigating the violent deaths (all three gunshots to the head).

    Any man who thinks it might be fun to play with a true Lucifer’s Daughter should bear in mind that he will not only contend with her, but with the other men she has seduced. These may range from weak and unsuspecting boys who will believe whatever she tells them to male psychopaths capable of blowing your brains out to the local cops and district attorney who are supposed to investigate your murder. I don’t care how clever and “dark triad” a man may be, unless he is so devoted to thrill-seeking that he’s willing to die for it, he should avoid a true Lucifer’s Daughter.

  23. Sounds much like a woman I lived with for a few years. It is now more than ten years since she left..And I have been single since..She sucked every ounce of energy out of me, to the extend that I have never been able to commit myself in any way, shape or form to another woman again…Not even dating or friendship…And I was asked by women back in the day if I was a model and even today without it being my intention at all or doing anything I notice women constantly showing interest yet they are very much in relationships (Just to proof I’m not some freak, that cannot find women) The bit you said about them bastards having to create drama…I suffered enough of that to last me into the next life…Every fucking day they will explode in the biggest possible way ever. You cannot do shit with them, I never went one day without her losing it completely, to the point of her becoming hysterical..The amount of tmes I had to get the knife out her hand or the pills or untie the rope around her neck as she tried to hang herself (I learnt later it was just part of how she played me, to get attention, if only I fuckign walked away, but I cared too much, was too naive, never thought it wasn’t real and just a bloody game of hers) And only when you dealt with the biggest fucking explosion ever and you did so every single day without fail for a few years will you understand how badly they fuck you up…Today she has two children from two different men, when she met me she laughed that she had so many boyfriends her dad referred to them by numbers…They way she played me in the end and put all the blame on me and made me out as a bastard. That was so clever..I had no idea she was already fucking someone else, she then told me she loved me and I was still the only one..And that text she send me when I asked to see her when I was back in the country…By now I still had no idea she was with someone…Oh, I’m engaged, I wil leave your stuff at the gate with security…Today she acts like nothing happened..Still wants me back, no idea how she fucked up people’s lives…At least I have the satisfaction that not a single man have been able to put up with her…She will be alone forever…Me too, but at least I’m happy now! Biiter too but happy none the less…God have mercy on any human being that get involved with someone like this. You will never be the same again if you survive it…

    1. Hey buddy, I’ve been in a relationship with someone exactly like that 13 years, I know what it can do to you but you can’t let it happen. Part of the healing process is to take responsibility for your own part in all of this, any adversity that comes your way, even in relationships is part of your personal growth corricum, you were hers. The best way to get “revenge” is grow from it, bitterness is a waste of time, flush it out.

  24. Been researching this personally trait, recently discovered I fall into this category. . . HAHA
    very informative and true.

  25. I know my comment is very late as i just came across this article by chance, but what i do wanna say to everybody, as an enlightened being, is that the signs are always there….

    People get into relationships with others who expose themselves as liars and manipulators from the jump…. So why would you be upset when later down the line your partner is lying and doing all kind of corrupt and hurtful things towards you, to take your power away?

    People think this shit is cute until “bae” pulls out a fucking knife and starts stabbing the shit out of you and your body is laying lifeless on the floor, covered in blood…”oh but thats passion tho”…stfu, get real, and get back to reality.

    The signs are always there; be smart and walk away if thats not who you truly are. Respect yourself…even if you have to be single for awhile, respect your damn self. Dont let Nybody lie or manipulate you, no matter how small it may be…bc itll only get wors3 from there….man/woman up


    1. Ive gotten to to this article late. As a dark triad individual (yea whatever if you dont believe me.) Ive recently gotten into contact with a girl i once knew who is in all respects a lucifers daughter. For those wondering on the dynamics of the relationship it is very open to a point. Theres a lot of honesty on both ends but its because i force the issue onto the table. Normally interactions with people drain me but she empowers me. And i do her. We force each other to always be at the top of our game even though we both lie to each others faces that there is none. The sex is pathetic but amazing. The dopamine on both ends is through the roof and so realistic. We both acknowledge our relationship is doomed to fail and neither of us give a shit, but the moments we make are so fulfilling. Its the greatest feeling seeing such a powerful woman fail to tempt or ensare me. And she loves that she cant, and even chastises me if she thinks shes getting an upper hand. Right before i put her back in her place. Its not a relationship if ever suggest to anyone but damned if it isnt perfect for me.

  26. You described my mother, she has not emotionality of most women, she reminds me catherine the great.

    When i call to tell about my problems and she treats me coldly, i say she doesn’t love me, she always give a sadistic laugh.

    She didn’t give me normal maternal love at least, in my childhood my father brought money and she treated him like a king and i despised for it, as well as physical abuse, mental abuse, always comparing me to my cousins and she was praising them in front of me and me humbling.

    Once she hit me by bullshit so much with a whip, that my uncles had to intervene, my uncle said that if she hit me again he would beat her and called her a bitch.

    She beat me with blood in the eye without no mercy, she said for me to learning how to live.

    She, IM, was what you said in another text, always treated me as a partner, she me “invests” I am a project to be in the future what she was not for my grandmother by have been belittled by her.

    1. Man I’m really sorry to hear that, I would recommend finding a good therapist. It changed my life. The most valuable lesson I learned during that process, was having abusive parents will make one vulnerable to future abusive relationships, with friends, lovers etc. I sympathize with you brother

    2. Slightly confusing some of the things you say at the end but I can relate this as well (Damn I’m commenting on everything here…), my mum would beat me most days and whipped me once only to show off to a lover how she had diciplined me. Apparently my dad saved me and my sister from being sacrifised in a satanistic ritual while she was burning black candles. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger though right? Now we are good though, we hardly speak but we are on good terms and she has chilled out a lot in older age, I think she was just a “bit” mad as I was growing up. If she was trying to make a strong person though it worked, I’m not scared of anything, nothing seems scary compared to what I endured as a kid, life is a walk in the park now

  27. Hi,

    I have just uncovered this website a while ago and i am amazed and shocked how much of your articles hit home like nothing before. Really looking forward to read the rest of the archives and follow up with materials. It is crazy society and i am humbled to find such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you.

  28. I got sucked in with one of these women, she is pretty low functioning nowadays with years of substance abuse and hit the wall hard(29 years old) while still very beautiful, short blonde, crazy sex etc. The years and drugs have taken their toll and she’s not as sharp as she used to be so she got caught up in her own lies. I was able to twist the situation in my favour and exposed her BS to her friends before she walked all over me, the gaslightning, mind games left me exhausted and I thought I was going insane for a while. In her younger years she was one of the biggest pushers of amphetamine and heroin in my city with very dangerous criminal contacts, wonder how she rose so high being that short and innocent? Manipulation and SICK mindgames and a trail of dead friends behind her. I consider myself lucky that the stars alligned in my favour which allowed me to get out of her hooks in time. NEVER sleep with these women and if you intend on doing it anyway let your friends and family know you intend to die for crazy sex.

  29. Only a real psychopath can handle one of these. And you can only control her when there are no other targets of yours she can threaten.
    The moment you have children, or kids, you lose.
    The only thing I dont see mentioned is….knowing the intents of the person. If the person has a goal to destroy things, maybe you should not hang with them…maybe.
    Why don’t people have a frame in life that thy stick to? Having a frame would fix so many problems. Psychopathy is a frame too, remember that. NT is primarily weak behaviour in which you surrender the frame(if you even had one) and wonder how you got burned.
    People who think they can get away with anything, often become evil unless they are accustomed to power or unless they already have a strong frame that will not be changed by big changes in life(ie a psychopath).
    So once again, the author is right, keep your frame, and keep your wits. You can play a game until the point you can not afford to lose. After that, you will lose every time.take note.

  30. These stories are wicked!! I will share mine as I was with a woman who had a sister who was a Lucifer’s daughter. I was living overseas in Italy in the Air Force. I met these two sisters through a GI stationed with me, one was a carbon copy of Elvira, mistress of the dark, I looked at my friend and said to myself what the “F” are you doing?? Are you “F” blind! This women is a witch!I hooked up with the sister, she seemed pretty normal. I remember the day I met them, a band of gypsies coming to my door and telling me bad things are going to happen. I had to leave the normal sister for about a month due to vacation in the U.S. I am in my car driving to the base and the witch sister approaches me with a voodoo doll and says “you have made my sister sick I am going to have to kill you and put spells on your. A day later in Florence I am throwing up my guts! Next time, I saw her I told her and her sister to stay the F away from me.

  31. For those fortunate enough to have never encountered such a shitty creature and want a glimpse into what its like, I recommend watching “Sin City:A Dame to Kill For”, as the character Ava Lord is the closest representation I’ve seen to the real thing

  32. The thing that most of the people in the comments section keep missing is that NPD and DT people are not fully functioning, emotionally balanced people. It is very naive to think that you will have some amazing relationship with someone who is emotionally stunted, immature, or broken.
    I married and had a kid with a NPD woman (possibly dark triad) and I can tell you I am absolutely a healthy alpha male, but she has destroyed my life.
    Left me, kidknapped my kid and wouldn’t tell me where they were.
    The divorce cost me everything because she lied about domestic violence.
    I was forced to jump through all these hoops just to see my kid again.
    Now I have to pay child support to this woman.

    There is nothing cool or edgy or sexy about this.
    It is a one sided relationship, and it’s all about them.

    There are so many emotionally healthy women and men out there that really want to be in a meaningful and supportive relationship. Seek them out and your life will be so much better.
    Leave the DT and NPD like the LOSERS they are.

  33. Funny you call them Lucifer’s Daughter’s as I believe DT, Narcs, Sociopaths/Psychopaths are just people subconsciously trying to resolve Electra/Oedipus complex.

    5 Signs of LD/Female Sociopath

    Non-empath <— The biggest sign. She doesn’t care about opinions of others, including others opinions of you. She will agree with everything you say and make you feel more accepted than your mommy.

    Yes, the sex will be great, the emotional roller coaster you go on will be exciting and she will make you feel like a god. However once the high wears off or she’s asked for yet another pair of Jimmy Choo’s you need to get the fuck out of there.

    This woman is a snake and the longer you stay, the tighter she will wrap her tail around you

    To summarize, stay away from chicks with Daddy issues unless you are bored/have some money to blow and find escorts to be taboo. .

    I write about how to use my powers for financial stability 😉

  34. I think I had a gf who was a bit dark. She gave it away one time we were watching a movie and basically the dude got very sick and was in hospital and his gf never went to see him for a year. So I said to her this woman should have gone to see him and she was like “why?” The weird thing was this was something that I kind of forgot about until after the relationship. It is like I didn’t want to face it so ignored it. She was probably not that really a bad one but still something really off. These movies she chose for example one time she had me watch something called 6 days which was pretty dodge. She was quite tall and was always walking real fast where as I was quite relaxed and walk more slow. I wasn’t going to keep up with her coz she was really walking very fast. It would get to me however it was a control thing and bascially hurtful. On one of our last dates really after we had broken up we were going to the bus stop and up some stairs and she ran up and looked back to see if I was keeping up. I never slept with her for some reason probably for the best. This must have upset her I guess but it was just sad. I remember towards the end she went out probably met some guy and so I went out too and that was the point I thought maybe I loved her and when I went home I touched her hand and it just felt cold in a sort of loveless way. Anyway guess I had quite a few bad girlfriends who wern’t really that bad but bad enough and by this point it is not even that much needed to hurt me. I basically don’t bother anymore to go out and meet women although I am thinking of trying to go places to meet really healthy ones coz at the end of the day it would be nice I reaally do love women.

  35. What a crying shame this is, and the irony….Not really illimitable men I guess?

    That’s the name of the blog, yet you post an article about a little girl who is too scary and dangerous for all you “illimitable men” to handle. Really?

    Either change the name of the blog to “Limited Men”, or change this post to explain to men how this woman can be subdued and forced into submission, not avoided.

    Jesus Christ you men used to fight to the death with swords, now you fear some 5′ tall woman who may “ruin your reputation” and you cry about it on the internet?

    She is only like this because her father was a pussy too and she has no idea what a real man is like, (or was like) having never known one. She is strong as hell because she has had to be the backbone and foundation for herself all her life. She is smart as fuck, strategic and crafty, because she is evolving to do what MEN USED TO DO the best. She has had no choice, but she doesn’t want this to be the way, so she looks for a man who can be strong in her place. Women with strong fathers sought men like their dads for husbands. But she knows no strong men, and Betas make her feel like a mother. She wants a man who is powerful, more so than her. She plays this game to test you the only way she knows how to, with herself.

    So what she is smart, deceptive, crafty, strategic, manipulative, threatening, blah blah. Can you not do what she does? Can you not outsmart this little girl? Can you not meet fire with fire and show her who the fuck is boss? Ok, if not maybe your right, don’t bother with her. Or just Give it right back to her. Be 10 steps ahead of her. Show NO FEAR..


    She has no leverage or power without the courts, so be 10 steps ahead there too if she starts acting up. Make friends at your local police department if she threatens you. Tell them your concerns. File a complaint with them to have on the record. She knows nothing. If she pulls that shit, she’s fucked and you will be in the clear. Then we’ll start to see these women get in trouble for lying.

    If you are 10 steps ahead of her, you have no fear. If she threatens you, laugh in her face and tell her “good luck”. Tell her you are not afraid of her because you have nothing to be afraid of, Period. If she acts emotionally explosive, just tell her you’ll be ready to talk when she calms down and acts like an adult, like you would to a child. If she acts violent tell her that behavior will not be accepted. Ignore her antics.

    If it still gets bad, Call the cops on her first. Have a lawyer on retainer if you can afford it. Have a custody case ready if you have kids. Have cameras in your house, get her on tape, get witnesses, have all these things ready and HAVE NO MERCY if/when she acts up. You defend yourself in every way you know how and do not give in. DO NOT put a mark on her. If she attacks, hold her down. Get it on camera.

    STAND YOUR GROUND. Be the resilient strong men you are.

    She will eventually give herself to you and tire from her antics and she will worship the ground you walk on and be free to embrace her vulnerability at last. You will never have to worry about her leaving, and you’ll control something quite powerful….HER.

    If you men don’t stand up to women, ALL women, but especially these women, you are going to get nothing but more and more of the worst. Women need protection and power from something, I don’t care what they tell you. If it is not going to come from their own men, they will get it from government, and more and more one-sided court rulings and laws will be passed to favor them, as we deleteriously whittle away the great masculinity of the west.

    You are men, you are stronger than us. Take it back.
    We wouldn’t be here right now without your power paving the way
    Get your act together.

    1. Lol.. The point is NOT to waste valuable time on broken girls. I wasted 6 years trying to “educate” one. Impossible, they’re fuc***. Got tired of being “daddy” to a sick freak who can’t or won’t act normal. I’m 37 she’s 33. Left me for a 25y/o pothead. Sex is good at the start, then it just doesn’t cut it. Leave these freaks for the losers who need a relief from constant wanking. I’ll just focus on myself & my projects, and some time in the future find a nice stable beautiful little wife. They exist, just have to go through the nasty ones first. I was young, testosterone raging.. Not so anymore.

    2. Inmature young men end up with these ill-behaved women, mature men see them and just don’t bother.

      I have been with these types of women and in the end all they offer is crazy sex, nothing more (which gets old over time, bc it’s all about “performance” and theatrics not intimacy and bond). My best advice would be to walk away. It’s not that they don’t know they’re ill-behaved, it’s that they think it gives them some sort of edge. But I’ve seen their fate.

      In the end they end up alone, or at best at the feet of a narcissist who will bludgeon their soul to pieces. All her “power” last until the next young beautiful girl comes and takes her place. It is quite sad really.

  36. WOW! This is very well written and it describes my ex totally. I want to thank you so much for your writings, and I appreciate everything you’ve been doing. Surprisingly, I can rest in peace and let go of what was a huge problem trying to figure her out and all I’ve been through. I’m still in the anger phase but you sir with this post made all my resentments somewhat come to an end. “Believe me when I say the mere words here do no justice in expressing the true severity of what they describe. If you meet one of these women and aren’t dark triad yourself, run and don’t turn back”. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks a lot!

  37. I know one of these. Met her at a trade show some years ago and chose her as my own target. She lives about halfway across the country, so that was useful for keeping things under control.

    She hit most all of the marks described above, but none of her strategies really worked because my marriage agreement allows… dalliances. This meant she had no secret to blackmail me with, at least as far as my personal life.

    The ending, if it has really ended, was when we’d spent a few days together on one of my business trips. She had flown to me, I picked her up, and off we went. The first day or two was fine, but eventually we were at dinner when she became volatile and aggressive. I paid the check and we went back to the room.

    Somehow, over nothing, she engineered an argument that included throwing the phone across the room and a bit of wrestling. She then stormed out and went to the lobby to fume a bit. Laying on the bed, I thought about the possible outcomes and decided there was a pretty good chance that if I went to sleep in our room, I’d wake up with cops arresting me for abuse I hadn’t committed.

    That being the case, I packed my things, went to the lobby and told her to go pack her things, and off we went. I drove her 3.5 hours, during which I had her change her flight, and dumped her unceremoniously on the sidewalk at the Airport at 3 AM.

    That led to a threat to expose our affair to my work place. This failed as she is a bit of an exhibitionist and had, over a period of time, sent me a very nice set of selfies and I had sent her only face pics or clothed pics. I reminded her that I knew where she worked too and that was that.

    What this woman really wanted was to be beaten, not just “at her own game” of taking control, but also physically. She desperately desired someone to dominate her and I am simply not interested in doing that at the level she needs because it would involve the constant exposure to legal action if she ever decided to go that route.

    That said, we renewed contact a few years later and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of visiting her if I get out that way because… crazy girl sex. She’s very willing – and at the same time not willing to invest as much charm as she used to. She now understands I’m not going to drop my life and run out there to play house with her forever so she won’t waste her energy on being excessively attentive anymore. The funny thing is, she doesn’t understand that I like it better this way. Still, she’s open to a roll in the sheets because… that bastard that got the better of me sex.

  38. https://tknk.io/0AMy

    From the Abstract:

    We examined (N = 201) the sexual health costs and benefits of being high on psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism in women. The Dark Triad traits were associated with more sexual health disorders, more miscarriages,and pain associated with sexual health. However, narcissism was also associated with a smaller, more attractive waist-to-hip ratio and all the Dark Triad traits were associated with a shorter monthly cycle. Results,while tentative, are discussed within a Life History Theory framework.

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